Seo Client Management Software

SEO client management software allows you to keep records of all your SEO activity. You get a detailed report of all the work done for your clients.

You’ve got clients. You’re managing social networks for them. You’re writing content for them. And you are helping them rank on the first page of Google. So, what’s next? How can you manage your SEO clients better — and increase the value you generate for them? Using SEO time tracking software is a great way to do that.

SEO Client Management Software is a new gold rush in the SEO world. With SEO companies growing in number every year, companies like BrightEdge, Ahrefs and Majestic are looking for ways to reach out to more businesses.

Seo Client Management Software

7 SEO Client Management Applications:
Here is a list of SEO Client management Software:

  1. The shrieking frog:
    Screaming frog is SEO client management software that allows you to monitor the health of your website, track SEO issues, and much more!

Key characteristics include:
Some of the most important features are: page speed insights, Google analytics integration, link manager tools for backlink analysis, and so on.
The flexibility of Screaming Frog sets it apart from other software.
One can either get a quick overview of a website’s internal linking structure or delve into a specific issue to determine why a specific URL is behaving improperly.

Pricing Procedure:
There is a free version with limited functionality.
Paid plan costs €149 per year.

  1. Viking from the neighbourhood:
    Local viking seo client management software aids in the management of your seo clients and projects!

Key features include:
Some of the most important features are: SEO project management, client tracking, billing/invoicing, and much more!
Local Viking also provides a free trial so you can test the software before purchasing it.
Some important features include task assignment, time tracking for SEO tasks, and so on.
Local businesses can use Norse’s Local Viking from a single dashboard to schedule posts, manage ratings, and protect their listings from fraudulent user changes.
Pricing Procedure:
$20 per month includes a 1 GB listing, unlimited GMB posts, accounts, 1600 keyword credits, and 7500 GeoGrid credits.
A 10 GBB listing costs $39 per month. GMB Listings Unlimited GMB Posts Accounts 3200 Keyword Credits 8100 GeoGrid Credits
$149.00 per month Enterprise -> 70 listed GBM Listing, unlimited GBMs Posts Accounts Keyword Credits, GeoGrid Credits, 32400 GeoGrid Widget, White label reporting, GeoGrid Widgets
There are also pro and agency plans available for $69 and $99, respectively.

  1. Haro:
    Haro provides a variety of SEO tools to assist you in managing your SEO clients.

Key features include:
SEO project management, billing/invoicing, and so forth.
A high-quality backlink’s goal is to boost your site’s page rank while maintaining some authority in the eyes of search engines.
High-quality backlinks are important because they inform search engines that your content is valuable to other websites.
Although obtaining high-quality backlinks takes time, HARO is an excellent tool for expediting the process.
Pricing Procedure:
$19 monthly
There’s a free version available.

Mangools :
Mangools provides a suite of SEO tools to assist you in managing your SEO clients.

Key features include:
The keyword research tool distinguishes Mangools from other software.
You can use this tool to find long-tail keywords, analyse your competition, and monitor your rankings over time.
Mangools, on the other hand, includes several features that Mangools does not.
Despite the lack of some features, such as a Broken Link Checker, it provides a useful keyword research tool, SERP analysis, and competitive research tools.
Pricing Procedure:
The monthly subscription rates are as follows: Basic: $49 per month, Premium: $69 per month, and Agency: $129 per month.
Basic: $29.90 per month ($358.80 charged when you sign up), Premium: $39.90 monthly (billed after your first month’s premium), Agency: $79.90 monthly ($958.80 billed when you purchase) Save 40% on yearly subscriptions by selecting the appropriate option below!

5 GTMetrix :
GTMetrix SEO client management software is intended to assist you in increasing the speed of your website.

Key characteristics include:
PageSpeed Insights, YSlow Scores, waterfall charts, and more are among the key features.
GTmetrix is an excellent tool for analysing your website’s performance. When it has finished scanning a web page, it displays a slew of useful recommendations.
For example, if your site is slowing down due to poorly optimised photos, GTmetrix identifies which ones are to blame and how to fix them.
Pricing Procedure:
GTmetrix pricing ranges from $14.95 per month per user to $18.95 per month per user.
A free edition is available.

6. MarketMuse :
MarketMuse is a client management software for SEO that employs artificial intelligence to assist you in improving your content.

Key features include:
Content Analysis, Topic Modeling, and other features are important!
One of MarketMuse’s most distinctive features is its use of artificial intelligence to analyse your content.
This not only helps you understand how a reader might interpret your content, but it also reveals what could be improved.
For example, MarketMuse may inform you that an article on SEO is too difficult to read due to the high-level language or that SEO jargon should be replaced with Wikipedia terms.
Pricing Procedure:
MarketMuse is a completely free application.
Pricing options start at $79/month and increase in accordance with your needs.

7. SEOptimer :
SEOptimer SEO client management software offers a wide range of SEO tools.

Key features include:
Site Audit, Page Analysis, and other useful features are available.
It functions as a checklist for any website’s on-page and off-page issues.
This report shows you which keywords have received the most attention in each of your locations.
Usability, technical SEO, performance, and social media are among the topics covered in the audits.
Finally, this instrument is extremely affordable and simple to use.
Pricing Procedure:
The monthly fee for SEOptimer is $19.
Customers who want to test out the full functionality of the product can do so for 14 days free.
SEOptimer plans differ for people who own a website and digital marketers.
$19 per month for DIY SEO
$29 per month for White Label
$59 per month for White Label and Embedding

SEO client management software is an essential tool for any SEO company.
It not only assists you in managing your clients and their projects, but it also offers a variety of features that can improve your services.
The seven SEO client management softwares listed in this blog post are just a few of the numerous options.

Make sure to do your homework before deciding on the best SEO client management software for you and your company.