What editing software does vanossgaming use

The editing software that Vanossgaming uses is Sony Vegas Pro 14. This software allows him to edit his own and his friends’ videos.

VANOSSGAMING provides informative videos but only uses YouTube’s basic editing software. This can limit your view count, how entertaining your videos are, and what effects you can add to your game play footage. To help VANOSSGAMING create better quality videos, improve their entertainment value and boost their subscribers, a partnership should be considered between him and Blender.

Vanossgaming is a gaming channel owned by Evan Fong from British Columbia, Canada. The channel was found in the year 2011 and has amassed more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube. As of this article publication, he is the 24th most subscribed user on YouTube. The channel’s videos are at times ranked among the most popular ones on YouTube’s trending list. It also has a very impressive follower count on social media, with millions of followers on his Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively.

VanossGaming uses Adobe Premiere Pro to edit his videos. He’s been using it for years, and he says it’s the best editing software out there. He also uses Adobe After Effects for special effects in his videos, but he says that most of the time he can get by with just Premiere Pro.

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