Scheduling Software For Gyms

If you’re a health club owner who wants to make life easier for your customers and staff, look no further than gym scheduling software. This software will allow people to book their own classes at a time that suits them, making it easier for everyone involved. Health club owners should look out for software which provides all of the following services: online booking, secure card payments with various payment plans available; appointment reminders or queuing services with SMS messaging or email options; and lastly but not least – a simple scheduling process which takes into account preferred times and other parameters such as fitness level or weight group if applicable.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Scheduling Software For Gyms, gym management software open source, crossfit gym management software, and scheduling software for teams.

Scheduling Software For Gyms

Gyms have a problem. Unless they’re part of a chain, they can’t control the schedules of their customers. That means that people often turn up at the last minute and try to book a class at short notice. This causes problems for both gym staff and customers, as well as impacting on profit margins. If a customer can’t get into their preferred slot or class because it’s already booked, they may go elsewhere or even cancel altogether: neither option is good news for the gym owner. Meanwhile, if staff members are constantly chasing up last-minute ‘walk-ins’, then this takes away from their ability to perform other important duties such as weighing clients before using equipment or helping new members with information queries on how best to use particular machines within an exercise regime plan developed by you based on your years of experience in this field so far…

Gym customers have very busy lives.

Gym customers have very busy lives. They want to exercise when they can, without the hassle of having to think too hard about it. Gym scheduling software can help tackle this problem by allowing people to book and change their own classes and slot times at a time that is convenient to them. This means that your clients can book more regularly, which will boost your revenue stream as well as allowing you to get more customised feedback about what works for them.

They want to exercise when they can, without the hassle of having to think too hard about it.

Nowadays, gym customers want to exercise when they can, without the hassle of having to think too hard about it. They need a convenient way to book their classes without needing to go into the gym and write down what they want on a piece of paper or call someone to make an appointment.

Gym scheduling software can help tackle this problem by allowing people to book and change their own classes and slot times at a time that is convenient to them.

Gym scheduling software can help tackle this problem by allowing people to book and change their own classes and slot times at a time that is convenient to them.

Customers can make booking requests, which will be sent to the gym owner or manager, who can then approve or reject the request. If approved, customers will be notified via email or text with confirmation of their class start time and any other relevant information. Customers are also able to change their booking for future classes through the system; if you try this yourself you’ll see how easy it is!

This saves the gym’s staff time, as well as making things easier for customers.

This saves the gym’s staff time, as well as making things easier for customers.

Here’s how it works: when a customer wants to book a class, they can do so using their own computer or mobile device. A screen pops up where they can select the date and time of the class they’d like to attend, pay online with a credit card or PayPal account (if you accept this method), and even choose from multiple available locations within your gym if you’re operating out of more than one location.

Your customers will no longer have to call in during business hours every day at inconvenient times just to set up an appointment or wait on hold forever if their call gets disconnected. Instead, they’ll be able to get what they want when they want it—and never run into any issues while doing so!

Health club owners should look for scheduling software that provides all of the following features.

While scheduling software is not a necessity for a small gym, it can be an invaluable tool for larger ones. If you’re looking to expand your business and increase profits, look no further than the following tips:

  • Online booking – It should be easy for clients to book classes online so that they can choose a time that works best for them without having to wait around on hold or dealing with an unhelpful receptionist. Plus, this makes it easier for members who are traveling or have busy schedules; they don’t have to waste time trying to figure out when they can make it into the gym.
  • Secure card payments – It’s important that clients feel safe when paying for their services at your location—this way they won’t hesitate about buying anything else from you in the future! To ensure this happens, make sure all transactions go through securely using encryption technology like SSL certificates (which encrypts data sent between servers). Not only will this prevent hackers from stealing credit card information–but also prevent them from accessing any personal information stored within company databases such as names/addresses etc…

Online booking

Online booking is a great feature for you and your customers.

Your customers can book appointments whenever they want, and you don’t have to be available for them to do it. They can book at their own convenience, which makes it much easier for them to fit in appointments around their busy lives.

This also saves time for your staff because they don’t have to go through the booking process with every single customer—they just receive notifications when someone has scheduled an appointment!

Secure card payments

Our software is fully PCI compliant, meaning your customer’s card details are stored securely and only charged when the appointment is confirmed. This means you can take bookings on the go, without worrying about security. Your customers will be able to cancel or change their appointment at any time with one click.

A choice of payment plans

If you’re looking for gyms software, it’s important to know that payment options are available for all budgets. Many people like to pay on a monthly basis, and some prefer to pre-pay in bulk. Some customers prefer other options as well, such as paying after each session or by the hour.

The variety of payment plans available means that there is something for everyone; whatever works best for your business is likely an option with gym management software services. The key is making sure that your chosen plan fits within the financial constraints of your business, so it’s important to carefully consider all of your options before making any final decisions about which plan will work best for you.

Appointment reminders and queuing services with SMS messaging or email options

Appointment reminders are an excellent way to help people remember their appointments. With SMS messaging or email options, you can remind your customers of upcoming appointments at a time that’s convenient for them. These reminders can be automated, meaning they’ll be sent out automatically on the day prior to your customer’s appointment time (or at any other time of your choosing).

You also have the ability to customize these messages based on each customer’s preferences and needs—for example, if someone is prone to forgetting about their workouts, sending them a text message five minutes before their session begins might be more effective than sending an email reminder 30 minutes earlier in the day.

A simple scheduling process which takes into account preferred times and other parameters such as fitness level or weight group, if applicable.

The scheduling process should be simple and easy to understand for new users. It should also allow the gym owner to set up preferred times that your clients can select from, as well as a range of fitness levels and weight groups, if applicable.

The software will automatically calculate which are the best slots for each client by taking into account their schedule preferences, available facilities and class size restrictions (if any). This ensures that everyone gets what they want while ensuring you avoid overbooking or having large gaps between classes.

Health club software should be convenient for customers and save time for staff members

Customers should be able to book and change their own classes and slot times. This means you can stop having to spend time helping customers with their bookings—it’s much easier for them if they’re able to do it themselves. It’s also a lot less hassle for you, saving you both time and money. When looking at booking software, make sure all the features below are included:

  • The ability to accept payments online
  • The option to sell packages or memberships
  • An easy-to-use interface that works on mobile devices

gym management software open source

With the advancement of technology, management of complex tasks at your gym has become a lot easier. As a gym owner or operator, gym management software is one of the most important automated tools for you. This automated software allows you to centralize and streamline the tasks at your gym, while also accurately evaluating your gym staff’s performance and offering multi channel support.

An online platform, it allows you to manage complex functions such as payments, bookings, schedules etc. Next, it enables you to track attendance of employees, plan and schedule their diet, and keep them updated via emails and SMS.

Every gym has different priorities and work ethics. While some gyms emphasize on optimizing the training sessions others are keen towards a customer relationship management (CRM) and feedback process.

It does not matter whether you run a single gym or own a chain of fitness studios across different locations, choosing the right gym software is important. Any software you choose for your gym or fitness club must facilitate your business functions. It should be able to create a user friendly environment for your members and staff.

Essential Features of Gym Management Software

Following are some necessary traits of such a software:

Here is a list of 5 best open source gym management software that deliver the above mentioned features and take your gym management to an optimal level:


A cloud based software, GymERP can maintain all the operational and functional requirements of your gym at one place. It allows you to manage all administrative

operations such as scheduling classes and sessions, bookings and appointments, membership, and distributing workout material.

GymERP allow your customers to avoid commissioned bookings through its android based mobile application. They can book a personal trainer of their choice, receive packages and price details etc. with the GymERP application. Besides managing membership and bookings, this software facilitates payroll management and customer relation management.


FitnessForce is a gym management system which is completely web-based. This software can be used by any gym or fitness centre regardless of its size and type. It has the capability to efficiently handle important gym functions such as sales, marketing, client relationship management etc.

With its book and track appointment feature, clients can book the trainer as per the availability and time slot. It empowers you to track the number of sessions or classes attended by clients. You can keep your clients up to date regarding membership renewals through its automated reminders.

Easy Gym software

Easy Gym software is one of the most easy to use gym applications available in the market. It is completely customizable and has been designed to fulfil the daily needs of your gym or fitness studio. It allows you to perform important functions such as client management, billing and follow ups.

Fitness trainers and gym instructors can create diet and workout plans for their clients. Next, they can share the plan with the respective members, trace the implementation of the plan, and send reminders as and when necessary.

Easy Gym software allows you to seamlessly and accurately manage the attendance and payroll of your gym employees.


GymMaster is comprehensive gym software with many advanced features such as online booking, website integration, and mobile application for members and staff. Clients are provided with a GymMaster network based reader through which they can get access to their classes.

It offers a multi user login and role based access i.e. the control lies in the hands of the administrators. If an individual is no longer associated with the gym, then, you can restrict the access from your training modules.

The software allows you to create online bookings and signups.

Fitness Mobility

Fitness mobility is specially designed to meet the business needs of gyms, yoga and dance classes. You can centralize your various business functions such as client membership management, fitness planner and online payment system. Next, you can also manage trainer’s salary and attendance.

Fitness mobility can be used on any device such as mobile, laptop, computer or tablet. It allows you to receive payments online and manage sales leads.

People are getting increasingly conscious of their health. This is great news for you as a gym owner-operator, provided you can harness the incoming flow through the most appropriate use of available resources including such software.

crossfit gym management software

Selecting the best software solutions for your CrossFit box can be a challenge. There’s numerous tools to evaluate, and choosing the wrong one is costly.

After analyzing the market, we’ve compiled a short list of the best CrossFit gym management software and workout tracking software. Read below for an introduction to CrossFit management software, and an overview of the leading software solutions.

Research Overview

Every CrossFit box likely uses several software tools. We’ve looked at two of the most important categories: gym management solutions, and CrossFit workout tracking software.

CrossFit Gym Management Software Overview

There are five CrossFit Gym Management solutions that you should get to know:

CrossFit Workout Tracking Software Overview

Here are the top three point solutions for CrossFit workout tracking:

What is CrossFit Gym Management Software?

CrossFit gym management software is the foundational software used by CrossFit boxes to manage operations. Gym management software supports all business functions from marketing & sales to billing & payroll. Some solutions, such as Wodify, are built specifically for CrossFit gyms. Others, such as MINDBODY, are general gym management solutions.

What Are the Key Features in CrossFit Gym Management Software?

Gym management software includes tools to support all aspects of your business. The key features found in CrossFit gym management software are:

How Much Does CrossFit Gym Management Software Cost?

CrossFit gym management software costs between $100-500 per month for a typical gym. Some solutions are priced per-member, while others are priced based upon the features included.

In our analysis, we’ve assumed that a 50 member gym would opt for a plan with entry-level features, while a gym with over 250 members would want a premium subscription.

Most companies charge incremental payment processing fees in addition to the baseline rate. Here’s an overview of the publicly available information on incremental payment processing fees for each vendor.

The Best CrossFit Gym Management Software

Here’s the short list of the top CrossFit gym management software. A brief overview of each solution is included along with links to their websites.


MINDBODY is the oldest and largest fitness management application. Since its founding in 2001, the company has grown to approximately 50,000 customers and was recently purchased for $1.8 billion. MINDBODY is a general fitness management solution used by gyms, yoga studios, salons, spas and other types of local businesses. The product’s user interface can feel clunky at times, but comes with every feature that your gym could ask for.


PushPress is a simple, easy-to-use gym management solution that is best for new or small gyms. It’s solution includes many of the core gym management features, but requires integrations with separate tools for billing, marketing, and workout tracking. PushPress’ free plan is clearly the cheapest option on the market, and worth a look for gyms on a budget.


Triib was founded in 2015 to solve the frustrations of CrossFit gym owners. It offers a full suite of features at one of the lower price points in the market. At the same time, this newer application is more basic than pricier alternatives is still improving its overall usability.


Wodify, which launched in 2012, is the most popular gym management solution designed specifically for CrossFit. The platform includes a suite of products for full management of your box. This includes workout tracking, a programming marketplace, heart-rate training, and the option to build an integrated, hosted website. Starting at $79 per month, Wodify is an affordable, effective solution that can scale with your CrossFit box.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a popular fitness management system founded in 2006 with over 5,000 customers. Its platform includes all the general functionality that fitness businesses require, and is a great alternative to MINDBODY. At the same time, it does lack some features used specifically in CrossFit boxes. Zen Planner is priced based upon your number of members, which does mean it will get more expensive as your gym grows.

How Much Does CrossFit Workout Tracking Software Cost?

CrossFit workout tracking software costs between $50-250 per month for a typical gym. Use the table below to compare the price of different CrossFit workout tracking software solutions.

The Best CrossFit Workout Trackers

Here’s the short list of the top CrossFit workout tracking software. A brief overview of each solution is included along with links to their websites.

Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard, founded in 2007, was the first online workout tracking tool built to make it easier to keep track of gym members’ workout results. The application offers athletes detailed information and statistics on their performance, which can be used to identify weaknesses and measure progress. Starting at $80 per month, it is the most expensive option, but is a favorite of the most dedicated athletes.


SugarWOD, launched in 2012, was built to support community participation, physical progress and human connection. The platform has over 360,000 CrossFit athletes who have logged over 22 million workouts. Starting at $47 per month, SugarWOD is a good choice for boxes that want to offer a user-friendly application to strengthen their communities.

scheduling software for teams

1. ScheduleAnywhere

Price: Starts at $2/user/month (free trials and discounts available for annual and multi-year agreements.)

ScheduleAnywhere is an easy-to-use employee scheduling software that streamlines everything about scheduling, saving you time and money while improving efficiency and team communication. It’s simple: ScheduleAnywhere makes your life easier, your daily operations smoother and your employees happier.

The software ensures proper shift coverage, eliminates scheduling conflicts, estimates payroll costs, tracks certifications and training, and manages shift rotations, staff availability, overtime, and time-off requests. You can also access and manage staff schedules and employee requests from any mobile device with our free ScheduleAnywhere app or mobile site. See who’s scheduled, or not scheduled, and make last-minute changes.

2. Ximble

Price: Starts at $1/user/month

Ximple is an excellent employee scheduling app that covers all your needs. It has an easy scheduling feature and allows you to easily repeat schedule templates. Along with a time-tracking tool, it has an efficient staff management feature that helps you track time-off requests and employee availability.

In addition, Ximble offers AI to help you use historical data to assign the right staff to each shift. The software helps you produce the most efficient and high-quality schedules and maintain control over your financial spending. Ximble comes in three different plans: the Core plan — $1 per user per month — the Advanced plan — $2 per user per month — and the Enterprise plan, which is at a custom cost.

3. Humanity

Price: Starts at $2/user/month

Humanity is set apart from competitors because of how simple it is to use. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to grasp, and its apps make it even easier to edit and check schedules on your phone.

Humanity also has a very strong customer support team — perhaps that’s why it’s called Humanity. Humanity has a Starter plan, which is $2 per user per month, as well as a Classic plan, which is $3 per user per month, both with a $60 minimum.

4. WorkSchedule.Net

Price: Starts at $24/month

WorkSchedule.Net is the perfect employee scheduling software for keeping all your employees on the same page. It’s easily accessible by all employees, and employees can track changes in real time. The app’s special time block editor is incomparable in its ability to schedule three levels deep and multiple schedules at once.

In addition, the app has special on-the-go options. You can access WorkSchedule.Net on a mobile app. The app also has a special feature in which you can call a phone number that will alert your app to read you your schedule aloud when you’re driving and unable to read the schedule. WorkSchedule.Net has several plans at different price points for monthly, one-year, two-year payment plans. They range from the cheapest two-year payment plan — $24 per month for up to 20 employees — to the most expensive monthly payment plan — $140 per month for up to 100 employees.

5. TSheets

Price: Starts at $4/user/month

TSheets, another great option for employee scheduling, offers similar scheduling and time-tracking software to competitor apps. Its mobile app sends employees updates about upcoming shifts and shift changes and sends you notifications if an employees is late or forgets to clock in.

The app has two special features. One is a GPS Time Tracker which maps employee locations from clock-in to clock-out. The other is the ability to attach photos to timesheets; that way, you can keep track of completed projects without requiring lengthy, written recaps. TSheets offers two paid plans: Both are $4 per user per month, plus an additional base fee depending on the number of users.

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