Seagate Data Recovery Software With Crack

Seagate Data Recovery Software features a simplified yet powerful interface. It can help you retrieve data from external Seagate hard disk and restore the lost data to a new disk drive.

Seagate data recovery software is one of the good source to recover your missing data from damaged or corrupt severely formatted hard drives. You can retrieve your all missing files and folders within few minutes. Seagate file recovery works for both Windows and Mac operating system. Such as MS-Word File, AVI video file, animation files, image folder, audio format and others.

Around 23% of small and mid-sized businesses go out of business within the first year. That’s a lot of companies that cease to exist after they’re just getting off the ground. This statistic shows how important it is to keep your data backed up – but some data backups fail every year, too.

Seagate Data Recovery Software With Crack

Losing your data can be an unpleasant experience. It’s very easy to lose your data because of accidental deletion of files, software update, hardware failure, or viruses can lead to untimely system crashes. In simple words, Seagate recovery software restores your data on your computer. More than 50% of consumers have faced data loss at one time or another, but only 17% of consumers have regularly backup their data. If a data loss incident has happened to you, whether at home or the office, you can easily and quickly recover that data through Seagate recovery software. Because the data doesn’t completely delete from the hard drive. Every file we delete hidden from the user but remain in file index and new file overwrite their space. Here we are going to talk about 10 Seagate data Recovery Software

  • Methods to Recover Data from Seagate drive
  • 10 Seagate Data Recovery Software Free 2022
  • How to recover lost files from Seagate hard drive with Recoverit data recovery

Methods to Recover Data from Seagate drive

There are three methods to recover data through Seagate recovery software.

In-Lab Recovery Services: is mostly used when the hard drive stops working physically. You can go to their official website and submit your case. They need detail about your data, for example, which type of data you want to recover. The data recovery cost is complementary. You need to send your hard drive to their lab. Your data will be retrieved in their secure Seagate lab. You can also track your case once your data recovered. They send you data in an external Seagate drive. If they will not be able to get your data back, they didn’t charge you any money. You don’t have to use their lab services if you don’t want to. There are many computer labs in every city that help to recover physically damaged hard drive.

seagate data recovery 1

Recovery Software:

If your hard drive is not thoroughly damaged and or you still have some access to your data, there are many Seagate recovery software out there to help you restore your data on your own without the help of experts. If you use the trial version, see guide steps, follow those steps to get your data back. You don’t have to spend a single penny in this process.

Yes, you hear right!

You can get your data back without investing money with the help of Seagate recovery software. You need to buy a license when you are fully satisfied that your data is recovered, but some software doesn’t require a license to recover your data and is free. Once you recover your files, you can quickly transfer your files onto another drive. You can use Seagate recovery software to restore files, videos, pictures, documents, and more.

This Seagate data recovery software supports almost all file formats such as PNG, RTF, PDF, HTML, JPG, MP3, etc. Some recovery software allows you to search for specific programs.

You can protect your data with the help of a Seagate rescue plan in the future. That way, you can quickly restore it if you delete it or lost it.

Local Recovery Service VS Data Recovery Software

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10 Seagate Data Recovery Software Free 2020

There are many Seagate data recovery software that helps to restore data, but not all those offer free services. We want to recommend a couple of free software.

1. Recoverit Data Recovery

recoverit interface

Recoverit Data Recovery is a powerful Seagate recovery software. It allows you to recover any deleted files, including photos, videos, documents, and such. Recoverit is available for download as a trial for free for PC and Mac. They allow you to recover ten files. They can be any file size and any file type. It will easily recover any deleted files from your external hard drive. It also restores data from an external hard drive that connects to your PC. It also restores files from a crashed system or lost partition. You can easily download it from their main page. Recoverit is one of the best Seagate file recovery software.

Download | WinDownload | Mac


  • Its interface is easy to use. Recoverit perfectly manufactured, everything about Recoverit is according to the demand of the user, and anyone can use this without any problem. You can get your data back in minutes, no matter how big the size of the file.


  • I tried my best to find anything that I don’t like about Recoverit, but unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in this. Wondershare did their best to give their user the best experience.

2. Pandora recovery/disk drill:

Pandora is also one of the most powerful software. You can use the Pandora Seagate recovery software free. It is very easy to use. Pandora allows you to recover your deleted files from your recycle bin. It also allows recovering data of FAT and NFTS, recover lost data because of different viruses or accidental deletion. If your system failure makes your files encrypted, Pandora recovery solves this issue easily. Pandora supports Windows OS and Mac OS. It recovers different file types.

The Seagate file recovery software disk drill is considered as the next generation of Pandora recovery software. Pandora inherits almost every functionality to disk drill. The disk drill also contains different modern algorithms. You can work more effectively with the help of disk drill software.

seagate data recovery 6

You have to select your location and recovery method before clicking on “search for lost data”. There is two free recovery method, including a quick scan and deep scan.

seagate data recovery 7

You can get access to large numbers of files by just clicking on a quick scan.


  • It recovers emptied recycle bin
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can use its basic version for free


  • Recovery rate is comparatively low
  • The free version has limited features access

3. Glary undelete:

Glary undelete is better than many other free Seagate recovery software. Its interface is very simple. Beginners and experts use this easily. Glary Undelete supports all Windows OS, including hard drive and floppy disk. This Seagate data recovery software is best for the FAT, EFS, and NTFS file system. You can easily recover your compressed, fragmented, or even encrypted files. You can retrieve data of your USB, memory card, and a flash drive with the help of glory undelete.

seagate data recovery 8

You have to select your location then press the “search” buttons to found the item of that drive.

You have to select the item that you want to retrieve and then click the “restore” button and save it into your drive. As you can see in the picture, the state and information of the files are also visible.


  • It is comparatively small in size
  • Simple “folder” and “file type” view
  • Display the files according to the size and date
  • Restore accidentally deleted files
  • Support almost every window operating system


  • Only used on a hard drive but doesn’t available for portable devices
  • Sometimes shows another program during installation
  • There are not much recovery options available
  • Contains many junk and wasted files

4. Softperfect file recovery:

Softperfect file recovery is a free Seagate recovery software. This is very simple and easy to use. If you deleted your file accidentally, SoftPerfect recovery software could easily restore it. You can restore your file from hard drive, USB drive, CF, and any other storage media. It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5.

seagate data recovery 9

You have to select your file location in “where” and have to write your file type, for example, *jpg *pdf, etc.


  • It is very lightweight
  • Support FAT and NTFS drives
  • Restore encrypted and compressed files
  • No installation required on portable software
  • Support windows as well as Linux


  • sometimes doesn’t restore exact file
  • have many junk files
  • less capable as compared to other Seagate file recovery software

5. Recuva

CCleaner launches it to help windows and mac. It has a user-friendly interface.

Did you lost your file because of a system crash or accidentally deleted your files? Don’t worry

Recuva is a powerful software. You can use this Seagate recovery software free. It’s easy to recover formatted and damaged data with Recuva. There are many other free utilities offered by this software to rescue your window and system.

seagate data recovery 10

Once your installation is complete, select what type of file you are trying to recover. And click on the “next” button.

seagate data recovery 11

Select the drive or device from where you want to recover from. If you know where you saved your deleted data before, choose “in a specific location” and click on “browse”.

seagate data recovery 12

Once you select your location and drive, you can enable a deep scan, but it’s optional, and click on “start” to search for your files.

seagate data recovery 13

You can easily search your files once your software is installed and scan completely.


  • multiple options to choose from
  • preview your images before the restore
  • Useful for different other purposes


  • Downloading speed is a bit low

6. Puran file recovery:

It is an old yet power Seagate file recovery software. You can recover your data from any storage device. It is available in ten different languages. Beginners and professionals use this easily. It supports FAT and NTFS. You can easily locate your deleted files.

seagate data recovery 16

Choose your file, and mark all options and click on the “scan” button.

seagate data recovery 17

You can see deleted files when the drive is scanned utterly. Save the required data into another disk.


  • Detailed scans options available
  • You can preview your file before


  • Not very likable by new users

7. PC INSPECTOR File Recovery:

Pc inspector is also considered as the best Seagate file recovery software. It recovers deleted and formatted files from your window. It recovers even from the crashed boot system or lost partitions. It cannot help you if there’s a mechanical issue with your hard drive. You cannot install it on the same drive you want to recover files.

seagate data recovery 18


  • Work better than Other any freeware
  • Support different languages
  • Files located in an organized manner according to date, time


  • A bit difficult to use
  • Sometimes Freezes during the scanning process

8. UndeleteMyfiles pro:

If you misunderstood this as a premium software, then you are wrong. It’s free software. It is also a Seagate data recovery software. It recovers files from hard drive, USB drive, disk drives, and other storage media. If any files are missing on your computer, you will be able to see it here.

seagate data recovery 19


  • Easy to use interface
  • Certain type of files preview individually


  • File names are missing
  • Deep scan is missing

9. Wise data recovery:

If you want to recover your files from various devices, this is a great free Seagate data recovery software. It efficiently works on the window. You have to select your location then browse the item to recover your file.

seagate data recovery 20


  • Easy to use
  • High-speed scanning process
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Deep scan is missing
  • Only limited data is available for restore

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How to recover lost files from Seagate hard drive with Recoverit data recovery:

The Seagate disk speed is very fast, and it stores large files. That’s why sometimes there is a data loss problem occurs in Seagate external disk.

There are two reasons for data loss in Seagate hard drive.

  • Logical failure
  • Physical damage

The logical failure is a common problem. You can recover your files by scanning deleted files or formatted files. Recoverit is best to retrieve such files.

I used this method to recover my lost files. Here I am going to give you a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Select your location.

recoverit interface

Select your location where you saved your files before if you want to recover your Seagate external hard drive. Choose the external device and click on the “start” button.

Step 2:choose your files you want to recover.

operations during scanning

You have to wait some minutes for the scanning process. If you locate your files, stop scanning.

Step 3. Preview and save

preview recovered photos

Preview your files which you want to retrieve and click on the “recover” button to save your files in your Seagate external drive.

Final words:

Not all recovery software is as useful as we expect in most cases. It’s up to you which Seagate recovery software you want to use. The software that I mention in this list is easy to use and reliable. For me, I like Recoverit because I used this and recovered all my desired files, which I lost somewhere on my computer. Among all other free software, Recoverit is the best. It gives the most accurate results with a large number of files and widely used all over the world in 2020.