WordPress File Manager Plugin For Users

Here you’ll find several file managers to get your project done. However, not all of them are reliable and fast enough to make decisive actions. Thankfully, many more items are available online to assist with your website’s concerns. Rest assured, all the curated WordPress File Manager Plugins are rich in features and functionalities, helping you improve your admin experience. Moreover, having a file manager on your admin page allows you to organize your things and keep the same categories together. So, what are the things you need to consider before downloading? First, you must ensure that it supports the latest WordPress version, and the developers continually test its compatibility.

Second, it should be responsive enough and bug-free to make your life easier to organize your things on your website using these file manager plugins.

WordPress File Manager Plugin For Users

  1. File Manager (Most Popular)
    Organized WordPress File Manager Plugins
    This file manager plugin allows you to customize and do many things to your files. It enables you to copy, paste, zip, download, edit, delete and upload the documents you need. Another new feature is the get info section, where you can get detailed information once you click the file. This plugin has a built-in, integrated development environment and more new features.

This plugin has preview support for audio, video, mp3, etc. It also edits your root path directory to let you get access to files even outside the WordPress website. Another thing, reviewing code is now easier. It also has a Syntax Checker to review code before you save files. Once you update your system, your data will never go down.

The free version has a lot to offer, but you can always opt with the Pro Edition if your website needs more advanced features. Some of the new features you might be looking for are the Google Drive and Dropbox integration.


  1. Advanced File Manager
    Dark-theme WordPress File Manager Plugins
    Are you looking for more advanced features and functionalities? If so, this plugin might interest you. This Advanced File Manager enables you to access data inside and outside WordPress. It has fantastic settings and actions to let you edit, delete, zip, download, copy, and upload your files.

It is fully responsive and works best on different devices. You can now create archives. Just specify the file name, and you are ready to go. Moreover, it supports video and audio. Also, the images that you put on your website is editable using this plugin.

Some other key features are FTP support, PDF preview, user operations, and file operations. You can also calculate the directory sizes and preview for common file types through Quicklook.


  1. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders
    WordPress media library folder
    When looking for a WordPress File Manager plugin, you need to make sure that it is user-friendly and responsive enough to keep track of your file and folders. Thankfully, you can now organize hundreds and thousands of videos, images, and songs. You might love the single toolbar, where you can get access to the complete control options.

It has RTL and multi-language support, allowing your website to translate your files and folders according to your client’s language. Unlike other plugins, you can also add more file types, where you can only add the common ones.

With the Pro version of this plugin, you can create unlimited folders and subfolders to give your website a more organized appearance. It is ideal for bloggers, developers, and online business owners. These users need to keep track of the files they are using for much easier locating of the documents, videos, or images.


  1. Folders – Unlimited Folders to Organize Media Library Folder, Pages, Posts, File Manager
    Labeled WordPress File Manager Plugins
    This WordPress File Manager plugin is responsive and easy to use. It allows you to organize your files and sort things according to their categories. It also has a hierarchy where you can create a folders tree view to categorize the most important to lesser essential data. Another thing with file manager enables you to drag and drop files to your directories for more straightforward navigation.

This plugin can create folders and subfolders to put files, videos, images, and documents to their places. Moreover, you can mark stars on the folders you want to highlight to your clients. Organizing photos according to topic and categories help bloggers to manage their content and never get confused again.


  1. File Manager by Aftabul Islam
    Functional WordPress File Manager Plugins
    Now that you are looking for a reliable File Manager, this other plugin might help with your concerns. It has FTB to let you use this without any further problems. The new features include automatic synchronization after uploading folders or documents on the appropriate directory. Another thing you’ll appreciate about this one is the light and elegant UI to make the editing and transferring of files much more effortless.

Since this plugin uses a local file system, you don’t need a database. It comes with file browsing history to keep track of the files you put on your website. It also has some extended features for better functionalities.

Other functionalities are drag and drop for hassle-free file transfer. You can always use the keyboard shortcuts if you don’t want to click. You don’t have to purchase add-ons to make this plugin works to its full potential. It has a rich context of menu and toolbars.


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