Signage Management Software

Signage Management Software aims to solve this problem with a modern, easy to use and cost-effective solution that allows non-technical users to gather accurate and timely data.

Signs and banners are used to promote a product or service. These signs and banners are placed at strategic locations and display information about the services provided as well as contact details. Utilizing signage software for sign and banner management helps in streamlining the process thereby saving valuable time.

Did you know that there’s a lot more to signage management than designing signs, printing, and installing them? That’s where Signage Management Software comes in.

Signage Management Software

Here we will review and compare the top Digital Signage Software for circulating important messages, brand awareness, attracting customers’ attention, etc:

The term digital signage refers to displaying videos, marketing messages, and digital images on technologies like LED walls, projection, or LCD monitors. It is commonly used in promotions, service offerings, social media streams, company memos, emergency messages, and so on.

There is various digital signage software available for the same like Yodeck, Novisign, Telemetry TV, ScreenCloud, Optisign, and many more.

First, let us understand the components and benefits of Digital Signage Software.

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  • Digital Signage Software Review
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • List Of The Top Digital Signage Software
    • Comparison Of Best Digital Signage Companies
    • #1) Yodeck
    • #2) Novisign
    • #3) TelemetryTV
    • #4) ScreenCloud
    • #5) OptiSigns
    • #6)
    • #7) Screenly OSE
    • #8) OnSign TV
    • #9) Concerto
    • #10) Viewneo
    • Other Notable Software
  • Conclusion
    • Recommended Reading

Digital Signage Software Review

Best Digital Signage Software Video00:2312:30EXPLORE MOREPython Introduction and Installation (Tutorial # 1)12:31Handle Window Pop Up Using AutoIt (Tutorial #21)26:32Assertion Methods and its Implementation…09:24Python Control Statements (Tutorial # 7)13:14Gatling feeders18:23End to End Example of Using Specflow And Selenium…11:51Creation of Keyword Driven Framework Part II (Tutorial #12)29:32TOP 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities Explained with…15:04Python Conditional Statements (Tutorial # 5, Part-1)13:57Assertion Methods and its Implementation…13:57

Components of Digital Signage:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Installation
  • Content
  • Procurement
Digital Signage Software

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Components of Digital Signage Software:

  • Media player software.
  • Content management software.
  • Device management software.
  • Content creation software.

Benefits of digital signage-

  • Boost visibility
  • Brings Aesthetic appeal
  • Up-to-date information
  • Personalized messaging
  • Easy updates and editing
  • Demonstrating currency and relevance

Market Trends: According to Verified Market Research, the market share of Digital Signage Software is expected to rise with a CAGR of 10.89% from $5.87 billion in 2019 to $12.96 billion by 2027.


Expert Advice: To select software for your need of digital signage, you need to check for the pricing plans as per your budget and some essential features as per your need to subscribe for the right plan, taking in mind the features suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do digital signage systems work?

Answer: It works electronically on LED, LCD, or plasma displays by displaying different messages as per the requirements. The player decodes content to display it visually on the screens in a more attractive way than the traditional ones.

Q #2) What are the types of signage?

Answer: There are many types of signage. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Wall signs
  2. Pylon signs (pole signs)
  3. Sidewalk sign
  4. Roll-up banners
  5. Informational signage
  6. Window and floor graphics
  7. Vehicle graphics.

Q #3) What is digital signage advertising?

Answer: It refers to the delivery of content or digital messages on devices generally located on the point of sale to increase brand recall, to take advantage of synergies at the point of sale, to get the attention of customers, to improve the user experience, and so on.

Q #4) How much does Yodeck cost?

Answer: Yodeck pricing starts at $7.99 per month. Its pricing is categorized into three plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, which cost $7.99, $9.99, and $12.99 per month, respectively.

Q #5) What does digital signage do?

Answer: It helps in promoting the brand, circulating important messages, brand awareness, attracting customers’ attention, and more.

Q #6) How do you create digital signage?

Answer: You can create digital signage with 5 simple steps:

  1. Create a Google Drive Slideshow
  2. Set up a screen
  3. Publish to the web
  4. Create the file
  5. Open the created HTML file and full screen it.

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List Of The Top Digital Signage Software

Enlisted below are the top digital signage companies:

  1. Yodeck
  2. NoviSign
  3. TelemetryTV
  4. ScreenCloud
  5. OptiSigns
  6. Screenly OSE
  7. OnSign TV
  9. Concerto
  10. Viewneo

Comparison Of Best Digital Signage Companies

YodeckCloud, SaaS, Web-BasedEmail/Help Desk
Phone Support
Between $7.99-12.99 per month5/5
NovisignCloud Hosted
Open API
Contact for pricing4.8/5
TelemetryTVCloud HostedWindows
Between $54-700 per month.4.8/5
ScreenCloudCloud HostedWindows
Between $60-1000 per month4.7/5
OptiSignsCloud, SaaS, Web-BasedMac, Windows, Linux, ChromebookBetween $5-14 per month4.7/5

Let us review the software below:

#1) Yodeck

Best for designing, scheduling, and displaying content professionally.


Yodeck is a world-class digital signage software. It is a cloud-based, easy-to-use software that helps in designing, scheduling, and displaying content on the web that impacts visitors.

It helps in making the websites or screens stand out through its free widgets like date & time, daily weather, analog clock, and many more. It gets started in seconds by just creating an account, getting a Yodeck player, uploading media, and clicking the apply option.

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  • Shows media (image, audio, video, document file, web pages, and more) on-screen through simple drag & drop.
  • Provides easy setup with free templates and widgets that support any screen resolution.
  • Easy monitoring and managing of screens with intuitive scheduling, auto upgrades, and more.
  • Provides excellent security through safe IP addresses, two-factor authentication, player secure lockdown, and restricted access.

Verdict: Yodeck is recommended for its affordable professional features of monitoring and managing content for attracting visitors’ attention.


  • Standard- $7.99 per month
  • Pro- $9.99 per month
  • Enterprise- $12.99 per month

=> Visit Yodeck Website

#2) Novisign

Best for sending content to any screen at any time from anywhere.


Novisign is a secure and super simple digital signage software. It facilitates visual communication in the areas of schools, healthcare, retail, and so on. It provides features like digital signage studio, templates, widgets, playlist scheduling, integrations, and touch screen.

It monitors the screen and provides detailed reports and analytics. It provides free support for a skilled team at every level.


  • Facilitates corporate communication through sharing HR updates, company bulletins, and so on.
  • Helps in school communication by distributing campus news and faculty announcements.
  • Creates digital menu boards by adding descriptions, prices, and images.
  • Easy to use and accessible.
  • Provides free templates and widgets.
  • Schedules playlist within seconds.
  • Provides touch screen lobby systems.

Verdict: Novisign is best for its simple and easy interface for sending content to any screen at any time and from anywhere. It provides a 30-day free trial.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Novisign

#3) TelemetryTV

Best for transforming screens into a powerful engagement tool.


TelemetryTV is a cloud-based powerful signage software that helps in communication and content management. It has been used by top companies all over the world, like Starbucks, Databricks, and many more. It helps in managing and controlling content to make it powerful and intuitive.

It comes with applications and integrations along with the toolkit. Through this, the users can manage the network very easily by automatic provisioning, uptime reporting, and working offline.


  • Creates engaging and attractive content through drag-and-drop features or adding videos.
  • Enables to customize, control, and keep the content fresh.
  • Displays 70+ integrated apps securely and allows you to design anything with Canva.
  • Helps in managing the network at scale through automatic provisioning and on-time reporting.
  • Facilitates playlist content scheduling.
  • Provides powerful APIs to the organizations to create custom applications, rule sets, and provisioning protocols.

Verdict: TelemetryTV is recommended for its features that help in communicating and scaling content to the right people at the right time. It also offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Starter- $54 per month
  • Standard- $280 per month
  • Plus- $700 per month

Website: TelemetryTV

#4) ScreenCloud

Best for driving engagement, productivity, and sales with digital signage.


ScreenCloud is barrier-free digital signage software that drives engagement, productivity, and sales with digital signage. It ensures enterprise-grade security and easy content management. It supports and securely shows various dashboards from different applications.

It improves the productivity of teams through sharing real-time data that helps in decision-making and ultimately leads to long-term gains in productivity or performance.


  • Easily accessible from any hardware after building the network.
  • ScreenCloud Studio enables content and screen management easily and intuitively.
  • Keeps the account secure through SSO, custom permissions, audit logging, and SOC2 compliance.
  • Helps in broadcasting live meetings and events easily.
  • Provides other useful features like displaying dashboards, GraphQL API, 60+ integrations, and so on.

Verdict: ScreenCloud is best for providing security while managing content. It provides enterprise-grade security, audit logging, and user controls like SSO and custom permissions. It also provides a free trial of 14-days.


  • Starter- $60 per month
  • Teams- $450 per month
  • Business- $1000 per month
  • Custom- contact for pricing.

Website: ScreenCloud

#5) OptiSigns

Best for making any screen a digital sign with ease.


OptiSigns is a signage software that enables users to create attractive and engaging content and manage the digital signs with its simple and easy-to-use features. It brings the screens to life with apps like Google Data Studio, Facebook, Trello, Instagram, and many more.

It provides advanced analytics and AI through real-time playback reports and audience insight, which helps change/display real-time relevant content.


  • Supports various formats of audio, video, and images like jpg, png, gif, BMP, mp4, and more.
  • Provides its apps feature to put useful content on screens such as social media, weather, and Google Slides.
  • Enables to create a customized playlist that includes image, video, web link, apps.
  • Scheduling content is provided with flexible and powerful scheduling options.
  • Other valuable features include screen orientation support, screen zones, working offline, auto restart, and so on.
  • Tracks playback of the content through providing a Proof-of-play Report feature.

Verdict: OptiSigns is recommended for its features to create beautiful content and manage digital signage like playlist, schedule, different file support, and so on. It provides a 30-day free trial.


  • Standard- $10 per screen per month
  • Pro- $12.50 per screen per month
  • Pro plus- $14 per screen per month
  • Enterprise- Contact for pricing.
  • Add on- $5 per screen per month.

Website: OptiSigns


Best for designing, deploying, and analyzing digital experiences without coding.

signgage is a free digital signage software that enables its users to design, distribute and analyze the content without writing a single line of code.

It enables the users to create multi-touch apps through its interactive digital signage & kiosk solutions that include picking templates and running under a minute, GPU-powered smoothness, drag-and-drop design, and detailed reports. Other features include pay with crypto, easy start, signage stats, and more.


  • Enable to drag and drop the information to screen or playlist that matters to the audience.
  • Build the work once to use it anywhere on browsers, PCs, tablets, mobile devices, Smart TVs, and on set-top boxes.
  • Provides detailed analytics reports of your campaigns to measure clicks, the effectiveness of campaigns, and ROI.
  • Provides future-proof kiosk solutions with any need for coding skills.
  • Supports the latest web standards like HTML5, Flash, HD videos, MRSS, and more.
  • Other features include proof of play reports, access control, animation, rote touch, unlimited cloud storage, and more.

Verdict: is a reasonable software as it offers 90% features in its free plan. It is best for designing, deploying, and analyzing content with any need for coding experience.


  • Free- Free forever
  • Enterprise Edition- $49 per month.
  • MediaServer- $895 one time.


#7) Screenly OSE

Best for easy setup, unlimited screens, flexible content, and online management.


Screenly OSE is a digital signage software that gets set up easily in three steps: connect, upload and manage. It provides a pocket-size Screenly player that turns any modern TV or monitor into a digital sign.

It displays content with full HD resolution and can optimize the content automatically for the screens. It enables users to easily manage the content, create different playlists and schedule them to be played on different screens.


  • Enables any TV to turn into a digital sign with zero downtime, rock-solid stability, and discrete size.
  • Display full HD content, including images, videos, and live web pages.
  • Provides an intuitive interface to create, schedule, and upload content.
  • Manages multiple screens from a single account.
  • Provides a cloud-based easy and quick setup process.
  • Provides bulletproof security to avoid hackers compromising the digital sign.

Verdict: Screenly OSE is best for its feature of easy scheduling. It can create playlists and schedules for next month in advance.


  • Monthly- $35.95 per 2 screens per month
  • On-time- $198 per 2 screen players
  • Enterprise- Contact for pricing.

Website: Screenly OSE

#8) OnSign TV

Best for fitting any digital signage project into only one CMS.


OnSign TV is a professional CMS platform for managing signage screens. It is fully packed with powerful features to empower professional signage operators. It provides easy drag and drops content editing tools.

It is helpful in monitoring or managing the users and user groups with features like creating roles for multiple users, granular user management, and so on. It generates various reports for better decision-making, like proof-of-play reports, automatic scheduled reports, and more.


  • Manages users through creating roles, assigning specific privileges, and so on.
  • Generates reports like automatic scheduled reports, reports for specific time or date, etc.
  • Helps in creating and managing content through drag-and-drop feature, file format support, FTP & SFTP. support and more.
  • Playlist management includes playlist cycling, time duration tracking, visual creation, and so on.
  • Provides full-proof security with account login tracking, two-factor authentication, audit log, etc.
  • Provides cloud infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Provides remote player management and monitoring.

Verdict: OnSign TV is best for its features that help in fitting any digital signage project into only one CMS. It offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card requirements.


  • Professional- $19.99 per player per month.
  • Enterprise- $29.99 per player per month.

Website: OnSign TV

#9) Concerto

Best for broadcasting messages for digital signage.


Concerto is a free web-based digital signage software that helps its users to broadcast messages of events, services, and other necessary items on screens.

It provides its services free of cost as it is released under the Apache Software Licence v2, so it is open-source software that can be redistributed or modified. It facilitates sharing of information across the world with modern web technologies and API.


  • Easily connect or engage the community via graphical, video, and textual messages.
  • Open-source web-based software.
  • Highlights one message with a pool of other messages to different locations and audiences.
  • With this software, you can host the message on flat-panel televisions, mobile phones, personal screensavers, and other websites.
  • Reduces the cost as it is free to use, you just need to pay for hardware.
  • Fully compatible with new generation smartphones or mobile devices.

Verdict: Concerto is recommended for its reasonable pricing, as it is free to use and deploy. It provides affordable hardware prices with a flexible architecture.

Pricing: Free

Website: Concerto

#10) Viewneo

Best for AI-controlled smart store solution of digital signage.


Viewneo is a cloud-based digital signage software that helps users to make digital signage screens with ease. It provides solutions for all industries, including healthcare, retail, the public sector, and more.

It provides customizable solutions with individual packages with transparent pricing. It provides online content designing, RSS feeds, 200+ designed templates, template plugins, access control, live tracker, reports, API plugin, and many more powerful features.


  • Supports file formats including JPEG, video, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Provides user management and an unlimited playlist.
  • Supports all kinds of information to be published on screens.
  • Provides customizable individual packages with transparent pricing.
  • Includes over 200 in-built templates and allows you to customize one that is reusable.
  • Provides a feature to design the content online for your presentations.
  • Easily get started in three steps: create content, organize playlist and connect the player.