Which app is used to reduce photo size

When dealing with high-resolution photos, resizing is always required.

Making pictures smaller helps us optimize our websites by developing a faster page loading time (which Google loves), it helps us properly adjust pictures for social media requirements or email attachments, as well as save important disk space.

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Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows


Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

No need to hurry and directly jump to a third-party app. Since you’re a Windows user, why not start off with something Microsoft built, i.e. the Photos app. Of course, this is not exactly the most powerful alternative. But, as you’ll see below, it gets the job done in an easy manner. So here’s how you can resize an image on Windows without resorting to other software:

Open the picture in the Photos app and click the More Options button located in the top right corner of the menu. Next select the Resize option and a new window will pop up with four resizing alternatives to choose from: Best for profile pictures and thumbnails (0.25 MP), Best for emails and messages (2 MP), Best for viewing (4 MP) and an option to define custom dimensions for the width and height.

Unfortunately you can’t resize multiple images with this native app, a task which is many times mandatory in order to save time and energy.


Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

PhotoMarks is an app that enables you to batch resize images on Windows with ease, which makes it the perfect alternative to streamline your workflow. The tool comes with an easy-to-read interface, designed as a three-step wizard. Just add your photos in the first step, apply the desired edits in the second and select your output format and folder in the third. Afterwards the app will automatically apply your edits to all the added photos.

As far as the resizing process is concerned, PhotoMarks is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is enter the desired new dimensions, expressed in either pixels or percentage, for the width and/or height. You have options to maintain the aspect ratio and not upscale pictures smaller than the specified size. You can further optimize your images by cropping, automatically rotating or converting them (includes support for RAW files). You can also protect your photos with a text or logo watermark or decorate them in an elegant manner with frames and borders.

A cool and useful feature of PhotoMarks is its ability to save your settings as Profiles for later use. This way you won’t have to make the same edits over and over again. Just load one of the Profiles and have the app automatically resize, watermark or perhaps crop your pictures the way you need.


Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

Fotosizer was developed to ensure a fast and effective image resizing process. This Windows tool catches your eye because it is designed to provide multiple modes when it comes to resizing photos: Fit, Stretch, Side, Pad and Crop. This means you can change photo size in various ways: by customizing the width and height in pixels or percentage, by selecting from a multitude of preset sizes, by choosing only one side of the picture or perhaps by adding padding.

Fotosizer isn’t all about batch resizing. The app also allows you to perform other operations, such as to crop, flip, rotate your photos, as well as apply artistic effects to them. To be more productive, you can save your common operations as profiles and simply use them again in other editing sessions. In general the tool provides the necessary features to optimize your images. The letdown is its interface, which is rather outdated in comparison to other competitors.

Pixlr E

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

Pixlr E is a photo editing tool available with both online and desktop versions. Depending on your needs, the editor can be used to edit images individually or in bulk. You can resize multiple pictures, but in comparison to other apps there’s a limit: you can not process more than 50 files at a time. There are options to set a maximum width, a maximum height or set new dimensions for both. In the same phase you can choose your output format (JPG,PNG or WebP) and the quality of the images.

Pixlr E is designed to help you enhance your photographs. This means that it places at your disposal a multitude of options for that purpose. You can use the numerous tools from the icon-based menu to crop, mask or cut out certain areas of an image, remove spots, lighten or darken parts of a photo or create a bokeh effect. At the same time you can add masks, manually or automatically adjust photos to improve their overall aspect or apply a wide range of filters.

Batch Picture Resizer

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

Batch Picture Resizer is a user-friendly solution to resize images in bulk. The interface is basically split in two, with the added images in the top part and the available features and preview in the bottom section. Once you load your files, all you have to do is click on the Resize tab and start making the desired changes.

Batch Picture Resizer allows you to set specific image dimensions in either pixels or percentage or choose from the multiple preset sizes. You can also change the canvas size. The program provides numerous resizing options: you can preserve the original aspect ratio, select a predefined height, change the width and height to match long sides or resort to smart cropping in order to maintain the width and height but cut out the edges of the photo.

Additionally the tool enables you to convert pictures to a commonly-used image format, to rename, rotate and watermark them and apply some basic effects.

Icecream Image Resizer

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

Icecream Image Resizer is an app particularly created to help you resize images on Windows in batch mode. The program comes with a simple and intuitive interface, split in two main parts: on the left side you have the images added, while on the right side you have the available options to reduce the size of your files. There’s absolutely nothing confusing regarding the app’s structure, which makes it super easy to use.

Once you’ve added your photos, you can easily resize them by manually entering the new values for width and height. At the same time Icecream Image Resizer places at your disposal a series of preset sizes for email, mobile use, Facebook, desktop and more. This can be a useful feature that will help you save time. The downside is that you can’t do anything else besides resizing, there are no other features available.

Light Image Resizer

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

Light Image Resizer is another Windows app that enables you to resize multiple photos at once. This tool comes with a simple and clear interface, which means you’ll quickly understand how it works. You can easily resize your photos by manually entering the new dimensions for width and height or by selecting from the wide range of predefined profiles. There are also various resizing modes at your disposal: Fit, Stretch, Center, Extend to Square or Crop.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Light Image Resizer does much more than just reduce the size of your files. With this app you can perform other operations to further optimize and enhance your pictures. The tool gives you the possibility to convert photos to diverse formats, compile a PDF document from multiple images or add a watermark to them. You can also apply several special effects, adjust settings like brightness and contrast, as well as create photo collages to share on social networks.

FILEminimizer Pictures

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

FILEminimizer Pictures is a PC tool which you can trustingly use in order to reduce image size. This program can ensure a file compression by up to 98%, which means you can reduce a 10 MB PNG or jPEG image to a 0.2 MB file. There are four compression modes available: strong, standard, low and custom, which gives you the chance to define your own compression criteria.

The compression process is pretty simple. Once you’ve opened the app, all you have to do is open your photos and hit the Optimize Files button and the program will do the rest. FILEminimizer Pictures offers Facebook integration, which means you can compress your images and directly share them on Facebook. Unfortunately you can’t perform other optimization-related edits and you’ll have to deal with an obsolete user interface.


Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is an image resizer app for Windows with batch processing capabilities. This tool is designed with an easy to use, dual view interface. This means that on one side you can view your original image and on the other side you can see the compressed image in real time.

RIOT offers automatic optimization of the files, which means it will select the most suitable parameters and format, but there’s also a manual mode available. The app gives you the option of resizing your photos by entering the preferred dimensions for width and height and choosing one of the resampling filters. At the same time you can choose to compress your files to a specific size by manually entering the exact file size in kilobytes.

Besides resizing, you can do other stuff as well with RIOT. The app allows you to rotate and flip images or perform basic image adjustments, like changing the brightness, contrast and gamma.

FastStone Photo Resizer

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

FastStone Photo Resizer is a Windows image resizer worth considering if you’re willing to overlook some of its quirks, like the outdated interface and the basically hidden resize option. In order to be able to reduce the size of your photos, you first have to check the Use Advanced Options box, click on Advanced Options and then check the Resize box. Once you’re here, it’s good to know you have multiple resizing options: in pixels, percentage, print size or based on one side. There are also various resampling filters to choose from.

Although the name would make you believe it’s a basic app, FastStone Photo Resizer can do more. This tool places at your disposal several options to further optimize and retouch your pictures. You can batch convert, rename, rotate or crop your photos, as well as add text comments and border effects. The app also gives you the chance to protect your images with a logo watermark and make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation or sharpness.

Which app is used to reduce photo size

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a very popular photo editor for Android users. Not only can it resize and crop your photos, but it also has a wealth of other handy features available. This is an excellent app for beginners, too. It has a nice user interface that is easy to navigate and the controls are straightforward and simple to use. What’s not to like?

The home screen features a number of options when you launch the app. You can use your camera to take a picture, which you can then edit using one of Pixlr’s many functions. There is an option to edit the existing photos on your device or stored on your cloud. You can create a collage of images that can be customized to get a number of different styles. There are even some decorative elements within the Templates tool.

Once you have selected your image within the app, cropping couldn’t be easier. Opening the “tools” menu offers a range of nifty tricks, with the cropping function being the first to choose from. Selecting the crop tool presents you with a number of options. “Free mode” lets you choose the cropping area, while there are also several aspect ratios to choose from. There are also plenty of effects to play with, so you can customize your snaps.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, then check out Adobe’s Express version of their world-famous Photoshop app. Designed for editing your pics on the go, this is a great app with bags of functionality. Adobe has provided tonnes of features to give your shots that professional edge, even though the app is mobile-native.

The app allows you to select images from your device, cloud, Lightroom (another Adobe app) or your Adobe asset library. You can also take a picture with the phone camera and edit it there and then. Once you have selected the image you would like to work with, a seemingly limitless range of options will present themselves. Filters, borders, and stickers are all available to add fun-factor to your pics.

The crop tool offers a wide selection of aspect ratios that you can use, some of which are incredibly helpful. There are the “usual suspects”, so you can crop the image to 16:9 or 6:4 for example. Adobe goes one step further than many apps, though. You can choose from “Facebook Page Cover”, “Youtube Channel Art”, and even “Kindle” automatic cropping sizes! With this level of functionality, Adobe Photoshop Express really stands out from the crowd.

3. Lit Photo Compress and Resize

Lit Photo’s Photo Compress and Resize app is a super-easy way to compress, crop, and resize images. This makes sending photos over email, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger, a cinch. The app is great in terms of navigation, with all of the app’s functions displayed upon launch.

As mentioned, there are three main jobs the app can do. Selecting one of the options offers further customization in terms of resizing the image. Compression mode allows you to compress the image in terms of quality, measured by percentage, or by size, measured in megabytes. This reduces the file size.

If you want to change the dimensions of the picture, then you achieve this via the Resize option. Again, this allows various methods of resizing. You can do so via pixel count, which allows you to maintain the aspect ratio or not, depending on what you want to do with the image. Handily, resize also allows you to compress the image within the same option. You can double down on reducing the size of the file in one fell swoop.

Finally, there is the crop tool. This is pretty limited, as it only has five cropping ratios available. However, there are plenty of other ways to crop an image. So, if you can live with only a small selection of auto-crop features, then this is an excellent app.

4. Codenia Image Size

Codenia offers a practical-yet-simple solution to image resizing. The app has plenty of features that you will find in a lot of similar apps. There are plenty of customizable options in the “photo editor” section, which allow you to make various adjustments to the appearance of your picture.

Where Codenia Image Size really shines, though, is its image resizing function. The screen contains all of the information you need alongside the image itself. Below the toolbar at the top of the app screen is a box that contains information about the original image. This details the original dimensions of the pic, the date it was taken, and the dpi.

Below the information box sit the controls for altering the image height and width, up to a maximum of 6000 pixels. You can input the required dimensions yourself or select from preset dimensions, accessed via a pop-up menu. You can also lock the aspect ratio to ensure the image looks the same despite the size change.

Below the pic itself, which sits in the center of the screen, is the information on file size. This is incredibly useful as it lets you see the original file size of the picture and the resulting file size once you have finished editing.

5. Resize Me

XnView is a well-known PC software developer in computer-user circles. It has been a go-to simple image editor for years and their mobile Resize Me app offers excellent tools for reducing file size. If an easy-to-use image resizing app is on your list of downloads, then this is all you need.

Launching the app allows you to select a photo from your album, take a new one, or batch convert a bunch of snaps. The first two options work in the same way once you have selected or taken a picture. You have options to flip horizontally and vertically, as well as rotating the picture.

Cropping is easy too, with a “free crop” tool present along with a range of preset ratios to crop to. The final option allows you to select the size for saving the picture, presented as a list. The first few options include a percentage value next to the dimensions, so you can see the difference in file size once the reduction is applied.

The batch converter is where the app really stands out, though. With this tool, you simply select a swathe of photos to alter and then select the new dimensions. Very easy and very useful if you want to alter a load of snaps in one go.

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