Resort Management Software

The hotel industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and it’s starting to utilize technology in ways that we never could have imagined. It’s important for managers and employees to keep an eye on the latest innovations, especially if you want your staff members to be able to provide guests with the best possible experience.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Resort Management Software, online resort management system, resort management system proposal, and resort management system features.

One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the addition of tech tools that let you manage practically every aspect of your business from a single platform. These software solutions can help you make decisions about staffing levels and venue location, while also keeping track of inventory trends so that you can accurately predict how many rooms will be needed in future months or years. This data will give managers useful insight into what people are looking for when they visit specific areas: Is there enough supply? If not, how much more should be built?

These tools also allow employees access information about their colleagues so they know who does well under pressure (or needs some extra training) before making critical decisions about staffing levels at any given time during peak seasonality periods like summer weekends or holidays when demand is higher than usual due to increased tourism activity around town .

Resort Management Software

Welcome to the world of resort management. Let’s explore the possibilities!

Stationery management

When you need to order stationery for your hotel, CrownCloud makes it easy. We offer a variety of options for ordering your pens and notepads, including an online tool where you can easily see the different options available. You can also browse through our catalogs and select what you want by price or assortment, or send an email to CrownCloud to get personal help from one of our professional team members.

We offer a wide range of choices when it comes to ordering pens and notepads:

  • Ballpoint pens in various colors and sizes
  • Highlighters in various colors and sizes
  • Fountain pens in black ink (for those who like writing letters)
  • Mechanical pencils (for those who like taking notes)

With all these options at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have exactly what you need for your business when it comes time for reordering!

Guest Management

Guest management is the function of managing all aspects related to guests at a hotel. The software should have features that include:

  • Guest registration
  • Guest check-in
  • Guest check-out
  • Guest complaints, feedback and loyalty programs

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the process of recording financial information about a business. This data can then be used to gauge the profitability of a company and evaluate its performance. Financial accounting helps you track all your business’s financial transactions, from income and expenses to assets and liabilities. Then, you use this information to create useful reports for evaluating your company’s overall health and making business decisions about inventory levels or advertising campaigns.

Restaurant/Food and Beverage Management

  • Manage inventory.
  • Manage orders.
  • Manage employees.
  • Manage customers.
  • Manage menus and menu items, including special offers, custom dishes and pricing changes with our easy-to-use online management system.
  • Use our powerful online reservation system to quickly and easily handle reservations at your property’s restaurants or bars without the need for a cumbersome phone system or complex computer network in your office space!

Spa/Gym Management

If your resort has a spa or gym, then it’s time to get serious about managing that aspect of your business. The most important thing is to create a database for all of the staff, members and clients that use these facilities. You’ll also want to be able to manage reservations, inventory and marketing campaigns for this area of your business.

Front Office Management

Front desk management software is essential for hoteliers to create a smooth and seamless check-in experience. A front desk manager can keep track of guest information, make sure all the necessary data is entered correctly, and send out automated reminders when it’s time to check up on a guest’s stay. They can also use this software to manage housekeeping requests, room service requests, and complaints or feedback from guests.

  • Guest Information Management: Every hotel must be able to identify guests quickly so they can properly assign rooms based on availability and preferences. Front desk managers need access to the latest guest information at all times—from name, address and phone number; payment method used; arrival date and time; if any pets are coming along with them; dietary restrictions that are important for their stay (vegetarian/gluten free); as well as any other special needs that will affect their stay (wheelchair accessibility).
  • Front Desk Operations: Managing front desk staff is critical because these employees interact directly with all incoming guests—whether it’s checking them in or handling issues during their stay such as lost items or faulty appliances in rooms. The best way for hotels owners/managers to ensure quality operations at check-in stations is through automation: If everything goes smoothly without much intervention needed from human workers behind each station then they’re doing something right!

House Keeping Management

  • Lodging Management: With this software, you can track customer information and generate reports. You can also manage your property’s inventory, billings, accounting and payrolls.
  • Reservation Management: This module helps you to plan the availability of rooms according to the season and the number of reservations you have received. You can also manage your guests’ requests for various services such as room service or spa treatments.
  • Housekeeping Management: With this feature, you will be able to assign tasks to staff members based on their specific skillsets so that they can provide high quality services at all times. In addition, this tool allows managers to monitor employees’ performance from start till completion of their assigned tasks in order to help them improve their work performance over time while reducing employee turnover rates at hotels/resorts/spas etcetera (or anywhere else).

Payroll Management

Payroll management is the most important function of a resort management software. A good payroll system offers features such as:

  • Payroll tax calculations and filing
  • Timely payment to employees
  • Manage employee leave and leave encashment
  • Employee attendance and absence tracking

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial part of resort management software, and one that can be quite challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to managing your inventory:

  • Stock levels
  • Planning ahead for future events, holidays and so forth
  • Barcode scanners for mobile devices

online resort management system

Appealing websites

Recranet develops unique and appealing websites according to modern web standards. Matching the identity of your winter resort.

Planning board

The occupation of your winter resort becomes insightful with the planning board of our winter resort management software. Smart and modern technique make managing reservations a piece of cake.

Accommodation owners

Does your winter resort rent out for owners? With our winter resort management software you can allow access to owners to the owners dashboard, where they can review all information about their accommodation(s).

Channel manager

With the channel manager of our winter resort management software you can manage your occupation, rates, and restrictions of your winter resort in one single location. We link directly to channels such as Booking, Traumferien, Belvilla, and more.

Booking engine

Our reservation software has a lightning fast linked booking engine… Super user friendly for your visitor which results in more bookings and less phone calls.

Book on the map

Your guests can simply choose a suitable accommodation at your rental organization during the period that they desire via a map. Handy for owners with houses in more locations.

Happy winter resort clients 😀


Does the booking engine option of your reservation software work on mobile devices?

Of course. Over 65% of guests uses a tablet or mobile device for their bookings these days. So, it is extremely important that the booking engine of our reservation software works on all different types of devices, so that the guest of your vacation park can easily book from every device. The booking engine of our reservation software is completely responsive and adjusts automatically to the format of the screen of the device that the guest uses to book the accommodation on your vacation park. Did you know that this makes it even easier to find the site of your vacation park?

Will the booking engine have the corporate identity of my winter resort?

Yes, the booking engine in our reservation software can be completely adjusted to the corporate identity of your website. Your guest will not be sent to an external website; the entire booking process takes place on the site of your winter resort, which usually is built by us. An additional advantage is that our reservation software will then be integrated the correct way into the website of your winter resort so that Google also indexes the pages.

Can accommodations be placed on their own pages?

Every type of accommodation on your vacation park can be assigned its own information page, which can be indexed excellently into Google’s search engine. It is possible to view the availability calendar directly from this page and to make a booking for your vacation park.

Does your reservation software have a channel manager for winter resorts?

It certainly does. The use of a channel manager (aka tour operator) can be extremely interesting for renting out accommodations on winter resorts during periods when there are normally less reservations via the website or to get more exposure for your company. Websites such as, Expedia, and Airbnb have an extended reach and increase the chances that the accommodations will be rented out during these periods.

By linking our online reservation software to these channels, double bookings are a thing of the past. The occupation of your winter resorts is synchronized everywhere.

The channel manager of our online reservation software

With the channel manager of our online reservation software, the occupancy is linked smartly between these several channels. When a reservation is made via our online reservation software, for instance via your website, then the occupation is automatically adjusted in and Airbnb. When a reservation is made in for instance or Airbnb, then this period will be blocked automatically in our online reservation software.

Saving time thanks to channel management

The linkage prevents that overbookings occur when using the channel manager of our online reservation software. You save a lot of time by completely automatically linking the occupancy; manually processing the occupation across several channels can often be very time consuming.

iCal channel link reservation software

Our online reservation software offers an iCal link with channel managers. It is possible to export an iCal feed per accommodation. It is also possible to import an iCal feed into our online reservation software. With an iCal link the occupation remains synchronized between your reservation software and channels

How much does your reservation software cost?

The costs for the use of our reservation software depend on the type and the number of accommodations that you manage with our software. Small or large, everybody who rents out can work with Recranet Booking: from B&B’s and small scale renters to large vacation parks and concerns with hundreds of locations. If you rent out one or two small accommodations, then Recranet Booking is probably not suited for you. A basis license costs € 150.00 per month. If you would like to find out the costs for your organization, then request the rates or immediately plan a presentation.

resort management system proposal

The main objective of this Resort Management System is to develop and implement a Reservation and Billing System for Resort to help the management in making reservations, billing and other transactions needed to be made. The main operations of the system are check-in, check-out and reservation which are separated into different modules for functionality. The system can be used only if a registered user logins to the system, only the admin can register a user for the system.

The proposed system has a user-friendly environment and has all the transactions of the business under study like the reservation, billing, monitoring and maintenance. The system will make the employee’s job easier and faster with error-free transactions for the good of the business. The proponents made use the descriptive research design which involves the question and answer, observation of business transactions in order to know where to start the study. In the personal interview with the manager, the proponents identified the main problem. He said that their business uses a manual process. The proponents will develop a computerized system containing the entirely of the business transaction.

The system is capable of storing information for reservations on specified dates and times in which the user can also cancel depending on the customer’s availability.

The system shows the occupied and unoccupied rooms. With this the management does not have to physically check every room or the papers.

Upon the customers’ checkout the system automatically calculates the bills depending on the length of the customers’ stay. The system user can also add bill for food and extra persons and damages.

The proposed system automatically generates reports on all services rendered to customers for a specific time.

The proposed system is capable of checking in reserved and newly arrived guest.

The system can check-out check-in guest that calculate their bills depending on the length of their stay.

The system is also capable of accepting extra charges like extra hours, food bills and damages upon check-out.

The proponents used the following software in developing the proposed system:

resort management system features

Resort Operations Management Solutions

A system that specifically designed for Resort management, which covers features like Support Multi Currency and Multi Language, Unlimited POS points to manage and add on services, Flexible billing option, Customization feature for better services, Generate Report on Sales, etc.

PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager & POS for Resorts

Specialized automated system exclusively designed for seamless integration to your resort system. Our Resort Management Software is efficient and effective to perform numerous activities that take place at a resort; from reservation and booking to room services, the system helps you to organize and administer your services effectively for the satisfaction of your guests.

It’s a Cloud-Based System for Resorts

The Resort Management software is based on the cloud which gives you a secure and affordable system to manage your resort’s booking and other services including Housekeeping, Front Desk, and other inventories.

It is specially designed with a focus on details of resort needs. Our solution provides you with:

The cloud solution provides:

Manages Multiple Rates

Our Cloud-based Resort software can handle multiple rates for inventories which can be changed under the market situation. It allows you to create powerful packages and manage them with additional services across different distribution channels and online travel agents (OTAs).

You can decide and define high/low weekdays, unlimited rate levels, offers, and packages for your seasons and special periods.

Increase in Revenue

The growth of your resort business highly depends on the number of your guests, occupancy conditions, and booking schedules. With our cloud-based resort management software you can penetrate worldwide customers through different means and channels.

The customization feature gives your guests the freedom of choice. Airport Pick-ups are scheduled beforehand. The arrival of guests and food choice is made known to staff at the time of booking.

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