What editing software does twomad use

Twomad is a blog dedicated to the endless possibilities in this crazy world. We have dozens of writers who curate and contribute content every day. We work to provide informative, valuable entertainment on a daily basis. We use a variety of clever techniques to make sure that our content is as funny, unique, controversial and entertaining as possible. Our senior editor Mabinty is working hard to come up with exciting new tools and features for our writers to exploit. You can read her piece about what editing software twomad uses here: http://twomadblog.com/editing-software-comes-prices/

It’s a hotly contested debate: which is better – Mac or PC. As an editor, I will tell you what editing software we use, but the truth is that is doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you know how to edit and said off with mastering your craft before thinking about your OS.

Twomad uses Adobe Lightroom to edit their images.

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