Multi Language Translator Plugin For WordPress

The WordPress Translator plugin makes it possible to translate your WordPress blog posts into different languages. Translating blog posts is one of the best ways to increase your content views and traffic. If you need to translate your WordPress blog posts, then the Multi Language Translator plugin is a must-have for you!

If you want to offer informative articles in multiple languages, then you need a good translation plugin installed on your WordPress site. Most professional sites have this and it is one of the most important features that any website owner should invest in if you’re serious about creating, maintaining and improving a strong presence online. I’ve searched over the web, installed many plugins before I finally came across one that stood out from the rest. It is called WPML: Premium WordPress Plugin, Plugin for Translation and Localization (

Multi Language Translator Plugin For WordPress

Choosing a Translation Plugin to Create Multilingual WordPress Websites

Most beginners don’t know that you can install WordPress in your own language and use it to make websites in any language.

With the help of plugins, you can create bilingual or multilingual websites. You can even allow your users to translate content using Google Translate.

While many translation plugins are available for WordPress, they can be characterized into two main categories.

  • WordPress multilingual plugins
  • Automated WordPress translation plugins

The multilingual plugins allow you to manually add multilingual content to your website. The main benefit of these plugins is the quality of your translations will be significantly better than any machine-generated online translation tools.

The second type of WordPress translation plugins uses online translation services to translate your content. These plugins don’t require you to write content in multiple languages, but the quality of translations is not as good as it can be.

That being said, let’s look at the best WordPress multilingual plugins and automated translation plugins.

1. Weglot

Price: Free, multiple tiered pricing plans starting at $120/year

With more than 100 translation languages available, Weglot Translate is a lightweight plugin that offers automatic translations and access to professional translators if needed. You’re able to manage translated content from a single dashboard, and it includes the ability to make edits. The best part? It can even handle your WooCommerce product pages and checkout workflow.

Compatible with virtually any website technology and with more than 50,000 businesses using the plugin, there’s a lot to like about Weglot. The free trial offers 1 language and 2,000 words so you can see for yourself how the plugin words — plans then range from 10,000 to 1,000,000 words per year and up to 10 translated languages.

Weglot translation plugin Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Sites

2. Lokalise

Price: Free trial, Tiered pricing plans starting at $230 per month

Lokalise is an all-in-one toolkit to manage your translation process. Assign tasks and chat with your team. Get machine translations to keep costs under control and access to language vendors if needed. With one shared space, you can work together with all the visibility and context you need to manage the translation process.

With 50+ integrations, Lokalise fits perfectly into your existing workflows, allowing for maximum automation. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 3.02.42 PM3. Polylang

Price: Free

Polylang is a free WordPress self-translation language plugin where you choose your preferred option from your profile and automatically download the corresponding language pack. It adds a widget in the nav menu for switching between languages, and it has the ability to separate versions of your site onto subdomains for each language.

This open-source plugin supports as many languages as your site requires and also supports custom taxonomies, sticky posts and RSS feeds. It can also be combined with the next plugin on our list, Lingotek Translation, to enable automatic language translation. 

polylang multilingual plugin


Price: Tiered pricing plans starting at $39 per year

WPML is one of the most popular multilingual plugins and runs on over one million sites worldwide. With the plugin, you can translate your site into 65 pre-registered languages – no programming required.

Using WPML’s Translate Some mode, you can translate your posts, pages, taxonomies, menus, and more to take full advantage of the Advanced Translation Editor. This editor comes packed with features like a spell checker, glossary, translation memory, and automatic translation. If you’re short on time, you can opt for the Translate Everything mode, which will automatically translate your site’s content as you add or edit it. 

WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, provides full user support, and has a comprehensive knowledge base. 

wpml multilingual plugin for wordpress

5. Lingotek Translation

Price: Not listed online — call or email for sales pricing

With Lingotek Translation, you have three choices for translating your content:

  • Machine Translation – Uses the Microsoft Translation tool to generate content in your desired language and is free for the first 100,000 characters.
  • Community Translation – Translations have to be self-made via the text editor built into the plugin’s workbench.
  • Professional Translation – Requires you to invest some money and hire Lingotek’s experienced personnel to take care of the job.

This flexibility makes it a great option for those who want to start simple but grow into more complex language implementations. Leveraging a cloud-based translation and localization process makes it possible for Lingotek to quickly and accurately translate your content with help from more than 5,000 in-country translators, and the plugin works alongside Polylang to help make your site truly multilingual.

Worth noting? The plugin doesn’t list any of its pricing online — you’ll need to contact the company via phone or email to discuss pricing options.

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