What editing software do tiktokers use

It’s very helpful and important to have the right editing software when writing blog posts. If you use the wrong software, it can become frustrating and lead to loss of valuable time. So what editing software do tiktokers use?

TikTok is not just a regular multimedia/video platform, but it also has sub-communities and communities. Furthermore, Tiktokers also have their own video editing software. Call me crazy, but I think that we, Tiktokers, need to promote it widely to popularize it.

Tiktokers use a variety of editing software, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X.

Some people prefer to use single-purpose editing software, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but there are also many Tik Tokers who enjoy using more complex programs like Adobe Premier Pro.

The choice of editing program is largely up to personal preference, although there are some advantages and disadvantages to each. For example, iMovie is simple to use but it doesn’t offer as many features or options as other programs do; Final Cut Pro X offers an impressive amount of control over your clips but it can be difficult for new users to get used to.

TikTok users are largely on Instagram, with over 80% of them using it as their primary editing app.

In fact, Instagram is the most popular editing app among TikTok users. This is followed by Adobe Photoshop and VSCO CAM.

How to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools

TikTok’s built-in video editing tools are pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful enough to improve the 15–60-second videos you can create with TikTok.

To create a new video, tap the plus sign that’s located at the bottom of the app’s home screen:

How to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools

Next, click on the record button:

Next, click on the record button

That’s how easy it is to create on Tiktok.

Want to add a song or audio effect to your video? Just click on sounds at the top of the recording screen:

click on sounds at the top of the recording screen

You can also control the video’s playback speed and use filters or effects.

You can also control the video’s playback speed and use filters or effects

After you’ve recorded your TikTok video, you can add stickers, filters, voice or sound effects, sound effects, and text layers.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can use TikTok’s built-in video editing tools to trim video length, or adjust the volume of the original video sound or soundtrack.

Those tools alone will be enough for most TikTok users.

For the best, most engaging TikTok videos, though, you have the option of using an external TikTok video editing app to create a TikTok video with a bit more polish or production value.

Once you have your TikTok video edited to your liking, it’s easy to get it onto the platform.

Just click the upload button located in the bottom right corner of TikTok’s video shooting page:

Just click the upload button located in the bottom right corner of TikTok’s video shooting page

The upload option lets you use an external TikTok video editing app that gives you more advanced tools.

After you’ve uploaded and finished editing, you can then continue to add a video description, give your followers the option to create duets, or enable comments and reactions.

If you’re new to TikTok, we recommend checking out this guide on how to use TikTok. It shows you how to create a TikTok account as well as how to use TikTok for things like challenges, duets, and more.

12 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps to Dazzle Your Followers:

So, what are the best TikTok video editing apps to use if you’re going off the platform? In this section, we share 12 of our favorite TikTok video editing apps you can use to create awesome TikTok videos that will engage and delight your viewers.

This will help you make a better, more informed decision about which TikTok video editing apps you need to create the best TikTok videos possible.

1. ViaMaker

Viamaker TikTok video editing app

Find on:

Viamaker is a new TikTok video editing app from Bytedance (the company that gave us TikTok in the first place). It’s a free, all-in-one video editing app that helps you create amazing videos.

In the short time that Viamaker has been available it’s racked up more than 6,000 reviews on the Google Play Store alone—overwhelmingly 5-star reviews, giving Viamaker a 4.5-stars rating.

While the app is missing out on coveted features like green screen, it’s clear that Bytedance brought out the big guns with this TikTok video editing app.

Viamaker Key Features:

  • Easy to use features including cut, reverse, and changing speed
  • Advanced filters and effects
  • Massive music library
  • Trending stickers and custom TikTok fonts
  • Wide range of magical effects

Viamaker Pricing:


2. BeeCut

BeeCut TikTok video editing app

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BeeCut is a free, all-in-one TikTok video editing app designed for beginners. You can enhance your TikTok videos with filters, cropping, cutting, rotating, transitions, a picture-in-picture effect, and more.

BeeCut has a simple, easy to use interface and you can have a unique and stunning video in just a few clicks. It supports five aspect ratios including portrait (9:16), widescreen (16:9), square (1:1), TaoBao (3:4), and standard (4:3).

BeeCut Key Features:

  • Cut videos by frame and delete an unwanted intro or outro with a click
  • Several crafted filters
  • Multiple transitions that let you convert photos into videos
  • Customize the duration of videos
  • Supports 1080p, 720p, and 480p video exports

BeeCut Pricing:


3. Zoomerang

Zoomerang TikTok video editing app

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Zoomerang is a simple TikTok video editing app that’s perfect for beginners. It includes one-button step-by-step in-app tutorials. This means you can watch popular TikTok videos and learn how to create those videos for yourself.

This app also includes video editing tools like effects, filters, music, and more.

A pro subscription will get you an ad-free experience and access to additional effects and video editing features.

Zoomerang Key Features:

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • 100+ effects
  • Active and engaged TikTok account where they share your videos

Zoomerang Pricing:

Zoomerang has a free limited plan. In-app purchases from $1.99–$39.99 per item.

4. Quik

Quik TikTok video editing app

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Quik is another free TikTok video editing app. You can choose from 23 video styles and customize your videos by adding emojis, text, frames, trimming video, and more. You can even add effects like slow-motion or fast-motion movement.

Quik also offers multi-language support for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Araic, and Simplified Chinese.

Quik Key Features:

  • Easily record and edit videos
  • Multi-platform sharing
  • Easy-to-use, simple interface
  • Multi-language support

Quik Pricing:

Free with in-app purchases at $2.99 per item.

5. InShot

InShot video editor and video maker

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InShot is a free HD video editor and video maker with great features like trim/cut video, blur background, music, effects, and more. InShot is one of the best choices for video editing and processing footage to share across social media.

You can choose from a range of audio and visual effects or even import your own music.

InShot doesn’t have a built-in library of royalty-free songs, which is important if you don’t have the rights to a song you want to use in your video. Plus, all videos created with the free version are watermarked.

InShot Key Features:

  • Video trimmer, cutter, splitter tools
  • Combine multiple videos
  • Video effects including movie-style filters, adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and more

InShot Pricing:

Free version; in-app pricing is $0.99–$29.99 per item.

6. Funimate

Funimate is TikTok video editing app that offers a range of visual effects

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Funimate is TikTok video editing app that offers a range of visual effects, lets users choose from multiple transitions, and makes it easy to share videos to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Funimate offers daily challenges that can help boost your TikTok channel and get you recognized by the app’s music video community.

Funimate Key Features:

  • 100+ advanced video effects (and you can create your own)
  • Merge, cut, and trim videos easily
  • Create video loops
  • Add music, emojis, stickers, and text to videos

Funimate Pricing:

Free version with watermark; in-app pricing is $2.99–$59.99 per item.

7. Lomotif


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Lomotif is the app for you if you want to add music to your TikTok videos. Lomotif includes an enormous music library from contemporary hits to oldies. While you can’t select a particular part of a song, your music choices are close to limitless.

You can use Lomotif to add music, create video or photo collages/montages, and share to social media easily.

Lomotif Key Features:

  • Rearrange clips to create the best story
  • Import videos and photos from other platforms (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Add titles, emojis, and filters
  • Hyperlapse videos for a timelapse/fast-motion effect

Lomotif Pricing:

Lomotif is free, but you’ll have to pay $4.99 to remove watermarks.

8. Magisto

Magisto is a video creation and editing app by Vimeo

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