skype for business plan 2 features

Skype for business plan 2 features will feature an exclusive plan that will be launched to meet the requirements of growing businesses.

Today, we’re going to highlight two features of the Skype for Business Plan 2, which includes Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E4. They are: Presence Greetings and Call Park.

I’m sure you’ve all heard a lot about Skype for Business but what are its features? Businesses around the world have started looking into VoIP options, primarily Skype. The truth is that this system has been long overdue in the workplace and it is definitely a profitable option to have all these features at your disposal……

skype for business plan 2 features

Skype for Business Online was retired on July 31, 2021. If you haven’t upgraded your Skype for Business Online users yet, they will be automatically scheduled for an assisted upgrade. If you want to upgrade your organization to Teams yourself, we strongly recommend that you begin planning your upgrade path today. Remember that a successful upgrade aligns technical and user readiness, so be sure to leverage our upgrade guidance as you navigate your journey to Teams.

If you have already purchased Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise or Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2, here are the add-on licenses you need to buy to get more Skype for Business features.


Although Audio Conferencing, Phone System and Calling Plans can be purchased with Skype for Business Online Plan 2 to enable voice calling features, we recommend that you evaluate an Enterprise E5 plan to see if it is more cost effective.

To add this featureHere’s what you need to buy
Audio Conferencing
Buy 1 Audio Conferencing license for each person who is going to schedule or host a dial-in meeting. Attendees do not need licenses.
Audio Conferencing add-on
Once you buy the license, Microsoft will be your audio conferencing provider.
Toll-free numbers for dial-in access to your conferences, and the ability to dial out from a conference to add someone by calling any telephone number in the worldCommunications Credits
Phone System1. Switch to a different Microsoft 365 for business plan. If you have Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, or Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2 we recommend upgrading your plan to an Enterprise E5 plan to get cloud voice features. If you upgrade to an Enterprise E1 or E3 plan, you’ll see the option to buy the Phone System add-on.
2. Phone System add-on
Calling Plans: buy a Calling Plan .
Or, use the telephone service from your existing provider.
Calling Plans1. Switch to a different Microsoft 365 for business plan.
2. Phone System add-on
3. Calling Plan: you can only buy this after you buy the Phone System add-on.

  • Manage Audio Conferencing settings for users – Microsoft TeamsA Microsoft 365 or Office 365 admin can edit the Teams Audio Conferencing settings, including provider, default toll or toll-free number, conference ID, or PIN for a user.
  • Set up Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams – Microsoft TeamsLearn how to set up dial-in or Audio Conferencing for the people in your business who need to use a phone to join conference calls.
  • Manage Audio Conferencing settings – Microsoft TeamsSee Microsoft Teams steps to assign a dial-in conferencing license and conference ID to a user and many other dial-in conferencing settings.
  • Set the phone numbers included on invites – Microsoft TeamsFollow these steps to create a default phone number for callers to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.

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