Self Storage Business Software

The main thing you care about right now is how to run your business better. A good self storage software can help you. In fact, the right software can make all the difference between success and failure in your storage facility business.

Are you worried about your business’ future? Do you feel like you may be in danger of going out of business soon? Are you interested in self storage software to help improve your business?

Picking a self storage business software that can help manage your property? Be sure to look at all of the features from each software provider before making a decision on what to choose.

 Self Storage Business Software

  1. 6Storage

6Storage is a cloud-based platform that helps you streamline facility operations. It is suitable for Movable & Immovable storage. The software supports multiple languages to ensure the best experience for customers.

Other core features include:

  • Interactive sitemap;
  • customer management;
  • deposit tracking;
  • lead management;
  • access control, which is very useful for improving on-site security;
  • late fee calculations;
  • various reports;
  • customizable tenant portal

6Storage also integrates well with various access control providers and comes with a full set of all the best features that helps you monitor and manage business operations from anywhere. 6Storage guarantees friendly customer support, personal assistant onboarding and the team is available 24/7 on any medium: live chat, email & phone.

6storage offers a 14-day free trial. Click here to start your free trial.

  1. CallPotential

With the help of CallPotential, businesses can streamline their operations and sales easily. That is done by combining payment processing, auditing, lead management, and an array of other crucial functionalities. This patent-pending technology will make running your business seem simple and fun.

One of the best features is organizing and automating critical tasks in your company. Your managers will feel like they are in complete control of all daily operations.

TIP: The most important features of any facility management software are customer management, late fee calculations, lead management, integrations, deposit tracking, and business reports.

  1. RapidStor

RapidStor revolves around helping managers control and monitors business operations. It takes great pride in its core features that include reports and integrations. Furthermore, it allows its users to purchase merchandise and book units for clients.

Another great addition is the exceptional customer support section, with full support for sending bulk messages and emails.

  1. Self-Storage Pro

This software stands out with its custom-made maps that show the bird’s eye view of the entire property and all facilities. It is one of the best self-storage software for property management control and maintaining storage facilities remotely.

Other important core features include reports, deposit tracking, late fee calculations, integrations, and much more. With the help of Self-Storage Pro, businesses can easily automate various operations like late-fee notifications, billing, occupancy status, etc.

  1. Space Manager

With the help of Space Manager, users can easily manage multiple sites, track inventory, and track demand pricing. Lead management is very easy with this software.

Furthermore, users can also use real-time web API. Another great thing to know is that software comes with full support that guarantees quality.

TIP: Before you purchase a self storage solution, try the demo version to see how it fits with your business requirements.

  1. SiteLink Web Edition

Whether you own smaller or larger storage and warehouse facilities, SiteLink Web Edition can help with everything. It is a unique solution useful for both small businesses and large corporations. A built-in electronic signature and an integrated payment processing capability are two of the best features that it comes with. Users can also create an automated reminder list to improve task management.

All of the core features like customer management, deposit tracking, gate/access control, integrations, lead management, and late fee calculations are still here. In addition, the software allows several third-party integrations to support sending information to customers. That can be done via email, text messages, or phone.

  1. Storman Software

Another great piece of software for both single and multi-site facilities is Storman. It is cloud-based, and it is the proud owner of the award-winning integrated payment services. Storers can easily pay their fees, in turn enhancing cash flow and boosting revenue.

Another important thing to know is that Storman software allows storage owners to manage their facilities remotely. They just need a device connected to the internet. If you need help with the actual software, there is an online support portal at your disposal.

  1. WebSelfStorage

If you need a fully integrated storage facility software with online account access for clients, WebSelfStorage is the answer. It supports integrated payment processing, reservations, reporting, and it provides an interactive site map. Furthermore, it also connects with various access control systems.

One of the best features is that tenants can create personal accounts for bill payments. They can also print receipts, review payment histories, buy insurance, and communicate with your employees without the need to visit the website. The software also supports all of the key features.

  1. WinSen Property Manager

WinSen Property Manager makes automatic billing, move-ins and -outs, and user reminders very simple to use. It is a cloud-based self-storage software solution for both single or multiple-site facility management. One of its best features is a flexible and powerful data management system that allows data exports and various reports.

With it, you can easily streamline any business operations you can think of.

TIP: Self storage management software will help streamline business operations and automate various processes.

  1. Unit Trac

The last one on the list of the best software for self storage is Unit Trac. It is an easy-to-use and flexible self-storage management software. Invoicing customers, charging late fees, doing rent charges customization, and deposit management has never been this simple.

With the help of this software, users can manage their facility, payments, leases, and waitlists. This can be done from their phones, computers, or tablets. It also comes with all the important features.

Think about website safety

Before we finish, there is one other thing to talk about: website security. One of the reasons why these are our best recommendations for self storage software is that these platforms are safe and well-built. Using low-quality software for your business will result in potential problems with online safety. That’s why, if you want to avoid cyberattacks, it is crucial to only use licensed software that comes with full updates support.

Self Storage Business Software

And there you have it! This is our list of the 10 best self storage software of 2022. Before you purchase a plan, try demo versions to see what works best for your needs. Best of luck with finding the perfect solution for your business!