What drawing software does lavendertowne use

Want to know what drawing software I use? Believe it or not, there’s a variety of software programs available for artists. The choice you make should depend on your style. Or maybe you’re just beginning and don’t have a good idea about the variety of drawing programs that are out there.

Our drawing software of choice is Adobe Illustrator. We have found it to be the most intuitive and flexible solution for our needs, especially since the majority of our drawings are vectors.

We use Adobe Illustrator.


Super Steady Hand

Useful in putting on eyeliner or while doing emergency surgery

Artists need a steady hand for a lot of reasons, and fighting with shaky hands and being unable to draw the lines you want is something that most artists struggle with their entire lives. You might not have realized that while you’ve been working hard to make sure that your lines are smooth and exactly where you want them, you’ve trained your body to learn new skills.

Super Color Vision

Super Color Vision

Useful in distinguishing among the 30 shades of gray

Studying art can actually change your eyes! The more color names you learn, the easier it is to distinguish between different colors. The more names you have for colors the better you’re able to see them. Technically your eyesight is not actually improved, but the way your brain processes what you’re seeing is different because you have different words for them.

Esoteric SuperpowerEsoteric Superknowledge

Useful for introverts in party situations

If you studied art or took art history, you can come off as impressive, intelligent and cultured by talking about an artist whose name is not Picasso, van Gogh, da Vinci or Michelangelo (or basically any artist that doesn’t fall within the very small scope of what people know about.) It’s best if you have one glass that you can swish around and you’re dressed in formal attire, but you can do this in almost any situation where you need to seem like someone who’s very, very smart and cultured.

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About Haley (LavenderTowne)

Haley Newsome

Haley Newsome (LavenderTowne) writes and draws two comics, Unfamiliar (a story about some wee witches) and Disasterpiece (a comedy comic about her life at art school.) Haley uses a Wacom Cintiq 16, Intuos 4 and a Cintiq Companion 2 to create her art. She also has a popular Youtube channel called LavenderTowne and does lots of random art on the side. Haley says she loves making things and spends almost all of her free time working on her comics and Youtube channel, where she is committed to producing one drawing video every week.

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