small business marketing for dummies


Small Business Marketing For Dummies helps you promote your business. It is designed specifically for the busy small business owner, giving you simple but powerful ways to spread your message – all at little or no cost.  It shows you how to build your company’s profile, attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Create an achievable marketing plan
  • Use social media and the web to attract and keep customers
  • Communicate with your customers through winning emails, newsletters, blogs and more
  • Make use of affordable advertising solutions in print and other media
  • Get great PR for your business


Paul Lancaster is a small business expert, consultant and inbound marketing specialist based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Having previously held web and marketing roles for Sage, British Airways, BT and Shell LiveWIRE, Paul is an active supporter of youth entrepreneurship and start-up programmes throughout the UK.


Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started with Small Business Marketing  9

Chapter 1: Framing the Marketing Process 11

Chapter 2: All About Customers 21

Chapter 3: Seeing Your Product through Your Customers’ Eyes 35

Chapter 4: Sizing Up Competitors and Staking Out Market Share 53

Chapter 5: Setting Your Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Budgets 63

Part II: Laying the Foundation for Marketing Success  75

Chapter 6: Taking Stock of Your Business Image 77

Chapter 7: Forging Your Brand 91

Chapter 8: Creating Marketing Communications That Work 107

Chapter 9: Hiring Help When You Need It 125

Part III: Marketing in a Screen-Connected World  139

Chapter 10: Establishing an Online Presence 141

Chapter 11: Getting Interactive with Social Media 159

Chapter 12: Packaging Your Message for Blogs and Other Online Channels 179

Part IV: Getting the Word Out with Ads, Mailers, Promotions and Publicity  193

Chapter 13: Creating and Placing Print and Outdoor Ads 195

Chapter 14: Broadcasting Your Message on Radio, TV and Online 215

Chapter 15: Snail-Mailing and Emailing Your Customers Directly 229

Chapter 16: Brochures, Promotions, Trade Shows and More 247

Chapter 17: Public Relations and Publicity 265

Part V: Winning and Keeping Customers  281

Chapter 18: Making Impressions through Networking and Presentations 283

Chapter 19: Making the Sale 293

Chapter 20: Enhancing Customer Service and Developing Loyalty 305

Part VI: The Part of Tens  321

Chapter 21: Ten Questions to Answer before Choosing a Business Name 323

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Attract People to Your Business Online 329

Chapter 23: Ten Steps to a Great Marketing Plan 335

Index  341


Form 2-1 Customer Profile TemplateDownload
Form 2-2 Market Segmentation AnalysisDownload
Form 2-3 Channel Distribution AnalysisDownload
Form 3-1 Product Line AnalysisDownload
Form 4-1 Competitive Intelligence WorksheetDownload
Form 5-1 Statement of Purpose WorksheetDownload
Form 5-2 Goals and Objectives WorksheetDownload
Form 5-3 Strategy-Setting WorksheetDownload
Form 6-1 Impression Inventory and AuditDownload
Form 7-1 Do You Have the Makings for a Powerful Brand?Download
Form 7-2 Six Brand-Management StepsDownload
Form 7-3 Test Your Tagline I.Q.Download
Form 8-1 Creative BriefDownload
Form 9-1 Agency Selection ChecklistDownload
Form 9-2 Website Designer Selection ChecklistDownload
Form 9-3 Planning Your Website WorksheetDownload
Form 10-1 Support Site ConsiderationsDownload
Form 10-2 Planning Your Mobile WebsiteDownload
Form 10-3 Is E-Commerce Right for Your Business?Download
Form 11-1 20 Tips for Becoming Successful on LinkedInDownload
Form 11-2 Checklist of Content-Generating ApproachesDownload
Form 11-3 Social Media TrackerDownload
Form 11-4 Social Media Programme Planning ChecklistDownload
Form 12-1 Blog Editorial Calendar and Post PlannerDownload
Form 14-1 Talent Release FormDownload
Form 14-2 Radio Advertising ChecklistDownload
Form 14-3 TV Advertising ChecklistDownload
Form 14-4 Planning a Webinar ChecklistDownload
Form 15-1 Writing Direct Mail LettersDownload
Form 15-2 Writing and Sending Effective Marketing EmailDownload
Form 15-3 Creating an Effective Landing PageDownload
Form 16-1 Brochure Production and Distribution GuidelinesDownload
Form 16-2 Newsletter Production GuidelinesDownload
Form 16-3 Promotion Planning GuidelinesDownload
Form 17-1 Printed News Release ChecklistDownload
Form 17-2 Media Interview Preparation ChecklistDownload
Form 17-3 News Conference and Event ChecklistDownload
Form 18-1 Writing Your Elevator PitchDownload
Form 18-2 Introducing Your Business by PhoneDownload
Form 18-3 Writing Letters or Emails to Introduce Your BusinessDownload
Form 20-1 Evaluating Your Customer ServiceDownload
Form 20-2 Improving Your Customer ServiceDownload
Form 20-3 Customer Satisfaction AnalysisDownload

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