Self Service Password Management Software

If you read that title and had NO IDEA what I was talking about, then this blog post is for you. I’m sure many of you have never even heard of self-service password management software. But it’s something that’s going to soon change the way we see passwords forever.

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to easily manage all your passwords? Well, today I’m going to show you how!

Most website users use the same password across all their accounts. They reuse it because they can’t be bothered remembering all their passwords. This is a bad security practice and puts your organization at risk.

Self Service Password Management Software

#1 Specops Software

Specops Password uReset is a self-service password reset software that enables businesses to minimize password reset calls to the IT service desk while maintaining security. With this software, end-users can securely reset their Active Directory credentials from any device, from anywhere. Specops assures end users that they can reset their passwords from any browser, mobile device, or Windows logon screen on their workstations.


(Photo : Specops)

Most significantly, this secure password reset software maintains the high degree of security businesses expect. It includes security measures such as multi-factor authentication and geo-blocking. Additionally, this self-service password reset software is offered as an on-premise or a hybrid password reset solution.

Key Features

  • Updates distant users’ locally-cached credentials
  • Change the text, logo, and colors of the user interface
  • 15+ identity suppliers to boost security and authentication alternatives
  • Google re-CAPTCHA is used to avoid username harvesting
  • Any online browser, the Windows logon screen, and the mobile app may access it
  • Easily monitor and use statistics or follow system occurrences through audit reporting and statistics
  • Helpdesk interface for user verification, account unlocking, and temporary password setup
  • Options for enrollment enforcement and auto-enrollment; enrollment alerts can be received through the system tray, email, or a fullscreen browser that isn’t closable
  • The user interface is accessible in a variety of languages, including German, French, Spanish, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and others


True MFA for increased attack defense

Specops uReset enables users to authenticate themselves using a variety of identity providers, including Duo Security, Okta, PingID, and a biometric option. Several authentication alternatives ensure that users complete the password-reset operation even if an identity provider is unavailable. For example, if a user cannot access their mobile device during a password reset, they can still authenticate with social identity providers. Specops supports real MFA best practices, with many verification solutions available, including those already in use in your business.

This multi-factor identity verification system extends to the helpdesk rather than identifying users with security questions. In detail, all helpdesk staff can use the solution to verify users with any of the identity providers in their enrollment, along with the choice to give a one-time code to the user’s mobile number.

The perfect solution for a remote or hybrid workforce

As an on-premise password reset for remote workforces, remote users can use this password reset software to maintain their credentials without contacting the helpdesk. Even when a Domain Controller cannot be contacted, the solution prevents account lockouts by updating the local cached credentials. When a user’s password expires, they can reset it directly from the Windows logon screen.

And if the remote user locks themselves out of their account, the software will allow them to securely regain access. After successful authentication, the user can then unlock their account and reset their password. In return, it allows users to undertake this procedure as it decreases the helpdesk strain for distant workers.

Finally, Specops Password uRest is easy to install and set up. Your users will have an online password reset with several third-party identity providers established in minutes. Sign up and start your free trial today!


SSRPM is a password reset software that allows enterprises to allow users to update their credentials by answering specified security questions. Employees can use the secure site to update personal information such as residences, names, and phone numbers.


(Photo : Screenshot from SSRPM Official Website)

The account claiming module in SSRPM allows enterprises to handle handover operations securely by utilizing a unique claim ID to access accounts or credentials. Businesses may modify the platform with corporate logos to develop user brand identification. Administrators can also choose editable Active Directory fields and characteristics for staff to change as needed.

If your helpdesk spends up to 80% of its time on mundane reset calls, far more significant IT initiatives are being put on hold. SSRPM frees up IT resources. As long as a user answers the security questions correctly, they may reset their password at any time, from any location, on any device. SSRPM works smoothly with login prompts for other sites. A link is provided right within the prompt for Active Directory credentials or HelloID logins. Other resources can be accessed through a portal.

Key Features and Advantages

  • 24/7 password reset support
  • Easy account reclamation for identity verification
  • Self-service for accounts, easing the burden of your IT department
  • Minimizes helpdesk calls and boosts productivity
  • With secure data, password management, and portal

#3 JiJi SSPR

JiJi Self-Service Password Reset allows Active Directory users to securely reset or modify their account passwords. Managers may use the platform to set password rules, check compliance with industry requirements, and perform security audits.

JiJi Self-Service Password Reset

(Photo : Screenshot from JiJi Self-Service Password Reset Official Website)

In the unavailability of domain network access, professionals can use JiJi Self-Service Password Reset to handle cached domain credentials. Employees may use it to lock or unlock their accounts, modify account information, and reset passwords straight from mobile devices, Outlook, or websites. It also includes audit records, multi-factor authentication, activity tracking, advanced account management, and other features.

You can securely reset passwords or unlock accounts by authenticating yourself. These operations may be carried out via mobile devices, the logon screen, OWA, or the product website. You can also enable your team members to simply reset their passwords from the Windows Login screen (Ctrl + Alt + Del). Accounts from several systems can be linked. Assists organizations in achieving Single Sign-On.

Because passwords are encrypted and stored using Microsoft’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), your organization is FIPS compliant. Meanwhile, the Enforce Active Directory password policy is enforced as you update your passwords. This assists your company in remaining compliant with security audits.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Reset or change your password on your own
  • Notifies when the password is about to expire
  • Mobile, desktop, and business app integration
  • With security features and compliance management
  • Detailed audit logs for all end users

#4 N-Able Passportal

By combining login credential infusion, password reset automation, and role-based access restrictions, N-Able Passportal self-service password reset software allows you to save time and increase security.

N-Able Passportal

(Photo : Screenshot from N-Able Passportal Official Website)

With real-time recording, you can preserve a complete audit trail of your passwords, from a database of old and new passwords to who modified them and when. Alternatively, you may automatically change credentials across your existing client base and restore Windows services or planned processes to utilize new passwords in seconds—whether someone departs or you’re merely rotating passwords.

This software allows you to improve your cyber-hygiene by implementing excellent password management practices. Explore new Active Directory accounts and password changes instantly, create strong passwords, reduce and reuse credential leaks, and streamline routine maintenance.  You may manage user rights and assign granular data access across customers, subfolders, and specific passwords for your firm. Temporarily provide access for on-the-fly requests to ensure technicians have everything they need to complete the work swiftly.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Manage passwords manually or automatically
  • Remembers all passwords and lets you control access
  • Lets you automate password reset, change, or management
  • Equipped with multi-factor authentication
  • With reports and auditing to see how credentials are being managed


ReACT is an enterprise-wide self-service password reset and synchronization solution that enables end users to reset their passwords in four simple steps.  It minimizes password-related help desk calls by providing end users with a self-service method to change their passwords, synchronize their credentials, and unlock their accounts 24×7.


(Photo : Screenshot from ASPG ReACT Official Website)

ReACT automates password reset and synchronization, supporting practically all corporate operating systems and apps without needing major modifications to your present environment. This scalable solution minimizes downtime, security risks, and other help desk concerns by assuring the correct authentication process, password protection, and identity verification, while saving your company millions of dollars.

Password reset in ReACT is accomplished in four easy steps: identity, authentication, system selection, and password generation. Because the password produced in ReACT has a permanent value, end users can quickly and easily circumvent the conventional login barriers and return to work. This solution is mostly ideal for the enterprise environment because it can be accessed from any web-enabled device. End users can impose a multi-factor authentication strategy for further protection.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Compatible with most platforms
  • Seamless integration with other work apps
  • Easy to use and maximize user adoption
  • Offers role-based access

Password resets, and account lockouts in Active Directory are a headache for IT teams everywhere. According to some estimates, passwords account for 40% of all helpdesk calls. Employees may use a self-service password reset solution to reset lost Windows passwords and manage account lockouts without ringing the helpdesk.

Beyond self-service, there are other advantages to employing a self-service password reset solution for IT teams. Be it email or on-screen password reminders to urge users to change their passwords before they expire or the option to update remotely cached credentials for remote employees. With our top 5 best self-service password reset software like Specops uReset, SSRPM, JiJi SSPR, and more. You can spend less time and money on password-related issues.