What editing software does mrbeast use

One of my most popular videos was a tutorial on how I edit my videos and how I use iMovie. In it, I mentioned that you can use any editing software you like. From Adobe Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro X or even Windows Movie Maker. The video became very popular and if you Google “editing software mrbeast” you’ll still see my video linked at the top. So over the years I’ve been asked again and again which editing software I use. People are always asking what computer do I use, what microphone do I use etc and while these other things are important, they really don’t matter if you have quality editing software.

According to MrBeast in this Instagram post, the editing software he uses is iMovie for his iPhone, Photos for Mac for his Mac computer, and VEGAS Pro 15 for his desktop computer. I am in particular interested in the professional movie editing software that he uses as I would like to improve my editing skills (by learning from a professional).

MrBeast uses a variety of editing software, including Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, as well as DaVinci Resolve. He also uses Photoshop for some of his work.

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