Security Guard Management Software

Do you manage security guards? We’ve built a product that automates virtually all of the administrative tasks for security guard management. With features such as automated scheduling, GPS tracking and employee self-service, it will change how you manage your guards.

Security is always on top of our mind especially as technology advancements make it possible for people to do things they never could have dreamed of just a decade ago. With all these security threats, one has to wonder what can we do to make sure that criminals are kept at bay and our families are safe?

Security guard management software helps you keep track of the personnel who are patrolling your property. These systems also allow you to create and print out reports that help you to make informed decisions regarding your security.

Security Guard Management Software

6 Outstanding Features of Security Guard Management Software

Times have gone by when supervisors used to do scheduling on paper with a pen or pencil. That was a messy and time-consuming approach with so many errors. That messy and time-consuming paper based approach of monitoring and scheduling security guards has been replaced with high-tech, easy to use security guards software. security guard management system has become an essential and a popular tool for the organizations to monitor their security guards and patrolling guards. It is an end-to-end solution for security operations and management that helps organization’s managers, supervisors and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities. It is much more than a fill-in the blank spreadsheet. This is an integrated program that can do everything that you cannot think of doing manually efficiently.GuardTek Post
1. Security Guard Management Software Tracks Security Guards in Real-timeSecurity guard management software provides a web-based platform to administrators with the help of this platform they can monitor and track their employee’s and security teams in real-team. It is comprised of innovative guard tour software that executes procedures in real-time. Real-time precise data provides clear information about any aspect of a guard tour regarding incidents and guard activities to supervisors and administrators. Organizations can record the date and time of the location of incidents and take pictures of any suspicious actions, record every detail and notify authorized and emergency contacts.

2. Better Management Control and Supervision in the OrganizationSecurity guard management software helps supervisors and administrators to manage control and supervise their organization with security guard management software. With the help of this, a supervisor can easily manage field incidents daily from morning to evening. The supervisor can have full detail of employees and security guards’ working time, attendance time and tours. Security guard management software allows administrators and supervisors to track assets and materials and instantly distribute post orders from a centralized dashboard

3. Helps Organizations to Enhance Communication and Monitor Employees’ EfficiencySecurity guard management helps to expedite communication between security guards, supervisors and administrators. Despite all this, it also helps administrators and HR managers to monitor employees’ working efficiency. It allows administrators and HR managers to use collected data to track the performance of security officers or employees, levels for performance reviews, incentive programs and efficiency audits.

4. It Takes Load off the Managing Staffs from Time Consumable ProcessesSecurity guard management software relieves organization managing staff from time consumable processes such as attending phone calls, filling paper or online forms. Organizations do not need to hire manpower to attend phone calls, fill paper report, track time and attendance of their workers. Organization can do all these important tasks with single and affordable security guard management software. This way organizations can minimize 60% labor cost.

5. Security Guard Management Software is a Cloud-Based SystemSecurity guard management software is a cloud-based (computing based on the internet) software that offers an ability to virtually transfer your office in any location worldwide and not get disturbed on your job due to locality limitations. It allows supervisors to scan checkpoints in multiple locations and keep data of their patrol in guard tour monitoring systems. The cloud-based system helps to establish real-time interconnection with an alarm monitoring center. The data can be transmitted immediately through cloud infrastructure via GPRS/3G/4G/ Wi-Fi in real –time.6. Security Guard Management Software is User-Friendly SoftwareSecurity guard management software is user-friendly software that can be used by any person with limited computer skills. It is a web-based solution that can be accessed either from a computer or from a Smartphone. It is affordable and can be used by any small business organization.