Simple Inventory Software With Barcode Scanner

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What is the best way to take inventory? I remember when I started my online business I used Excel to keep track of my inventory. The problem was I didn’t have many products and so I just added a product to the table every once in a while. Needless to say this method wasn’t very effective.

Simple Inventory Software With Barcode Scanner

9 Barcoding Tools For Your Inventory Management

Barcodes are the alphanumeric codes attached to the items, revealing the specific product’s details upon scanning.

A company saves much time if it has the barcoding tools in this modern time.

The company has to store the information of all the products in their system. The barcode will bring the data or information of the product after scanning. But, this will work only after updating the proper digital context of the product. So, one needs to initially load the database before the barcoding process.

How do barcodes work?

To fetch details of any product, barcode software extracts data from the patterns of the barcode. The data of any product is directly attached with a barcode.


Applications are available on the internet that allows developers to visualize and produce their customized barcodes. Furthermore, applications even have their hardware product ready in the market, which can be helpful to print barcode stickers.

Types of Barcodes

There are 2 kinds of barcodes available to consumers. They are:

  • Linear barcodes: Linear codes utilize a sequence of stripes. Linear barcode is available in the superstores.
  • 2D barcodes: The second form is the 2D barcodes, and they use geometric forms rather than linear ones, unlike their name. The companies like Amazon, Myntra, etc., use 2D barcodes. The use of these barcodes makes the activities simpler to execute.

How can these Barcoding tools aid small firms?

When it comes to maintaining the business inventory, it does not matter how large or small the organization is. If a company has inventory, the owner needs to keep records, analyze, and secure it. A barcode system will assist an individual in maintaining their stock efficiently.

A barcode inventory system can benefit anyone by improving efficiency. It can also enable a person to save a significant amount of time and resources.

Barcode Scanning

Bar code software enables the creation of unique barcodes that can be read through any scanner. They are incredibly straightforward to use. One can create barcodes by a barcode application for shipment, product labels, and other purposes.

Implementing a barcode system to an inventory

Every small and prominent player in business wants to automate their shipping process. The problem with any spreadsheet or manual logging system is that it is highly error-prone. For a barcode management system, the company will have to hire a service initially to set the system up. But that’s only the initial hurdle because, after that, all process is automated and can be monitored using the software.

Implementing a barcode system for inventory is a daunting task, but it will ease future work. To properly establish this system, one has to follow the below steps.

  • List all the products and their variants in the company.
  • Purchase the appropriate barcode inventory tool.
  • Decide the type of barcode to be used for your products.
  • After deciding the type of barcode, the creation of barcode takes place in software.
  • Update the inventory management software with these new barcodes.
  • Print and apply barcodes to each packet or box.

Let us look through some tools that will assist in simplifying the workflow so that one can do tasks more efficiently.


inFlow’s built-in barcodes feature helps every small business to adapt and move to the barcode system. When one receives and sells a product, the system updates it automatically. Without any user input, the barcodes will be scanned.

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inFlow is not just helpful in adding the barcodes to the existing product lineup but also functional to add any new product easily with its software. Their DYMO label printer can print multiple thermal barcode labels in a couple of seconds.


People will have complete control over the customer’s inventory by using Zoho’s Inventory Barcode tool. The software provides all the related information of that particular piece, such as the date of packaging, date of dispatch, and other info. Apart from that, Zoho will help group and manage similar products to effectively increase sales.

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If a company has its warehouse at different locations globally, Zoho can still track and manage all the products of all warehouses. It can efficiently track the inter-warehouse transfer of products. Forget the days when one had to calculate and keep track of their inventory because Zoho has an innovative report facility just one click away.

Barcode tracking of Zoho allows everyone to keep track of the expiry dates of the product. It also detects all the defective products for exchange or returns. An individual can thus introduce a professional touch to their organization with barcode scanning. Lastly, it reduces the waiting time for all customers.


Sortly is a small-scale business barcode inventory system. It permits individuals to associate barcodes or certain QR tags to their product inventory. Additionally, users can quickly add images and item descriptions of each product. Sortly can be used for a simpler approach to managing the business inventory remotely without any physical permissions required.


One of the merits of Sortly is that the system is fully customizable, and even naive users in this field can navigate through every functionality. Sortly gives its services to different sectors like automotive, aviation, education, hospital, and government inventory management.

EZ Office

Businesses have a massive stock of products these days. To keep track of them is challenging. Thus, the EZ Office Inventory Barcode tool offers an automated software platform. It helps businesses with storage solutions along with barcode inventory management.

EZ Office

EZ Office Inventory provides end-to-end solutions that include a variety of processes and features in maintenance, user, asset management, and reports and notifications. EZ Office uses RFID tags for quicker and more accountable checkouts and sticks them into every product. It also offers the most remarkable outcomes by answering all the customer queries.


With Finale Inventory, one can get fast barcode generation compared to other platforms. This platform will be helpful to every type of industry such as automotive, apparel, fireworks, solar-related companies, healthcare, and many more.


In addition, Finale supports integration with Amazon, Amazon S3, Acenda, BackMarket, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Google Drive, etc. Finale offers continuous inventory monitoring and excellent barcode solutions.

Thus, business owners can always track the amount and location of the products at a minimal cost. They have a dedicated learning center on their website from which any entrepreneur can learn the varied functionalities of Finale.


Collaborating with CheqRoom can help a company take its inventory management to a higher level. They provide various services like equipment for the checkout process, maintenance, reports, asset tracking, and equipment scheduling. Moreover, they have trusted allies such as Netflix, Google, Harvard University, DJI, and FOX Sports.


In addition, check-in and checkout of any resources can become more straightforward than ever because one can also use a mobile application to manage and track their asset. This software can be easily accessed from any part of the world, and one can manage multiple inventories from this app. It is up to 3 times faster than any platform, and self-service accessibility to someone’s equipment is available using this interface.

The company that has subscribed to CheqRoom has to set up their account, and then they can manage their inventories and checkout process easily from the software or the application.


SOS inventory is designed to print out scanner tag marks that can be fixed to things and afterward add the details of that product into the database. It also supports code 39, UPC, ISBN, or QR Code codes. When products are filtered, all item details are accessible to all clients from your servers to their dashboards.

SOS Inventory does much work apart from producing and checking products. One can reside anywhere and access this platform. A 14-day free trial of this software is also available for all users, and then pricing starts from $49.95 per month to $149.95 per month for Companion and Pro versions, respectively.


HandiFox is software for inventory tracking and sales management system. It is designed for small to mid-size inventory-centric businesses in various industries, such as retail, wholesale/distribution, and manufacturing.

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The HandiFox’s software is accessible on-premise of any manufacturing plant and in the cloud. One can use their smartphone or connect with any Bluetooth device to scan barcodes. This will eventually help accelerate the manufacturing plant’s routine inventory procedures. Clients can manage and analyze different stock cycles from their cell phones, which sync back to QuickBooks.

Moreover, it enables quick modifications within minimal time and the best results. HandiFox’s smartphone version is charged per device, while the desktop version is based on a subscription model. Its starting price is as low as $39.

Goods Order

Goods Order inventory is a standardized identification stock framework for entrepreneurs. Then, at that point, simply add photographs of every product alongside, and one can also add a short description to describe that particular product.

Goods Order

Another intuitive feature of this software is that it is fully customizable as per any individual need. Inventory can be monitored from different locations because all of the data can be stored in cloud services.

Moreover, one can set quantity-specific or date-based alerts of the inventory, which can be helpful to clear out the non-selling goods. One can also pre-order fast-selling products based on their demands. One of the best features of this barcode tool is that it is a perfect combination of powerful integration and simpler workflows.


The demand for barcode solutions in inventory management systems is experiencing drastic growth. The barcoding tools on the list are the most effective and easiest to use. Users should select their software based on time, prices, scalability, and other factors.