Service Management Software Solution

Maintaining a well-run service is not just about the staff. You have to ensure that your customers are happy and everything runs smoothly. However, outsourcing these responsibilities comes with its own set of challenges. It’s important to have the right service management software ready for the job.

It’s no secret, implementing new software takes time and energy. Fortunately, the right solution can change your productivity the moment you log into your service management software (SMS).

Many businesses have computer and mobile equipment that need to be serviced or repaired on a regular basis. Some IT service providers work with onsite engineers and some don’t. Some companies are big enough to have their own technicians, yet some can’t afford them. This is where remote management software comes into play. It allows service teams to control various devices remotely through the Internet, so that they can do much of the device management themselves.

 Service Management Software Solution

10 Best IT Service Management Software Systems

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Freshservice: No. 1 In IT Service Management Software

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As the dust settles from the havoc that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought on businesses, many companies found themselves relying on remote teams to handle critical processes, and among these is service management. Despite the challenges that remote support entailed—VPN connectivity and mounting service desk tickets, among others, and an increase in the number of “difficult” calls—IT service management software managed to help agents keep up.

There are over a hundred IT service management software solutions in the market and we at FinancesOnline have gone over most of them to determine which ones are the most reliable, intuitive, advantageous, feature-packed, and client-friendly. For the convenience of our readers and possible future users of these tools, we’ve come up with our list of 10 best IT service management software solutions that have been thoroughly reviewed and scored by our experts. Hopefully, this will let you narrow down your choices more efficiently as you seek to steer your service management efforts through the pandemic.

best it service management software systems

What are the 10 best IT service management software solutions?

  1. Freshservice
  2. Zendesk
  3. SysAid
  4. ConnectWise Automate
  5. LiveAgent
  1. Atera
  2. ActiveBatch
  3. Vivantio
  4. NinjaOne
  5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk

Undeniably, service management is one of the hardest hit business areas when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Many companies experienced problems that resulted in poor customer experience. A survey conducted by Deloitte has revealed an uptick in customer anxiety as can be seen by the increase in “difficult” calls.

The pandemic not only affected customers but employees as well. Employee stress has increased, specifically, customer service agents brought about by difficult calls. A study by USDAW has revealed that one in six retail employees suffer abuse daily due to the pandemic.

customer frustration during covid-19 pandemic

As the problems arose, businesses had no choice but to adapt to the changes. This was accomplished by investing in new technology to allow for the adoption of remote work, new approaches to work, and digital transformation. Such actions have resulted in much healthier service management. Indeed, the uncertainty about the future of service management may have blown over as companies were able to keep up with the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

1. Freshservice

Freshservice Dashboard

Freshservice is an ITIL-ready cloud service desk platform, meaning it is fully capable of providing full ITSM support at any scale to businesses of any type or size. This makes it easy for first-time companies to migrate their system to an ITSM environment, sans the hassles and complexities of such a system shift. With its array of features and built-in configuration management database (CMDB), Freshservice notched a high score from our reviews and an excellent customer satisfaction rating. There is a free trial version of the software offered by the vendor so it’s easy to try it out before you decide on a paid plan and the software is available for free for up t0 3 users. You can easily sign up for Freshservice free trial.

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There are many things to like about Freshservice. Let’s highlight some of its capabilities:

  • convenient adoption and implementation being ITIL-compliant and having a CMDB service desk
  • problem isolation through the association of assets and users with tickets
  • risk mitigation through evaluation of assets and their related incidents
  • deep configuration allows the creation of more than two dozen relationship types plus the ability to establish your own
  • automation of admin tasks across the incident-resolution period to remove repetitive tech support activities
  • flexibility to build and manage the knowledge base; and automation and customization of end-to-end request processing.

Another winning feature is the capacity to manage your assets easily via Freshservice’s CMDB. You can track relationships between assets and users and detect correlated issues on either of them, aside from being able to see specifics such as IP addresses, customer issues, customer details, vendor details, associated costs, warranty, and other similar information. This comes in handy when you need such data immediately. But more than just a record-keeping tool, you can unleash CMDB’s powerful functionality when you link it to Tickets, Problems, Changes, and Releases pages, allowing you to assess and resolve incidents before they become potential problems.

Detailed Freshservice Review


2. Zendesk

Zendesk is currently used by more than 40,000 organizations around the world, which makes it one of the leaders in the pack of help desk solutions. Its pervasive influence can be attributed to its scalability, applicable to a wide range of businesses of any size – from small ones employing a minimum of 5 agents to large, multinational corporations with 500 or more agents. The likes of Groupon and Zappos have trusted Zendesk as the smart choice for their ITSM operations.

The application is cloud-based and is accessible from your desktop or mobile device. It is simple to deploy and implement and can be up and running in minutes once fully installed. It also readily integrates with widely-used channels such as email, chat, web, and social media, making it a handy and flexible help desk platform.

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Zendesk’s line-up of unique features is tailored for companies aiming to boost and enhance their help desk service, particularly for easier tracking, faster delivery, always-on service portals, more intuitive FAQ searches, and a deeper knowledge base. It even reinforces self-service support to allow customers to find solutions for themselves, instead of assigning agents to look after small and probably inconsequential inquiries which eventually eat uptime and productivity.

As expected from an application of this caliber, Zendesk also offers functionalities for branding, customization, reporting and analytics, benchmarking of team performance and customer satisfaction, integration with various apps and business systems (CRM, e-commerce, social media), and many other feature-filled support capabilities.

Detailed Zendesk Review


3. SysAid

SysAid dashboard

SysAid is a full-featured help desk system that unifies help desk solutions and asset management. Designed for mid-sized firms and large enterprises, the platform is equipped with modules that carry solutions for various industries, including education, health care, and manufacturing. At the center of its varied toolset is its ability to automate IT and help desk tasks, from ticket management to the integration of service requests. This is made possible by the system’s configurable workflows, which can be adjusted to fit any type of operation and organizational structure. As such, issues can be reported with a single click, and incidents perpetually routed to the right channels.

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SysAid taps into its asset management functionalities for escalations and other serious concerns. Managers can view all the devices connected to the network and quickly step in when ticketed issues are beyond the capabilities and the job grades of their staff. The system lets them connect to their staff’s machines and resolve submitted concerns. In addition, password resets are automated and can be performed remotely, ensuring that team members have access to their tools.

SysAid supplements its solutions with detailed reports that reflect different aspects of service performance. These include KPIs, issues, incidents, and resolution rates, presented in graphs, charts, and tables. Meanwhile, the platform’s interface can be configured to suit one’s operations and enables managers to set different levels of access to information. This guarantees that sensitive information will be confined only within the provisioned parties. SysAid integrates with reliable solutions like JIRA, Salesforce, and Google Apps.

Detailed SysAid Review


4. ConnectWise Automate


Connectwise Automate is a powerful IT service management system designed to help small and mid-sized firms manage their entire IT infrastructure. Supporting nearly 400 scripts, it automates complex processes like maintenance, software distribution, and issue monitoring, and grants users visibility into the support environment. As such, support and delivery issues can quickly be spotted and resolved. The platform’s automation capabilities extend to the detection of digital assets, which include agent and agentless devices, as it maps out the entire network.

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Besides automation, Connectwise Automate enables managers to monitor users and devices that are part of the network. They can step in for escalations and serious concerns or provide feedback in real-time. By preconfiguring the system’s actions, it can streamline ticket creation and automatically send alerts for every significant development. The system also furnishes solutions for patch management and systems management to ensure that everything is working in order even when faced with emergencies.

To expand its already packed toolset, Connectwise Automate integrates with more than 200 third-party applications, including ticketing automation tool Connectwise Manage and remote control solution Connectwise Control. This allows users to put together solutions that cater to the exact needs of their business. Interested parties can avail of its free trial before deciding on its quote-based plan.

Detailed ConnectWise Automate Review


5. LiveAgent

Liveagent Dashboard

LiveAgent is a top helpdesk software solution used by companies of different types and sizes across the world, including those in the IT, SaaS, and Telco industries. LiveAgent provides a comprehensive set of tools for omnichannel support. Hence, IT service agents can cater to inquiries coming from different channels, from social to live chat. Furthermore, the platform offers customizable ticket management capabilities. As such, users create, maintain, and update workflows to fit their current needs.

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The platform provides agent-facing tools, such as a knowledge base, agent ranking, and gamification. The tools provide service agents with a conducive environment for productivity. The platform comes with business intelligence tools. With these, users can make better-informed decisions by using real-time data. Moreover, LiveAgent can work with other business solutions. It integrates seamlessly with products such as WordPress, Wix, and BigCommerce. Pricing for LiveAgent starts at $15 per month per agent.

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6. Atera

Atera Dashboard

Atera is an innovative remote monitoring and management system (RMM) that marries the functions of an RMM with professional services automation and remote control. Serving as an IT management hub, the platform enables companies to respond and resolve customer issues at any time while deploying solutions for other business aspects such as billing, invoicing, scripting, and patch management. Even though it has a wide range of sophisticated features, using the software is simple given its straightforward interface.

Remote monitoring is among the chief competencies of Atera. It allows users to monitor an unlimited number of workstations and server devices, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. Managers can track all the digital assets linked to the network and expedite solutions as needed. Moreover, the system sends notifications with every significant development to let managers know what they should be focusing on.

Atera is also designed as a powerful automation tool that streamlines multiple facets of the business. Using configurable components, the platform empowers workflows and accounts for multiple parties and departments. In addition, it generates reports that detail business conditions such as support team performance, customer satisfaction, and support load. Atera seamlessly integrates with reliable apps like Webroot, Ninite Pro, Quickbooks, and Zapier.

Detailed Atera Review


7. ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch dashboard

ActiveBatch is an integrated business process management software that provides a unified solution to automating workload and enterprise job scheduling tasks. As a true, cross-platform tool, ActiveBatch solves the problem of having to employ workload automation tools that won’t work together as it integrates scripts, applications, and processes in a single location. With centralized control over all enterprise processes that the software provides, it’s easier than ever to keep track of all tasks and operations.

ActiveBatch’s first iteration was as a scheduling application for Advanced Systems Concepts’ XLNT scripting language. Since then, it has evolved into a powerful, standalone product capable of bringing a layered approach to automation that is multi-platform.  ActiveBatch does away with complicated scripting through the use of pre-built, pretested job steps so you can create optimal and streamlined workflows quickly and easily.  With intelligent analytics and efficient resource optimization capabilities, ActiveBatch can help your company refine its operations and reduce overhead costs. Its open API characteristics make connectivity and integration close to universal, that way you make use of other third-party applications if the situation calls for it.

Detailed ActiveBatch Review


8. Vivantio

Vivantio dashboard

Vivantio is a feature-rich IT service management tool geared towards streamlining service processes and elevating the customer experience. Running a simple interface, the platform grants teams a full view of their customers, including logged tickets, personal information, contracts, and satisfaction surveys. Customizable ticket templates, which can be styled in accordance with operations, are provided as well as interactive dashboards that reflect various aspects of service performance.

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Beyond its ticketing solutions, Vivantio functions as a service-oriented CRM. It documents customer interactions and records pertinent information. Managers can deploy customer self-service portals where issues are submitted and then quickly resolved by your team. Linked to the portals is an expansive knowledge base that aids customers in resolving a wide variety of issues on their own. This eases the burden of the service workforce and can potentially improve customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Vivantio automates businesses processes to decrease process and resolution times. Businesses can leverage customizable workflows to ensure that every ticket is routed to the right channels, accounting for escalations and an IT department’s various competencies. The system also provides solutions for incident and problem management, which help in maintaining a high service level. To expand its capabilities, Vivantio integrates with widely used apps like Salesforce, Azure DevOps, and JIRA.

Detailed Vivantio Review


9. NinjaOne

NinjaOne dashboard

NinjaOne is an end-to-end IT service management system that delivers reliable solutions for remote management, IT monitoring, network management, and maintenance. The platform detects all devices connected to the network and provides insights on system performance, network performance, workstation devices, and the software used. It can be set to automatically send notifications should issues and technical concerns arise.

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NinjaOne stealthily affords users access to monitored devices, especially in the case of escalations and serious issues. As such, managers can take control of resolutions should they be beyond the capabilities of their staff. The system also automates various service processes, from patching to network troubleshooting, down to maintenance procedures. It allows policy-based system configurations to guarantee compliance across all digital assets within the network.

So service performance and system integrity can be drilled down into, NinjaOne yields easy-to-understand reports that quantify patch compliance, network performance, and data from connected devices. Moreover, it integrates with effective business apps like Webroot, TeamViewer, Bitdefender, and Connectwise. NinjaOne offers a free trial as well as a custom quote-based pricing plan.

Detailed NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM) Review


10. ManageEngine ServiceDesk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is one of the top help desk platforms available today with over 10,000 users worldwide, including noted brands Xerox, Vodafone, and RelayHealth. It also helps that ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 different languages. Below is a sampling of the tons of benefits that come with the application.

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The popularity of ServiceDesk among businesses and organizations stems from a flexible system that carries with it a host of innovative features all designed to facilitate asset management as well as the implementation of ITIL best practices. This translates to being able to efficiently monitor and manage customers’ needs and issues aside from your own performance. It also fixes and fine-tunes IT service requests resulting in shorter processing times. Likewise, determining which assets are in the network can be promptly done through an agent-based scanning process and an auto-discovery operation. The ability to extract insights from your network can mitigate situations such as sudden shifts in IT infrastructure – a feature often not found in conventional helpdesks.\

ServiceDesk’s flexibility and integration with IT management apps mean never having to worry if your IT team is capable of the most challenging tasks. First of all, you have the option to deploy the system on-premise or simply have it automatically update and back up data through cloud hosting. It facilitates dynamic reporting and has several communication channels for quick access to your services. Being fully mobile and operationally responsive, clients can reach you anytime from anywhere. Also, remote support capability allows your agents to respond to all users regardless of where they are,  act on modifications if needed, and then create comprehensive reports using help desk metrics.