Self Hosted Project Management Software

A self-hosted project management software is a program that allows a team to collaborate on a project and stay in sync with all the changes. They often contain tools like a task manager, calendar and chat features.

You don’t need to pay expensive monthly fees from SaaS providers (e.g. Basecamp) or hiring a project manager if you want to manage projects. Self-hosted project management software is the answer to your problems. Self-hosted means ownership which translates into total control of your data and how much you spend on software.

Whether your employees work from home or out in the field, every business needs an effective communication tool. The right project management software can help with that, and more: it tracks projects, goals, schedules and deadlines, while making sure all team members are aware of company objectives and reach their goals on time.

Self Hosted Project Management Software

1. Orangescrum Self Hosted

Built on Open-source, Orangescrum Project Management tool enables organizations to manage increasingly complex business requirements. This is the one centralized solution for all vital portfolio stats – project progress, resource management, time tracking, CSAT & profitability. This Open Source Project Management Software that enables collaboration & agility at “all” levels. Success & Efficiency for every role.

Orangescrum Enterprise

Features Available:

  • On-Premises Installation
  • 100% Data Ownership
  • High security – LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Unlimited Projects, Milestones & Tasks
  • Project Planning
  • Schedule Management
  • Time & Resource Management
  • Executive Report & Dashboard
  • Budget & Expense Management
  • Bug & Issue Tracking
  • Google & Dropbox Integration
  • Document & Wiki Knowledge Management
  • In-App Chat

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2. WorkZone

Workzone pairs the clean, intuitive design of software designed for smaller teams, like other EPM, with the security and raw power and many more options on this list. What’s great about this combination is that it allows you to continue using Work zone as your business grows larger and larger, without the hassle of having to move to a different platform.


3. Primavera

Oracle’s project management solution Primavera isn’t worth considering unless you’re working with multiple projects at once. Rather than project management, it’s focused on project portfolio management. If that’s what you need then you’ll find all sorts of useful features to keep all your programs and projects running smoothly. The ability to add project expenses at the activity level and multiple project tracking.


4. Clarizen

Clarizen is one of the most user friendly Open Source project management software options. But don’t let it ease, it’s still packed with all the powerful tools you need like extensive planning features and state of the art security technology. Of course, all of this comes at a price, but if you can afford it, it’s worth the investment.


5. Liquid Planner

If you need a program that allows for flexibility within each project, then look no further than Liquid Planner. It was built with adaptability in mind. Whenever you reprioritize the tasks in a project, or your available resources change, this software will automatically update the task and project completion dates across your whole portfolio. Another nifty feature is the integrated time and budget tracking, making it easy to keep on budget.

Liquid Planner

6. Workfront

Everyone on a team has a specific role. Workfront is designed to maximize the output from each role-player and therefore get the most productivity possible out of your teams. With well-developed resource allocation features, Workfront makes it easy to balance team members’ workloads, dragging and dropping assignments from one to another.


7. VersionOne

VersionOne is another option targeted towards software developers, but it is even more specialized than JIRA, focusing solely on Agile development. This sort of specialization makes VersionOne an easy choice if you do fit into its target market, but if you don’t you’re going to want to pick another option from this list.


8. Smartsheet

If you like spreadsheets and are looking for a project management solution then you’ll love Smartsheet as it essentially mashes the two together. And since it’s built to scale, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of your average spreadsheet no matter how many people you’re managing. If that doesn’t sell you, perhaps the fact that it’s used by half of Fortune 500 companies will change your mind.


9. Twproject

Twproject makes sure that everything is always just one click away. Their central document archiving is second to none, with files associated with specific projects and also completely searchable. In addition to their exceptional file sharing, Twproject also offers impressive time tracking options and a very nifty automated resource allocation feature that makes this a stand-out among Open Source project management software solutions.


10. Sciforma

Sciforma is all Open Source all the time, so much so that it actually limits you to a minimum of 20 users. And just to make that clear, they define a user as ‘a project manager, portfolio manager and/or resources manager’, so most of your team members don’t count towards that number. That focus shows through in the features they provide, many of which have their eye on the big picture.



The purpose of  Open Source workflow management software is to build a single environment to run the complexity and recurring business and individual projects.

Open Source are overwhelmed with too many projects, and a simple tool just doesn’t cut it.

From customized solutions to multicultural group solutions, the Open Source project management tool is into efficient coordination of multiple work-groups using multiple technologies.

Explore more to define logical workflow across your projects.

If I have missed any useful Open Source project management software that are available on market, share your thought on the comment section.