Small Plumbing Business Software

Small plumbing businesses need to do more than just repair and install pipes, they also have to manage a lot of different types of information. Thankfully, there are some great software options available to help make running your small business easier. Here’s a look at some of the most popular software systems available for new and small plumbing businesses.

In this post, we review the aspects of Small Plumbing Business Software, software for plumbers and electricians, invoicing software for plumbers, and How do I drum my plumbing business?

Small Plumbing Business Software

If you own a small plumbing business, it can be hard to keep track of all the information that’s involved in running your business. There are many moving parts to consider when running a plumbing company, especially if it’s only you or just a few people working for you. Luckily for you, there are some great software options that will help make managing your small plumbing company easier than ever before!


Plumbers are a good example of small business owners who need to manage their finances, track their time, and keep up with customer information. There are many software solutions for small plumbing businesses.


Electricians are a vital part of any building project. They can help you with all your electrical needs, including lighting and power, heating, cooling, ventilation and security systems.

Electricians are skilled in the area of electricity and electronics. They also have specialized knowledge about how to fix or troubleshoot electrical problems in homes or businesses.

If you’re looking for an electrician then consider using one that has been certified by the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC). This will show that they are qualified to work safely with both people and equipment during their job duties as well as provide quality service for customers who hire them for their services.

software for plumbers and electricians

Who Gets the Most Benefit From Using Plumbing Software?

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo operation, a small office, or part of a large organization. You can ensure that your business is operating in full efficiency by using plumbing software. If you’re a smaller company, an all-in-one solution can make you look like the bigger outfits in the competition and give your customers the same level of professional experience. If you’re a larger company, plumbing software allows you to know your numbers accurately and show your customers you have top-quality processes behind you.

20 Best Plumbing Software for Comparing

Here is our list of 20 of the best plumbing software solutions in 2020 for comparison.

1. Service Fusion

Description: Service Fusion is an all-in-one, cloud-based field service management software. It caters to service contractors and businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Service Fusion offers field service management, VoIP phone solutions, GPS fleet tracking, credit card processing and mobile applications within a suite.

Primary features include: Customer management, estimate & job creation, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing & online payments, inventory management, time tracking, field/mobile app, customer email broadcast, and more.

Pricing: Free Trial, Starter ($99.00/month), Plus ($199/month) and Pro ($349/month), Unlimited users for all plans

Platforms:  Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

2. Jobber

Description: Jobber is a cloud-based field service management software solution that allows small- and mid-size service businesses to manage field staff, provide customer support, and expand business operations either through a mobile app or a desktop dashboard.

Primary features include: Provides interchangeable tools such as an integrated CRM, real-time scheduling and dispatching, expense tracking, invoice creation and billing, online booking, a self-service client hub, quoting, client reminders, automatic emails and many more.

Pricing: Free Trial, Core Plan (1 user / Annual – $29/month, Monthly – $39/month), Connect (up to 7 users / Annual – $99/month, Monthly – $129/month, Grow (up to 30 users / Annual – $199/month, Monthly – $249/month)

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

3. ServiceTitan

Description: ServiceTitan for HVAC, plumbing and electrical home service businesses is a cloud-based field management platform that offers scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, and more. The platform offers marketing ROI and conversion tracking capabilities, which links every service request call to its eventual sale or missed opportunity. A mobile solution for field workers allows them to offer visual sales presentations in the field and process invoices and credit cards instantly. Other features include custom reporting, call recording, text messaging and dashboard. The system is deployable on multiple platforms, including Mac and Windows.

Primary features include: Scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, sales, custom reporting, call recording, text messaging and dashboard.

Pricing: Pricing varies. Must speak with a representative to get quotes.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

4. Housecall Pro

Description: Housecall Pro is the all-in-one solution for plumbing businesses. The software is easy to learn for both owners and operators, no training is necessary. Compared to other plumbing software in the market, Housecall Pro offers more competitive pricing options and a comprehensive list of features. The software is used by both smaller and larger plumbing companies. You have the freedom to choose a plan based on the features your company needs. Currently, more than 15,000 home service companies use Housecall Pro to streamline their day to day business. 

Primary features include: Job scheduling with GPS tracking, dispatching, payment processing, estimates, automated receipts and invoices, real-time customer notifications, text message capabilities, automated postcards and email marketing automation.

Pricing: Free trial (14 days), Start (1 user) $49/month, Grow (5 users) $109/month, XL (enterprise solution) pricing varies

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud/SaaS/Web)

5. FieldEdge

Description: FieldEdge by dESCO is a cloud-based field service management solution for home service contractors in fields including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more. The field service software allows companies to manage business operations remotely with features including customer service, scheduling and dispatch, invoicing, service agreement creation, customer history tracking, customized reports and analytics and more. Users can manage payments and send invoices. QuickBooks integration is included, and you can create mobile customer service agreements to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Primary features include: Customer service, scheduling and dispatch, invoicing, service agreement creation, customer history tracking, customized reports and analytics, and manage payments from the field.

Pricing: Must schedule a demo for pricing information.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

6. simPro

Description: simPRO was created by trade contractors, for trade contractors. If your business struggles with quoting multi-stage projects, managing inventory, communicating with technicians, or any other areas of your workflow, simPRO provides a streamlined platform to address your pressing challenges all while helping you increase productivity and profits. It manages simple or complex plumbing workflows and helps with inventory management and quoting jobs. Training is available upon request.

Primary features include: Invoicing, electronic signature, inventory management, online time clock, mobile access, quotes and estimates

Pricing: Must speak with representative for pricing.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

7. ServiceM8

Description: ServiceM8 manages maintenance schedules, invoicing, estimates, safety reports and more. The software is designed for plumbing companies with less than 30 employees and it integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero.

Primary features include: Billing and invoicing, dispatching, routing, quotes and estimates, and scheduling

Platforms: iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

Pricing: Free Trial, Starting at $29/month (Includes 20+ add-ons, free accounting integration, unlimited users, unlimited storage and 24/7 support)

8. RazorSync

Description: RazorSync is a mobile app that is designed for service industries including plumbing. You also have access to common plumbing software features such as online booking and employee dispatching. 

Primary features include: Mobile access, quotes and estimates, scheduling, service history tracking, work order management

Pricing: Free Trial, Solo (Up to 2 users, $45/month/paid monthly, $40/month/paid annually), Team (up to 7 users, $135/month/paid annually. $115/month/paid monthly, Pro (Up to 15 users, $280/month/paid monthly, $240/month/paid monthly), Enterprise (Unlimited users, Activation fee – $800, $725/month/paid monthly, $630/month/paid annually)

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS and Web)

9. mHelpDesk

Description: mHelpDesk offers a management solution for small to medium-sized plumbing businesses. With this tool, you can automate your payments, accept electronic signatures and plan your plumbing routes.

Primary features include: Quotes and estimates, billing and invoice, electronic signature, online time clock, work order management

Pricing: Starts at $169/month (Price varies. Must set up a demo to get exact pricing.)

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Cloud, SaaS, Web)

10. FastPIPE

Description: FastPIPE is a customizable software solution for plumbing businesses. Their popular features include estimating , pricing, products and labor calculations. Interestingly, the tool also offers online training, program upgrades and customer support.

Primary features include: Change orders, fitting management, cost database, commercial and industrial, quotes and proposals

Pricing: Leasing option – $225/month; $4,995/one-time/user

Platforms: Desktop (Cloud, SaaS, Web)

invoicing software for plumbers

Created for plumbers, FieldEdge software is here to help you streamline operations and take on new customers. Our software for plumbing jobs will empower your plumbers in the field to ramp up efficiency, generate bigger tickets, and provide great customer service.

Everything Available At Your Fingertips Why Choose FieldEdge Plumbing Software?

Grow Revenue

FieldEdge fully equips your plumbing business to take on more clients and gives your team the ability to easily sell service agreements and take payment right from the field.

Streamline Operations

Ready to add the automations that will make your operations run even more efficiently? FieldEdge plumbing service software automates a ton of work for you, giving you back 10+ hours every week!

Keep Customers Happy

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by keeping your current customers happy. FieldEdge has the plumbing software tools to help you make that happen with automated reminders, easily-accessible customer history notes, and more!

Plumbing Management Software Features

Plumbing Dispatch Software

Our plumbing company scheduling software ensures that sending your plumbers to a job is easy. The dynamic dispatch board allows you to assign the right plumber for each job based on their skills and distance from the job.

Dispatchers can simply drag-and-drop unassigned work orders to specific plumbers, and they are now assigned to that work order. Added bonus? Statuses give your dispatchers insight into what your plumbers are doing – pending, traveling, working, etc.

QuickBooks Plumbing Software

Always see your plumbing financials accurately reflected in real-time. Our plumbing management software integrates with QuickBooks, allowing information between QuickBooks and FieldEdge to automatically sync between the two platforms. No more double entry and no more batch syncing – every transaction made in either the field or the office shows up in both FieldEdge and QuickBooks!

Customer Management

With FieldEdge, plumbers are equipped with customer management tools so that all the information you need can be accessed quickly. You can view work order histories, invoices, quotes, memberships, track parts and so more for each and every customer in your database. Our plumbing service software helps understand each customer’s history and provides tailored, high-quality customer service to each one of them.

Plumbing Invoicing Software

When you use FieldEdge as your plumbing invoicing software, you can easily go paperless and streamline the invoicing process. Plumbers can quickly update invoices while out in the field and send them to customers via email or print invoices on the spot with a mobile printer.

Our integrated payments solution also gives customers the option of paying upfront so your plumbers can collect payments once a job is complete.

Plumber Mobile App

The FieldEdge mobile app for plumbers makes it easy to access all the necessary information in the field. Your plumbers can personalize their services based on the customer’s individual histories. Use custom forms, add notes, update work orders, and more to always provide white-glove service to your customers and create a positive reputation for your plumbing company.

Less Hassle, More Control

Ready to try the ultimate field service software? Schedule a demo with one of our experts today.

Interactive Demo Video

Check out our exciting features by pressing play and clicking on the features you want to learn about!

From the first day of using FieldEdge, we saw huge returns on investment.

A product that provides immediate return on investment and a team at FieldEdge that goes beyond what’s required of them, building true partnerships & long-term success for their clients. Easily the fastest thing one could implement today to take their company to the next level of efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

I cannot say enough about the software FieldEdge has created or more importantly the team they have assembled.

From the first day of using FieldEdge, we saw huge returns on investment. The process of getting service work from first call, to technician workorder, to payment became more efficient than we thought possible, and the overall organization & dispersal of customer information has increased our effectiveness/accuracy.

The advantages of FieldEdge do not stop at their awesome products though. We know our team at FieldEdge by name from how closely they work with us. They regularly are checking in and are prompt in response when we have need of them. Further I have had them go well beyond their scope of work to promote our company’s success on multiple occasions. Their team has stated to me multiple times, the more successful they can make us and our company, the more work we will be able to accomplish, and the more we will all ultimately win.

FieldEdge is the real deal and I would purchase their product infinite times over!

They constantly come out with great updates and really go above and beyond to listen to their clients.

FieldEdge has been a game changer for our service business! We moved from formally Deacon or server based software so FieldEdge was a big change for us in the best way. We can now access all of our records, reports, customer info, and etc. from anywhere on any device! They constantly come out with great updates and really go above and beyond to listen to their clients and produce updates that make the interaction with FieldEdge more innovative often. Their customer service is fantastic. We have a great success manager. We can call anytime and get support or training on any of the great features they have. Everyone should be using FieldEdge! We have seen amazing progress within our business since we started using their product.

FieldEdge truly has impacted our entire team & continues to engage us in significant ways, thereby creating more profitability.

When reflecting on our 1st year with FieldEdge, it is apparent our productivity, efficiency, customer service & branding has improved. Joining FieldEdge truly has impacted our entire team & continues to engage us in significant ways, thereby creating more profitability. Kiley & Sons, Inc is constantly impressed with the customer service everyone provides to us at FieldEdge which, has built a relationship with our return on investment that is truly invaluable.

The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!

The biggest value to our company is efficiency – with the mechanics invoicing using mobile we can upload the invoice, take payment and book return calls before he has even pulled out of the driveway. If a customer calls and asks for a copy of an invoice or a statement of their account, we can email with one click. The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!

How do I drum my plumbing business?

The sales pipeline for plumbing companies tends to get clogged pretty regularly due to unique industry challenges. Finding quality leads, keeping up with seasonal staffing needs, and standing apart from competitors is a tricky formula that requires a delicate approach.

One false move can gum up the works. Jiggling the handle doesn’t work when it comes to securing exclusive plumbing leads or creating effective marketing strategies for plumbing companies. In today’s digital-first world, you need to do more than list your name in the Yellow Pages. You need to meet customers where they are and provide compelling reasons to choose you over everyone else.

Using sound digital marketing strategies can help you flush the competition and get more customers. Securing quality leads in your area isn’t as challenging as you may think. With the right media mix, including social media and advertising, your business volume will increase right alongside affinity for your brand.

Digital Marketing for Plumbers

The most successful professionals and companies are those who stay in their lane. You might not understand the nuances of 21st-century digital marketing, and that’s perfectly OK. It’s an industry that’s ever changing, and competition is cutthroat. Those who have made it a career spend most of their time sharpening their craft and studying up on the latest news and techniques.

CMG Local Solutions doesn’t know how to handle a plumbing emergency; it’s not a skill or strength of ours. But we do know marketing, just as you know plumbing. The beauty of a partnership is the combined expertise we give each other. Together, we can make the most of our individual talents and achieve real results for your business.

Are you ready to secure commercial plumbing leads with proven lead generation strategies? Here are four ways to use digital marketing to expand your marketing reach and convert leads into life-long customers.

1. Build a better website.

In addition to drain snakes and pipe wrenches, a well-designed website is one of the best tools at a plumber’s disposal. Nowadays, everyone does virtually everything online: shopping for new faucets, watching DIY toilet installation videos, and yes, researching the best local plumbers when pipes get backed up or start leaking.

Your digital footprint is often your introduction to interested customers, so you’ll want to make sure the company homepage has all the necessary pieces to inspire a service call: informative content, a detailed list of specialties, and multiple ways to get in touch. The easier your site is to navigate and understand, the easier it’ll be for visitors to turn into bonafide leads.

2. Whip up some compelling content.

The content-creation process can be difficult. Some companies drum up a few intriguing blog post ideas and jump in full bore, only to realize that a regular cadence of interesting, informative content takes a serious long-term strategy. Have you ever visited a company blog that had regular posts for six weeks but ended abruptly six months ago? That’s a tell-tale sign of a shoddy marketing plan.

You’ll want to have a vision (and a road map) in place — up to a year of preplanned content ideas that hit specific seasonal pain points and speak to your deep knowledge and expertise. Teaming up with an industry-leading partner is the most cost-effective way to accomplish this goal and gain exclusive plumbing leads with your content.

3. Invest in SEO.

As previously mentioned, your customer base makes the majority of its purchasing decisions online, be it researching different options or clicking the “buy now” button on any number of websites. How do they find you amid the slew of competitors? SEO is the answer. You’ll want a mobile-friendly and quick-loading website, and you’ll want to prioritize keyword targeting for organic searches. Sound complicated? It can be. To avoid being overwhelmed, partnering with an SEO expert is a worthwhile decision.

4. Nurture an email list for exclusive plumbing leads.

When people find your webpage (thanks to a robust SEO strategy) and interact with your business (thanks to a dynamic website and regular content), you’ll want to continue developing that relationship by gathering contact information and setting up a system to send them content rather than relying strictly on them coming to you.

With an email address in hand, you can place them into what’s called a drip campaign (the only good type of drip for plumbing businesses). A drip campaign is a coordinated series of outbound communications that touches potential customers at a particular cadence to keep your business top of mind and spur action. Email marketing has been shown to pull in $44 for every dollar spent, so it’s an important marketing strategy for plumbing companies.

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