What software that comes with adobe photoshop

The software that comes with Adobe Photoshop is quite limited. If, for example, you want to create textile illustrations or comic book art, you have a problem. Fortunately for you Adobe has made a range of compatible software packages which can be purchased separately. This article gives an overview of these packages, along with pros and cons and my recommendations.

Many people do not need or use all the programs that come with Photoshop. Some may find some/none of the software that is installed as they have no need for it.Over time, I have noticed Photoshop adds more and more software to your computer as you install updates. With each update Adobe Flash Player and AIR Program (both are needed if you want to view Adobe’s online tutorials) are installed. Not to mention a plethora of various other programs.

Adobe Photoshop CC comes with several other programs and features, including:

  • Adobe Bridge CS6. This allows you to open and organize photos and other images. You can also use it to adjust the color, brightness, and contrast of your images, as well as perform other simple editing tasks.
  • Adobe Camera Raw 7.4. This provides more advanced editing capabilities than those provided by Adobe Bridge CS6, and you can use it to adjust exposure, color temperature, white balance, and other image elements; convert an image from color to black-and-white or vice versa; adjust shadows or highlights (called dodging); apply lens corrections; crop or straighten your image; remove red eye from your subject’s face (this feature is called “Heal Selection”); add noise reduction to reduce graininess in your photos; apply filters like “High Pass” (which gives your photo a grainy look that makes it look like film); and more!
  • Adobe Camera Raw Filter 7.4. This allows you to open raw files directly within Photoshop without having to use Bridge CS6 first. It also lets you use all of the same tools

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