Sign Software With Certificate

Sign software with certificate, can be use in Adobe software and other application that use signature so the document or the email has been used it for validation purpose

Sign software with a certificate to make your software more credible, which helps the software penetrate the market. Certificates also improve search engine ranking, which makes obtaining search engine rankings easier and quicker.

You want to distribute your software and turn it into something that can be a recurring source of income in your life. The only problem is, you need to sign the code. If you’re thinking about purchasing a signature file and saving money, think again. That utility will only work again before the trial limit is up. It’s not worth it – you’ll have to buy another when it runs out.

Sign Software With Certificate

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Code signing certificates are digital certificates that contain information that fully identifies an entity and are issued by a Certificate Authority such as GlobalSign. The digital certificate binds the identity of an organization to a public key that is mathematically related to a private key pair. The use of private and public key systems is called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The developer signs code with its private key and the end user uses the developer’s public key to verify the developer’s identity.

Signing Code with a Code Signing Certificate

The digital certificate is marked for the specific use of digitally signed code, in PKI this is referred to as Key Usage. Below is an example of a GlobalSign digital certificate marked for code signing.

When a digital signature is applied, a timestamp is also recorded. This timestamping feature acts to ensure the signed code remains valid even after the digital certificate expires. Unless you’re adding additional code or making changes to the code, a new signature does not need to be applied (even if the digital certificate used to initially sign the code expires).

Code Signing helps prove…

Content Source
Code signing identifies that the software or application is coming from a specific source (a developer or signer). When software is downloaded from the internet, browsers will exhibit a warning message stating the possible dangers of downloading data, or display an “unknown publisher” warning. Code signing removes the “Unknown Publisher” security warnings and identifies the Publisher’s name (ie. organization name).

Content Integrity
Code signing ensures that a piece of code has not been altered and determines whether code is trustworthy for a specific purpose. If the application/ software code is tampered with or altered after digitally signing, the signature will appear invalid and untrusted. Signing code is beneficial for users downloading applications and beneficial for developers. Users are assured who they are downloading software from and can decide whether or not to trust the source. Developers can mark their “brand” and protect their software from unwanted changes

What type of Code Signing Certificates are there?

Code Signing Certificate software digitally encrypts online data and help prevent third party access while downloading software from the original publisher. Code Signing Certificates are incredibly influential to consumers who want to authenticate an online software publisher’s identity before downloading the software.

Code Signing Certificate helps build trust and confidence in the consumer because they know their download is secure. Code Signing Certificates also help the software publisher track the number of downloads of particular software. Code Signing Certificates are available for all types of devices that connect to the Internet. However, the most popular and highest selling Code Signing Certificates are for desktops and mobile devices as per Certificate Authority (CA) Symantec™.

Types of Code Signing Certificates

Desktop Type Code Signing Certificates


Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Authenticode

Deploy your digital signature with different encryption algorithms for 32-bit or 64-bit user-modes (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files) and kernel-mode software. This Code Signing Certificate version is specially designed and produced for Microsoft Windows programs. Read More >>>


Code Signing Certificates for Java

Digitally sign .jar files, Netscape files and Java applications for desktop and mobile devices. Recognized by Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Read More >>>


Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Office and VBA

A fully recognized and successfully tested security certificate for Microsoft Office and third-party applications using VBA.Digitally sign VBA objects, scripts and macros for Microsoft Office .doc, .xls, and .ppt files. Read More >>>


Code Signing Certificates for Adobe AIR

Digitally sign .air or .airi files. Required for all AIR-based applications. Read More >>>

Mobile Type Code Signing Certificates


Code Signing Certificates for Windows Phone

Stay secure with Code Signing Certificates for Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications. Required for Microsoft App Hub service.


Code Signing Certificates for Windows® Phone Private Enterprise

Encrypted signature code for Windows Phone Private Enterprise applications. Required for organizations using Microsoft’s Windows Phone Dev Center.


Signing Service for Java Verified

Sign Java ME applications within the Java Verified Program framework.


Digital Code Signing Certificate for Android

Sign and optimize highly demanded and trusted .apk files for the Android OS platform. It’s easy to manage and automatically keeps track of certificate keys. Access a full report of signing activity within the Certificate Authority (CA) Code Signing Portal.


Authentic Document IDs for Brew

Become a successful, commercial Brew developer, and digitally notarize Brew application with this Code Signing Certificate.