Serialized Inventory Management Software

Serialized inventory software provides seamless inventory management and automated bar coding. As an efficient software for managing serialized products, it fully automates the inventory cycle from ingestion to disposal,

Need help managing your inventory? Serialized Inventory Management Software can do all the legwork. Best of all, you can use it on any computer!

Quickly manage your serialized inventory in your store! To keep up with your compliance and accommodate your growing business needs, it is crucial to have the right software.

Serialized Inventory Management Software

1. AssetPanda

AssetPanda strives to help companies organize and manage everything you own. Their inventory management module is an easy-to-use tracking solution with a centralized asset database that is hosted in the cloud and does not require expensive scanners.
Key Features:

  • Access the intuitive interface online or through the free mobile app to track inventory and get information about your assets from anywhere, any time
  • Unlimited fields and configurability
  • Quickly integrate with legacy systems
  • Easily import data from existing spreadsheets
  • World-class U.S.-based customer service
  • Unlimited users

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote

2. Reftab


Reftab is a comprehensive asset management software solution designed with simplicity in mind. It’s suitable for companies of all sizes and offers customizable asset tracking to cater to unique needs and asset types for any organization. Reftab offers several pricing plans with sliding scale fees based on the number of assets you need to track, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

Key Features: 

  • Customizable categories and fields
  • Checkout & reserve
  • Changelog history per asset/per user
  • Bundle assets & accessories for loan into “Track Kits”
  • Asset depreciation tracking


  • Standard: $30/month billed annually (500 assets)
  • Pro: $45/month billed annually (500 assets)
  • Business: $120/month billed annually (500 assets)
3PL Warehouse Manager

3. 3PL Warehouse Manager

From 3PL Central, a provider of easy to use, cloud-based warehouse management software for 3PLs and warehouses of all types, 3PL Warehouse Manager is an affordable, scalable inventory tracking solution. The software includes powerful reporting and status updates with real-time global inventory visibility for all users.
Key Features:

  • Multi-warehouse support for facilities of all sizes
  • View inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking information, and more
  • Manage inventory by lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date
  • Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy
Acctivate Inventory Software

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
4. Acctivate Inventory Software

Acctivate is a QuickBooks inventory management software that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable. An all-in-one system designed for distributors and online retailers, Acctivate Inventory Software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, leading shopping cart providers, EDI translation software, and more.
Key Features:

  • Scalable
  • Tailor features to your business
  • Company-wide, real-time visibility
  • Track inventory history from purchase order to sale
  • Real-time inventory monitoring from one screen
Acumatica Cloud ERP Inventory Management

Cost: FREE trial available
5. Acumatica Cloud ERP – Inventory Management

Acumatica offers a next-generation cloud ERP solution with integrated accounting, CRM, and business management software. The Acumatica Cloud ERP Inventory Management solution provides real-time visibility into inventory and empowers you to track inventory and costs.
Key Features:

  • Control company-wide inventory to efficiently manage distribution processes
  • Drill down to change item default lot or serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more
  • Select different valuation methods for each inventory item
  • Redistribute inventory from a central warehouse to other warehouses automatically upon receipt
  • Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using report and inquiry screens
  • Track inventory by lot or serial number and assign or enter lot/serial numbers on receive, issue, or assembly

Cost: Contact for a quote
6. AdvancePro

AdvancePro is a big business inventory management software without the big cost. Small and mid-sized companies in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution seamlessly integrate this inventory tracking software with QuickBooks and other accounting software. Users enjoy automating operations with AdvancePro, including inventory and order management.
Key Features:

  • Track inventory in multiple picking locations
  • Inventory replenishment intelligence with re-order alerts
  • Easily and efficiently manage inventory and transfer between locations
  • Automated sync to QuickBooks
  • Intuitive picking, packing, and shipping processes
Almyta Systems Inventory Management

Cost: Contact for a quote
7. Almyta Systems Inventory Management

Offering a 3PL inventory management software solution, Alymyta Systems empowers users to handle multiple clients, warehouses, and company locations. Create independent databases for each client and import and export data between databases to simplify your inventory tracking processes.
Key Features:

  • Includes logistics billing and storage fee billing reports
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • Unlimited tracking of all items’ back history
  • Inventory item master list with filters
  • Inventory unit detail with unit detail filters
  • First and second serial/lot numbers with full barcode support
  • Auto-assign serial and lot numbers
  • Inventory categories
ArbiMed Inventory

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote
8. ArbiMed Inventory

ArbiMed provides medical software and technologies that provide innovative solutions for medical supply procurement. Their inventory management software is designed specifically for the clinical world and is based in the cloud with realtime inventory tracking features.
Key Features:

  • Designed for medical facilities, dentist offices, and veterinary hospitals
  • Track inventory and optimize spend
  • Scan barcodes to track supply usage and know exactly where inventory is, how much you have on hand, and how much it costs with one click
  • Cloud-based software allows users to access and track inventory from any device with an internet connection and works seamlessly on tablets, computers, and phones
  • Mobile app turns phone cameras into barcode scanners for easier inventory tracking

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote
9. Boxstorm

From Fishbowl, the number one inventory management system for Quickbooks users, Boxstorm is a new cloud-based inventory solution that is part of their business automation platform. Designed for SMBs, Boxstorm is a solution for streamlining inventory management and giving business owners greater flexibility in managing and tracking inventory from any location on any device.
Key Features:

  • Track inventory at multiple locations and across multiple warehouses
  • Manage inventory from the cloud using any device
  • Assign customized tracking values to the quantities of each item in your inventory
  • Type or scan customized tracking values into the system with two main forms of inventory tracking: text-based with lot number and revision number, or date-based with expiration date and best-by date
  • Manage access rights and roles within the system
  • Customize multiple units of measure

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote
10. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a leading omni channel retail management platform that helps retailers and wholesalers automate and streamline inventory management and tracking, orders, accounting, and more in a single cloud platform. With real-time updates across all channels, Brightpearl helps users save time and reduce errors.
Key Features:

  • Control, track, and manage inventory easily and efficiently
  • Cloud-based platform so you can access inventory data anywhere without needing to update your systems
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Have as many warehouses as you need
  • Flexible inventory management software for tracking and managing inventory levels

Cost: Contact for a quote
11. CentralBOS

CentralBOS is a cloud business operating system that provides an efficient solution for inventory management. The system is a centralized solution for accounting, eCommerce, POS, multiple warehouses, and shipping that is built and priced for SMBs.
Key Features:

  • Real-time inventory control to optimize space, track inventory to exact locations, and keep inventory organized
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Automate asset and inventory tracking, warehouse, and manufacturing operations in a central database
  • Barcode confirmation for improved inventory tracking and shipment verification
  • Knitting feature for group, package, and supply order components as one unit
  • Track inventory across multiple warehouses anytime, anywhere, and on any device
Chemical Safety Software

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12. Chemical Safety Software

Companies dealing with chemicals need an inventory tracking solution designed especially for the hazards and regulations associated with potentially dangerous substances. Chemical Safety Software is that software solution; in fact, it is a comprehensive system for chemical inventory, hazardous waste, MSDS, isotope, and facility tracking, management, and reporting.
Key Features:

  • Comprehensive chemical inventory tracking to track and manage chemicals from purchase through disposal
  • Track hazardous materials from creation through disposal
  • Print waste manifests, create waste profiles, and monitor accumulation areas
  • A complete environmental health and safety software solution ideal for corporations, government agencies, and institutions of higher education


  • EMS Subscription Plans
    • Starter – Safety Data and GHS Management: $29/user/month
    • Basic – Chemical Inventory Management: $79/user/month
    • Standard – Hazardous Waste Management: $149/user/month
    • Advanced – Facility Management and Compliance: $299/user/month
  • Enterprise Edition: Contact for a quote

13. Cin7

Cin7 is a cloud inventory, POS, EDI, and 3PL software for retail, wholesale, and B2B. If you want to reduce data entry and get a single, complete view of your supply chain, Cin7 is a solution for you that includes real-time inventory tracking features.
Key Features:

  • Centralized cloud inventory management software based on the stock’s exact landed cost for accurate cost of goods sold and gross profit reporting
  • Track inventory, sell stock that is still in transit, and know what you have committed and what is due to arrive in real time
  • Track by serial and batch number
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations and gain instant inventory visibility

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Starter: From $299/month – Includes 1 regular user with extra regular users billed $45/user/month
  • Business: From $499/month – Includes 5 regular users with extra regular users billed $45/user/month
  • Professional: From $999/month – Includes 5 regular users with extra regular users billed $45/month
  • Enterprise: From $2,999/month – Contact for more information
Clear Spider

14. Clear Spider

A leader in collaborative inventory management software in the cloud, Clear Spider enables users to track inventory, identify shortages, and optimize inventory in one place. Increase inventory planning accuracy and optimize inventory levels by tracking current and historical orders in one place.
Key Features:

  • Streamline inventory processes with automatic replenishment
  • Efficiently track trends with built-in reports and analytics
  • Inventory Summary Report includes a one-line summary of each item’s inventory status and may be filtered by part number, serial number, item description, and more
  • Track consumption, adjustments, cycle counts, transfers, inbound orders, and outbound orders or capture movement of items to different locations
  • Gain complete visibility into inventory levels
Clearly Inventory

Cost: Contact for a quote
15. Clearly Inventory

An online inventory management app, Clearly Inventory is fast, secure, and easy to use. Users enjoy having the ability to choose which features are displayed so they have an interface that is tailored to their specific inventory tracking needs.
Key Features:

  • Includes a wide range of standard views for both current inventory levels and transaction history, but you can make your own custom views
  • Specify relative or absolute time periods for transaction reports
  • Track data in real time and gain peace of mind knowing all users see the latest information because updates occur instantly
  • Reports with search and filter capabilities
  • Create as many locations as you need, and create special locations, too
  • Track lots, batches, and serial numbers easily with the Unique Tag feature

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • $39.99/month – Includes 2 users and 5,000 items’ SKUs, add users for $4.99/user/month and add items for $9.99/5,000 additional items’ SKUs/month