Shutter Count Software For Canon

Shutter count is a program that analyses the shutter actuations in a Canon camera. It can be used in the form of recording medium and be attached to the camera, or can be used in the compact version (developed independently) and operated separately.

I was once asked if there are tools that do a shutter count for independent repair shops servicing Canon’s. I didn’t even know such tools existed! So I had to look. And I found quite a few. While some of the software’s purpose is to identify the serial number of your camera for registration or warranty purposes, some also will do a shutter count on your camera.

Are you the type of photographer who takes pride in the number of shutter actuations on your camera? The shutter count tells a lot about a camera and it’s condition.

Shutter Count Software For Canon

If you are about to buy an old DSLR camera, checking the shutter count is a wise decision. Because shutter count matters more than the age of the camera. You may not know but the DSLR cameras come with average shutter actuation and after that certain shutter count, you need to replace the camera’s mechanical shutter.

What is a Camera Shutter Count?

Shutter count basically means the number of times you took a picture or fired your camera’s shutter. By checking the camera shutter count you can get an idea that how many times the camera has been used. Also, shutter count matters because every DSLR camera comes with different shutter life.

Shutter Count
Shutter Count

Whenever you buy a new camera, you can check the specification, and the shutter rating will be mentioned there. This shutter rating basically means the average expected amount of shutter count you are going to get from that specific camera model. But that count is just an estimate, sometimes you get more than expected, and sometimes the shutter needs to be replaced before reaching the expected shutter count.

How to Check the Shutter Count?

Some cameras come with built-in information and sometimes you can check the shutter count using a software or website. There are so many methods and it varies from brand to brand. You can search for the model on this website and find the process to check the shutter count for that particular model.

Always make sure to check the shutter count of the camera especially if you are buying an old one. If the shutter count is high you can always ask for a discount, because you may need to replace the shutter soon. Not only in the old camera but checking the shutter count in the new camera is also wise.

Shutter Actuations for Your Camera Model


Finding Canon shutter counts can be difficult. For Windows devices, you’ll need to download an application named EOS Info in order to obtain shutter counts. Although this program includes a few other useful features, shutter count is the one you’ll probably use the most frequently. Check Canon Shutter Count here.


The shutter count information is added to each JPG image’s EXIF data by both Nikon and Pentax cameras. To find the shutter count, you must visit


In order to check the shutter count on your Sony camera, you must utilize a third-party website. The website will show your shutter count when you upload an original JPG or ARW file directly from your camera.

Olympus Cameras

Users of Olympus cameras can access the camera’s menu to learn how many shutter actuations have occurred. Just carry out these actions.

  1. Turn the camera on
  2. Open the memory card door
  3. Press “PLAY” +” OK” at the same time
  4. Press on the dial, in the following order: up, down, left, right
  5. Depress the shutter release button fully
  6. Press up on the dial

Knowing the shutter actuation count of a camera is crucial when looking to buy or sell one. The lifespan of each camera varies, and this indicates how many times the shutter has fired. Just like when purchasing a car, you would always check the mileage before making a decision.

People Also Asks

How many shutter actuations are too many?

The shutter actuation rating of cameras like the Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mark II is roughly 400,000. These are flagship bodies, though, and the less expensive the camera is, the less robust its mechanics will be.

It is reasonable to assume that the majority of cameras have a lifespan of about 200,000 shutter actuations. As a result, the majority of buyers are searching for used cameras with a maximum actuation range of 50–60,000. Better is having fewer.

Why Does Shutter Actuation Count Matter?

All digital cameras have a lifespan since their electronic and moving parts eventually wear out (though the Nikon Z9, having eschewed a mechanical shutter, presumably has a much longer lifespan in this regard).
Since this is a good predictor of how worn the camera will be before it needs new parts through service or before it needs to be replaced entirely if the expense of restoring it is uneconomical, the life expectancy is calculated in shutter actuations (individual images).