Shop Floor Management Software

Shop floor management software allows businesses to manage the job-to-shop flow more effectively. It provides a number of benefits like having real-time visibility, easy communication, process optimization and more.

Are you looking for a better way to manage your operations? If yes, here’s some of the best shop floor management software that you should consider.

Warehouse management software helps monitor the flow of orders and materials between companies, track inventory, and manage customer and vendor relationships.  Shop floor management software is designed to help warehouse managers keep a grip on their company’s inventory and operations, including supply chain and distribution management requirements.

 Shop Floor Management Software

What is Shop Floor Management Software?

Shop floor management software, also known as shop floor control software, enable production and manufacturing plants to manage all aspects of the shop floor, including job costing, inventory control and management, time tracking, materials, production analytics, and more. Compare the best Shop Floor Management software currently available using the table below.

  • M1ECi Software SolutionsM1 is a subscription cloud-based or on-premise ERP software for discrete manufacturers, enabling you to tie your business operations together in one system to centralize your data. It lets you coordinate and share data across various functions within your business from estimating, purchasing, inventory management, scheduling, production, shipping, and more. The solution is suitable for small to midsize companies that manufacture via repetitive, make-to-stock, make-to-order and engineer-to-order processes. M1’s product configurator provides a multi-level, automated configuration that builds product configurations from a BOM. Users can also add additional rules and formulas after the wizard is complete. The system also offers features for inventory barcoding, shop floor control and customizable reporting through integration with Crystal Reports. Other key features include MRP, Alerts and Automation, BAM, “Smart Screen Technology”, and the M1 Design Studio to customize M11 ReviewStarting Price: $30,000/startingPartner badgeView SoftwareVisit Website
  • Predator SoftwarePredator SoftwareSince 1994, Predator Software focuses on automating manufacturers worldwide with innovative and award-winning software applications. Predator Software is an industry leader in Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing, industrial networking solutions and automation via shop floor control or SFC. Predator’s SFC technologies include CNC networking, machine monitoring, OEE, production data management, data collection, machine simulation & verification, tool & gage crib management, traveler management, CNC post processing, flexible manufacturing systems and robotic cell control software.Starting Price: $250View SoftwareVisit Website
  • Katana Manufacturing ERPKatana Manufacturing ERPKatana means better production & inventory management. Manage orders, raw materials, finished products, production recipes, manufacturing, sales, and stock. What’s Katana? Katana is a modern manufacturing & inventory management software for scaling small and medium manufacturing businesses. Its visual interface and smart real-time master planning allow manufacturers to get an overview of the entire business. More control Sales order fulfillment and shop floor control app. Katana focuses your attention on getting orders out the door while maintaining optimal inventory. Less admin Automatic inventory flow. Drag-and-drop production scheduling. Integrated with eCommerce and accounting. You can do what you love, Katana takes care of the rest. Simple, yet powerful Easy setup and implementation in just days. The intuitive user interface makes it a joy to use Katana. Manage your products, materials, sales, production, and purchasing with easeStarting Price: $99/monthPartner badgeView SoftwareVisit Website
  • ValueStreamerStaufen. ValueStreamer GmbHValueStreamer is your one stop digital shopfloor management solution. Bring all your KPIs to team specific boards and handle deviation management directly on the KPI and solve problems with binding tasks (PDCA, A3-Report). All KPIs will be aggregated automatically over all given hierarchies. Connect your existing IT infrastructure (e.g. MES, ERP, EDGE…) with ease via the standadized REST-API. Go beyond your common BI solutions and thrive true collaboration within your company and save tons of time, sweat and money. – Target/actual key figures incl. automatic aggregation of KPI values – Linking of top issues, go & see, feedback, actions – Deviation management incl. prioritization in the Pareto chart – T-Cards for process confirmation – Connectivity via REST API to e.g. MES and ERP systems – Mapping of typical company processes in medium-sized businesses such as AAP, product development process, CIP, Kanban3 ReviewsStarting Price: $29.95View Software
  • ProdioProdioProdio is online manufacturing software that allows you to track progress in real-time, giving you a virtual window into your shop floor operations for optimal planning and total shop floor control. It improves communication between the shop floor and the sales team in the office, helping with cost and worker tracking. In addition, you can remove paper orders and spreadsheets to create a paperless manufacturing environment. Online production planning and real-time communication. Shop floor control and work in progress tracking. Orders and products management plus simple inventory. Time and attendance tracking. Products database and your company knowledge management. To start, you need a simple laptop or tablet on the shop floor with access to the Internet. There is a free 14-day trial, and you get set up in under 15 minutes, gaining access to all features without giving any credit card details, additional fees or lock-in contract.Starting Price: $97 per monthView Software
  • MasterControlMasterControlMasterControl Quality Excellence solutions are used by five of the largest regulatory agencies in the United States. A leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, MasterControl helps companies get their life-improving products to market sooner. It does this by providing cloud-based solutions that manage an organizations documents, training and exams, corrective/preventive action, validation, and more. And its not just quality MasterControl has solutions for the entire product lifecycle.2 ReviewsStarting Price: $25,000 / 1st yearView Software
  • DynamicsPrintDynamicsPrintWe are the preferred ERP partner for the printing industry Trusted Microsoft partner As the only gold-certified ISV Partner, we have an ERP solution for the printing industry for Microsoft 365 FO. DynamicsPrint can handle every aspect of your company’s operations – from quoting and production to resource planning and finance. Microsoft is promoting the solution on AppSource No upfront payment It’s a cloud-native, SaaS solution that enables you to access your applications and data at any time from any location. DynamicsPrint seamlessly installs on Microsoft 365 FO. With DynamicsPrint, there’s no upfront payment and no local servers – just fully automated updates. We speak print We are a people-centric company driven by our deep knowledge of the industry and a close relationship with our clients. Our solution was co-developed by experienced shop floor managers from the printing industry – the same people who will pick up the phone when you call for support.1 ReviewView Software
  • Plex Smart Manufacturing PlatformRockwell AutomationDrive plant floor efficiency with high-resolution visibility, error-proofed control, and a real-time production ecosystem that is connected to your ERP—by design. ERP systems weren’t designed for manufacturing execution. Plant floor information available post-production—or “back-flushed”—doesn’t help you control output at the manufacturing moment. Plex’s Manufacturing Execution Suite (Plex MES) gives you real-time production management so you have up-to-the-second manufacturing data—for end-to-end visibility and closed-loop control. Flexible, configurable, cloud-native solution for ease of deployment, standardization and integration to complement your corporate ERP system. Suite of unified shop floor applications on a common database to eliminate the risk of disruptions or errors due to inter-application integrations. Paperless, easy to use, operator control to increase productivity, and eliminate manual process errors.1 ReviewStarting Price: $3000.00 per monthView Software
  • QT9 ERPQT9 SoftwareAll-In-One ERP platform with unlimited scalability. QT9 ERP gives you a fully-integrated solution with real-time visibility. Includes 18+ modules for Bill of Materials, Accounting, Sales Orders, Shipping, Invoicing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Job Scheduling, Shop Floor Manager & more. Digitally transform workflows with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures, electronic batch records, design history records, email reminders & dashboard views. Includes lot & serial number traceability. Digitize your workflows, simplify traceability & protect against recalls. Integrate all your organization’s departments and functions into a single global ERP software. Get a free product tour! Start a Free 30-Day Trial. Visit QT9erp.comStarting Price: $6000.00/one-time/userView Software
  • DataXchangeScytec ConsultingScytec DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise OEE and analytic manufacturing machine monitoring system, and so much more. DataXchange increases overall equipment effectiveness, utilization and shop floor productivity through the use of innovative IIoT technology. DataXchange is compatible with a wide variety of manufacturing machines including CNC’s, PLC’s, robots, welders, and manual machines. Custom shop floor data entry rules can be created to automatically collect shop floor data from a wired or wireless connection on MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS and OPC UA based machines as well as older and manual machines. As the machine data is collected, DataXchange has all the OEE reports, charts, dashboards and notifications you need to analyze the information in a meaningful way as well as triggering notifications, meeting the manufacturing data collection needs of small facilities as well as multi-site enterprise level operations.Starting Price: $45/monthView Software
  • ACTouchAcTouch TechnologiesACTouch, a Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software is a comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP Software) that helps a Digital transformation of Discrete manufacturing, Process Manufacturing or Heavy Engineering companies from their age old software that is conventional, on-premise and expensive one. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s essential to be ready to confront a competitive world. ERP Features solution that enables companies to compete at the prevailing market. A better direction for your existing Manufacturing processes to digitally transform Supply Chain to Production plan integrated with Sales, Procurement and Finance etc. ACTouch Cloud ERP is a Best Manufacturing ERP Software or best accounting ERP software that integrates your order and lead management, purchase and procurement management, production and shop-floor controls, inventory and stores management, accounts and finance, warehouse, import and export departments, etc.Starting Price: $20 per monthView Software
  • FactoryEdgeFactoryEdgeFactoryEdge has the software you need to run your manufacturing company. Software for inventory planning, accounting, material resource planning, ERP, MRP and operation tracking. Get every module and every feature included. No add-ons or surprises. Use what you need without ever paying extra. Build item routing by creating and manage operations. Both inside and outside operations are supported. Attach drawings and specifications for later use on the shop floor. Inside operations are used to build the traveler documents. Floor users can clock into operations to track status and cost. Printed documentation shows all operations, and material needed. The report can be customized to capture additional information.Starting Price: $95 per user per monthView Software
  • MISys ManufacturingManufacturing Information SystemsMISys Manufacturing is a reliable cloud-based and on-premises manufacturing software solution purpose-built for small to midsize businesses. Simple to install, quick to implement, and easy to use, MISys Manufacturing helps businesses reduce inventory costs, eliminate purchasing errors, improve production efficiency, and analyze production costs more accurately. Providing low cost of ownership a flexibility in a modular design, MISys Manufacturing features a host of capabilities that include advanced production and purchasing, shop floor control, material requirements planning, bin tracking, labor tracking, serial/lot tracking, bar coding, custom reporting, and more. The solution also integrates seamlessly with popular accounting applications such as Sage 50, Sage 50 Canada, Sage 300, and QuickBooks.Starting Price: $3995.00/one-timeView Software
  • IMCO-CIMAG MESIMCO SoftwareManufacturing is not a “one size fits all” industry when it comes to software technologies. Small to midsized manufacturers should be able to have access to customized solutions just like large corporations do. IMCO Software makes this possible for manufacturers of any size. Designed with smaller businesses in mind, IMCO – CIMAG MES helps manufacturers become more productive, increase efficiency, and lower costs. Real time communication of QC issues, automatic adjustment to QC fields, avoiding errors through preventative maintenance. Realistic, up-to-date production schedule, reducing response time to issues, reducing working capital tied up in inventory, real time visibility across the entire company. Experience real time visibility like never before with our global monitoring. IMCO – CIMAG MES is a state of the art shop floor control system that meets all 14 ISO requirements.Starting Price: $361.16 per monthView Software
  • Macola 10ECi Software SolutionsIncrease the speed and accuracy of doing business in today’s complex manufacturing environment and streamline operations like never before! With the new innovations available in Macola 10, you can easily configure your own workspaces at the user level – without the need for developers or consultants. Turn static data into consumable, usable information, set up business activity monitoring to automatically execute actions when triggers are met, and improve collaboration organization-wide with workflow, document management and customer relationship management capabilities – all included. Macola 10, offers 24/7 anywhere access via web services and mobile apps, built-in CRM, business intelligence and automated workflows. Macola 10 empowers you to manage core business functions such as project management, finance, HR and CRM, as well as streamline business process management—including automation, workflows and document management.Starting Price: $70.00/month/userView Software
  • frePPLefrePPLeFrePPLe is open-source software with an open core that you can access in the community edition. We deeply value transparency, which is why you can access a free trial, public pricing, live demo, online documentation, community edition, etc. FrePPLe comprises modern architecture and APIs. It can be hosted in the cloud and it’s easy to integrate and adapted to the New Ways of Working. Implementing free in 10 to 12 weeks is routine. No endless delays. No 6-digit project. Anticipate your supply needs. Let your planners and sales teams work together. Plan your inventory by computing safety stocks, reordering frequencies and quantities based on inventory policies. Set up tailored inventory policies for your products segments. Reorder on time, and only when it’s time. Cut down on stockouts and overstocks in your inventory. Determine how often you should replenish your inventory.View Software
  • Cetec ERPCetec ERPCetec ERP is a cloud-based manufacturing enterprise resource planning solution that caters to midsize and large businesses and helps them to manage various components of the manufacturing process i.e inception of a job, procurement, inventory control, supply chain management, and shop floor management. Included in the solution are modules such as inventory control, sales and job costing, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, scheduling, quality assurance, mobile warehousing and more. Cetec ERP’s purchasing module allows users to manage their procurement processes, convert requests for quotation (RFQs) to purchase orders, create lists of materials and more. The CRM module helps sales teams respond to customers, track communication history and create sales history reports. Reports can be generated by product or by customer. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via email, phone and through other online resourceStarting Price: $40.00/month/userView Software
  • Rootstock Cloud ERPRootstock SoftwareGartner is seeing significant signs of revival and increased investment in ERP initiatives. Read these 2022 ERP Predictions from Gartner. Our Cloud ERP software improves operational agility to adapt quickly to customer needs and business changes. Connect people, data and things. Rootstock Cloud ERP software allows you to stay in close touch with your customers, suppliers and employees. Rootstock is a modern, cloud-based ERP solution built on the market leading Salesforce Cloud Platform, designed exclusively for Manufacturers, Distributors and Supply Chain organizations. Our Cloud ERP software has the flexibility, intelligence and connectivity companies need to compete and grow in the current business climate; especially in a world where remote connectivity for employees, customers and suppliers is critical. Its flexible design supports a variety of business models and manufacturing modes including Build to Stock,Starting Price: $175 per monthView Software
  • TulipTulipTulip’s flexible, no-code frontline operations platform helps manufacturers create front-end applications that guide operators, collect data from workers, machines, and devices, and track metrics against your KPIs. With Tulip, companies can digitally transform their operations in days, gaining real-time visibility of their operations to increase productivity, reduce errors, and drive continuous improvement.Starting Price: $1200/station/yearView Software
  • Shop Floor AutomationsShop Floor AutomationsDNC Software for any brand, connection type, or the age of CNC machine. Machine monitoring & CNC data collection delivers real-time analytics & OEE metrics to boost shop floor networking and efficiency. Revision control & document management through production data management to meet ISO standards. Works with protocols such as MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS, and OPC UA. Organize your tool crib & take control of your tooling inventory. Embrace the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Connect your machines with the latest wireless & wired serial hardware, proven with hundreds of controls. Revolutionize your shop floor by adding Ethernet connectivity to any CNC. Replace floppy disk drives. Add USB ports to machine controls to simplify transfers. Improve your shop floor network. Make your legacy machines last longer. We also specialize in RS232 serial cabling. Shop Floor Automations has the knowledge & tools to automate your plant.View Software
  • Shop Floor IQShop Floor IQKeep your product going out the door while you build a culture of accountability and continuous improvement with the ideal shop floor management platform for small to mid-size manufacturers. Create a team of consistently high performers who take pride in their craftsmanship with configurable, centrally-controlled Takt, or Task timers that you can manage from the shop floor, the top floor, or by the calendar. Use as many timers as you need and share them between stations, or configure timers for each station. Prevent downtime through effective communication. You can produce more and waste less by dispatching quality inspectors, weld inspectors, management and critical machinery/assets to a station when needed. Set up as many dispatch queues as you need and designate resources as primary, secondary or backup on one or more queues.Starting Price: $149 per monthView Software
  • Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise EditionApteanFrom shop floor to delivery, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition offers complete visibility into your single-site operation. The result? You can streamline operations, improve efficiencies, manage complexity and grow your business. Select from 8 suites and over 45 applications to maximize the success of your operation—such as Shop Floor Control and Visual Scheduling, CAD integration, CRM, Product Configurator, Capacity Requirements Planning, Mobile Metrics. Manage shop floor changes, quality and machine maintenance schedules while accounting for real-world constraints including labor skills, materials and tooling availability with our comprehensive discrete manufacturing ERP toolset. Our award-winning Aptean CRM software is tightly integrated with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP. With sales, marketing automation and customer service functions you gain a complete view of every contact and can use powerful tools to manage opportunities and improve relationships.View Software
  • SMARTer ManagerSMe SoftwareSMARTer Manager – Easy to use, configurable, manufacturing management software. 30 years of manufacturing ERP software solutions for manufacturers like you. Which product is right for you? 1000’s have profited from implementing our Manufacturing ERP Software system. We have a solution for manufacturing pains from cradle to grave and more. Standard to Enterprise, it’s your vision. No Hassle Software Demo- it’s our promise. Manufacturers, move beyond accounting software, spreadsheets & homegrown software to integration and ease of use. SMe Software’s products & their capabilities. Brochures designed to inform you about the features, benefits and integration of manufacturing ERP software system. SMe Software’s core manufacturing software solution for small to mid-size manufacturers starts with SMARTer Manager. Developed with a full suite of ERP software tools for any size business and is available in a Standard Edition, Mid-Size Edition, and an Enterprise Edition.View Software
  • WinMAGIManufacturing Action GroupWinMAGI software provides tangible/relevant solutions for small to medium-sized manufacturers. We deliver our product economically with an easy implementation process so that every manufacturer has the opportunity to gain returns from ERP. Is a perpetual software license, which means you purchase, upfront, the license to use the software indefinitely. MAGI ON-SITE provides a fully-integrated, all-in-one small business management solution that’s deployed, managed, and maintained at your own site. Provides a cost-effective alternative to the upfront capital investment required with MAGI ON-SITE. MAGI TERM is a term license model under which you pay per year (or month) for complete access to our software. Maintained on your server instead of the web, Term does not force you to sacrifice security for upfront cost savings. Sales order entry, CRM, purchasing, warehouse control, shop floor control, MPS, requirements planning, product engineering, and sales CRM.Starting Price: $5,000 one-time paymentView Software
  • ThriveLean TechnologiesThrive is your complete shopfloor toolbox comprised of six modules that seamlessly link to one another in one cohesive platform. Use one module or all six. Personalize the modules to your specific needs and unique processes. Central hub for all shopfloor data. Designed to give clarity to your data collection and processes. Track all actions, tasks, projects, communication, and goals in one place. Web-based, mobile-friendly. Sharable real-time reports and action items. Personalized dashboards and communication tools. ERP and machine integration. Streamline projects and improvement goals. Built in escalation tool with oversight to workflow. Action item notifications, and scheduling tools. Thrive is your all-in-one tool that will keep you, your team, and your entire organization on the same page, accessing the same data and effectively communicating for process, productivity and profit. Thrive is more than a lean manufacturing tool.Starting Price: $600 per user per monthView Software