Simple Case Management Software

Simple Case Management Software – Organizing case information is an important part of being a legal aide. As a legal aide you help people solve their problems through the legal system. Every case you work with has it’s own unique set of circumstances and paperwork, which can be time consuming to manage.

Case management software has been around for years, but what exactly is it used for? How can you best use case management software in your business? Let us review some of the features of case management software and what they can offer you.

Why use simple case management software? Well, one of the biggest benefits to using any software that highlights your strengths is it also highlights your weaknesses. So, if not using a software that does everything for you makes you more aware of your weaknesses, then why not? Several reasons actually.

 Simple Case Management Software

What is the best legal case management software?

The best legal case management software is Zola Suite. It is a specialized platform for legal professionals that integrates all business facets of their practice in one central hub. It includes modules for matter management, billing, accounting, workflows, and document automation among others. The product also has a client portal to facilitate better communication and collaboration.

The business side of the legal profession is not normally taught in law school; hence, the primary purpose of legal case and law practice management software is to help law firms and legal practitioners run their business affairs smoothly. As such, the software includes features for case management, time tracking (for billing), document assembly, contact and docket management, calendar and scheduling, and client communication, among others.

In this article, we’ll delve into the 20 best legal case management software programs for small and medium law firms as compiled by our experts from our database. You’ll learn each software product’s key features, main benefits, deployment platform, pricing structure and more. These will help you determine which solution is the most suitable for your law business.

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What are the 20 best legal case management software programs?

  1. Zola Suite
  2. TimeSolv
  3. PracticePanther
  4. Clio
  5. Bill4Time
  6. MyCase
  7. Firm Central
  8. ActionStep
  9. Rocket Matter
  10. CosmoLex
  1. Alt Legal
  2. LexRex
  3. MerusCase
  4. Workshare
  5. LegalTrek
  6. HoudiniEsq
  7. Sheriasoft LPM
  8. CaseFox
  9. Lawcus
  10. DPS Software

Every industry was hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting social distancing protocols further emphasized the need to move away from legacy systems to more agile digital platforms.

Hence, lawyers and legal professionals started using more digital tools to keep their practice going.

Top tools include video meeting apps (97%), remote desktop software (91%), and team chat apps (46%). However, they can go well beyond the normal remote work tools and truly boost up efficiency by using better-suited platforms for legal practice.97%97%91%91%72%72%46%46%32%32%24%24%Video MeetingAppsRemote DesktopSoftwareWebinarsTeam Chat AppsCollaborationToolsLive Streams0255075100125

Most Used Digital Tools by Legal Firms

For Remote Work During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

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The best ones include modules for word processing, desktop notes, disk encryption, password security, email management, and CRM systems. Overall, the adoption of legal practice management software helps increase efficiency and improves the marketing of law firms to attract more clients. It is one of the factors that make a law firm innovative.

Moreover, specialized legal case management software programs are designed to assist lawyers or law firms manage their cases including client records, schedules and appointments, deadlines, billing and bookkeeping, computer files, and documents. It also facilitates compliance with policies and requirements laid down by judicial and legal authorities. Finally, it also supports the special accounting needs of legal firms. So, let’s take a look at the best ones on the market.

1. Zola Suite

Zola Suite dashboard

A robust legal practice management tool, Zola Suite has an array of formidable features that enable a smoother workflow and help you avoid the pitfalls of tenuous workarounds. Its built-in core functionalities are native to the platform, eliminating the reliance on unwieldy integrations.  You only have to use a single set of log-in credentials as well as manage one, easy-to-use dashboard to create invoices, share files with clients, and distribute emails.

Zola Suite is also the only cloud-based legal practice management application tool that comes with true, built-in email, comprehensive legal accounting, and billing and trust accounting capabilities. On the higher pricing schemes, it offers unlimited cloud storage with generous file size limits.

The system also offers excellent matter management capability with all the crucial information stored on a unified dashboard accessible to you, your staff, and your clients. Its utility tools include a calendar management feature to keep everything neat and organized.

Zola Suite also carries smart email management features such as an Auto Suggest system for easier tracking of contacts related to a particular case, automatic filing, email conversions, and many more. A built-in CRM allows you to manage and streamline the pre-lead retention life cycle and process. Lastly, while Zola Suite is not reliant on integrations, it does offer extensive integration support with third-party solutions should the need arise.

2. TimeSolv

TimeSolv dashboard

TimeSolv is a customizable application that can streamline the workflow of lawyers and legal professionals. It offers the capability to keep track of time and associated costs. Aside from being comprehensive, it’s also user-friendly and can work with current and legacy platforms in macOS, Windows, iPhone, or Android.

It’s not only a time tracking and billing solution: it also integrates with the world’s leading payment gateways, along with credit card services. This gives clients an online portal where they can pay you, see their transaction history with your firm, and more. It can also work smoothly with third-party applications like QuickBooks, where you can sync data to and from it.

The platform has built a reputation for being the time tracking solution for lawyers, but it’s also used by a variety of other industries, particularly services. This includes those in advertising, health, and engineering. This speaks volumes for its flexibility and versatility, providing communications and accounting support for these highly disparate fields. As such, there’s no wonder TimeSolv has recently been added to the BBB’s database as an accredited business.

3. PracticePanther

PracticePanther dashboard

PracticePanther heads our list of legal case management software for good reasons. It brings together many capabilities into one intuitive and easy to use online platform. With the software, you get features for time tracking, scheduling, billing, payment processing, and expense management. In addition, the software has robust CRM and case management modules to facilitate managing contacts and tracking everything in the office.

What distinguishes PracticePanther from the rest of the pack are its smart functionalities including the ability to generate multiple bills in one click; accept credit cards from the invoice; bill hourly, flat rate, or contingency; track trust account balances; and integrate with leading business apps.

Further, you can work online with the cloud-hosted platform and mobile apps, track time and expenses on any device, send secure messages with a client portal, among others. The system uses enterprise-grade security with 256-bit military-grade encryption and has customizable security settings, automatic real-time backups, and HIPAA-compliant file management.

Aside from protecting your data, allowing you to work anywhere, and saving you precious hours, you get world-class support with dedicated account managers, contact channels through phone and email, and a resource center filled with videos and tutorials. PantherPack earned a 97% satisfaction rating from thousands of law firm clients in 35 countries. For the $39 per user per month Solo plan, you can start using PracticePanther. The Essential and Business plans have more features at $59 and $79 per user per month respectively.

Detailed PracticePanther Review


4. Clio

Clio dashboard

Designed for better legal management, Clio offers all the functionalities you need to effectively run a law practice. Clio brings with it robust tools to manage cases, clients, data, documents, bills, calendars, time tracking, reporting, and accounting. Billed as the complete management tool for law offices, the system is intended to assist legal service providers through its many features that can organize case details, create workflows, set schedules, share documents, track billable minutes, generate invoices, process payments, and do legal accounting, among others.

The online platform helps you simplify matter management through a user-friendly system that ensures important files are intuitively presented and easily accessed. The system enables you to undertake efficient information management, documentation, client and case management, appointments and scheduling, office financials and accounting, time-tracking, and reporting. Clio connects with over 70 business apps, giving you a robust integrated platform that works with popular accounting, email, online storage, payment gateways, databases, and other software and services.

Detailed Clio Review


Clio boasts of being the only legal software that seamlessly integrates with Fastcase, which puts an extensive national law library at your fingertips. Fastcase includes cases and primary law for all 50 US states and comprehensive federal coverage. Clio revolutionizes law research by allowing you to search, sort, and visualize cases and data instantly on Fastcase. You can even time your research session in Fastcase and have the activity recorded in Clio. The software offers three subscription plans—Clio Manage at $39 per user per month, Clio Grow at $49 per user per month, and Clio Suite at $89 per user per month—depending on the features and level of functionalities your law office requires.

5. Bill4Time

Bill4Time dashboard

Bill4Time is a cloud-hosted time tracking and invoicing platform built for the needs of professional service providers such as law practitioners, accountants, contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. The software helps you track time from anywhere, streamline your billing, and recover lost revenues. Inefficient time tracking accounts for 30% of lost billables and Bill4Time helps you recover that through precise tracking of time anywhere and anytime from whatever internet-connected device. You get one-click timers, one screen batch time entry, as well as sync appointment and time entries.

With the solution, you can also quickly generate detailed invoices (complete with terms, fees, and discounts) that clients can easily understand. You can create unlimited billing rates and batch invoicing, and customize invoices that your clients can receive and review. Your clients can pay online via a secure payment portal accessible 24/7. Your clients get to enjoy the speed, ease, and security of paying online, whether full or partial payments, via credit card or PayPal, and through any desktop or mobile device. You can view your financial status and accounting data simply by logging into your dashboard.

Detailed Bill4Time Review


Bill4Time supports billing on an hourly basis, contingency or flat rate bases, and complies with the standards of the Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES), making it a widely used system among legal professionals. The software works with various payment channels and gateways, including QuickBooks, PayPal, and other credit card processors. The system also provides online storage capability, enabling you to store documents on the cloud and sync them to specific cases. Bill4Time is available in three pricing packages—Time & Billing ($27 per user/month), Legal Pro ($45 per user/month), and Legal Enterprise $80 per user/month)—to meet the needs of different users.

6. MyCase

MyCase dashboard

MyCase is a web-based legal practice management software meant to help small and medium-sized law firms manage cases, track time, automate billing, and communicate with clients. It offers an all-in-one platform to handle contacts, scheduling, document management, case management, online billing and invoicing, time tracking, and calendar management. The online solution doesn’t require technical knowledge, has intuitive features, and can easily be incorporated with modern legal office environments and practices.

The platform enables you to organize critical contact and case information; send secure, encrypted messages directly to clients; accept online payments including eCheck payments; easily create professional invoices; find crucial documents while on-the-go from any device; quickly and accurately bill hours; generate reports with one click; analyze data; and sync schedules with your clients via shareable calendars. Both you and your clients get to use a single secure online portal that has all the features for information sharing. It allows two-way communication between attorney and client as well as records and tracks the communication.

Detailed MyCase Review


You can literally leave your briefcase at the office since MyCase allows you to work anytime from any location on any device, giving you the freedom to take your practice everywhere you go. The software provides Android and iOS apps to let you access vital documents, send and receive files, send and get alerts and notification for important events, and keep all concerned updated about developments on a case. There are no pricing packages to choose from because MyCase offers one pricing plan that provides all features and functionalities.

7. Firm Central

Firm Central dashboard

Firm Central is a legal case management system developed by Thomson Reuters to help small law firms and solo practitioners streamline office management, track time and billing, and stay updated with Continuing Legal Education requirements. The cloud-based solution brings together all the legal procedures into a single, integrated platform to facilitate matter management, document management, calendar and scheduling, billing and invoicing, document customization, and email monitoring and management. It is designed to simplify, organize, and enhance daily procedures and processes in the modern law firm.

The benefits you can gain by using Firm Central include 24/7 access to your entire law firm’s data; precise expense and time tracking; quick creation of accurate invoices; reduced risk of legal calendaring errors; and easy management of court deadlines. One of the highlights of Firm Central is its integration with Westlaw Form Builder; this allows you to create, customize, and store a variety of legal forms and documents. You can personalize all paperwork according to the specific requirements of a case or client to lessen redundancies and errors in document preparation, save time and resources, and let you focus on the case.

Detailed Firm Central Review


Firm Central utilizes top-of-the-line cloud security standards to keep all your legal information safe and accessible while keeping data encrypted in transit and in storage. In addition, Firm Central integrates with other industry-leading Thomson Reuters solutions to boost efficiency and collaboration, enabling you to transition from one task to another quickly and easily—from calculating legal deadlines, generating firm invoices, doing legal research, and more.

8. ActionStep

ActionStep dashboard

ActionStep is an online platform that provides everything you need to run your firm including case management, integrated billing and accounting, and more. Its unique workflow technology and integrated approach help you effectively run your business on both front and back ends. The highly flexible solution can address the simple requirements of small- to medium-sized firms as well as large law groups. Going beyond case and matter management, ActionStep offers tools for time recording, billing, full general ledger, and trust accounting. It even has features to manage marketing, sales, employees, passwords, facilities, and insurance policies.

Its extensive feature set automates processes and workflows for document management, time recording, billing, accounting, payroll, email, and calendar management among others. Taking care of the business and administrative side of things lets you spend more time working on cases and providing high-quality service to your clients. It can easily generate complete digital files and let you search and retrieve documents, emails, file notes, billing, and others in just a few clicks.

Detailed ActionStep Review


With the use of live data provided by the system, you can quickly create letters, contracts, and other quality documents. You can streamline and personalize your own workflows to fit your needs and practice areas to boost work efficiency, extend quality service to clients, and increase your firm’s profitability. Moreover, you’ll have tools like email management for easy email saving and documentation; calendar management for effective appointment and scheduling; and client billing to ensure accurate client billing and timely payment. ActionStep offers 3 pricing packages depending on the number of users.

9. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter dashboard

Rocket Matter is a highly-regarded cloud-based legal practice management software. First introduced in 2007, it is one of the pioneering solutions in this category. It is intended for law firms looking to enhance their revenues, go paperless, or increase confidence in their trust accounting. The solution gives you total control over your law firm business with features that can help you optimize your billing process, get paid quickly, manage case works, stay on schedule, know your numbers, work from anywhere, and connect with your firm. On top of these, Rocket Matter promotes paperless operation to help you save time, money, and resources.

Designed specifically for solo, small, and mid-sized practices, Rocket Matter provides speed and accuracy in the creation of invoices and the management of documents. You can store all essential documents in a single location through a document management system that comes with drag-and-drop functionality. You can opt to use other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box since Rocket Matter integrates well with third-party apps and services.

Detailed Rocket Matter Review


Worth mentioning is Rocket Matter’s integration with LawToolBox, so you’ll never miss a court deadline. It allows you to import calendar dates for matters in jurisdictions all over the US, letting you know when published deadlines change so you can stay on top of your cases.

Securely collaborate with your law firm through the Communicator—an instant messaging feature right inside the platform, enabling you to stay up-to-date with everything going on in your firm. With the feature, you can share files, make video conferences, and link your conversations with cases so you can see your correspondence on your matter dashboards. The Communicator works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC. Rocket Matter offers two plans: Essentials at $25 per user/month and Pro at $59 per user/month.

10. CosmoLex

CosmoLex dashboard

CosmoLex is a web-based legal case management solution meant to help small law offices and solo practitioners stay on top of the business side of things. The software comes equipped with tools and features to manage billing, timekeeping, business accounting, trust accounting, calendars and tasks, documents, and emails. Its Secure Client Portal makes it easy for you to organize and store all client information and case documents online. You also get an extensive set of practice management tools to handle documents, emails, contacts, case workflows, and case workflows.

CosmoLex boasts of having its own built-in legal accounting which, combined with legal time and billing and law practice management, is a fully compliant law office accounting system. With this feature, every work hour and expense you make is captured, all billing processes are automated, and accounting workflows are streamlined.

Detailed CosmoLex Review


This results in timely bills and payments of your services, improved cash flow, and higher profits for your business. This way, you won’t need separate billing and invoicing software to work for you. But if you want to, you can have your external accountant or bookkeeper log in to your system once you give them permission.

The CosmoLex dashboard loads fast and the interface is user-friendly, allowing anyone to easily navigate the system. It is designed for ease, speed, and accuracy. You don’t have to do any setup, maintenance, and updates since the system is completely on the cloud for worry-free operation. CosmoLex goes for an all-in-one price of $79/user per month.

11. Alt Legal

Alt Legal dashboard

Alt Legal is a legal case management software that is intended specifically to cover the practice of intellectual property law. The solution allows you to easily prepare and manage intellectual property documents by automatically updating case statuses, collecting key client details, reminding you of deadlines, and generating IP filings. The system helps you get rid of repetitive tasks and guides you on the risky and tedious parts of IP law practice so you can put more time and effort into your IP cases and the growth of your law business.

Alt Legal comes with a smart docketing feature that enables you to file on time for your clients their trademark, patent, and copyright applications. The software can manage global IP deadlines as well as streamline client intake. Your clients can easily see relevant information with one-click links to the IP offices and application documents.

Detailed Alt Legal Review


The docketing system can also automatically identify any filings you’ve done, update records, and calculate all filing deadlines without any manual intervention. It significantly reduces the time spent on the most routine USPTO filings, including TEAS and TEAS-Plus filings. Likewise, it eliminates back and forth communication between you and your clients since you can just send them a link to the customized intake software where they can submit their details and files.

You and your client can get regular updates on application status or changes through email reminders, generate reports, and add key dates to calendars and schedules. Alt Legal provides free data migration to new users and unlimited support to its system subscribers. Pricing is quote-based and depends on specific client requirements.

12. LexRex

LexRex dashboard

LexRex is an intelligent and secure online legal case management software built to help modern law firms get the most out of their business using current technologies. It supports all key processes to enable legal professionals to efficiently manage their clients and cases, from quickly recording client details, comprehensive case management and billing, to accepting online payments.

The platform simplifies managing clients and cases by allowing you to deploy and operate LexRex through IT devices of your choice—smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You get the flexibility to customize client and case files, sync documents and calendars and access the system from anywhere anytime. You can manage all business side aspects of law practice including organizing files and documents, scheduling tasks and appointments, generating professional invoices, and accepting payments online.

Detailed LexRex Review


The software also lets you monitor case activity progress through a timeline; record the time spent on casework; store client communications such as emails, letters, invoices, and phone calls; and customize case files according to the parameters you set such as practice area, structure, working environment, etc.

From a single dashboard, you get an overall view of the cases you’re handling as well as important details like meetings, documents, emails, calls, tasks, and expenses, among others. You can capture and view the time spent on work-related activities, and activities that are ongoing or have been accomplished. Furthermore, it allows your law firm to handle different billing schemes and generate detailed invoices that carry branding elements. The lowest LexRex plan is priced at $35/user per month.

13. MerusCase

MerusCase dashboard

MerusCase is a cloud-based legal practice management system that intuitively adapts to fit your practice, streamlining document automation, time tracking, billing, scheduling, email, case management, and more. All its tools and features are integrated into one easy-to-use platform that you can access anywhere at any time from any device. MerusCase automates your day-to-day tasks through advanced technology that can be used by law firms of different sizes and sectors.

The system is ideal for law firms that want to cut costs, save time, and focus more on serving clients instead of being bogged down by routine tasks. MerusCase brings with it features and capabilities for efficient document automation and management, time and billing tracking, training, and secure data storage. And because it has team collaboration tools, you can take advantage of the rising trend and importance of collaborative teamwork in 2020.

Detailed MerusCase Review


Plus, you’ll benefit from the system’s ability to quickly find information by tagging associated contacts, assignments, cases, and other documents by type. Its prediction algorithms provide you relevant results based on different filters as well as Global Search that combs through the content of each document fitting your criteria. You can also easily auto-populate entire documents, merge case info, and smoothly export information in PDF or Word document.

MerusCase offers an advanced accounting system that eliminates the need for an external accounting system, letting you invoice billable time, track payments, and handle balance-forwards, among others. The solution provides you 35 built-in reports for insightful and actionable data about your clients, cases, and law firm’s performance. Data security and storage are taken care of via an end-to-end SSL-encryption and unlimited cloud storage. MerusCase pricing is quote-based, which means you have to contact the vendor with your specific needs.

14. Workshare

Workshare dashboard

Workshare is a document management platform created for legal practitioners, allowing them to manage and monitor data loss risks while complying with professional regulations and guidelines. Today’s technology allows lawyers to send files and documents quickly through online channels like emails; however, this could potentially expose sensitive documents. As a way around this, Workshare sees to it that all documents shared through email and other applications are devoid of sensitive metadata. It provides secure and structured workspaces for your legal deals, ideal for working on large volumes of vital documents as it provides the quickest way to compare them.

The software allows you to collaborate and share documents with other people. You can access the platform anytime, anywhere as it can be run on desktops, laptops, and other devices. Again, document contents are kept secure with metadata completely stripped off them.

Detailed Workshare Review


The solution is powered by the world’s leading comparison technology—DeltaView—which lets you compare two documents in seconds, wherever you’re working and whichever platform you’re on since Workshare integrates with Outlook, DMS or Office 365, as well as major case and document management systems.

Files that have been modified present no problem. The automatic change notifications in Outlook lets you do one-click finds when files come back with changes. It loads the original and runs your comparison quickly. You can categorize your views by materiality or group changes by type to focus on what matters most. When you need to compare two documents, you can see precisely what has been changed and get to the final version much faster. Workshare can be deployed on desktops and servers or as SaaS with the lowest subscription price pegged at $16 per user per month.

15. LegalTrek

LegalTrek dashboard

LegalTrek is a legal case management software for mid-sized law firms or legal departments aiming to make their business grow and become profitable. It utilizes an all-in-one approach in organizing, billing, and managing clients, documents, and other critical business processes. You’ll be able to have complete oversight of what matters most, increase profitability with timely and accurate billing, manage legal projects and cases, and create professional invoices in minutes, among others. It’s a single system for all your data that is visible, structured, updated, and easily accessible.

Detailed LegalTrek Review


With LegalTrek, you can quickly search for the information you need since document and client data are securely stored in one centralized location. Your law firm’s workflows are kept streamlined, organized, and automated. You can monitor tasks and the people assigned to them, schedule appointments, and calendar deadlines and milestones. Likewise, you can have accurate time tracking and timely billing with sophisticated tools so you can charge your clients precisely with the work hours and service you rendered.

LegalTrek is deployable on-premise or on the cloud, giving you flexibility for your firm’s deployment needs whether you prefer to have everything on your computer and network or want to keep all your information in cloud-hosted databases. The software integrates with Gmail and Outlook and is available as a starter package or a custom enterprise plan.

16. HoudiniEsq

HoudiniEsq dashboard

HoudiniEsq was developed for small firms to assist them in business-related functions such as organizing documents, setting schedules and appointments, marking calendars for hearings, and more. The software can run on the cloud or on-premise, and offers an extensive set of features and capabilities such as time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, case management, and client management, and others. The solution handles everything on the business side of legal practice, enabling you and your law team to concentrate on providing the best legal service to your clients.

HoudiniEsq centralizes communication and information processes for a more simplified and intuitive business management of your law office including managing clients, cases, leads, contracts, dockets, client contact, and client communication through emails and certified mails. You get to view and monitor all your law firm’s cases and the attorneys assigned to them. You’ll be able to precisely track time and expenses as well as produce timely and accurate billing for your clients. Practicing law and managing a law firm are entirely different activities and HoudiniEsq will ably help you in the latter.

Detailed HoudiniEsq Review


The software comes with a very useful feature—the ability to determine and eliminate conflicts of interest as it lets you view how an individual is associated with any case. This functionality removes hindrances and provides both your firm and client peace of mind knowing that every case is handled with objectivity. The platform integrates with a number of business tools and services such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, QuickBooks, calendar apps, postal services, Google, and more. Creating and sending custom documents and templates is not a problem. HoudiniEsq is available in two on-premise packages and one SaaS/cloud plan that goes for $64 per user/month.

17. Sheriasoft LPM

Sheriasoft LPM dashboard

Sheriasoft LPN is designed to help law firms, legal departments, and independent law practitioners shift to the modern way of law practice management. It brings together functionalities for billing, time tracking, calendaring, matter, and task and document management under one intuitive, user-friendly, and affordable platform. Sheriasoft LPN supports paperless operation where every process is simplified, automated, and made accurate. It helps you get rid of manual errors in vital aspects of law practice, enhance collaboration, address client expectations, and steadily grow your legal practice.

Sheriasoft enables you to create to-do lists, manage your tasks, and track case progress. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on your own or running a legal team: you can easily assign specific tasks or collaborate on a single assignment. You and your team can be notified of any overdue or pending tasks to keep things flowing smoothly.

Detailed Sheriasoft LPM Review


The solution’s client management feature lets you create new contacts; edit contact information; categorize and group them; and attach invoices, matters, and quotations on a specific contact. Meanwhile, Sheriasoft’s time tracking capability allows you to track hours and minutes spent on any matter, task, or activity; organize and classify time usage; and generate accurate bills and invoices.

The platform is completely web-based and is accessible from your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android devices. It utilizes bank-grade encryption, security audits, and a centralized and secured cloud location for your data. Sheriasoft is available in two plans—for solo practitioners and law firms, and for legal departments.

18. CaseFox

CaseFox dashboard

CaseFox is a free billing software designed for attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals to help them in their practice management. It is a multi-user, role-based solution that allows you to manage billing, invoicing, trust funds, case documents, expenses, payments, clients, and more. CaseFox simplifies time and expense tracking for both billable and non-billable time; handles multiple trust and operating accounts; creates task and calendar items for cases; and offers a docketing module to track case-related events.

Dubbed as the expert solution for billing management, CaseFox streamlines billing tasks by automatically using time entry records for creating invoices. You can export entered time data and case notes to Excel and PDF format, configure different hourly rates for different cases, utilize an income expense ledger, as well as use a desktop timer for easy timekeeping.

Detailed CaseFox Review


Its client and case management feature lets you keep all information in one place, export and import client information list, and control selected user access to cases. You also get a dashboard, calendaring, and reports so you can view and get updated on unpaid invoices, upcoming tasks, unbilled hours for each client/case, year to date summaries, upcoming/overdue docketed items and lots more, all in one place.

The cloud-based platform comes with native Android and iOS mobile apps and integrates with Xero and QuickBooks accounting, Google apps, and online storage Dropbox and Box. While the basic version is free, there are three paid plans available at affordable monthly subscription rates.

19. Lawcus

Lawcus dashboard

Lawcus is a simple visual legal case management software that brings together collaboration, conversation, and automation functions in one platform to help you deliver quality service to your clients. Its features include time and expense tracking, workflow automation, document assembly and management, contact management, email integration, secure client portal, workspaces and teams, bank-grade security, and support for major international languages.

With Lawcus, legal practitioners can visualize their matters with Kanban boards using drag-and-drop functionality to add tasks, documents, appointments, and others. They get to view tasks and activities as they progress, and keep digital matter files in the cloud so they can work anytime and anywhere.

Detailed Lawcus Review


Native mobile apps are available to facilitate work on the go. All daily processes and workflows, such as document creation from pre-saved templates, can be automated for more efficiency. You can easily associate your emails with matters just by dragging them to your matters folder. You can also streamline client communication with a secure client portal where you can assign tasks and share documents.

Lawcus provides a workspace feature, giving you the ability to create online spaces for each of your teams where they can collaborate with in-house or external counsels on assignments and cases.Lawcus is available in three pricing plans starting with the standard package at $39/user per month which includes a dozen core features and unlimited client/guest users.

20. DPS Software

DPS Software dashboard

DPS Software is a UK legal technology company that has been providing software products covering various law areas such as crime, conveyancing, and personal injury. Its practice management software includes tools for case management, digital dictation, legal accounting, and secure client portal. The web-based practice management software is intended to help legal practitioners view their files, create attendance notes, record time, dictate, as well as remotely send and receive emails.

DPS is billed as “one” system with one database that houses all the tools you need in one platform—as opposed to integrated components—enabling you to work efficiently, track your work, and drive the growth of your law firm.

Detailed DPS Software Review


The software is a combination of different solutions including case management, integrated legal accounting, digital dictation, automated Excel reports, per user screens for live caseloads, matter management, client portal for case tracking, and mobile apps with the newly introduced DPS iTime and DPS SafeChat apps for secure one-to-one communications.

The software is capable of generating full graphical practice management reports like fee earner targets and fees receivable and rendered; practice average costs per case; business source profiling and analysis; real-time practice management business intelligence; and KPIs on individual and team members for performance monitoring. Likewise, its high-level tracking allows partners and practice managers to easily manage individual productivity time with full risk management at every step.

Making a case for your next law practice management software

Lawyers need all the help they can get, especially if they’re starting with smaller firms. This is because these organizations have no manpower to spare to keep their affairs in order and direct their focus on the cases that matter. For such firms, an intuitive and powerful software that can eliminate tedious administrative tasks—at a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually—is a godsend.

This is where our top pick, Zola Suite, shines. It can certainly do all these with additional features, including contact management, document automation, and billing and accounting. And it gives you the ability to manage and track your legal cases, all packaged in a secure environment with military-grade encryption. If you want to know more about the features, you can easily sign up for a free trial of Zola Suite.

Legal case management software can do most tasks that other applications do, except probably a more robust project management suite. If you’re interested, you can check out our project management software list for a better overview of these applications, especially if your firm is growing quickly.