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Seats are one of the most important things that make a meeting successful. If people are uncomfortable they will not be able to concentrate or perform at the optimum level. This will have a detrimental effect on the productivity of the meeting and ultimately the outcome. The Seating Management Software can help in making that essential decision about who sits where without directly asking for each individual’s opinion.

The world of event management is difficult enough without having to worry about the consequences of poor seating. Don’t let your event suffer from a bad seat — use our event seating software and minimize the stress of finding the best seat for your attendees.

Let’s face it. Seating charts aren’t as sexy as social media or putting together a cool video, but don’t let that distract from the importance of how good your seating chart is. Yes, there are a few different options available to seat your guests at your wedding ceremony and reception. But did you know that you can also use an online seating software to do this for you? Yes, this is a very effective and efficient way of seating your guests.

 Seating Management Software

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, and hybrid schedules are here to stay. To make the most out of office floor plans, hot desk booking software has risen to the occasion. Hot desks (a.k.a. first-come-first-served desk reservations) allow employees to access unused workstations in a pinch. The distinction for desk hoteling is reservations for workspaces are submitted in advance.

Hot desk booking software describes one element of a new wave of space utilization tools. These systems also allow users to reserve other items like meeting rooms, equipment, or parking spaces. Beyond that, they provide management teams with detailed analytics, to uncover workspace trends.

In this article, I’ll review the 10 best hot desking software and their related space management functions. I’ll highlight their core features, as well as elements that make them unique.

Selection Criteria

Wondering what I look for when selecting the best hot desk booking software for this list? Here’s a shortlist of the selection criteria I used to determine my top picks: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I chose software with clean, colourful, and visually attractive user interfaces that make the booking process enjoyable.
  2. Usability: I selected software that’s simple and straightforward to use, with clear menus and navigation for processes and preferences. 
  3. Integrations: To maximize productivity, I picked systems that integrate with commonly used office programs like email systems and calendars, to create a seamless experience and keep information organized. 
  4. Price: I appreciate software with transparent pricing models and the ability to scale up to add more bookable spaces easily. Since some systems have modular designs, pricing details are not always readily available as prices are customized based on the specific modules needed. 

Key Features

Hot desk booking software is straightforward by design, to ensure the booking process is simple. Here’s a summary of the key features you can expect from the best hot desk booking software:

  1. Self-service bookings: The ability for employees to make bookings themselves, rather than bottlenecking requests through administrators or managers.
  2. Mobile device accessibility: This is an essential feature, as it allows users to book from anywhere, anytime, while also enabling touchless check-ins via mobile devices.
  3. Detail-rich floor plans: Users should be able to visually locate the workspace they want to book from an accurate, and often interactive map. Some platforms even include wayfinding features that help users orient themselves within the workspace. 
  4. Flexible booking types: Every workspace is unique with different types of work areas. The best platforms offer flexible booking types (e.g., for desks, conference rooms, parking stalls, and equipment) as well as flexible booking arrangements (e.g., hourly, all-day, multiple days, etc.).
  5. Team zones or neighbourhoods: This feature creates designated areas for specific teams or departments, ensuring better team collaboration while in the office. This feature can also be used to create designated quiet zones too. 
  6. Search tools to find colleagues: To further enhance productivity and collaboration, hot desk booking systems allow users to search for other employees to find out when they’re going to be in the office, and where they’ll be sitting. 
  7. Health & safety features: This category includes a whole host of features such as built-in health screening questionnaires, occupancy limits, social distancing parameters, data to assist with contract tracing, and automations that flag desks for sanitization in between users. 
  8. Usage metrics: The best systems keep track of usage data to support higher-level workspace analysis processes. This helps management teams quantify the cost of unused space and understand where they can further optimize or reduce their floor space.

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Overviews of the 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software

Here’s a brief description of each hot desk booking software that showcases each system’s best use case, plus some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give you a snapshot of their user interface. 1Eden

Intuitive desk and room booking software with a full workplace software suite

Eden screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Eden’s HR and workplace experience software is modular by design, so you only have to pay for the products you need—making it an affordable option for businesses who want to maintain a flexible, hybrid workforce. Their system includes separate modules for desk booking, room scheduling, visitor management, COVID-19 team safety, deliveries, and internal ticketing, which can be used for IT support, HR requests, and more.

Within their desk booking module, system administrators can limit which desks are available for booking, to ensure social distancing between workers. Their system also supports office neighborhoods, allowing employees from the same department to book spots close to each other for improved collaboration. The system also tracks office space and desk usage metrics, making it easier for operations teams to analyze their usage and reduce wasted space.

In addition to their desk and room booking modules, Eden also has an embedded ticketing system, which can be used for any type of employee service request, such as HR and People Operations requests, IT support, facilities needs, or document formatting requests. Designed to act as a central hub for service requests, this module also includes analytics so teams can understand what type of support their employees need the most.

Eden integrates with Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, common HRIS platforms like Gusto, Hibob, and BambooHR, and many other access control and single sign-on directory service applications.

Pricing for Eden is very transparent and modular, depending on the type of booking services you need. For their hot desk booking service, pricing starts at $2.25 USD/desk/month, sold in sets of 25 desks. Their room scheduling software can also be added for free for up to 10 rooms, and their COVID-19 safety features can also be added for free for 1 location up to 50 employees.

Free demo available

From $2.25-$4/user/month

Visit Website2Deskfound

Best hot desk booking software with desk management and Google Workspace functionality

Deskfound screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Deskfound is a Slack-based space management software tailored for a hybrid workforce. It allows employees to find the appropriate workspace, view floor plans, and book desk reservations from an easy-to-use, centralized platform or their existing Slack program.

The cloud-based software enables supervisors to strategically assign desks to different employees, evaluate seating arrangements, and manage available workspace for a designated number of days or even weeks. It allows employees to manage work desks across multiple locations, view workspace status, availability, and schedule reservations for dedicated and temporary desks in offices. Users can view desks by area, book permanent or hybrid seats, and update reservations by simply using the built-in drag-and-drop user interface.

In addition, the software enables users to easily track each team’s location, configure user access rights, set up the software’s contact tracing functionality, and manage other critical tasks within a unified system. Apart from Slack, the platform supports seamless integration with other third-party applications, including Google Maps. Users can use QR codes to scan desk labels and ensure the visibility of seating arrangements and locations.

Pricing starts from $1.00 per user/month. A free trial is available for the first 10 users.

Free trial for the first 10 users.

$1 per user/month.

Visit Website3Smartway2

Well-designed, intuitive, hot desk booking solution with hybrid collaboration and safety features.

Smartway2 screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

With Smartway2, users can book everything from hot desks, conference rooms, parking spots, or other equipment to enhance their productivity while venturing back to the office. Their mobile “book here and now” feature supports bookings on the fly, or users can book in advance using their calendar feature on mobile or on desktop. As well, their Outlook integration allows you to book a room through your Outlook Calendar, while simultaneously checking whether your colleague’s will be in the office and what their availability is for an in-person meeting.

Modern hybrid work challenges are well-integrated into Smartway2’s workplace scheduling tool. Their powerful rules engine behind their hot desk booking solution can be easily configured to allow for social distancing between booked spaces, manage how many occupants can book spaces at the same time, and incorporates time for sanitation services in-between hot desk bookings if required. It also allows for localization of hybrid working policies, which is particularly useful for large muti-nationals with offices in multiple countries hosting thousands of employees.

Another useful feature is their Smart Desk Recovery tool, which scours the systems for any no-shows and releases the unused bookings, increasing desk availability for employee and facilitating a better use of space in the office. Room panels can also be installed in meeting rooms or other common spaces so people can quickly make a booking, or check-in for an existing meeting using swipe cards, mobile device activation, or facial recognition

Smartway2 is well-integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, as well as Office 365.

Pricing details for Smartway2’s hot desk booking solution are only available upon request. A free demo can also be requested via their website.

Request a free demo

Pricing upon request

Visit Website4deskbird

Easy-to-use desk booking software, fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Google

deskbird screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

deskbird is a flexible and easy-to-use desk booking solution that your employees can access from anywhere. In just two clicks, you can easily reserve a desk, meeting room, parking spot, or any other resource. For ease of use, you can make bookings through multiple methods, including their web platform, their mobile app, or directly through Microsoft Teams, or Slack. Their software also includes Outlook and Google calendar integrations, you can avoid scheduling conflicts and get real-time analytics.

Other key features in their desk booking tool include health policy reviews prior to checking in, check-ins via QR codes, and incognito bookings if you want your trip to the office to stay anonymous. Platform administrators also have the ability to monitor space utilization metrics, dedicate zones to particular teams, and restrict access to key areas as needed.

deskbird integrates directly with calendar programs, communication tools and active directory systems. They also have a mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Pricing for deskbird’s workspace booking tool starts at $3/user/month. They also offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card or other strings attached.

14-day free trial

From $3/user/month

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Intuitive desk booking platform with interactive floor plan and full mobile access

Skedda screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Skedda’s customized booking system allows you to control the usage of all your corporate spaces including desks, meeting rooms, studios, labs, or anything else you want to make reservable. Their system is designed to remove the hassle of manually managing spaces by automating the process and enabling self-service bookings. This means you only have to set up your bookable items and automated user rules once. After that, your staff will be able to help themselves.

Their floorplan maps are interactive, making it easy to view and make bookings directly from the map interface. Included in the floor plan is a time-of-day range-slider, so users can determine exactly when their favourite spot will be available again. Users can also make reservations through their booking calendar, which allows platform admins to review bookings using day, month, grid (all listings) or list (per space or user) views. For pay-per-use venues, the platform also makes it easy to collect payments from users during their initial booking, which is saved for convenient reuse.

To ensure easy access, Skedda has full-featured native apps for Android and iOS devices that works for users, as well as owners and administrators. The system also integrates with other commonly used calendar programs such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook (and Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to generate meeting invites and video-conferencing links), iCloud, and with communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Mailchimp, and many others. 

Pricing for Skedda starts at $7 USD per month. A 30-day free trial of their premium version is available, as well as a free demo. They also have a freemium version with limited features for up to 5 bookable spaces.

30-day free trial

From $7/month

Visit Website6Ronspot

3-in-1 hybrid workplace reservation tool for booking hot desks, parking spots, and meeting rooms

Ronspot screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Ronspot’s hybrid workplace management system was designed to make hybrid working easy for companies and their employees. Their system includes a mobile app for employees to book workspaces quickly and easily. In terms of hot desking, Ronspot is really easy to setup. Companies can upload a map to their account and employees will be able to book their chosen spots through this interactive map, or through their calendar interface.

The system has other great features like desk check-in using QR codes, spot auto-release (so people can’t hoard their space), and employee-scheduling features. Company administrator can create groups and teams with unique sets of rules for making bookings. When new employees join the company, they can be added to their department group, which ensures everyone in that department has the same booking rules, so everyone is on the same page. Team leaders can also receive permission to make bookings on behalf of others, which is a helpful feature for organizing team collaboration.

In terms of integrations, Ronspot integrates with employee calendars like Microsoft Teams, Windows, Google Calendars, and Microsoft Outlook, as well as with HR systems, single sign-on (SSO) providers, desk sensors, and busy lights. Ronspot is ISO 27001 certified too, which means their data security processes are of the highest quality. Ronspot Desk Booking System can also be integrated with Ronspot Parking which allows companies to manage resources like their parking spaces (+EV charging spots) and integrate with automatic number plate reading (ANPR) cameras for access.

Pricing for Ronspot starts at $2.20/bookable spot/month for their Premium plan. You can also request a free demo or a 30-day free trial with no credit card or commitment required through their website. They also offer a freemium plan with limited features too.

30-day free trial + free demo

From $2.20/spot/month

Visit Website7Officely

Modern desk booking tool with health surveys and contact tracing details, fully integrated with Slack

Officely screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Officely is a hot desk booking software that helps businesses manage meeting rooms, desks, and other shared spaces. Their cloud-based solution allows users to see availability in real time, book meeting rooms and desks, and track space usage. One feature that really sets them apart is their full integration with Slack. This means users can receive updates on who’s in the office, or when they’ll be in next, all within their Slack workspace.

Officely allows employees to reserve space for specific days or times and cancel reservations if they no longer need the space. Users can make individual or group bookings, and also reserve spaces and amenities like parking spots or rooms for private luncheons. Users will receive a confirmation email with all the details about their reservation, including a floor map for easy navigation.

To assist with workforce management, Officely allows employers to limit the time each employee can spend in the office, ensuring everyone can use the space. Moreover, Officely provides employers with data on how their employees use the office, allowing them to make informed decisions about office utilization. The system’s overall flexibility helps make hybrid work arrangements more manageable for employers and employees.

Officely allows system administrators to customize their built-in health surveys, such as their automated COVID-19 or vaccine check-ins, which can be incorporated into the desk booking process. Once a health survey is completed, the results are automatically logged into a secure system. This feature helps businesses monitor employee interactions for contract tracing purposes, creating a record of anyone who may have been exposed to the virus. It also helps businesses stay compliant with any local or national guidelines on reporting cases of COVID-19.

Officely is fully integrated with Slack, and has native integrations with popular calendar programs like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Pricing for Officely starts at $2.50/user/month. They also offer a freemium plan with limited features for up to 10 users too.

Freemium version available

From $2.50/user/month

Visit Website8WorkInSync

Hybrid workplace scheduling with virtual assistant software integrations

WorkInSync screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

WorkInSync is a hybrid workplace scheduling solution with all the standard features you’d expect for a hot desk booking application, and more. The system helps managers stay on top of their hybrid employees by asking staff to fill out an Employee Preference Report once per week, indicating the days they would like to work from home or in the office.

When staff are ready to make a booking, they can browse the interactive booking platform to find seats near other team members, and search for workstations with special features, including cubicles with ergonomic chairs, or dual monitors. Within the same process, employees can also book parking spaces too. On the day of a booking request, the system automatically sends a health risk assessment questionnaire to ensure employees have no cold or flu symptoms before heading to the office.

The platform boasts several unique features that I haven’t seen in other systems. To improve productivity, their software has integrations with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri so employees can reserve desk spaces during their drive to the office. Once they arrive, the platform’s Mask Detector feature asks employees to confirm they’re wearing a face mask by uploading a selfie of them wearing it. After that, the next step is a temperature check using WorkInSync’s digital thermal hand scanner, which checks and records employee temperatures to ensure no fevers are developing. QR code scans also work in tandem with their Contactless Access Management module and Digi-Pass, ensuring contactless check-in for booked desks or meeting spaces.

WorkInSync integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Assistant, Microsoft Outlook, G-Suite Calendars, Microsoft ADFS, Okta, One Login, Honeywell EBI, and Siri.

Pricing for WorkInSync starts at $2.50 USD/user/month. A free plan is also available for organizations with less than 50 employees. A free demo can also be requested via their website.

Request a free demo

From $2.50 USD/user/month

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Workplace management software with employee productivity features

Robin screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Robin’s sophisticated desk booking system aims to empower employees, while giving management teams the tools they need to manage safety, security and space utilization effectively. Thanks to their real-time analytics, users always know how many desks are assigned, hot, hoteled or flexible at any given moment. Bookings can also be made easily through their mobile app, desktop interface, or through kiosks placed at strategic locations around your office, like meeting rooms.

Their system includes useful functions to improve employee productivity, such as wayfinding features, and platform searchability, enabling employees to find co-workers quickly, rather than wasting time walking around. For meeting room scheduling, Robin has space utilization features to ensure a meeting room intended for up to 10 people isn’t booked by groups or 2 or 3. Check-in features also remove ghost meetings, meaning a room booking will be released if no one checks-in for the meeting within a set amount of time.

Robin integrates with Microsoft Office 365, BlueJeans, Exchange, Google Calendar, Slack, and Zoom.

Pricing for Robin starts at $1,500 USD/year for their Basic service level. A free 14-day trial and free demo can also be requested via their website.

14-day free trial

From $1,500 USD/year for their Basic service level

Visit Website10Kadence

Integrated desk booking platform that coordinates your people, projects, and spaces

Kadence screenshot - 10 Best Hot Desk Booking Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

Kadence is a full suite of easy-to-use hybrid working software designed to improve the coordination of people, space and time to help your teams work smarter. Their next-generation operating system for hybrid working was designed to unleash the potential of people, powering a more positive way of working.

Kadence’s intuitive user interface and interactive floor maps (web and mobile versions) help your employees find and book available desks in seconds. Their platform also includes analytics on desk bookings, occupancy, or wasted bookings, to help you get a better understanding of your office space utilization. Their system also includes an auto-release capability that eliminates no-shows and improves availability.

Another unique team collaboration function is their “Personal Kadence” profile feature that helps office managers and teams get a clear view of employee’s personal preferences, and generates a list of who’s booked to come into the office on any given day to help with efficient meeting coordination.

Kadence integrates fully with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Google calendars so your teams can easily find, and book available spaces all within the tools they already use.

Pricing for Kadence starts at $4/user/month. They also offer a free demo.

Free demo available

From $4/user/month

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