WordPress Form Plugin With File Upload

Looking for the best file upload plugin for WordPress?

Accepting file uploads is a great way to get attachments like PDFs, spreadsheets, images, and signed documents.

We’re going to list the best file upload plugins in this post, along with some handy tips on accepting files from visitors.

WordPress Form Plugin With File Upload

  1. WPForms
    WPForms is a popular WordPress form plugin used by thousands of sites to collect visitor information. With its intuitive drag-and-drop building method, you can easily add a submission field for file uploads to your form. It allows for common file types and restricts file types for security reasons — to remove these limits, see the File Upload Types plugin below. It also imposes a file size limit determined by your host, or you can set a smaller size limit yourself.

You can view uploaded files from your WordPress dashboard, or route file uploads to your media library under the plugin’s advanced settings. This plugin’s flexibility and simplicity make it ideal for new site owners who want to get forms up and running quickly.

What we like: For many WordPress users, WPForms is the go-to forms plugin. It includes all the functionality you’ll need in your form, including file uploads. That way, you don’t need to install multiple plugins for different kinds of forms. It’s all included here.

Pricing: WPForms is available as a free version. There are also four paid plans: Basic ($79 per year), Plus ($199 per year), Pro ($399 per year), and Elite ($599 per year). File uploads are available starting in the Basic version.

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  1. Gravity Forms
    Gravity Forms is another powerful WordPress form plugin for lead capture, feedback, and support forms. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder tool to assemble your website forms, and over 30 custom fields to gather nearly any type of data you want. Among these fields is the upload field, which allows users to submit file attachments like photos and text documents.

The upload field can accept single or multiple file uploads, and you can specify which file extensions your form accepts as well as the maximum file size per upload. Gravity Forms automatically stores user submissions on your server, and all uploads can be viewed inside your WordPress dashboard.

Of course, Gravity Forms isn’t just for file uploading — it’s a fully-featured builder for all your site’s forms. To learn more about what this plugin can do and how to use it, see our Ultimate Guide To Using Gravity Forms in WordPress.

What we like: Like WPForms, Gravity Forms is an all-purpose form building that’s intuitive to use and popular among admins, However, you might prefer this option over WP forms for its pricing.

Pricing: Gravity Forms is available on three tiers: Basic ($59 per year), Pro ($159 per year), and Elite ($259 per year).

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  1. File Upload Types by WPForms
    By default, the WPForms plugin restricts the file types visitors can complete file uploads to WordPress through a form. File Upload Types is a free plugin that lifts these restrictions and lets you set additional permitted file formats, such as ZIP, XML, and SVG.

File Upload Types by WPForms is completely free to use and built by the same reputable team as WPForms, so you don’t need to worry about security compromises if you install this plugin, nor should you experience performance issues. Yes, it’s a bit annoying that you need to install one more plugin for this specific purpose, but it’s a small tradeoff for the quality you get with a plugin like WPForms.

What we like: This free and handy add-on plugin extends the capabilities of WPForms to accept additional file times. It probably comes most in handy for ZIP files, if users need to upload particularly large, compressed files to your website.

Pricing: File Upload Types by WPForms is free.

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  1. Forminator
    Forminator is a form builder plugin from WPMU DEV for easily deploying any type of form, be it contact, payment, email, feedback registration, or file upload. The upload field of Forminator’s forms allows for single and multiple files, and it lets you set limits on file types, number of files, and file sizes. For your visitors, uploading a file is as simple as dragging and dropping it onto the page.

Beyond its WordPress file uploads, Forminator has robust integrations with popular CRMs and payment processors if you want to use the tool for your checkout process. There’s even the option to add a poll or a quiz to your site to increase engagement.

What we like: Forminator is a cheaper WordPress form builder alternative that allows for simple file uploads. If you’re looking for a very capable plugin that doesn’t overwhelm with features, start by giving the free version a try.

Pricing: Forminator is available as a basic free version. For full functionality, you can subscribe to a WPMU DEV membership (starting at $15.83 per month) for access to all premium WPMU DEV plugins, including Forminator Pro.

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  1. WordPress File Upload
    For a file upload tool that isn’t a general form plugin, you can try the WordPress File Upload plugin. Aptly named, this plugin allows visitors to upload files from the front end of your website. It provides a shortcode for a file upload field which you can place just about anywhere on the page, and also offers a sidebar widget for the same purpose. Once a file is uploaded, you can view it in your WordPress dashboard.

While simple to use, this plugin packs many handy additional features. To collect more information from visitors, there’s the option to add additional fields like email, dropdowns, and checkboxes. You can also turn on email notifications whenever a file is submitted and set the destination folder of uploaded files. The plugin can even redirect users to a new page after the upload is complete.

These features all come with the free version of the plugin. For unlimited file size uploads, a dedicated Gutenberg block, multiple file uploads, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to visually customize the field display, purchase WordPress File Upload Pro.

What we like: WordPress File Upload offers generous functionality for being a free plugin, with some extra perks not seen in other tools (e.g., automatic redirection). It may not have the download count of some multipurpose form plugins, but it does its job well.

Pricing: WordPress File Upload is available as a free version and a premium version for €20 (around $25).

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