Server Antivirus Software

Becoming the victim of a cyber attack is a real possibility, that’s why you need antivirus software on your server. Here’s everything you need to know about server antivirus software.

I’m sure you’ve heard about server antivirus software, but do you really understand it? What does it do? How does it work? Are there different types? How can you choose the best one for your business?

Server antivirus software is essential for any small business or enterprise, and it can mean the difference between data security and disaster.

Server Antivirus Software

1. Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security

Bitdefender is a leader in providing top-notch security products both for business and home devices.

Besides, it offers a series of server antivirus programs, and Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security is one of the most representative software which provides your server with the highest security level.

  • Fast detection without slowdown – Bitdefender GravityZone provides quick and efficient malware detection and removal without slowing down your device.
  • Command-Line Analyzer – this feature helps in preventing Macro and Script-Based attacks which are perceived as trusted MS Office Macro – they mostly use PowerShell to run scripts and download malicious code which leads to the attack execution. In that case, Bitdefender alerts the admin and blocks the running scripts.
  • Sandbox Analyzer – if Bitdefender detects any suspicious files, it automatically sends them to the cloud sandbox for further analysis so that they can’t perform any malicious activity.
  • Exceptional firewall performance: You can easily specify whether the firewall is enabled, the kind of traffic that’s allowed, and what types of devices can be plugged into the system.
  • Poor alert options – many customers would like to get notifications via e-mails or text messages when Bitdefender detects and quarantines malware.
  • Slow scan: Most users said that they would appreciate a bit quicker scans.

Bottom line: Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security is primarily made for enterprises allowing them to perform their businesses without worrying about the security of their servers. This software is equipped with the most sophisticated features and its only drawback would be lack of notifications addressed to the user.

2. Comodo Server Antivirus

If you are looking for the best Windows server 2012 antivirus, check out Comodo – the affordable ($19.99 a year for one device) and exceptional solution for your office server protection.

Comodo comes with a user-friendly platform, and it’s made explicitly for servers, so, all its “attention” is directed to the security of your primary endpoint.

antivirus for server
  • OTA enrollment – OTA (Over-The-Air) enrollment allows you to connect and protect mobile devices wirelessly.
  • Host Intrusion Protection System – Comodo has developed HIPS, which identifies and prevents the potential damage caused by malicious files. In case it detects something strange, it stops it before it performs any undesirable activity.
  • Multiple Windows Server OS Support – Comodo supports Windows Server OS from 2003 to 2012, including Small Business edition. So, it’s available for a wide range of business owners since they mostly use Windows Server OS.
  • Valkyrie: Being Comodo’s official cloud-based platform, Valkyrie helps you find and analyze unknown files. It includes dynamic, static, and human analysis, providing a 100% verdict immediately.
  • Expert knowledge required – some users find it difficult to install and understand some features like Comodo KillSwitch and powerful Task Manager.
  • It takes a lot of time to load: Comodo is quite a robust software, which is why it needs some time to load.

Bottom line: Comodo Server Antivirus is a small business-friendly protection software which gives optimal security to your physical server. It reacts fast and identifies the malware before it provokes any damage in the system. The only disadvantage would be a difficulty to use some features, but that’s not a big deal since the essential options are preinstalled.

3. Avira Antivirus Server

Avira is one of the most used antivirus software, not only for home PCs but also for the office devices.

It’s suitable for every small business, and it provides the server with decent safety, but its price is a bit high.

Have a look at the characteristics of Avira Antivirus Server:

windows server antivirus
  • Real-time protection – Avira offers real-time protection which means that there’s no chance that malware can sneak into your system unawares. Besides, the software is always up-to-date which is crucial for preventing new viruses from getting into the system.
  • Network protection – this antivirus will prevent the most common cyber-attacks, hackers and webcam spies from potential information stealing. In that way, your company’s data will remain completely safe.
  • On-demand protection – in order to provide an additional layer of safety, Avira allows you to schedule manual scanning whenever you want to.
  • Anti-Botnet: Botnet is considered one of the cruelest cyberattacks we know, but Avira can help prevent them from being executed. It will block the communication between your device and the command center, keeping your endpoints safe from malicious intents.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 not supported – Avira requires at least Windows 2008 with the newest updates, and Windows 2019 is not yet supported. So, it’s not suitable for those who use either old or the contemporary versions of the OS.
  • Needs update of protection capabilities: Avira sometimes fails to recognize malware that could jeopardize your endpoint and permits it to enter the system.

Bottom line: Avira represents an authoritative source of protection for servers and its suitable for small businesses. However, it can cause some compatibility issues due to its limited system requirements, and the price might not be convenient for everyone.

4. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Kaspersky must be mentioned when it comes to antivirus software – and again, it has to offer an exceptional cloud-based service which will protect your business server from all potential ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Check out the features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus:

antivirus for windows server
  • Patch management – patch management is one of the most important parts of any antivirus – that means that Kaspersky will automatically download and install necessary patches and update the software which prevents the hackers from exploiting malware.
  • Ransomware and Exploit prevention – Kaspersky identifies and halts any malware and ransomware which could damage your system or steal your data.
  • Mobile protection – this Windows server antivirus offers mobile security as well, and by purchasing the package, you get two mobile licenses per user for free.
  • Advanced vulnerability scans: Kaspersky comes with a unique tool that can detect and eliminate the vulnerabilities that exist in your system, making sure you get the right recommendations on how to fix them.
  • Not for less than 10 servers – if you run a small business with, for example, 8 employees, you won’t be able to purchase it. You can opt for at least 10 servers coverage, and the price would be $685 per year.
  • Weak reporting: Users would like to see improved reporting capabilities that are a must for software that costs as much as Kaspersky.

Bottom line: As always, Kaspersky shows itself in the best light. It comes with essential cloud-based features which allow you to control your data no matter where you are, at any time. The only drawback would be small business “unfriendliness,” but the enterprises would be quite satisfied with the software.

5. Windows Defender AV (Built-In)

If you are looking for free server antivirus, then the Windows Defender AV is the best option for you.

It doesn’t require any installation since it’s a built-in software, and if you can disable it in case, you want to stop using its services.

free antivirus for windows server
  • Stronger protection with Microsoft Azure – you can integrate Windows Defender to Microsoft Azure – while Azure controls the traffic on your domain, Windows Defender will monitor your endpoint bringing you and your business more robust security.
  • Easy to disable – if you want to stop Windows Defender from running, you can easily disable it by making one click.
  • Multiple devices protection – with Windows Defender, you can protect various a more extensive range of devices, servers, and endpoints. Besides, it will keep your business data safe from advanced threats.
  • No hidden fees: Windows Defender comes preinstalled, and it doesn’t require you to upgrade to paid plans or something similar. It’s entirely free, which makes it suitable for small businesses that have just started their operations.
  • Impossible to deinstall – even though you can stop it whenever you want, some users don’t support the lack of the deinstall function. However, if you install some other antivirus, the Windows Defender will pause immediately, but the software will still be there.
  • Needs more customization options: Although it comes with preinstalled features that are quite satisfactory, users would like to see more customization options that would allow them to adapt the software to their business requirements.

Bottom line: Windows Defender is excellent antivirus for Server 2016, and it provides the user with decent protection. It’s built-in, it’s free, and it doesn’t require any additional installation which is useful for an average business owner. Yet, the limitation lies in the impossibility to remove the software, but the good thing is that you can pause it in case you don’t need it.

Besides, bear in mind that Windows Defender is the only free server antivirus; other products mostly give you the option of the free trial, but once it expires, you’ll need to purchase the full version.

6. ESET Endpoint Protection Standard

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard is a server antivirus software that’s created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). It comes with decent features that include ransomware protection, email scanning, remote management, and more.

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard
  • Outstanding remote management features: This ESET’s product comes with Remote Administrator function, which allows you to manage your endpoint, server, and mobile security right from the web browser. It helps you detect all unprotected machines in the network, providing a more secure environment.
  • Enhanced intrusion detection options: By providing ultimate network traffic monitoring, ESET will detect any suspicious activity and notify you about it.
  • Ultimate ransomware protection: Once enabled, ESET’s LiveGrid will instantly inspect and detect any potential attempt of data theft. LiveGrid uses a worldwide database of suspicious app samples, making sure no threat goes unnoticed.
  • Up-to-date reports: To make sure you’re notified about your system’s security, ESET brings the Reporting module, which delivers essential information about the types of threats, modules used, and the actions taken to prevent potential risks that could jeopardize your server security.
  • Needs better phishing protection: Some tests have shown that ESET lacks more advanced phishing detection features. That said, it might fail to protect you from fake log-in websites that may abuse your personal data.
  • Affects system performance: Many users complained that ESET Endpoint Protection used to slow down their systems, which had a negative impact on their workflow.

Bottom line: ESET Endpoint Protection Standard represents a convenient solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Its features deliver enterprise-level server protection, but it still lacks more enhanced phishing protection capabilities. It offers a 30-day free trial you can download and see whether the product meets your business requirements.

7. AVG File Server Business Edition

A server antivirus solution that will keep your critical business data safe from the latest threats, including malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing, definitely is AVG File Server Business Edition. It provides great value for money, and you can always try it before making a final purchase.

AVG File Server Business Edition
  • Professional email security: Hackers often use email to spread their malicious activities, which is why AVG has developed excellent email protection. It comes with an Anti-Spam feature that scans and checks all your emails for potentially malicious content and code, making sure no threat penetrates your system.
  • File server security: AVG secures your essential business files that are kept online, ensuring their safety, and round the clock protection. It will prevent any unauthorized attempt to modify or delete your files executed by malware.
  • Excellent network protection: AVG File Server Protection will check every website as you’re surfing, paying particular attention to malicious content that might be found on the site. It comes with Wi-Fi Guard that will prevent your device from connecting to false wireless access points set by hackers.
  • Financial information security: AVG has proven its efficiency in keeping a user’s financial information safe from online threats aimed at stealing it.
  • Lacks Mac support: Despite its seamless performance on Windows, AVG lacks endpoint protection for Mac. Some users do their work on Apple’s machines, which is why they may consider AVG’s competitors to get the right solution.
  • Complex user interface: Most AVG users said that they found the UI a bit complex to use.

Bottom line: AVG Server Business Edition is quite a decent server antivirus software that comes with advanced protection features. Thanks to its real-time performance, you can feel safe knowing that nothing suspicious can jeopardize your privacy. It provides better value for money than ESET, which is another strength of this product. It’s bad a product doesn’t offer Mac solutions, but Apple users can always seek other options.

8. VIRUSfighter Server

VIRUSfighter Server is a low-cost, lightweight, powerful, and user-friendly server antivirus specifically designed for Windows Server. It provides a remarkable level of protection to your endpoint, making sure no spam or virus walks free through your system.

VIRUSfighter Server
  • Excellent threat protection: VIRUSfighter Server provides a high-level of defense against spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and other sophisticated kids of malware targeted at Windows servers.
  • An unlimited number of users: Unlike most of its competitors, which determine your final price based on a number of users, VIRUSfighter will generously provide access to an unlimited number of users.
  • Free email and phone support: Customer support you get via VIRUSfighter is free, which is why you can count on them whenever you have a problem with your software.
  • Available for all Windows Server operating systems: One of the most significant advantages of this product is the fact that it works on every Windows Server OS.
  • The user interface seems outdated: Although it’s not a considerable drawback, this VIRUSfighter comes with a bit outdated UI. Therefore, not all companies will find it convenient for their office.
  • Windows-only: VIRUSfighter is designed only for Windows Servers, which means that both Linux and Mac users need to look somewhere else.

Bottom line: Small businesses whose office is based on Windows Server will find this product more than convenient. It’s available in 20 languages, and it has a file size of 2.46 MB, which means that your device won’t be affected in any way. It still needs some updates, especially in terms of design, since the current one looks as if it were stuck in the past.

9. BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus is quite an efficient cybersecurity solution for your small business. It is equipped with impeccable security features and a user-friendly installation. It is suitable for home, gaming, and business purposes, delivering excellent characteristics to protect your server from malicious activities that could affect your workflow.

BullGuard Antivirus
  • Remote commands: You can manage different controls remotely – you can scan, update, activate/deactivate devices, delete files in quarantine, reboot devices to eliminate infections, etc.
  • Straightforward installation and deployment: BullGuard Antivirus is an easy-to-install software whose implementation won’t require much time or expertise.
  • Secure browser: A built-in secure browser ensures safer Internet browsing, allowing you to make online payments with peace of mind. It won’t load cookies, plugins, or extensions without your permission.
  • Multi-layered protection: Thanks to advanced security measures implemented by BullGuard developers, your business software will be safe from zero-day attacks and common complex threats.
  • The interface isn’t intuitive: It may be challenging to deal with different menus, submenus, and pop-up windows inside the software.
  • VPN not included: VPN must be purchased separately, at $29.74.

Bottom line: Overall, BullGuard Antivirus is an excellent choice for small business servers. It has a robust firewall, a network scanner, and advanced security features to keep you safe from the most complex threats.

10. VIPRE Endpoint Security Server

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server is not generic antivirus software, but it is a dedicated business server solution that fully protects the heart of your business. It will keep you safe from the most sophisticated threats, especially those delivered by email or via the latest types of malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server
  • Advanced anti-ransomware features: VIPRE Endpoint Security Server can keep your server safe from ransomware and remove it in case it enters the system.
  • Easy to install: You can install this software in a couple of minutes and run your business with peace of mind.
  • Excellent tech support: The US-based tech support is reliable and ready to solve any problems you might have with the program.
  • Regular updates: VIPRE delivers regular updates and new versions, ensuring your software stays up to date.
  • Needs better reporting: Although VIPRE’s reporting features are pretty decent, they should have put more emphasis on it.
  • Fails to install automatic updates: Some users complain that VIPRE sometimes fails to install automatic updates, which must be managed manually.

Bottom line: VIPRE Endpoint Security Server offers excellent antimalware and anti-ransomware capabilities, keeping you safe from the most complex threats. It detects malicious software pretty quickly, removing it before it makes any changes to your server.

11. Panda Adaptive Defense

Real-time protection provided by Panda Adaptive Defense keeps your server safe from viruses and hackers’ attacks. Its top-notch anti-phishing capabilities can detect sketchy websites and prevent the execution of suspicious programs and files.

Panda Adaptive Defense
  • Intuitive interface: Despite its robust capabilities and top-notch features, the Panda software has an intuitive and well-executed interface.
  • Excellent malware detection: Panda server antivirus can successfully detect and prevent any known malware.
  • Almost 100% blockage of executable virus: According to the latest AV testing, Panda Adaptive Defense has shown significant results in blocking executable viruses and threats.
  • Easy to configure: You will be able to install and configure the software quickly and easily.
  • The Hardened mode can be quite restrictive: In Hardened mode, any executable is flagged as “suspicious” until proven good. Sometimes, even goodware can be marked as a threat.
  • Lack of tech support: Users complain about the lack of appropriate tech support.

Bottom line: Panda Adaptive Defense is an excellent detection and prevention platform. It is well-designed company-grade antivirus software that will block any potentially suspicious files that could affect your server safety.

12. Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection

Any sized business can benefit from robust features included in Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection. It can protect both the main desktop operating systems and mobile devices, and you can even get Linux support by adding server protection licenses. It is an excellent business-grade antivirus software you can have at quite a competitive price.

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection
  • Fully integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Users love a newly integrated EDR feature, which cleans threats and isolates affected devices while you identify the threat source.
  • Excellent detection: The Sophos server antivirus has excellent detection capabilities, preventing ransomware and malware execution.
  • Flexible policy management: You can add various policies to users or devices more easily than you’d add them on previous versions of Sophos.
  • Advanced malware removal capabilities: Sophos Intercept X immediately detects malware and prevents its execution.
  • No phishing notification in the browser: Sophos Intercept X detects phishing websites, but it doesn’t provide very clear alerting.
  • Confusing user interface: You can easily get lost in the interface, which is not as intuitive as expected.

Bottom line: Overall, Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection is an excellent solution for malware defense, regardless of the business size. Every update comes with interesting and valuable features to enhance server security.

13. F-Secure Endpoint Protection

F-Secure Endpoint Protection is a business-grade antivirus software with robust endpoint security features that won’t disappoint you. It supports all operating systems, including mobile devices, safeguarding them from malware, scripted exploits, and other potentially complex threats.

F-Secure Endpoint Protection
  • VPN included: Unlike most of its competitors, F-Secure Endpoint Protection offers VPN as a part of an antivirus plan.
  • Impeccable malware and ransomware detection: F-Secure detects and fights any signs of malware and ransomware, ensuring a 100% safe server environment.
  • Excellent zero-day attack prevention: You can secure your server against unknown threats, such as zero-day attacks.
  • Integrated patch management: F-Secure blocks up to 80% of attacks by patching Windows and 3rd party software vulnerabilities.
  • Delayed detection: F-Secure sometimes may delay detection, which can be frustrating.
  • Limited reporting capabilities: Reports provided by F-Secure are not printable. You can send a summary report to the site manager, but it is not configurable by an administrator.

Bottom line: F-Secure provides the utmost endpoint protection and straightforward device management. A bundled VPN feature will take your security to the next level, ensuring an entirely protected space for your business purposes.

14. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus fits any business size, particularly small and mid-sized companies. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use SaaS platform that includes VPN, file shredder, a sandbox browser, and more. It provides enterprise-grade protection for your server, keeping it safe from intruders and online threats.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus
  • Built-in patch management: Patch management is considered one of Avast’s best improvements since it tells you how many devices need patching.
  • Good threat detection capabilities: Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus provides a detailed threat-related report, including information about which mode is responsible for detecting the threat.
  • VPN and File Shredder functions: You can benefit from features such as built-in VPN and Data Shredder, which add an extra layer of security to your server.
  • Exchange server protection: Avast server antivirus will scan and filter emails with suspicious attachments and unsafe links to ensure safe internal communication.
  • No mobile device management: Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is compatible with Windows and Mac desktops but doesn’t support mobile devices.
  • Limited reporting: Reporting features don’t include audit logs and other critical components.

Bottom line: You will find Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus quite convenient because of its user-friendly interface and robust features at a reasonable price.

15. McAfee MVision Cloud

McAfee MVision Cloud is a suitable choice for protecting your devices and cloud infrastructure. Its functions go beyond endpoint protection, providing layered, end-to-end security that lies on a powerful machine learning engine. Its architecture is quite impressive and can address all the different types of malware, ransomware, and online threats.

McAfee MVision Cloud
  • Ultimate malware and virus protection: McAfee MVision Cloud ensures you’re 100% safe from malware and ransomware attacks.
  • Fast response to threats: This McAfee’s server antivirus responds quickly to external threats, blocking them before they penetrate your system.
  • Fantastic reporting capabilities: McAfee continues to provide excellent reporting features, ensuring you get detailed information about your server security.
  • Top-notch phishing detection: Recent AV tests have shown that McAfee MVision Cloud successfully catches and blocks phishing attempts.
  • Phishing plugin required: You will need a dedicated browser plugin to keep your system safe from phishing, which is not the case with most of McAfee’s competitors.
  • Lag time to protection: You won’t be able to enjoy complete protection capabilities as soon as you install the software.

Bottom line: You can choose McAfee MVision Cloud if you seek the utmost device and cloud protection for your business server.

16. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services

Although it might be a bit expensive for an average small business, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services can help you deal with the most sophisticated threats that could affect your business server. You can download a 30-day free trial to see whether the services meet your needs.

Trend Micro Worry
  • Good scripted threat prevention capabilities: Although not perfect, Trend’s scripted attack detection features are pretty decent.
  • Advanced email security: Trend Micro provides excellent email security, ensuring your Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Gmail, and other email solutions are checked and protected in real-time.
  • Great anti-phishing: Trend Micro detects and blocks sketchy websites, preventing the most common phishing attacks.
  • Straightforward device management: Trend Micro features an intuitive user interface, allowing simple device management and quick navigation.
  • It takes time to detect inactive threats: Trend Micro is pretty slow to detect inactive threats.
  • Anti-phishing features require a browser plugin: You must enable a browser plugin to activate anti-phishing capabilities.

Bottom line: The Trend Worry-Free Business Security Services is an excellent traditional antivirus for servers, which delivers all the essential security features for business purposes. Take advantage of a 30-day free trial to see whether it is the right choice for your office.

17. REVE Total Security Antivirus for Windows Server

REVE Total Security Antivirus for Windows Server is a next-gen antivirus software to safeguard your corporate data. Any business size can benefit from the features included in this program, especially since it is designed to secure even the most complex network setup.

REVE Total Security Antivirus
  • Stellar network security: REVE Total Security keeps your entire network safe from malware and attacks, blocking them before they do harm.
  • Data theft protection: REVE Total Security works by blocking external drives and preventing them from accessing data stored on the server.
  • Anti-spam and email protection: The REVE’s software protects your corporate email accounts from spam and phishing attempts by scanning all email attachments.
  • Fast malware detection: It continuously monitors the network, protecting your server from rootkits, worms, spyware, and other malicious programs.
  • Affects computer performance: Users claim that REVE Total Security is quite a massive program that slows down the computer, especially if it’s an older one.
  • Limited free trial: Free trial comes with limited functions, which don’t give enough software information to potential users.

Bottom line: REVE Total Security server antivirus is a stellar choice for all the offices that seek advanced network and server protection and have high-end computers that meet the software requirements. Since this antivirus is heavy, it is not suitable for older devices.

18. Webroot Server Antivirus

Webroot Server Antivirus is a business-grade antivirus with real-time protection. It safeguards all endpoint devices in the contemporary environment, including Windows Server, Virtualization, Citrix, etc. It adds an extra layer of security to your critical infrastructure, ensuring a 100% safe IT environment.

Webroot Server Antivirus
  • No reimaging needed: Webroot Server Antivirus uses rollback and journaling features to restore your files to their uninfected state. That way, you don’t need to reimage your PC.
  • Online management: This antivirus allows you to manage endpoints anywhere and anytime you have a stable Internet connection.
  • No conflict: Webroot antivirus doesn’t require you to uninstall other security software you already have, but it runs alongside them.
  • Excellent zero-day attack prevention: Webroot Server Antivirus successfully deals with never-before-seen attacks.
  • False positives: Mac users say that Webroot reports many false positives.
  • Unreliable tech support: It takes some time for tech support to resolve your problem.

Bottom line: Overall, a Webroot Server Antivirus is an excellent solution for businesses with many endpoints. It allows remote endpoint management, convenient for all those who spend too much time on the road and must perform some work-related duties.

19. Seqrite Antivirus for Server

If you are looking for a comprehensive IT security solution, Seqrite Antivirus for Server is worth considering. It is convenient for large corporate servers, mainly because it offers robust security features and flawless speeds. It can protect your server from corporate espionage, property theft, and other common threats enterprises face daily.

Seqrite Antivirus for Server
  • Broad-range compatibility: Seqrite antivirus keeps your Linux, Windows, or Ubuntu servers safe from threats, guaranteeing optimum efficiency.
  • Track cleaner: This feature includes cleaning tracks of files and documentation you work on, preventing potential privacy breaches.
  • Anti-KeyLogger: It efficiently prevents keyloggers from recording what you type on the keyboard while paying online, shopping, or browsing the Internet.
  • Advanced DNAScan: Innovative DNAScan technology identifies and blocks unknown threats by monitoring unsafe programs.
  • No mobile platforms: You cannot use Seqrite Antivirus for Server on your Android or iOS device.
  • Not for small businesses: This enterprise-grade antivirus may not be suitable for small and mid-sized companies.

Bottom line: Overall, Seqrite Antivirus for Server is a great server protection solution that won’t disappoint you. Its advanced security features address every part of your server, ensuring no intruder can penetrate your business network.

20. Microsoft Safety Scanner (Free)

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a tool designed for identifying and removing malware from Windows computers. It is ready to use as soon as you download it, and you can have it for free.

Microsoft Safety Scanner
  • Regular updates: Microsoft Safety Scanner provides regular software updates you can download and have the latest version at any time.
  • It is a portable executable: It does not appear in the Windows Start menu or as a desktop icon. Don’t forget where you saved the download.
  • Free: Microsoft Safety Scanner is free of charge.
  • Easy to use: You can run a scan right after downloading the program and choosing the type of scan you want to perform.
  • Available for 10 days: This Microsoft scan tool is available 10 days after the download. It is recommended to download its newest version before each scan.
  • Not an antimalware replacement: Note that Microsoft Safety Scanner is not the replacement for your server antivirus. You will need something more robust.