What Hotel WordPress Theme Is Best For Seo

When choosing a hotel WordPress theme, the most important thing to look for is that it is developed with on-page SEO in mind. A good developer will also utilize schema markup so Google knows what content is about when it crawls your site. The second consideration when choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme is how fast it will load and how easy it is to use.

In this guide, we find out What Hotel WordPress Theme Is Best For Seo, best wordpress theme for seo and speed, best wordpress theme for seo 2022 and best hotel website in the world.

What Hotel WordPress Theme Is Best For Seo

Choosing a hotel WordPress theme can be difficult. There are so many options, and each one is designed for its own specific purpose. That being said, there are two main considerations when choosing a hotel wordpress theme that will help you improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO):

Using the right hotel WordPress theme can significantly improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Themes are the templates that are used to create a website. A theme can be used to create a hotel website, travel website, restaurant website or travel agency website.

The right choice of WordPress theme will make all the difference in how your online business is perceived by visitors and potential customers. The way people perceive your website can have a major impact on whether they decide to make reservations with you or not. You want your site to look professional and trustworthy so that customers will feel comfortable booking their stay through your site rather than going elsewhere for their accommodation needs!

Using an SEO-friendly hotel WordPress theme is one of the best ways to ensure that both Google and Bing indexing systems recognize your content as relevant and important enough for them to give it priority over others when people search for information about things such as hotels in Paris France or vacation packages from New York City USA etcetera…

The most important thing to look for in a WordPress theme is that it is developed with on-page SEO in mind. This means that the developer must use techniques such as keyword research to identify the best ones for your industry. A good developer will also utilize schema markup so Google knows what content is about when it crawls your site.

The most important thing to look for in a WordPress theme is that it is developed with on-page SEO in mind. This means that the developer must use techniques such as keyword research to identify the best ones for your industry. A good developer will also utilize schema markup so Google knows what content is about when it crawls your site.

The next thing you need to look at is load time because this can have a huge impact on how quickly your website ranks in search results. For example, if you have an eCommerce site and you have slow load times, people are going to leave your store before they make any purchases which could have resulted in more sales for you!

On top of all this, there are certain things that could hurt your rankings by diluting them with irrelevant keywords so only include keywords if they’re actually relevant or necessary

The second consideration when choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme is how fast it will load.

The second consideration when choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme is how fast it will load.

Google has a speed update that penalizes slow websites and rewards those with a fast load time. The average load time of a website is 2.5 seconds, but on mobile, the average site takes 6.8 seconds to load (and up to 10 seconds on some devices).

A theme’s loading speed depends on factors like server response time, image compression and code optimization but also how well your hosting company can handle large spikes in traffic. If you’re worried about this aspect of performance and want peace of mind during peak periods when there might be more people visiting your site than usual, consider upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting services that offer additional resources to their customers

There are 2 considerations when choosing a hotel wordpress theme for SEO

There are 2 considerations when choosing a hotel wordpress theme for SEO:

  • Does it use structured data and schema markup?
  • Is the theme fast loading?

best wordpress theme for seo and speed

Finding the fastest WordPress theme may seem like a lost cause. Are you supposed to test every theme you’re interested in and compare the differences in millisecond load times to find the most lightweight WordPress theme?

How do you account for changes in hosting speeds from the developers and their online demos? What if the testing tools produce conflicting results?

It’s unrealistic to think the average WordPress user will consistently test desired themes for performance. It’s tough to remove outside factors, and there are too many WordPress themes to consider.

That’s why we did the work for you.

Using four different speed tests, a new installation for each theme, and the same server for each theme’s speed testing, we were able to narrow down the fastest WordPress themes to a shortlist.

In addition, we compared the best of the best to show which of them perform well in different situations and which of them have the highest performance scores and fastest speeds.

Make sure to check out our guide on how to run speed tests if you’d like to run some tests on your own as well.

Interested in Woocommerce themes, instead? Check out our curated list of the fastest WooCommerce themes (based on testing).

How We Tested the Fastest WordPress Theme Candidates

Our search began with themes we’ve encountered in the past, along with the best WordPress themes based on popularity, high numbers of downloads, and quality reviews.

We added to our list of candidates from the WordPress Repository to identify hidden gems, newer themes, and highly-rated options that we may have missed from the previous collection.

If you come across a fast WordPress site, you can find out what theme it uses with our theme detector tool. If the theme is not in our list below, be sure to let us know about it in the comments!

The speed testing process went like this:

Each testing tool has its benefits. We’ve outlined what our metrics mean and why they’re essential to understanding the evaluation better.

As for why we used four tools, each of them has varying standards and results, so we want to ensure one tool isn’t giving better or worse results than another. In addition, a few of the tools focus on specifics like mobile speed, page size, or the speed at which the first website element appears.

Here’s a summary of the testing tools we used.


GTmetrix takes a website and breaks down its speed and optimization. It’s an excellent tool for checking on performance issues and if a theme is way too cluttered with unnecessary files.

Since November 2020, GTmetrix is powered by Lighthouse and has a new report design. The new design includes an updated GTmetrix Grade based on the new Performance and Structure scores.


Pingdom is similar to GTmetrix, but we like to run both side-by-side since they offer slightly different metrics and can serve as a “check-and-balances” situation if any significant discrepancies happen between the two.

PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights excels with displaying how user experience is the most critical part of having a fast WordPress theme. It focuses on how quickly content is shown to the user, while also revealing the aspects of the theme that make for slow delivery times.

We use both mobile and desktop tests for our measurements as it gives a better overall picture.

Here are the primary data points to know about:

Byte Check

A TTFB test (Time to First Byte test) measures how long the browser takes to complete an HTTP request and ends up with one byte of data being sent to the user from the server.

Essentially, it’s saying how long it takes for the tiniest bit of information to be delivered. Hosting plays a prominent role in delivering the first byte, so choosing the fastest WordPress hosting solution is essential, but a clunky theme causes problems too.

Now that the testing method and tools are clear, it’s time to look at our results and find the fastest WordPress theme (backed by data).

Note: The themes are listed in no particular order. Read their individual test results and conclusions to understand how they perform. You can also skip to the final section to view a compiled table of all the results.

1. Hello Elementor

If you’re familiar with the Elementor Page Builder, you know how fast and easy it can be to build a WordPress site without using any code. Elementor is a top pick in the world of drag-and-drop page builders, so it’s no surprise that the same developers have produced a theme that’s fast and versatile, called Hello Elementor.

The theme is marketed as fast and flexible. As you may assume, it combines nicely with Elementor and many other plugins like WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast, and more.

The mobile design performs well in testing and provides a smooth interface, so your visitors aren’t confused with a glitchy menu or text. The theme starts you off with a relatively blank slate, but the power of Elementor comes into play for designing what you need for any industry.


The Hello Elementor theme is available as a free download.

The Elementor Page Builder is free, with paid plans (starting at $49 per year) for additional templates, widgets, and element builders.

Notable Features

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis

When it comes to page speeds and lightweight files, Hello Elementor is a WordPress theme to look at. The scores reflect that.



PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

Byte Check TTFB Test

Test Conclusions

Hello Elementor’s GTmetrix Performance Score is phenomenal. Its Pingdom grade is a bit less than ideal. It used to score highly in Google’s PageSpeed Insights before, but those lightning-fast loading times have become a tad slower now. Its TTFB test is well within the range of its competitors.

Finally, we’re only seeing 12 requests from Pingdom. That’ll change when you add content to a site, but it’s a great place to start. We love seeing less communication between the server and the user.

2. Neve

The ThemeIsle company is known for creating speedy and flexible themes and plugins, many of which are free with premium upgrades. During our tests, the Neve theme stood out as the fastest from ThemeIsle, with its multipurpose design and easily customizable layout.

We also like Neve since it’s made to work well with WooCommerce, the most popular online store plugin for WordPress. It’s reassuring to see a few ecommerce-focused themes with lightweight files and top-notch performance scores.

Neve works with Elementor and many other top page builders. It’s a lightweight and mobile-first WordPress theme. Reliable updates and support are also mainstays from the ThemeIsle brand.

You’ll also find reliable coding and a flexible structure to ensure that you can build any site you want. It’s also nice to see that ThemeIsle lists sites currently running the Neve theme, allowing you to understand the possibilities of the theme and get inspiration for your own website.


The Neve theme is a free download, with premium versions starting at $49.

The paid theme provides extra features like a header and blog boost, custom layouts, and unlimited support and updates for the sites with the theme.

Notable Features

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis

Neve is another golden theme to keep your eye on if you’re trying to improve your mobile speeds. The requests are low, and its file sizes look desirable as well.



PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

Byte Check TTFB Test

Test Conclusions

Neve is a super performance-optimized, lightweight WordPress theme that outshines almost all competitors. It delivered a 100 score in the PageSpeed Insights test (both mobile and desktop). Plus, it also produced a high 98 Pingdom grade. At just 6, its number of requests is the lowest of all the themes tested, and its page size is the second-lowest. Its loading times are also best in its class.

Ultimately, Neve is not only popular and well-designed but also versatile with a massive bonus of running at blazing fast speeds.

3. Astra

The Astra theme is not only growing in popularity at a rapid rate, but the theme moves quickly when activated and performed well during our tests. The whole point of Astra is to have a premade site all ready to go once you install it on WordPress.

That’s done with demos for multiple industries, and you can customize most elements of the theme without having to touch the code.

Page builders integrate with the theme, and you can link the theme with third-party plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, and Yoast. Along with hooks and filters, translation settings, and demos, the Astra theme is a must-try if you’re interested in a speedy setup.


There’s a free theme and a premium version. Astra Pro is listed at $49. The Essential Bundle is $169 per year, and the Growth Bundle is $249 per year but we often see discounts from the company.

Notable Features

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis

Can a multipurpose theme with many demos provide top-notch speeds? You bet it can.



PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

Byte Check TTFB Test

Test Conclusions

In terms of scores from all four tests, Astra is a high-performer. The scores are 100, 98, 100, and 100 — close to perfect in every area!

The requests are at 6, and the page size is relatively small, meaning there’s no junk weighing the theme down right out of the box. Overall, Astra performs well even when implementing its larger demo items, which is great since they all look beautiful.

4. GeneratePress

From all four tests, GeneratePress was one of the fastest WordPress themes. It’s a versatile theme in a sleek little package, boasting integrations with multiple page builders, WooCommerce support, and various sidebar and widget locations.

The ratings and reviews show that GeneratePress has an incredible following. You can download a free version or opt to upgrade your features to the premium version.

The premium theme comes with extra modules for typography, demos, colors, and more. We particularly like how small the original theme file size is, along with the demo files. This indicates that it will not weigh down your site or cause problems on a server.


There’s a free version to download. The premium theme sells for $59. Upgrades are yearly if you want continued support and updates. There is also a one-off lifetime payment available.

Notable Features

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis

During testing, GeneratePress performed well across the board. It’s awe-inspiring how fast the pages load.



PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

Byte Check TTFB Test

Test Conclusions

The minimal file size shows its strength in the testing for GeneratePress. The theme has close to perfect scores all across the board. Its requests are the lowest as well.

This success in speed carries over to the PageSpeed Insights test, as we can see another almost perfect score and rapid loading times. Its TTFB test also performs exceptionally well compared to the competition.

Need more details to choose one between Astra and GenertePress? Make sure to check out our GeneratePress vs Astra in-depth comparison.

5. OceanWP

The OceanWP theme has a professional look for small businesses and agencies by default. It also includes creative demos for companies and industries like fitness clubs, shoe stores, and chocolate companies. You can browse through the dozens of themes on the website to see which ones are best for you before opting for this theme.

Though a fast theme, OceanWP didn’t hold up that well in our speed tests, as we’ll outline below. However, the theme performance remains solid when you implement the demos.

Quite a few extensions are available for OceanWP, adding to its extendability. For instance, you can add a sticky header and an Instagram feed. The Woo Popup is a nice touch, and the white labeling is also offered as a premium extension.


OceanWP has a free version for everyone to download.

The premium version is mainly a bundle of extensions with additional sites and ongoing support. That starts at $43 per year and goes up to $127 per year for agencies.

Notable Features

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis

Starting out, it appears that OceanWP is a tad slower than others, but that still doesn’t mean you should overlook it. The main area to be concerned about is mobile speed. But again, the speeds are good, but it looks a little slower when compared to the best.



PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

Byte Check TTFB Test

Test Conclusions

OceanWP has a great GTmetrix performance score, but its Pingdom and PageSpeed Insight scores are lower than the competition. However, scores of 91, 88, 97 are still better than the vast majority of themes on the market, making it one of the fastest WordPress theme options.

With OceanWP, you may see slightly slower loading times on mobile devices. Hopefully, that improves in the future to make it a top-notch theme for speed on all devices.

best wordpress theme for seo 2022

No matter how good your content is, you can’t rank your posts on Google or any other search engine without doing proper SEO. There are several factors that affect your SEO rankings like; backlinks, hosting server, On-page optimization, site speed, and your website template.

Not all WordPress themes are optimized for SEO, but using well-optimized SEO Friendly WordPress Themes can help you to blow your competitors out of the water. A good SEO-optimized theme will help you to rank your posts on Google search results.

There are probably hundreds of SEO-optimized WordPress themes, but today I’m listing some of the best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes that’ll help you get good SEO rankings.

Best SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

GeneratePress is one of the popular themes that come with lightweight code and SEO features. They offer both free and premium versions; the free version has been downloaded over 500,000 and has maintained 5 stars.

The default WordPress install of the GeneratePress theme is less than 30kb. It also comes with a premium version where you can have full access to modules and the Site Library.

Another best thing is that you can use the premium version on as many sites, including your client’s websites. You can read my comprehensive GeneratePress review here.

Update: After using Genesis for six years, I finally changed my theme to GeneratePress. And the results are incredible; I’ve tested my site’s speed after using this theme with Rocket.net hosting which comes with the Cloudflare Enterprise package.

Below is the latest screenshot of this site on GTmetrix.

Astra is another responsive SEO-optimized theme that can be used to build any website. It’s very lightweight and needs less than 30 KB of resources.

Astra theme lets you customize everything; from layouts to color & typography. Astra also provides the free version which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Also, Astra works flawlessly with page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Divi, etc. Read my in-depth review on Astra to know more.

OceanWP is a highly optimized free SEO-friendly WordPress theme that also comes with premium extensions to support various website features.

It’s a multi-purpose theme that can be used to build different websites. It also works with major page builders.

OceanWP pricing starts at $35 per year and includes 14 premium extensions, 210 pro demos, and 12 months of customer support and updates.

The free version of OceanWP also has 5 out of 5 stars, which indicates the performance of this theme.

Schema is one of the oldest SEO-friendly WordPress available in the market. The theme is ultra-lightweight and includes all the necessary aspects to build a fast-loading WordPress Website.

It also comes with rich snippets and a built-in review system that will help your site to rank higher on Google and other search engines. You can get started with this theme with just one click and import all the demo content. With the options panel, you can customize this theme with unlimited colors and layout options.

It’s important to note that the Schema is created by the same team that built Rank Math, a popular WordPress SEO plugin that is used by millions of websites across the world. So you can expect the same quality on this theme.

Newspaper’s approach is very distinct for bloggers. It’s a theme that sells very well because it has multiple customizable features. Plus, you can use it for any type of blog that you see fit.

They also added Instagram and other social media support. It even has Google Ads and AdSense support too, which is a very important thing to check out.

The Newspaper claims that its newer version is twice the lighter than the previous version making it one of the fastest WordPress Themes on marketing.

Divi is one of the popular WordPress themes that comes with the visual page builder and other advanced features. It offers endless customization features to build any type of business.

This theme also provides different marketing tools like a built-in email opt-in module, built-in split testing, eCommerce, pricing tables, etc.

The speed of your website using the Divi theme can vary based on the customization you make.

Kadence is another lightweight theme that is very much similar to GeneratePress. It also offers both free and pro versions; pro version pricing starts at $59 per year and provides a ton of features like unlimited site use, WooCommerce addon, Hooked Elements, etc.

Essential Bundle costs a little more and offers extra features like Pro Starter Templates, Kadence Blocks Pro, etc. Kadence Theme seamlessly works with Gutenberg, Elementor, beaver-builder, and other site builders.

Blocksy is an innovative SEO-friendly theme that is built to be lighting fast. Blocksy claims to be ultra-fast and scores pretty well across all the website speed testing tools.

Blocksy is built to be compatible with the Gutenberg Editor and it’s fully responsive. It also works well with other WordPress Page builders.

The free version of Blocksy has over 650 Five-Star ratings which demonstrate the quality of this theme. Blocksy Pro plan starts at $49/year and includes premium ready-to-import starter Templates and other addons. You can read the detailed review of Blocksy on virfice.

Important note: No matter how light-weight your theme is, without a stable server, you won’t get the desired speed and performance. Before migrating to WPX Hosting, I was using Hostgator, SiteGround, and the like. These hosting companies were not specially optimized for WordPress. On the other hand, WPX Hosting has its very own custom-built CDN for WordPress called WPX cloud. I highly recommend WPX Hosting for SEO. (Update: Currently, using Rocket.net)

The above themes are some of the Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes that’ll help you increase your Search engine rankings with their inbuilt SEO functionality.

You can choose any one of the above-listed Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes to beat your competitors.

Adithya Shetty is the creator of The Blog Metrics, a site that is dedicated to WordPress, blogging, and marketing since 2013. He’s a Minimalist who loves to read and write.

best hotel website in the world

If you are looking for a place to stay on your vacation or business trip the options on offer can be overwhelming. A hotel search tool allows you to instantly search and compare room availability and prices from sites like Expedia, Hotels.com, Venere, Laterooms, Agoda (and many more) all in one single set of search results. You could never cover the vast choice of hotel booking sites yourself, and so would more than likely miss out on the best deals. A great way to save time and money.

However, if you’re looking for a specific travel deal (hotel + flight for example) or a different type of accommodation (hostel or vacation rental) the following 10 best hotel websites have proven the most consistently useful for finding accommodation when traveling.

Expedia.com – one of the largest web travel booking agency offering a variety of services include airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises and vacation package deals. You can save money by booking your hotel and flight together. It is based in the US with localized sites for 20 countries.

Agoda.com – great for deals in Asia but is also one of the fastest-growing platforms worldwide. You can earn points worth 4 -7% of the room price and apply these points towards your next booking.

Priceline.com – helps you haggle for the best bargains on hotel bookings (plus flight and car rental for that matter) in a casino-style way. Select the minimum star class, date of stay and preferred neighborhood, and then name your price. Certainly, deals aren’t guaranteed but you can save up to 60% off published rates. The catch: Priceline doesn’t tell you the exact hotel you’re booking until after you pay, so you won’t be sure exactly where you’ll end up.

Booking.com – the web most popular hotel reservation service attracting more than 30 million unique visitors each month from both leisure and business markets worldwide. It offers various accommodations types from small independent hotels to five star luxury resorts, with over 135,000 properties across 101 countries. Along with Agoda it is part of Priceline.com.

TripAdvisor.com – the most popular hotel review site on the web, They offer more than 45 million reviews of hotels around the globe. Ignore reviews on either extreme and just focus on the ratings in the middle to get a good sense about a hotel. The comments are not always reliable and the sources are not always credible. But you can find patterns in the comments that focus on quality, cleanliness and safety worldwide.

Hostelz.com – although probably associated with a bunk-bed lifestyle, many hostels offer more private, hotel-like accommodations these days. If you’re traveling alone you can save a great deal by staying at a hostel Hostelz.com compares all the hostel booking systems at once, including hostelbookers.com and Hostelworld.

LateRooms.com – as you may know, many hotels drop their prices at the last minute. It’s better for them to fill their rooms at a discount rate than have them unoccupied. LateRooms.com is one of the main outlets that hotels (as well as B&Bs and guest-houses) use to try to fill their empty rooms. Thy offer around 37,000 properties and promises discounts of up to 70%.

Hotwire.com – One of the best hotel websites for discount travel. Hotwire offers low prices on airfare, hotel, rental cars and vacation packages by selling off unsold travel inventory at discounted prices.

Vrbo.com – the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals, with websites representing more than 625,000 paid vacation rental home listings throughout more than 145 countries. They offer short term home rentals as an alternative to hotels when traveling, an option which has seen rapid popularity growth in recent years. Home rentals are often cheaper than hotels and have more space but you have to do without a cleaning service or hotel amenities.

BedandBreakfast.com – perhaps the biggest bed and breakfast booking site on the web. Bedandbreakfast.com offers thousands of bed and breakfasts, inns and homestays lodges, cabins, historic hotels, small resorts and guest ranches worldwide.

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