What antivirus software is the best

If you’ve been searching for the best antivirus software on the market, you’re most likely confused with all the information out there. You probably feel like you don’t know enough to make a good decision. If searching for the best antivirus is you’re situation, then this article was written for you! It’s time to stop wondering about what antivirus software is going to be best for your situation. I’ll help walk you through what to look for and share my expert opinion on which is the best antivirus software overall.

Viruses and malicious software are downloaded every second with 72% of them targeting Microsoft Windows. But how can you know which antivirus software is the best? There are a lot of players out there with different technologies promising better protection for your computer, but who can you really trust?

The best antivirus software is the one that works for you.

There are many different kinds of antivirus software, and each one has its own pros and cons. Some are very simple to use and easy to install, but others require more advanced knowledge and skills in order to install them properly. There are also many different types of antivirus software available on the market today, including free, paid, and open source options.

When shopping around for an antivirus program, it’s important to consider what your needs are as well as which features you might need or not need in order to protect your computer(s). Do you want something that blocks viruses before they reach your computer or after they have already infected it? Do you have multiple devices that need protection? Will this program offer good parental controls?

The best antivirus software is the one that you can use to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and other malicious software.

The key to finding the best antivirus software is to consider how well it will work with your computer and what kinds of protection it offers. If you want to find out more about the different kinds of software available, check out our article on how to choose an antivirus program.

You may also want to consider whether or not you’ll need any additional features for your specific needs (such as parental controls or a firewall). If so, make sure that whatever product you choose has those features built in!

The best antivirus for 2022

1. Bitdefender - today's best antivirus software

1. Bitdefender – today’s best antivirus software
You may be more familiar with names such as Norton, McAfee and AVG – but Bitdefender has been the overall best antivirus available for a few years now. It combines watertight security tools with an array of other excellent security features. It’s also really easy to use and, best of all, offers extremely good value for money.

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2. Norton - great protection with useful features

2. Norton – great protection with useful features
It’s a name almost synonymous with the word ‘antivirus’, and Norton didn’t disappoint when it came to our testing. As well as the kind of malware prevention you’d expect, the extra features packaged in really add value, too.


Avast One

3. Trend Micro – really strong antivirus protection
Less bothered about a long list of features and more concerned about buying an antivirus plan that strikes fear into trojan horses, ransomware and other viruses? Then Trend Micro scores among the very best when it comes to independent testing labs.


Scroll through the options below and you’ll discover how the likes of Avast, Avira and Sophos rank. And there’s even a highest-ever placement in our chart for Microsoft’s very own free Defender virus protection.

Indeed, if it’s free antivirus that you’re after, we have some top recommendations for you, too (as well as some top business packages). But considering some of the best antivirus providers out there cost less than $10 / £10 / AU$20 per year, we’d still recommend playing it safe and paying for protection as you head into 2022.

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