Screening Software For Resumes

Choosing the best screening software for resumes ensures that you’ll be able to eliminate applicants easier and quicker. This can help you save time during the hiring process which gives you more time to get back to the task at hand, which is running your business.

I love using resume screening software to save me time. Screening software is like a hiring manager that reads your job applications so you don’t have to — saving you countless hours of reading and reviewing each applicant’s resume.

You just got a resume from your favorite candidate for an open position — unfortunately, it’s been submitted through a cover letter and you have to worry about it. You don’t want your employer to see what’s really going on at the job site or find out that the candidates are lying in their CVs or even submitting ghost resumes (or ghost job posts in some cases).

 Screening Software For Resumes

Resume screening tools have become fairly common in the HR industry for their high-efficiency and productive usage.

Almost 98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on them to speed up their hiring process. And now, small enterprises are also gradually adopting such apps to optimize their recruitment.

If you are yet to use one for your business, I’ve put together the 13 best resume screening software available on the market.

The list consists of a mix of old and new generation apps to cover both small and large company requirements.

Let me give you a brief overview of what a resume screening is first.

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  • What is Resume Screening Software, and Why Should You Use One?
  • 1. HireBeat
  • 2. Zoho Recruit
  • 3. FreshTeam
  • 4. Sage HR
  • 5. RecruiterBox
  • 6. SmartRecruiters
  • 7. CVViZ
  • 8. Lever
  • 9. Taleo By Oracle
  • 10. iCIMS
  • 11. Vervoe
  • 12. Greenhouse
  • Conclusion

What Is Resume Screening Software, And Why Should You Use One?

Recruiting is an extremely time-consuming job.

On average, you receive over 250 resumes for a job vacancy, out of which around 88% rarely qualify.

Imagine manually going through hundreds of files only to realize you’ve wasted hours on irrelevant applicants.

Resume screening software helps recruiters screen resumes and identify candidates who are likely to be hired. It saves time and improves efficiency.

It is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that cuts down on your time significantly by automatically extracting pertinent candidates for you.

It finds, identifies, and collects resumes for you based on your requirements and highlights the ones that meet your criteria. Using these apps, you can screen out bad resumes before sending them off to employers.

Most of them offer a complete talent acquisition cycle to help not only save the workload but also efficiently streamline your workflow.

Recruiters who regularly use these tools save themselves 75% of the manual work!

That’s what makes them appealing to both small and large organizations.

Check out the list I’ve shared below to find the best resume-screening software for your business.

1. HireBeat


HireBeat is recruitment software for startups and small businesses.

You can use it to post job ads on popular recruitment sites, build a branded career page, and track applicants.

It delivers several screening methods to help you evaluate your applicant profiles more efficiently and accurately. For instance, you can add a questionnaire at the initial screening to shortlist applicants and take one-way video interviews to further narrow down the list.

Hirebeat also has some amazing analytical and team collaboration features. You can monitor your recruitment pipeline on the dashboard and add your team to share feedback on the shortlisted candidates. Individual members can show their approval with thumbs up and down rating buttons.

Here are HireBeat’s core features.

Main Features

  • Job advertising and career site.
  • Resume parsing and evaluation.
  • Video screening.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Analytics.
  • Excellent customer support.


HireBeat offers flexible plans. You can either pay $99 per job or purchase its monthly subscriptions for $169 to $399.

2. Zoho Recruit

Simple resume screening tool

Zoho Recruit is a sub-product of Zoho CRM and provides twelve features to optimize the hiring process.

Its sourcing module gives you access to 300 job boards to attract leads and boost your reach.

Apart from it, you can directly import the best matching candidates from indeed as well to speed up the hiring process.

If you check its screening feature, it applies questionnaires and online tests to identify the potential employee at the early stage. But you’ll also get an in-depth report on each candidate to further narrow down your list.

Overall, Zoho Recruit is a good fit for those who prefer a clean IU and flexible features. It provides a minimalist interface to help you easily navigate the dashboard and offers blueprints of your recruitment cycle to tailor it to your organization’s SOPs.

Here’re its core features.

Main Features

  • Advance sourcing.
  • Recruitment workflow automation.
  • Permit data import from other ATS.
  • Custom dashboard.
  • Gmail and Outlook Mail integrations.


Zoho charges between $30 to $60 a month per recruiter.

3. FreshTeam

Resume screening tool

Freshteam offers you a powerful applicant tracking system that comes with sourcing, screening, onboarding, and employee management hub features.

You’ll get templates to create requisitions, gain access to multiple job boards to boost reach, and have a comprehensive dashboard to check hiring progress.

It has a robust resume screening that automatically shortlists candidates based on the conditions you set and lets you schedule interviews with a single click.

Freshteam additionally provides an onboarding and employee portal, a complete welcome kit, and internal HR management to nurture your resources.

It’s a new generation of resume screening software and worth the money.

Here’s are its core features.

Main Features

  • Customizable recruitment steps.
  • Drag and drop tracking dashboard.
  • Job Ad and email templates.
  • Autopilot Screening feature.
  • Interview scoreboard to streamline communication.
  • Onboarding welcome kit.
  • Employee management.
  • Integration with outlook and calendar.
  • Over half a dozen types of reports.


Freshteam’s starter plan is free of cost but has a cap on the number of employees you can add. To unlock it, you can pick any of three paid plans costing $2 to $5 per user plus platform fees.

4. Sage HR

ATS and HR management tool

Sage HR suite covers a diverse range of functions to help you manage both your recruitment and employee management from one platform.

With it, you can optimize not only your hiring process but also make your core HR operation more efficient.

It gives you access to a job portal and career site to extract and screen relevant resumes for current vacancies. Its advanced automation and integrations allow you to auto-set the hiring cycle and streamline your workflow.

You’ll also get engagement options to maintain constant communication with candidates for scheduling, interviews, and onboarding. As Sage supports the mobile version, you can take your interactions to your smartphone to improve productivity.

Let me share its resume screening features to let you know what it offers.

Main Features

  • Applicant screening.
  • Tracking dashboard.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Communication channel.
  • Onboarding.
  • Career Site.


Sage Recruitment starts at $200 per month.

5. RecruiterBox

Talent acquisition software

RecruiterBox, now Trakstar Hire is a cloud-based resume screening software that automatically searches, screens, and shortlists candidates for you.

It takes away a major part of your workload by sorting and creating individual applicant profiles and sharing them in a presentable format.

You can add target keywords to tighten the screening, connect to your Gmail account to send resumes directly to your ATS, and set auto-responder mail to smooth the flow of communication.

It additionally allows you to tailor recruitment steps to match your departmental procedures.

With RecruitorBox, you can manage your hiring from a centralized portal with relative ease.

Here’re its core features

Main Features

  • Resource pool.
  • Candidate profiling.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Screening questionnaire.
  • Resume management.
  • Team collaboration.


RecruitorBox offers three plans for small, medium, and large enterprises. The prices aren’t listed on the site, so you might have to contact the sales team to get the quotes.

6. SmartRecruiters

Smart resume screening tool

SmartRecruitors is popular for its intuitive products, providing a complete resume screening suite containing classic applicant tracking, CRM, and AI assistance.

It helps you find the ideal candidate by automatically scanning through the internal applicant database, your referral lists, and external sites and forwarding the best match to the next stage. It also provides custom landing pages and a digital offer feature to speed up onboarding.

With SmartRecruitors, you can get a transparent tracking system to keep an eye on current status, generate digestible reports on applicants, and automate messages to optimize communication.

What makes SmartRecruiters particularly appealing is the diverse range of smart assistance. Such as, identifying which job portal brings the quality talent, or integrating third-party verifiers for the background check.

Let me share its core features.

Main Features

  • Smart Talent sourcing.
  • Career site.
  • Applicant tracking
  • CRM.
  • Powerful Reporting.
  • Mobile app.


SmartRecruitors provides custom prices, but you can use its SmartStart free plan to explore the core features.

7. CVViZ

Advanced resume screening software

CVViZ is also a smart cloud-based software that automates your talent acquisition process and simplifies resume management.

It gives you access to 2000 free and paid sites to source your candidates and quickly scan applications. Additionally, it provides an AI-powered tracking system to help you streamline your workflow.

The one thing that makes CVViZ stand out is its integration feature.

You can buy its Resume Screening Product as a standalone for $25 per job without purchasing the entire HRM and syncing it to your current system.

It is an appealing option for organizations that are content with their current HRMs but want to add a layer of filtering to them.

Let me summarize CVViZ’s core features.

Main Features

  • Powerful candidate sourcing.
  • Smart screening.
  • Automatic tracking system.
  • Integration to other recruiting software.
  • Potential and current employee engagement.
  • Employee referral product.


CVViZ offers four plans in the $60 to $300 range to accommodate different organization sizes.

8. Lever

Best resume screening software

Lever, like SmartRecruiters, is a talent acquisition suite and provides robust resume screening, a candidate relationship manager, and advanced analytics.

Its dashboard features a resume database containing neatly categorized lead and applicant data to easily identify, shortlist, and convert top talent. You also get engagement campaigns to nurture the right leads and attract them to your company.

The nurture feature is particularly useful and comes in handy when hunting for senior positions.

Lever, furthermore, extends add-ons to get more automation, extensive analytics, and in-depth insight into your workplace diversity.

Overall, Lever offers advanced functions but a user-friendly interface to help non-tech individuals operate it comfortably.

Let me share its core features, here.

Main Features

  • Simple interface.
  • Robust ATS.
  • Candidate relationship manager
  • DEI analytics.
  • Reporting and feedback system.
  • Automatic engagement campaigns.
  • Add-ons


Lever provides custom prices.

9. Taleo By Oracle

Popular resume screening tool

Taleo is mainly preferred by mid and large organizations for its talent acquisition and HR management.

It is a cloud-based standalone app offered by Oracle that goes far beyond applicant tracking and helps you not only mine and hire quality talent but identify potential leaders.

You’ll get all the necessary functions typically expected from resume screening software, including automatic resume sorting, applicant tracking, onboarding, and communication management.

In addition to ATS, Taleo gives your insight into who is performing well and may need a position upgrade.

Its screening feature is highly flexible, covering both questions and keywords to make sure you don’t miss out on the best talent on technicalities.

Overall, Taleo is a good choice and comes in both SME and business versions.

Here’re its core features.

Main Features

  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Robust screening options.
  • CRM.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • AI chatbot
  • Integrations.
  • Mobile friendly.


Taleo charges you based on your company’s size. Contact sales to learn more about it.


ATS software

iCIMS is a talent management company that offers two distinct services to help you manage your recruitment department.

One of them is a resume screening suite that provides you with tools to attract, hire, and nurture potential employees.

It has an artificial intelligence function to screen applicants matching your requirements and pass it forward for review. You can manually check each candidate as well to make your own assessment and mark valuable resources for future job openings.

Its CRM is easy to use and offers simple IU to comfortably track applicants, conduct online interviews, and streamline departmental communications.

Besides the basics, you also get tons of other useful functions to improve your recruiting cycle. Such as an offer management tool to complete the hiring remotely, and an onboarding portal to give the new resource a virtual orientation.

Here’re iCIMIS’ core features.

Main Features

  • AI screening.
  • CRM.
  • robust career site
  • AI chatbot.
  • Talent pool.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Text recruitment.


iCIMIS charges custom prices. Contact sales to learn more.

11. Vervoe

best resume tool

Vervoe is what I’d call a pure resume screening tool.

It provides you with an assessment tests builder and an AI assistant to generate online tests and scorecards for each person. The builder shares around 300 ready templates, questions, and auto-shuffling actions to help you create personalized tests.

With this feature, you can create unbiased screening for almost any job vacancy without manually drafting every grade card from scratch.

In addition to this, Vervoe also extends the evaluation function to let you compare two candidates applying for the same position.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s focused on providing smart candidate analytics, Vervoe would be an excellent choice.

Here’re its core features.

Main Features

  • Smart Assessment test builder.
  • Content library.
  • AI-grading.
  • Integration to third-party HRM.
  • Team sharing.
  • Reporting.


Vervoe’s basic plan starts at $109 a month.

12. Greenhouse

Talent acquisition tool

Greenhouse has a more intuitive resume screening software that offers multiple resume screening actions to make sure you find the right candidate approved by your company.

Its inter-departmental screening contains a scoreboard detailing the qualifications and soft skills you expect from your applicant. The job ad form has custom questions for external screening to weed out the ill-suited resumes. Apart from that, you get EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission) option to give preference to disabled persons.

The interview kit also provides an extra layer of filtering by letting you list characteristics to observe during live conversations.

Every function offered by Greenhouse essentially helps you identify and list the precise attributes you expect in your employees.

Let me share its core features.

Main Features

  • Personalized Dashboard.
  • Advance screening.
  • Job templates.
  • Auto-notifications.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Resume management.


Greenhouse provides custom quotes as per your requirements. Contact sales to get prices.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your job hunt, consider using resume-screening software.

There’s a reason the market share of ATS is going up yearly, and 35% of small companies have already automated their HR systems. 

These tools, each year, are turning into a necessity for companies.

Not only do they make your job easier, but they save a minimum of $10k worth of cost and effort. If you manage more than ten employees, you benefit from it even more.