Which app is used to recover deleted photos

Having a go-to photo recovery app can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, the files stored on your phone can be easily erased for different reasons. You can delete them by accident, lose them due to formatting your phone, or by a virus attack. Whatever the reason, it is always helpful to have a good photo recovery app for unexpected situations.

But which one should you choose? There are tons of apps out there that claim to help you recover any kind of data from your phone, but it’s not always easy to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones are just full of empty promises.

We’ve reviewed some of our favorite photo recovery apps so you can find the right one for you!

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18 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android

18 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Deleted Photos on Android

How Does Android Photo Recovery App Work?

When you delete any photo or file on your phone, its data is not entirely eradicated. The operating system on your smartphone designates that area as empty and treats the file as missing.

As a result, you won’t be able to see the file, and new files will take their place. Because most Android phones do not have a recycle bin, recovering your data is not possible without any additional app. But, you can use android data recovery software to restore your content.

A photo recovery app can search the Android phone’s memory for pages tagged with a 0 in order to find the recoverable data.

You can use data recovery software instantly after a file is deleted to increase the chance of data retrieval.

While some android photo recovery apps work differently than others, most follow the same process for recovering lost images.

  • First of all, install your desired image recovery app.
  • Once you install your preferred photo recovery app, with your permission, it scans your phone’s entire storage and figures out the location of your lost images.
  • On completing the scan process, all of your lost photos would pop up in the next window.
  • Now, you need to select which photos you would like to recover.
  • Once you have chosen the pictures that you want to resurrect, click on the “recover” button, and there you go, your deleted images are back to life.

The entire process is straightforward. All you need to do is select the right photo restore app and get your favorite photos recovered.

Which app is used to recover deleted photos

1. DiskDigger (Android)

DiskDigger is an effective photo recovery app for Android devices. This app helps to recover deleted photos by scanning the device’s internal memory.

This recovery software comes with two options to recuperate deleted images:

  1. Basic Scan, which doesn’t need root access to your phone memory.
  2. Full Scan, which scans the whole internal storage of your Android device but needs a rooted device.

After scanning your device’s internal memory, you will be able to select the files to recover. Note that you won’t be able to get back all deleted photos, as some of them get damaged after you erase them.

Once you recover your files, you can email them or upload them to a cloud platform. This feature is helpful to avoid damaging the recovered files.

DiskDigger comes with a free and a paid Pro version. The first version can recover photos and videos. The second version helps to recover other types of files.

Screenshot of DiskDigger photo recovery app

2. PhoneRescue (iPhone and Android)

PhoneRescue by iMobie is the best photo recovery app for iPhone devices. It features three professional recovery modes. They will help you recover deleted photos from your phone or computer.

This photo recovery app has the highest data recovery success rate. It allows you to recover photos, videos, messages, contacts, and events. This app also helps recover lost data from iTunes and iCloud.

PhoneRescue features an intuitive interface to help you easily recover files. To recover deleted photos, you need to follow three steps:

  1. Choose one recovery mode
  2. Select the type of data you want to recover
  3. Scan and select the files to retrieve

This recovery software also comes with an Android version. But it has fewer features than the version for iPhones.

Screenshot of photo recovery app Data Recovery

3. Recuva (Android)

Recuva is a popular photo recovery app for Android and PC. It helps you easily recover deleted photos from a memory card.

Other than photos, this recovery software can retrieve different types of files. Some of them are music files, documents, videos, or emails.

This photo recovery app works by scanning selected sectors and restoring folder structures. By restoring the folders, it fixes the name of the photo as well. This feature will make your life easier, as you won’t have to look for your images in a list of nameless files.

Recuva is perfect for inexperienced users. It comes with a recovery wizard that guides you during the process. And the app features an advance Deep Scan mode that increases the chances of recovery.

There is a free and paid Pro version.

Screenshot of Recuva photo recovery software

4. Tenorshare Ultdata (iPhone)

Ultdata by Tenorshare is one of the best photo recovery apps for iOS devices. This app is not only beneficial for deleted photo recovery. It also retrieves deleted videos, messages, contacts, notes, call logs, and more.

Tenorshare helps you to recover deleted files after a factory reset, virus attack, or system crash. It’s also if your phone gets stolen. This recovery software helps you to restore your backup files easily to another device.

What makes this app great is its ability to recover lost data in apps.  Here are some of the apps Tenorshare works with:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Tango

One of the best features of Tenorshare is that it allows you to preview the files before restoring them. It means you can quickly identify and select the files you want to recover.

This photo recovery app features recovery modes to retrieve files from three sources:

  1. An iOS device
  2. iTunes
  3. iCloud

There are various paid licenses and a free trial.

Screenshot of Tenorshare Ultdata photo recovery app

5. Dr.Fone by Wondershare (Android and iPhone)

This recovery software by Wondershare is a multifunctional app for Android and iPhone. It is capable of efficiently recovering deleted photos. Aside from that, it is capable of transferring WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android.

Other features are System Repair or Data Eraser. The most recent update even includes a password manager.

For iOS, Dr.Fone is capable of recovering data from an iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud. It retrieves not only deleted photos but also videos, contacts, messages, and more.

Dr.Fone for Android helps you recover the following:

  • Deleted images
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • WhatsApp messages and files
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Documents

This photo recovery app can extract data from broken Samsung phones and is compatible with over 6000 Android devices. Dr.Fone is also supported by the latest iOS 15.

Screen shot of Dr.Fone photo recovery app by Wondershare

6. FonePaw (Android and iPhone)

FonePaw is one of those photo recovery apps available for iPhone and Android devices. Both versions are a great alternative to retrieve deleted photos. It also recovers deleted documents, contacts, notes, calendars, and audio and video files.

This software comes with two data recovery modes:

  1. Quick Scan, which makes it possible to retrieve most deleted files in minutes.
  2. Deep Scan, which takes several hours but has a higher success rate.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the first, you can run the second. After scanning your files, you can preview them and select the ones you want to recover.

FonePaw is available for purchase under a single-user or family license.

Screenshot of FonePaw photo recovery app

7. EaseUS MobiSaver (Android)

If you are looking for a deleted photo recovery app for Android, MobiSaver by EaseUS is a good choice.

This free recovery software needs to be installed on your computer. It works via a USB cable, scanning the internal memory of your mobile phone. After running the scan, you can select the deleted files that you want to recover. Finally, you save them on the computer. This process takes just a few minutes.

This photo recovery app comes with a user-friendly interface. It also features a recovery wizard to guide inexperienced users. MobiSaver retrieves photos, videos, text messages, notes, and contacts. It scans not only SD cards but also your phone’s internal memory.

Screenshot of EaseUS MobiSaver photo recovery software

8. Dumpster App (Android)

Another excellent photo recovery software for Android is Dumpster. After installing it on your device, this free app backs up your photos automatically. After an image is deleted, Dumpster moves it to its recycle basket. You can restore the picture any time after that.

It is essential that you set storage size and time. It will let you decide how long the app should keep the lost images. Also, there is an option for keeping your deleted files on a cloud backup. This is a great plus since it allows you to save some storage space.

The app is free, but some of its features with the cloud backup are paid. But most of the app’s free features will be good enough to recover deleted pictures for free.

Screenshot of Dumpster app photo recovery app

9. ApowerRescue (iPhone)

ApowerRescue by Apowersoft is a photo recovery app for iOS.

It helps you to retrieve deleted photos, contacts, messages, and documents from your iPhone. But it only works if you have made a backup on iTunes or iCloud before losing your files.

This photo recovery app comes in handy if your phone is lost or broken. It will help you retrieve all your missing files and restore them to a new phone easily.

If you do not have a backup, you can try Recover from iOS Device to retrieve the lost data. You need to install this recovery software on your computer. It allows you to scan your device by connecting it to the computer and scanning the phone’s internal memory.

ApowerRescue’s free version only allows you to scan files. This means you can see the files you lost, but you are not allowed to recover them. The app’s paid version offers quarterly, year, and lifetime licenses.

Screenshot of ApowerRescue photo recovery software

10. Undeleter (Android)

Undeleter is an Android photo recovery app that retrieves deleted files from your phone’s SD card and internal memory.

Like other recovery apps, it works by scanning your phone’s storage and previewing deleted files before their recovery. But this app also creates backup copies of lost files in Dropbox and Google Drive. Then, it synchronizes the files with your cloud storage accounts. It is a good option if you don’t want to overload your phone’s storage with recovered files.

Undeleter also offers the possibility to destroy any file permanently. If you use this feature, you can be sure your files will never be retrieved, even if you use a photo recovery app.

Screenshot of Undeleter photo recovery app

9 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android

1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Our Pick

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

The best photo recovery app

DiskDigger performs an extensive scan of your storage and recovers files you thought you lost.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Recovers both photos and videos

Removes unnecessary files to clear storage

Allows you to upload recovered data using the FTP protocol

Gives a comprehensive preview of located files


Does not include an option to scan storage media separately

If you want a photo recovery app for Android that can thoroughly scan your storage spaces, then DiskDigger is a good pick. This app is optimized to identify a wide range of file types so that no picture is left out. 

DiskDigger Photo Recovery Content

DiskDigger also offers the option to upload your restored pictures to a cloud server. You can create a backup cloud drive so you won’t have to worry about losing your files to any hardware or software difficulties in the future.

The deep scans coupled with the storage optimization make DiskDigger a fantastic package. You’re sure to get consistently satisfactory results!

2. Photos Recovery

Photos Recovery

Photos Recovery

Great for scanning recently deleted pictures

Photos Recovery is very efficient at restoring recent accidentally deleted pictures.

Photos Recovery is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Quick file transfers

Accurately traces deleted photos

Prioritizes recently deleted files


Restoration rate is low for pictures that have been deleted a long time

Sometimes, you delete a photo that you didn’t know you were still going to need. In such cases, the Photos Recovery app makes all the difference.

Photos Recovery Content

The app uses a special algorithm to trace recently deleted pictures and videos. That means that it yields the best results when used immediately after a picture has been deleted.

Photos Recovery supports various file types and has a separate section just for recovered photos.

3. Dumpster



Best for fast restoration

Dumpster is a fast and secure photo recovery app for Android devices. If you need to recover your photos ASAP, then Dumpster is the way to go.

Dumpster is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Super-fast recovery

Alerts you when an image is deleted

Comes with a privacy mode

Has backup cloud storage for your pictures


Uses more battery than other apps

Dumpster is a quick and powerful photo recovery app for Android devices. The app boasts a two-minute image recovery time, which is significantly faster than its competitors. On top of that, it allows you to restore images, audio, videos, and RAW files seamlessly on your Android devices.

Dumpster Content

This versatile app also provides a preview of the recovered files so you can decide which ones you want to keep (and which you want to filter out). Getting rid of unimportant files will save you a lot of time and storage!

Another noteworthy feature is that, unlike all the other Android photo recovery apps on this list, Dumpster constantly runs in the background, and it sends you a notification whenever you delete a file. Though this feature can be advantageous, it does use up battery life.

4. Restore Image

Restore Image

Restore Image

Perfect for beginners

Restore Image is convenient for users who wish to avoid the technical details of photo recovery software.

Restore Image is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Simple interface

Two-step recovery process

Retains original image quality


Insufficient features

Photo recovery software can get complicated. Luckily, Restore Image is a photo recovery app specifically designed for beginners. If all you want to do is restore a few lost images from your device, this app will get the job done.

Restore Image Content

Restore Image allows you to choose from the folders in your storage; then the app initiates the recovery process. Once the restoration is complete, you can view all the restored images.

The best thing about this app is that it maintains image quality and data security during the entire process. So if you’re a beginner who wants to learn and experiment with photo recovery apps for Android, try this app out.

5. EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver

Great for professional use

EaseUS MobiSaver recovers a variety of data types, including images, and it’s perfect for professionals needing to recover essential files.

EaseUS MobiSaver is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Recovers data from both internal storage and SD cards

Restores call logs and lost contacts

Retrieves images and videos of different file types

Scans for virus attacks


Made for professionals

EaseUS MobiSaver is an all-around recovery app for your Android device. From images and videos to contacts and SMS, the app can help you restore anything you might need.

EaseUS MobiSaver Content

The app scans your internal storage and SD card to track down all photos based on time, file type, file size, and date. This function makes searches more precise and helps you recover the precise images you’re after.

It is also worth mentioning that the app protects your system from virus attacks, so your images will remain untouched. In fact, this app is so powerful that it can even recover corrupted photo files. If you’re struggling to recover corrupted files, you should definitely consider EaseUS MobiSaver.

6. DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery

Great for thorough backup

DigDeep Image Recovery creates a backup of your images to keep them safe for future use.

DigDeep Image Recovery is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Shows the exact location of restored photos

Great at scanning internal storage

Restores images to a backup folder in the DigDeep app


Recovered images can experience compression

If you share and download a lot of files onto your Android device, you will inevitably run out of phone storage and have no choice but to use SD cards. While there’s nothing wrong with having so many files, it can become problematic when you cannot locate a particular picture despite having manually gone through all the folders in both your phone and SD storage. In such cases, DigDeep is an app worth using.

DigDeep Image Recovery Content

The app is optimized to scan SD cards thoroughly so you can track your image storage details. Once the scan is over, DigDeep uses the collected information to efficiently recover all your images from any folder you might select. You’ll know the app has done its job when you finally see the details of the photos you’re trying to recover!

Another praiseworthy feature of DigDeep: It categorizes pictures according to folders so you can quickly navigate the app. Convenient, right?

7. Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

Best for one-time use

The Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop app utilizes minimum storage space and limited device power to recover and store images.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Easy to use

Supports all image formats

Does not require you to root your device


Lengthy scans

If you are looking for a photo recovery app for Android that prioritizes the quality of your lost images, then Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop should be at the top of your list. It’s a small app with a simple interface and is very easy to use.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop Content

The app can determine the precise details of missing images via a long scan. Once the scan is over, you can select which images you’d like to keep and which you’d like to delete forever.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop is very lightweight and does not use much battery or RAM to complete the recovery process. This makes it a great choice for budget smartphone users.

8. FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery

Perfect for storage optimization and image protection

FonePaw Data Recovery features a complete toolset that can recover photos with ease.

FonePaw Data Recovery is available for:

ios logoAndroid


3 different modes available for different types of storage

Restores 100+ file types in lossless quality

Transfers files quickly

Recovers photos from corrupt folders


Works better when used from a computer

FonePaw is your one-stop solution for smartphone maintenance. Every feature on the app is high quality and efficient, especially the photo recovery option. If you’ve ever experienced OS crashes, ROM flashing, or SD card errors, you’ll be relieved to know that FonePaw has your back.

FonePaw Data Recovery Content

For the best results, connect your Android device to your computer and open the app. What’s great about FonePaw is that it is capable of retrieving data from your Android device in case you encounter a rooting error. In addition, it boasts three scan modes to restore missing data from your internal storage, SD card, and SIM card. 

This all-in-one app will not only recover your lost images but also protect recovered data from future virus attacks.

9. Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery

Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery

Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery

Best for recovering sensitive files and photos

Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery is one of the most reliable photo recovery apps you can find.

Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery is available for:

ios logoAndroid


Encrypts your data for privacy purposes

Recovers from caches

Supports many file types

Transfers files without data consumption


Manually organizing recovered data can be a hassle

Sometimes, you might choose to take a photo of an important document, which contains sensitive and confidential information that you don’t want to lose or be retrieved by others. Fortunately, thanks to Dr. Fone Data and Photo Recovery, safely recovering and securing such photos won’t be a problem.

Dr. Fone Content

Upon recovering each picture, Dr. Fone encrypts the file to ensure complete privacy. And the app lets you conveniently transfer the encrypted image to a safer location (such as your cloud storage). 

Dr. Fone also has smart features that can restore video, audio, and other files. No troubleshooting knowledge is required; simply select the file type and wait for the app to recover your essential data.

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