Simple Invoice Software With Inventory Management

Simple Invoice Software with Inventory Management is a great tool which runs on Microsoft Windows and allows you to create invoices, inventory listings and also keeps track of your inventory and supports barcode scanning.

Most small businesses use some type of invoicing software to create invoices for their customers, track billable costs, and more. But most invoicing software use is primitive at best, with reports being generated manually, errors being easy, and simple user experience. This is where Simple Invoice Software With Inventory Management comes in!

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Simple Invoice Software With Inventory Management

What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software or an invoice app is a tool that can automate your business invoicing operations. This tool generates a list of services and products along with their respective costs and sends them to your clients or customers as an invoice. Manual invoicing is prone to errors. A simple error in an invoice can result in a heavy loss. With the best invoicing software for small businesses, you can create and customize your invoices, manage and process payments electronically, and generate reports that assist you in tracking your finances and monitor invoices without a hassle. A billing software for small businesses can even help you send a payment reminder to a client to jog their memory.

What are the benefits of invoicing software?

  • Tracks invoices and payment status
  • Reduces missed payments
  • Boosts your company’s reputation
  • Simplifies accounting and financial processes
  • Protects sensitive information from hacks

10 best free invoicing software solutions for small businesses


FreshBooks is free invoicing software that helps you build and send invoices online and get paid faster. FreshBooks lets you know when clients view your invoices, track overdue invoices, auto-schedule payments, charge late payment fees on invoices, and more. You can even customize invoices to impress your clients-choose an invoice template, add your company logo, and modify colors and fonts. What’s interesting about this free billing software is that it lets you send invoices in your client’s preferred language!


Wave is the best free invoice software for all-in-one invoicing for small businesses. This free billing software allows you to keep track of your payments, bills, and expenses. You can design a professional invoice template to give your small business an edge. With Wave, you can create and send invoices to customers in just seconds, set up recurring billing for repeat customers, accept payments online, view customer transaction history, get cash flow insights, and more!


Paypal is a mobile-friendly free invoice software. You can create and send invoices in just minutes on any digital device, save online invoice templates for quick entry, and automate payment reminders. Paypal is also known as a payment gateway that processes card and bank payments and accepts payments from clients around the world. With a lot of uncomplicated tools to use, sending a professional invoice is easy with Paypal. This free invoice app has been around for more than 20 years!

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a free billing and invoicing software for small businesses that have less than five clients to invoice. Zoho Invoice effectively manages and monitors your invoices while you relax. This tool is perfect for time tracking, expense tracking, invoice tracking, sending reminders, and most importantly allows customers to pay through credit card or debit cards and bank transfers. Along with a free invoice generator, Zoho Invoice comes with other free generators such as estimate generator, income tax calculator, expense report generator, revenue forecaster, and SKU generator. Zoho Invoice seamlessly integrates with their own suite of products and also with Stripe, Paypal, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Perfect for small businesses, Nutcache is another free invoice app that brings the power of invoicing and project tracking software combined. You can create, customize, and monitor unlimited invoices, invoice your project, track delayed payments, and get paid faster. If you have a recurring invoice, simply automate it to get paid on time. Their free plan includes a maximum of 20 users and 1 GB of storage, which makes it a perfect invoice software for small businesses.


Invoicera is an online invoicing and billing software that can be customized as per your small business needs. This cloud-based free invoicing software automates your invoices so you can focus on other important tasks of your business. You can send payment reminders, manage your vendors, customize invoice layouts to make them look more professional, and manage remote teams with centralized data management.


QuickBooks is free invoicing software that lets you get paid faster. This all-in-one business and banking solution auto-fills invoices with customer information and schedules invoices in advance. You can create, send, and track invoices from any digital device without a hassle. You can even connect Quickbooks to your bank to check daily transactions. If you are in the retail business, this free billing software is perfect for you.


Brightbook is a completely free invoicing software that makes invoicing extremely easy. It doubles as accounting software that gives you instant insights and lets you import banking statements to check your daily transactions. Brightbook has a multi-user feature that provides selective access for extra safety and privacy. 

Invoice Generator

If you don’t have too many invoices to send, Invoice Generator is perfect for you. You can create and send invoices to clients and accept payments online without having to create an account and log in to this invoice software. All you need to do is type in your invoice information, put your logo, and opt to showcase tax, shipping, and discount costs. You can even add links to various payment options.


Square might be best known for accepting POS and online payments. This invoice software works with almost any eCommerce platform. You can send a free Square invoice and estimates that you can easily convert into invoices. You will also be able to share contract templates along with your invoices. No matter where you are, with Square Invoices free mobile app you track unpaid and paid invoices from any digital device.

We hope you found our round-up of the top free invoice apps useful in your search for the best billing software for your small business.

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