Simple Document Management Software

Wondering how we make this software? Well, it’s quite simple really. We create digital documents which allows customers to save, download, and track their documents.

Paperless offices seem to be the holy grail of workplace automation. And why not? Who doesn’t love a life without papers. While going paperless is unrealistic for most businesses, the next best thing is managing your documents in an efficient and effective way.

As you may already know we are currently running an affiliate program for a simple document management software tool on our blog. This software seems to be really cool, and the idea behind it is really cool. But we don’t want to promote products or services only because of their commissions, money involved or how cool they are. We also take into account if something is useful for our audience as well as test them before publishing a post in our blog (unfortunately this is not always possible, but we try to minimize fails). On top of that we want to make sure the product really makes sense, so the list has been created based on all those criteria and…

 Simple Document Management Software

Data forms a vital part of thriving businesses today as they venture further into the digital space. Enterprises have to deal with oodles of data, all of which are compiled into documents and stored in secure databases.

There is an overwhelming amount of data being processed into documents on a regular basis. There are tons of phenomenal options to choose from when it comes to such software. So much that settling for the one that suits you the best may be a confusing endeavor.

Therefore, we would like to lend a helping hand by listing down some of the best document management software out there.

After considerable research and based on our own experiences with these tools, we felt comfortable recommending the following 10 software. These are 10 of the finest document management DMS software available in the market.

List Of Best Document Management Software

Here is a list of top DMS Software for managing your documents efficiently.

  1. PaperSave (Recommended)
  2. ClickUp
  3. Templafy
  4. M-Files
  5. Bit.AI
  6. Alfresco
  7. DocuWare
  8. XaitPorter
  9. OnlyOffice
  10. Google Drive
  11. LogicalDoc

Comparison of Top DMS Software

NameBest ForRatingsFree TrialFees
PaperSaveSmart Document Capture and Streamlining of business processesFree Demo AvailableContact for Pricing
ClickUpProject ManagementAvailableFree Plan,
The price starts at $5/member/month.
TemplafyDocument Creation with Custom TemplatesFree Demo AvailableContact for Pricing
M-FilesWorkflow Automation and Comprehensive Document ManagementFree DemoStandard, Professional, and Enterprise plans disclosed upon request.
Bit.AIDocument Collaboration and Custom CreationFree Plan with Limited FeaturesFree plan, Pro Plan – $5 per member, per month, Business Plan – $15 per member, per month.
AlfrescoContent Management for Large Enterprises30-day free trialPricing revealed upon request

Let us review the best document management software in detail.

#1) PaperSave (Recommended)

Papersave is best for smart document capture and streamlining of business processes.

papersave - Document Management Software

PaperSave is a smart and incredibly user-friendly tool that allows businesses of all sizes to manage their documents efficiently. The tool offers a state-of-the-art document capture feature that allows you to capture any type of documents in no time.

PaperSave is integrated with leading ERP and CRM solutions allowing a user to capture documents directly from the user interface.  Index values are dynamically pulled from the ERP/CRM record for auto-indexing. This, coupled with intuitive search functionality, makes it convenient to retrieve the documents you need, whenever you wish to access them.

PaperSave also emphasizes strongly data security. Thus, it allows users to monitor and keep track of all changes happening to the documents while also empowering you to assign specific roles and permissions to other users.

This helps in holding the right people accountable when anything does go wrong with the files.


  • Seamless integration with leading ERP and CRM solutions.
  • Smart search function to make retrieval of information convenient.
  • Consistent Workflows
  • Reliable data security, irrespective of volume and capacity.

Verdict: The people behind PaperSave understand the challenges posed by something as ostensibly simple as managing documents. Hence, the tool offers a state-of-the-art engine that efficiently captures documents, automatically indexes information, and streamlines business processes. It does all of this to help businesses overcome the cumbersome task of document management while reducing costs.

Price: Contact PaperSave for pricing details.

=> Visit PaperSave Website

#2) ClickUp

ClickUp is best for building internal as well as external docs, wikis, knowledge bases, etc.

ClickUp Dashboard

ClickUp Docs is a platform for creating documents. It provides the functionalities for efficient collaboration along with multiplayer editing. It provides visibility on who is actively viewing a document and allows editing at the same time.


  • ClickUp provides the features for sharing the document with anyone.
  • You can set the permissions for viewing, commenting, and editing the document.
  • While adding a comment, you can highlight the text.

Verdict: ClickUp Docs provides one place for all your docs. It is a platform with rich text editing capabilities and features for leaving comments and collaborating.

Price: ClickUp offers a free plan. It has three paid plans, Unlimited ($5 per member per month), Business ($9 per member per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for Unlimited and Business plans.

=> Visit ClickUp Website

#3) Templafy

Best for document creation with custom Templates.


In hindsight, Templafy is decent and efficient document management software. It collects all business documents and stores them in a cohesive library wherein they can be easily accessed with just one click. From here, users can collaborate with others in their team and track changes in real-time.

However, Templafy also goes a step further by providing users with the ability to create a wide variety of business documents with the help of custom templates. The software automates the creation of crucial documents such as NDA’s, HR contracts, and customer service emails.

Thus, saving considerable time that would have otherwise been spent composing complex business documents.

The software is also extremely smart. It optimizes the entire creation process with a plethora of adjustment tools and advanced features. It can also detect errors or inconsistencies in a document and automatically correct them without any intervention from the users.


  • Centralized Document Management System
  • Automated Document Creation with Custom Templates
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Auto-Fix detected errors and inconsistencies

Verdict: Templafy is a tool one should check out if they want to save valuable time in creating vital business documents. The software personalizes the creation process by helping users create documents with templates populated by the logo, metadata, and disclaimer information associated directly with the enterprise.

Price: Contact Templafy for Price details.

Website: Templafy

#4) M-Files

Best for Workflow Automation and Comprehensive Document Management.

M-Files is another intuitive document management software that combines automation and security to offer a spectacularly efficient tool. The software conveniently brings all business documents from across different departments together in one robust electronic archive.

From here, your team can get instant access to whatever information they need, whenever they need them.

The software also goes above and beyond to ensure that it only stores the most up-to-date files, ensuring there is only one relevant version of the file for access. Moreover, the software also aids in implementing advanced permission and encryption mechanics to control who gets access to these often sensitive files.

Furthermore, the software is extremely sophisticated when it comes to workflow automation. It empowers you to share documents with other users, have them edited, and reviewed them for approval as per the company guidelines. You can practically set up workflows for documents, projects, and employees with M-Files.


  • Connect all documents across various departments of your business
  • Automated Workflows
  • Implement advanced permission and Encryption protocols
  • Stores only the most recent relevant copies of your documents

Verdict: M-Files is the perfect amalgamation of advanced automation and formidable security, which are direly needed for efficient management of information today. It is extremely comprehensive in nature and perfectly capable of shouldering your document management issues without a hassle.

Price: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans are disclosed upon request.

Website: M-Files

#5) Bit-AI

Best for document collaboration and custom creation.


Bit.AI makes the prospect of document management and collaboration extremely smooth and compelling, thanks to its visually arresting UI. The software practically gathers important documents across your entire organization and makes them available to everyone under one roof.

Although the document management aspect of Bit.AI is great, it is ultimately the software’s advanced collaboration feature that proves its mettle. It allows teams, students, clients, and partners to work on a file in real-time.

The feature is only amplified by 90+ templates that you can use to create documents. The tool arms you with a plethora of widgets, colors, themes, and integrations to personalize and automate the creation of complex documents.


  • Real-time collaboration with teams on documents
  • Tons of templates, widgets, and themes to choose from
  • Interlink documents with other documents
  • Track changes to documents
  • More than 100 rich integrations

Verdict: Bit.AI emphasizes a lot more on its collaboration feature than any other tool on this list. It provides users with all the tools they need to create, edit, and track changes happening to critical business documents in real-time. We recommend this software to those who seek DMS software for an impeccable online team collaboration experience.

Price: Free plan, Pro Plan – $5 per member per month, Business Plan – $15 per member per month.

Website: Bit.AI

#6) Alfresco

Best for content management for large enterprises.


Alfresco serves its users as both content and document management software. It is a tool that emphasizes more on the smooth operation and streamlining of workflows. You will find essential document management features like document scanning, storage, file sharing, and much more in Alfresco, all of which it performs without a hiccup.

What really earns Alfresco a spot on this list is its powerful AI. With the help of its advanced AI, Alfresco provides valuable insight and information on the documents it manages, whenever you need it. Its advanced search functionality makes retrieval of documents very easy.

The tool is also intelligent enough to group files similar in nature under one folder for easy discovery. The tool also offers seamless integration with other applications such as Salesforce, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office to make the document management system considerably more convenient.

Alfresco also comes with open-source document management software that can handle less critical content for your business.


  • Document scanning and capture
  • Powerful AI
  • Multiple integrations with major applications
  • Smart folder creation

Verdict: Alfresco offers a robust content and document management system with tons of great features at play. With multiple integrations and a plethora of core-competencies to count on, this is an ideal tool for large enterprises.

Price: 30-day Free trial. Pricing is revealed upon request.

Website: Alfresco

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#7) DocuWare

Best for cloud-based document management.


DocuWare is a fine cloud-based document management software that serves a variety of different purposes other than its core function. It is a tool that can be used for invoice processing, employee management, marketing, and sales, etc.

As a DMS software alone, it can help you capture physical files in any form and digitize them. The files can later be stored in secure electronic archives. Apart from the above merits, the software also works phenomenally to automate workflows and make tedious management processes more fathomable.

DocuWare is also a tool that takes document sharing and collaboration to the next level. You can use DocuWare to connect with employees working remotely. As such, your employees can access the content from anywhere in the world for further editing.


  • Workflow automation
  • Document scanning and capture
  • Cloud-based sharing and collaboration of files
  • Invoice processing

Verdict: DocuWare works because of its smart automation and cloud-based collaboration feature. It is a tool we can recommend to businesses of all sizes, especially if they are in need of software that makes remote collaboration on documents relatively more convenient.

Price: Free demo, Custom pricing

Website: DocuWare

#8) XaitPorter

Best for automation of document production.


Now here is a fully optimized cloud-based software that not only provides a smart collaboration feature but also focuses its strengths on improving the quality of your documents. The software is extremely flexible and simple to operate.

Its powerful cloud-based function allows you to simultaneously work and collaborate with your colleagues on a file remotely. You can very easily share feedback, rectify errors and adjust the formatting and layout of the file in real-time.

It is also a tool that automates the production of critical business documents. You get an array of tools at your disposal to create a document that is professional and helps boost your company’s productivity.


  • Automated document production
  • Integration with Salesforce and other major application
  • Share and collaborate on files remotely
  • Automate workflow

Verdict: XaitPorter is blessed with such an extensive well-conceived document production system that one can’t help but fall in love with it. Combined with a fully cloud-optimized engine and a seamless workflow automation process, XaitPorter is arguably one of the finest document production software.

Price: Free demo. Pricing revealed upon request

Website: XaitPorter

#9) OnlyOffice

Best for online collaboration on documents for small and mid-sized businesses.

online office

OnlyOffice creates secure repositories for business entities in order to store, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations on the cloud. The editing aspect of this tool is precisely why it is on this list, as it is extremely comprehensive and flexible to use.

You can freely adjust the format, font, and text of your content, highlight text and share feedback with your team in real-time. You can literally do everything you could have possibly done on a standard doc, excel sheet, or PPT file. This ensures the quality of your documents is always top notch and the information within it is relevant at all times.

OnlyOffice supports a wide variety of document formats, thus making the management and collaboration of documents more effective and pragmatic.


  • Securely store documents in any format
  • Share and edit spreadsheets, Doc files, and PPT’s remotely
  • Works on both mobile and desktop
  • In compliance with International Security Standards

Verdict: OnlyOffice essentially takes your MS office editing experience online, wherein you can store, share and collaborate with your colleagues to edit and enhance the quality of your documents. It is software that allows you to perform a number of imperative edits on a particular file without hassle.

Price: 30-day free trial, Home Server for 10 users – $149, Single Server for commercial use – $1200

Website: OnlyOffice

#10) Google Drive

Best for free storage, sharing, and editing of documents.


List of the best document management software cannot be completed without mentioning one of the finest free tools in existence today. Google Drive is one of the most widely used document management software, thanks to its extremely comprehensive and pragmatic nature.

It is a tool anyone can get started with right away without a learning curve. Ever since its inception, Google Drive has been used to create, store, and share a variety of files in different formats in its cloud-based system.

It allows you to instantly create documents, spreadsheets, and more with just one click. Furthermore, you can easily create documents, share them with your colleagues and friends via Gmail, and edit the documents in real-time with a plethora of tools at your disposal.


  • Create Doc files, spreadsheets, and PPT files online
  • Share and collaborate on files with colleagues online
  • Create multiple folders to store files on the cloud
  • Access from anywhere via mobile or desktop

Verdict: If you are a frugal individual with a relatively low budget, then Google Drive is one of the best free document management software for Windows and Android users alike. It is extremely addictive, incredibly comprehensive, and reliably secure in its functioning.

Price: Free

Website: Google Drive

#11) LogicalDoc

Best for cross-platform Document Management Software.

logical side

LogicalDoc works on the premise of being one of the very few DMS tools that are compatible across multiple OS and hardware devices. Apart from this USP, it is also a tool that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere you like because of its cloud-based functionality.

As a document management software, LogicalDoc delivers on almost all fronts. It is software that can help you upload and store files in a secure repository. It can also automatically index your files to make them easily retrievable whenever needed.

Its collaboration feature may not carry the same punch that many of the other tools on this list possess. However, it is still efficient with regards to allowing smooth collaboration between teams on a particular project.


  • Capture and scan documents
  • Sharing and editing of files on the cloud
  • Effective Regulatory compliance
  • Works across multiple software and hardware devices

Verdict: If you are looking for a simple personal document management software, capable of performing all the necessary tasks expected from such tools, then LogicalDoc is the ideal software for you.

Price: Free demo available, contact for pricing.

Website: LogicalDoc


The perfect Document Management Software can help your business become more organized, productive while saving considerably on storage and security costs. Suffice to say, good management software is a must if you want your business to survive in the cut-throat digital age of today.

With so many options to choose from, finding a tool that suits you best may seem daunting. So we were encouraged to make your decision-making process easier with the above list. The tools mentioned here are some of the finest in the industry and offer something unique when catering to your needs.