Small Farm Management Software Free

Small Farm Management Software Free

Looking for a free small farm management software? Thankfully, you’ve landed in the right place!

Small Farm Management Software Free – See our favorite software for small and large farms.  We’ve searched the internet for free software to help you manage your farm or lawn care business. All our top picks are free!

Do you keep small farm records on Excel or in a spreadsheet? It’s time to try out free small farm management software for private farmers, orchards and vinyards.

If you run a small farm, organizing your information can be time-consuming. It’s very easy to clutter up the worksheets in your farm book with capital maintenance costs and other information that doesn’t belong there. There are many packages of ag management software available for purchase but they can be quite expensive with high yearly license fees. You really have no need to buy expensive ag management software when there is freeware available that will do the job just as well.

I have been a user of [NAME OF PLATFORM] since I started my farm in 2010. I love the fact that it allows me to keep track of livestock and facilities from my computer, phone, or iPad. It’s very easy to use and allows me to work with my accountant with ease. I never thought I would be able to do all of this until I found [NAME OF PLATFORM]. Thank you for providing such an excellent product!

You’ve managed to get yourself a small, diverse and healthy-sized farm. And that’s great! As is the case with any farming setup, you’re going to have to remember one thing: The saying of all farmers that have ever managed to operate a farm: “There’s money in the crops – and then there’s blood.”

10 Farm Management Software For Your Agricultural Land

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With the rapid increase in technology, farming has evolved to be more advanced than it ever was. Nowadays, farmers consider farming as a part of the business which produces food for consumption purposes.

Like any other business, software developers have come up with several farm management software that assists the farmers in monitoring all the aspects of farming, be it harvesting and selling and getting better yields without much hassle. These tools wonderfully optimize farming-related activities and enable you to record and access all the farming data in one place.

To help you choose a farm management software that can improve your efficiency and boost the productivity of your farm, we have put together the most popular farm management software in the form of a list.

Some of this software is specially designed to meet the requirements of a specialized farming type. Hence it is advised to carefully understand the features of the software before choosing one.


Tend offers a complete Farm Management solution responsible for planning, keeping the records, managing the day-to-day operations, and tracking the sales. The software successfully brings your farm business online. It provides an integrated platform where you can plan all the farming-related processes such as harvesting, recording the sales, managing the tasks, and selling the harvest.

Tend offers the following features to its users:

  • Crop Planning with task management feature to eliminate record-keeping overhead.
  • The Tasks module enables you to manage all the important tasks in one place, minimizing the chances of forgetting them.
  • The online stores allow you to sell directly to your customers.
  • Offer Sheets allow you to design a catalog for your crops that also contains pricing and availability.

Tend is especially useful for small to medium-sized diversified farms, and you can access it from any device, iOS, Android, or Desktop. It boasts of being the first software that contains the tools necessary for growing and selling crops, along with the advanced data analytics feature.


Agrivi is a sophisticated farm managing software assisting the farmers in planning and monitoring all the farm-related activities. Thanks to its extensive set of features, Agrivi is helping farmers of more than 150 countries improve their farming skills. This cloud-based software monitors all field activities, finance, inventory, and workforce apart from giving an insight into the overall farming performance.

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Backed up by a powerful knowledge base, the automated pest and disease detection system alerts the farmers to take protective actions if there is a risk of pest infection or disease. Agiri provides an accurate 7-day weather forecast along with the 3-year history for each field.

Agrivi also enables you to keep all the financial records and documents in one place, and its in-built date alarms ensure you never miss making or receiving any payment. You can track sales, expenses, and capital investments for each production cycle and even import all data in PDF, Excel, and Word formats.


The FarmLogic System is a farm record-keeping software that empowers the farmers to manage crop-related records, perform operations efficiently and make better decisions. The software streamlines all the farm-related processes from everything you need to when you need it. The software includes cutting-edge tools which are highly intuitive and offer ease of use.

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FarmLogic enables you to record all the data, thus assisting you in making informed decisions and improving your long-term efficiency without impacting the environment badly. All the farming-related activities and information can be readily accessed via a tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer.

The FarmLogic Web Headquarters forms the backbone of the FarmLogic System. It consists of features like My Lists, GIS map drawing, and others and can be considered a storehouse of records and information. Likewise, its mobile application known as FarmPAD brings all the features under your fingertips and even allows you to work in offline mode.


CropTracker is an award-winning farm management software for farmers dealing with fruit and vegetables. The software aims to boost crop production and generate better profit efficiently and safely. Launched in 2006, the software assists farmers, packers, organizations, and associations in maintaining accurate records, collaborating with the team members, and optimizing business operations.

As the name suggests, you can use CropTracker to track all the components and aspects of your farm, be it harvests, packing materials, storage, shipping details, team members, pesticides, etc.

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The primary features of the software are as follows:

  • Spray records
  • Packhouse systems
  • Harvest and production practice tracking
  • Powerful labor and cost tracking tools
  • Innovative technology integration

Its extensive reporting module contains over 50 reporting templates that help you perform flawless audits, analyze all the operations and resolve the hurdles quickly. CropTracker ensures you spend less time managing records and give more attention to your farms.


FarmBrite is a full-fledged cloud-based farm management software that offers tools required to manage all the farm-related operations and assists modern farmers and ranchers in planning and optimizing production, tracking finances, and managing the customers. You can also use its mobile apps for iOS and Android, which facilitate data management on the go.

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FarmBrite offers several operational tools, such as a built-in calendar, to-do lists, estimating, reporting, and activity tracking, which assists the farmers in organizing, optimizing, and managing their business. The software also consists of several industry-specific tools required by specific industries, such as livestock management, crop growing, and many others.

Livestock management is possible using various tools specialized for tracking, planning, breeding, grazing, and more. Likewise, farmers interested in growing crops use the software to record the harvesting details, track the nutrients, estimate orders, raw materials, and others.


AgWorld boasts of being the first Collaborative Farming Solution in the world that empowers the farmers, crop consultants, farm staff, precision specialists, and operation managers to work together as a single entity. Its document management module, data capture tools, farm maps, a library of labels, and communication tools effectively improve the workflow and production efficiency of the farming organization.

This straightforward and initiative software allows you to forecast inputs, create plans, give recommendations, and set client budgets without any guesswork.

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The user-friendly interface makes farm scouting quick and uncomplicated, from setup to reporting. Options like tap, slide, pick or type enable users to customize the collection methods according to the preferred scouting projects.

AgWorld also provides a writing tool, and you can also use templates to note down activities, whether in the office or out in the field. AgWorld also gives an option to store the data in real-time and later create reports and export them as Excel files for analysis.


Conservis is one of the most vouched agronomic operations which helps convert the business data into actionable insights. The farm management software by Conservis delivers in-depth insights required to perform complex agricultural operations with precise control and no human error.

This enterprise-class tool, coupled with personalized guidance, ensures your farming business runs smoothly, whether it is planning or crop harvest action. Conservis successfully disentangles complex operations and assists the farmers put executing their plans into actions.

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This cloud-based agriculture software provides expert-level guidance and insights to the users needed to manage the entire process with transparency and confidence. The Conservis Harvest helps schedule, track and manage the resources during the harvesting period of the year so that the farmers spend less time on managing the data and resolving the issues. The software also assists you in planning and budgeting phases leading to more profitable crop harvesting.


A widely used enterprise farm management suite, Granular allows effective collaboration between the field to the office, facilitating more productive farming. The software enables the farm owners and managers to monitor and execute all aspects of farming-related operations, helping them make informed decisions at each field level.

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The app for Android and iOS devices allows the farm administrators to schedule and assign tasks to the on-site workers, who can easily collaborate on the work from any place they currently are. Granular ensure that the stakeholders are well informed about the farming operations, and its comprehensive reporting suite allows the admins to generate custom reports in a few clicks.

A notable feature of Granular is the AcreValue Pro, which empowers the farmers to determine land expansion opportunities. An intuitive and straightforward software, Granular offers advanced tools and features that benefit business owners by allowing them to review the profits made on the crop and fields.


Trimble is an innovative software that collaborates with farmers, crop advisors, agriculture retailers, and food companies to transform farming operations. Software skillfully allows automation of critical workflows saving your precious time, minimizing human errors, and empowering you to make smart decisions.

Available as a powerful and easy-to-use desktop, cloud, and mobile software, Trimble effectively brings all the farming-related operations on a single platform.

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The software also provides effective measures to address the technical challenges that you may come across in the agricultural supply chain so that you can set up a reliable food supply that is both not only profitable but also environmentally sustainable.

Its Mobile app allows you to track the field records and implement profitable agriculture practices and allows simple and efficient measurement of ROI. The software also assists you in calculating the cost per unit of production during the growing season and facilitates report generation based on this data.


AgriWebb offers a robust tool that offers ease of use and covers all enterprises. With its simple farm management tool, AgriWebb has vowed to evolve cattle and sheep production by delivering profit and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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AgriWebb’s primary focus is on livestock farmers, and after emerging as the market leader in Australia, it is progressively expanding its horizons in the global markets. The mobile app also supports the full offline functionality that simplifies record-keeping, providing an effective and simple technique to collect and analyze data. Its one-touch syncing capability allows you to sync the details with the cloud account, allowing instant farm report creation.

The software also offers an advanced biosecurity function that helps users record and monitor every activity on the farm that causes the risk of animal diseases. Overall, the AgriWebb Portal is a comprehensive tool to generate reports to support audit requirements and make performance-based decisions.

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