Religious Suite Church Management Software

Religious Suite is a church management software and online community suite for today’s Christian churches. We have been a leader in religious software since 2001, providing an affordable solution to churches of all sizes. Our cloud-based platform offers the flexibility to be used on multiple computers in the church or on mobile devices. We believe the church is God’s kingdom in action and our mission is to provide churches all over the world with effective tools for reaching their communities.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Religious Suite Church Management Software, all in one church management software, open source church management software, and What to look for in church management software?

Religious Suite Church Management Software

Religious Suite is a church management software and online community suite for today’s Christian churches.

Religious Suite is a church management software and online community suite for today’s Christian churches.

The software allows you to organize your membership, attendees, volunteers, finances and events all in one place.

It’s the perfect tool for any church looking to manage their congregation by providing:

  • Easy-to-use features including fully customizable forms, reports and dashboards
  • Automating routine tasks like email alerts or updating your website content
  • A set of pre-built integrations with other services like PayPal or MailChimp so you can easily share information between services

The leader and pastor of Religious Suite is Pastor Robert Hatch.

The leader and pastor of Religious Suite is Pastor Robert Hatch. He has been a pastor for over 20 years, and has a degree in computer science. He has been married for over 25 years.

Services offered by the company are religious in nature.

The company offers a variety of services, including membership management, online payment processing and online donations. The company provides a number of different plans for churches of different sizes and offers custom solutions for larger organizations.

The software is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The company was founded in 2001.

Church Suites is a privately held company that was founded in 2001. It is based in California. As of 2018, the company has over 1200 customers and more than 2000 user licenses across the world. The software is available in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Korean.

The company belongs to Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), which is a nonprofit organization that monitors Christian charities and churches to ensure compliance with financial standards such as accountability and transparency

The software is available on many platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • The software is available on many platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • It’s available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • It’s also available in French, German and Italian.

It is a cloud based software and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It is a cloud based software and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You don’t need to install any software on your computer or device, just log on to our website using your web browser and you are good to go!

There are many different plans available depending on what features you need and how many users will be using the software at once.

With so many features, it’s important to have a good understanding of what you need and how many people will be using the software. We recommend starting out with the basic plan, which has everything you need to manage your church. If you add more users or want more advanced features like online donations or attendance tracking, we can set up additional plans for you. The company also provides a free trial so that you can try out their software before committing to anything!

This is a great product for Christian churches who need to manage their members, finances and more!

This is a great product for Christian churches who need to manage their members, finances and more!

The software is available on many platforms including MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android. It’s also cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere in the world. There are many different plans available depending on what features you need – for example:

  • Basic Plan – $19 per month (1 user) or $29 per month (5 users) – includes: membership management; contact database; email marketing & newsletters; donation tracking & reporting; event planning tools; reporting dashboard with charts & graphs; file sharing between staff members.

all in one church management software

Looking for church management software? This list will give you a simple, easy comparison of the best church management software on the market.

In this complete ChMs review, you’ll discover the best church management tool options along with a simple explanation of the criteria for choosing high-performing tools. You’ll also find overviews of each tool, screenshots, to give you a quick and that will help you narrow down the choices.

On top of that, I answer all the commonly asked questions about church management software; you’ll learn what church management software is and how it can change the way you deliver you manage and run your church in a more effective and productive way.

Best church management software

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Church Management Software Comparison Criteria

It’s worth thinking about what makes a good church management software solution. To be featured on this list, I evaluated the church management tools based on the following criteria:

The 10 Best Church Management Software Overviews

In this post, we’ve tried to cover a broad spectrum of software, considering the complexity, price points, and functionality.

WildApricot is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based church management system for churches and non-profits to help manage administrative tasks, membership, website, event registration, and other activities.

WildApricot is a complete membership management system. Easily manage your contacts, process payments, send out emails, and register event attendees. You can also build a website for your organization using professionally designed and mobile-friendly templates.

Why I Picked WildApricot: WildApricot is designed for volunteer-run and small staff organizations with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. You will also have access to the user community of peers and experts to get support and share knowledge of best practices.

WildApricot Standout Features & IntegrationsFeatures include a member database, website builder, payments, event management, email/text communications, mobile app, and online store.

Integrations include WordPress, Single Sign-On Service, and dozens more by using Integromat. You can also access WildApricot’s APIs and webhooks for additional options.

WildApricot Pricing & Plans

Wild Apricot is free for up to 50 contacts. Paid plans cost from $48/month and come with a free 30-day trial (no credit card required).

Elvanto is an all-in-one cloud-based solution with many innovative features. Child check-in, privacy, and safety are some of the key features integrated into Elvanto, vital for children and youth leaders to ensure all in their care are accounted for.

Elvanto has an all-inclusive range of tools with no add-on modules and no extra charges. Some of the main features include access control, customizable forms, custom reports, mobile apps, event management, group management, email and SMS messaging, volunteer scheduling, and attendance tracking.

Elvanto makes the planning of worship services and managing volunteers simple. Create run sheets, schedule your volunteers, and access your song database, lyrics, and chords. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes quickly creating service plans for your team a breeze.

Why I Picked Elvanto: Elvanto has powerful features for accessing financial data, contribution management, and can connect with various online giving providers.

Elvanto Standout Features & IntegrationsFeatures include access control, customizable forms, custom reports, mobile apps, event management, group management, email and SMS messaging, volunteer scheduling, and attendance tracking.

Integrations include SongSelect, Faithlife Proclaim!, SafeMinistryTraining, MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal, Continue to Give, Mogiv, and Pushpay.

Elvanto costs from $50/month and offers a free demo.

Breeze is an easy-to-use web-based church management system designed with small churches to mid-sized churches in mind.

With Breeze, you can easily add new data, send mass emails and text messages, track attendance and check-in children securely, and process donations online and by text message. Breeze requires no contract or setup fee and offers a data migration service to get you started quickly.

Why I Picked Breeze: Breeze makes it easy to manage your church’s database, communicate with your members via email or text message, offer online and text giving, safely check in children, manage events and volunteers, and run reports.

Breeze Standout Features & Integrations

Features include a membership database, email and text messaging, attendance tracking, donation processing, reporting, and event management.

Integrations can be built using the Breeze API.

Breeze costs from $50/month and comes with a free demo.

CHmeetings is a powerful church management system designed for churches of all sizes and denominations. Easily manage church membership, groups, events, follow-up, and broadcasts.

CHmeetings transforms your workflow by doing it all online. You can create registration forms, see who already submitted theirs, and view attendance data for all events. Check-in is easy for leaders and members via the app. You can also offer your members an easy option to manage their online giving and event fees and easily generate up-to-date financial reports.

Why I Picked CHmeetings: Managing the legal, security, and privacy aspects of your data are easy, and with account restriction settings you have total control over which data individuals can access. CHmeetings include state-of-the-art security features and firewall technology. No matter what device you access data from, it will be secure. CHmeetings also makes daily backups of your data.

CHmeetings Standout Features & Integrations

Features include member profiles, small group management, to-do lists, events, forms, reports, users and roles, and contributions/payment management.

Integrations include Stripe, Twilio, MailChimp, PayPal, and more if you use their developers’ API.

CHmeetings Pricing & Plan

CHmeetings is free for 100 members. Paid plans cost from $10/month for up to 250 members.

TouchPoint is a substantial cloud-based church management software solution that equips church leaders and administrators of mid-sized churches to large churches looking for an off-the-shelf ChMS which is also highly customizable.

TouchPoint has a marketing feature for staying in touch with donors. Plus, Touchpoint’s customizable mobile app can help you manage your church better. It has a self-check-in feature so members can register their attendance during their events.

Church leaders can use the mobile app to create sermon notes to guide them during worship services. Touchpoint’s mobile app has an accounting feature that lets church members review their giving history and statements.

Why I Picked TouchPoint: A fully-integrated mobile app helps you share sermons, Bible verses, song lyrics, and other media directly to your congregations’ smartphones.

TouchPoint Standout Features & Integrations

Features include membership management, volunteer management, child check-in, discipleship groups, ministry engagement, tithes, and event management.

Integrations include OnlineGiving, Twilio, and Sage.

TouchPoint Pricing & Plans

TouchPoint costs from $300/year (based on a 100-member church).

Blackbaud Church Management Software is a cloud-based tool that can effectively manage your people, gifts, communications, events, and volunteers all in one place.

Better understand how your congregation is engaging with your church through a single source of data. With connected Financial Management, Payments, and more, on one digital platform. Simplify tithes and online giving for your congregation with one-time and recurring giving options via a connected giving app.

Blackbaud is an excellent church software for planning and executing successful fundraisers. You can use Blackbaud to ensure that you can communicate with team members to make planning events easier. Blackbaud also lets you monitor how team members are doing on their assigned tasks so you can offer assistance if needed. You can also use Blackbaud to create reports about your fundraisers to assess their effectiveness. 

Why I Picked Blackbaud: With Faith Journey tracking you can get a better understanding of your members using comprehensive member and family profiles. Monitor attendance, anniversaries, donations, and engagement.

Blackbaud Standout Features & Integrations

Features include analytics, fundraising, relationship management, financial management, marketing and engagement, payment services, and church accounting.

Integrations include Bonfire, CallHub, CampBrain, ClickBid, GivBee, Gratavid, and

Blackbaud Church Management Software Pricing & Plans

Contact Blackbaud for a quote.

Excellerate Church Management Software is a comprehensive and flexible solution that is highly adaptable to your church needs, including membership management, visitor follow-up, small groups, fundraising, child check-In, volunteer scheduling, and more.

Excellerate church management software features like member tracking and attendance tracking can help you monitor the growth of your church and implement plans to sustain the said growth. You can use it to generate church directories to help you connect with members. You can also use it to monitor a pledge, donation, or contribution for record keeping and accounting purposes.  

Why I Picked Excellerate Church Management Software: With the help of Excellerate, you can send follow-ups so you can schedule visits or invite prospects to church events. Excellerate also lets you gauge your success in converting new members so you can improve your methods and attract new members. 

Excellerate Standout Features & Integrations

Features include membership management, visitor tracking and follow-up, tithes and offerings, small groups, class sign-ups and attendance, email/text messaging, reporting, and volunteer scheduling.

Integration with your church website is offered.

Excellerate Church Management Software Pricing & Plans

Excellerate Church Management is free for 50 members. Paid plans start at a one-time fee of $145/up to 100 members and offer scaled pricing according to the number of church members. 

Fellowship One’s church management software suite of tools allows for easily accessible and automated management of member data. You can rapidly assimilate new visitors and reduce the workload of your staff. Members can access and update their own data and stay connected to the community through a central, online environment. Fellowship One offers event management to plan events, manage resources, send invitations, and track registration. 

Fellowship One can help you create an SEO-friendly website to make it easier to find online. It has a wide variety of website templates you can use to have your website up and running quickly. 

Fellowship One also has a church accounting feature to help you manage your church’s expenses, payroll, and donations.

Why I Picked Fellowship One: You can automate communication with mass email, using attractive newsletter templates and easily target specific demographics or groups, and maintain quality personal connections with all your members as your church grows in size.

Fellowship One Standout Features & IntegrationsFeatures include facility management, accounting & payroll, online giving, payment systems, mobile app, worship planning, website designs and hosting, and background checks.

Integrations can be facilitated through the Fellowship One restAPI.

Fellowship One Pricing & Plans

Fellowship One costs from $19.60/month.

Shelby Arena is a full church management software solution with strong, ministry-oriented tools and seamless integration with Shelby Financials and ShelbyNext Giving. Shelby Systems can help you increase your outreach in many ways to both current and potential new members.

Designed for mid-size to large Churches, it is a cloud-based membership management tool that helps with child check-ins, attendance tracking, room reservations, and small group management.

Why I Picked Shelby Systems: Shelby Systems has a perfect software + hardware solution, including unique offerings like barcode readers, check-in hardware, check scanners, finger scanners, and mailroom tech. Perfect for large churches that need a robust ChMS with on-premise solutions.

open source church management software

Get Installed

Since ChurchCRM is a web-based application, you won’t need to worry about what devices are used to access it. All the “heavy lifting” is one on the server using what’s commonly known as LAMP. LAMP represents a set of applications combined with an operating system: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Get Started

The application is based on the concepts of people who are members of families and are also members of common interest groups. After you have installed the ChurchCRM application and can login, you are ready to configure the application. The first thing to do is enter your church name, address, phone and email address into the Report Settings. ChurchCRM will display “My Church” in large, bold letters at the top of each page. During the configuration stage, give some consideration to how you will use ChurchCRM:

Get Involved

We contributors! A lot of people over the last 10 years have helped make ChurchCRM awesome!

History: ChurchCRM is a branch off of two former open-source projects. It started via the team behind a program called InfoCentral. 5 years later, ChurchInfo took over the code base. After examining the inner workings of these ChurchInfo, we have started working on ChurchCRM by adding new features and bringing it up to speed with modern application development techniques here on GitHub!

You don’t need to be a developer to contribute to the software; we are always adding new features to the application that need to be localized. Join our project to help translate the software into your native language.

What to look for in church management software?

Fulfillment of the business goals ensure growth in the business, and the same rule applies to churches. Churches cannot fulfill their objective of spreading the gospel of Christ to the community without proper Church Management Tools. Just like other business premises church offices can be stressful as well, due to their many deadlines that the administrative staff ought to meet and the small number of staff. The introduction of church management software is the right solutions to churches and ministries. The software enables the churches to fulfill their mission by keeping track and communicating with church members and provide a compelling database which can be accessed through the dashboard either on a web or mobile devices.

What are Church Management Software?

Church Management Software, also referred as CMS or ChMS is an all-rounded tool that enables churches to manage their activities efficiently and effectively. It enables the church to track and take into account members information (phone numbers, addresses, names), spiritual gifts, contributions, interests, attendance, security, volunteerism, funds, events and small groups which help in building the community. Some of the features it can provide include Membership & Attendance (including visitors), Contributions, Fund Accounting, Payroll, Facilities Manager, Event Registration and Check In/Check Out. Each of these modules can be implemented as standalone or be combined to create an integrated software suite that’s custom designed to meet the information management needs and budget of your church.

What are the types of Church Management Software?

There are different types of Church Management Software, depending on the installation type and these are Cloud based and On Premises .

Software as a service Church Management software is a cloud-hosted solution. This implies that the software can be accessed anytime and from anywhere on a real-time basis. Maintenance, updates, and upgrades are all handled by the vendor of the software. The beauty with this software is that there are no upfront costs; thus the vendor or service provider charge annual or monthly subscription to access all the benefits and the user might decide to discontinue the services if not pleased.

On-premise Church Management software are those that are made available to the right users as it is installed on the authorized user computer. This kind of software doesn’t require any subscription and need one-time payment. This type of software is considered expensive, but the beauty about it is that you have full control of your data security.

Most Church management software’s are stand-alone software’s. They can work to produce the desired output without having to tap into another environment. Cloud-based church management software functions just like any other management software and what differentiates it from the others are that the database is stored and can be accessed or pulled out from the cloud. Cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere on a real-time basis, and the data is more secured compared to server-based church management software.

What are the features of Church Management Software?

Churches and ministries exist in a unique accounting niche and many Church Management Software packages can help in this area. More than a data management program, many of the Church Management Software are a dynamic information system. The easy-to-use interfaces allow the user to change and manipulate data fields to match the ministry of the church to its mission. An integrated accounting system that has a good audit trail, keeps tracks the detail of every transaction and whose data cannot be altered in any way helps in compliance.

This is a unique feature as it lets you know the number of attendants in church. This feature does more than capture the member’s visitation record and also Captures individual and family records, Visitors in attendance and their records and Track of group meetings, activities, and committees. It keep records of memberships and allows the addition of new members, develop an user-defined report and integrate letters, notices, cards, and emails according to membership numbers. The feature ensures easy integration with other church programs as well as provides security to members information as the dashboard can only be accessed by a password generated.

There are several events organized by churches all around the year, and for a church to manage these events well they need help from the church management software. The event features have multiple capabilities including defining the place, name, dates, cost, and deadlines of the events being organized, capture the registration of individuals on the event and automatic update the total number of registered members and track the activities that are associated with the event. It helps to track all the payments made for the event, fees, registration and other cost related to the events, create and print detailed registrants report, mailing labels, and badges with their names and create and print confirmation letters of the attendee of the events.

Contributions and pledges are some of the funds that are collected in churches and ministries. If not adequately managed might lead to loss of funds, and cause stress to the church management on accountability matters. The contribution feature helps in to track the contributions, special offerings, gifts given by the members. Help in the management of contribution, and ability to access them through the name of a giver, their number or account number. Create a report of weekly contributions and giving statements for a specified period and ensure accurate division of offerings from other multiple funds. It creates an estimate for contributions and pledges, develop a history of the giving’s and create an analysis of the giving in a variety of forms.

Churches have multiple of facilities that can be booked for various function’s, be it weddings, funerals, and meeting. Church management software should be able to eradicate conflicts that might be associated with the facilities. This feature helps in scheduling of rooms for events, select and view all the available rooms, adding of new event venues and view conflicts related to over-scheduling, view of the scheduled facilities on monthly or timeline view and assign and define room setups type. It keep detailed information about all the resources for inventory purposes and create a report and account of all facilities used and those unused.

Funds management is the most crucial and miss-managed commodity in most churches, but with the introduction of church management software, there has been some large improvement in that. Fund accounting and payroll feature have helped in: Easy access to the general ledger, easy and straightforward bank reconciliation capability by a provision of interest and bank charges, provide complete reports on audit trails and create a balance sheet. It provide an accurate comparison between expenditures and income, show all accounts payable and account receivables and show all the purchase orders. It enable smooth transfer of the payroll records to the general ledger, calculation of all state and federal tax collections and deductions, track all the employees’ leaves, sick days and offs and print the payrolls and other account related reports.

Being able to manage who checks in and out in the church is important as it’s an assurance of accountability as well as security. Here are some of the benefits of check in or check out feature: It creates a record of all authorized to check in/out, and allows entry and specify the relation of the individual who is being checked in/out. You can authorize who can check the people checking in/out. It capture the details of all individuals who have checked in this might include taking their picture. The print badge which includes the information of the person checking in and issue a receipt to whom has checked in the person and lock the display of check-in/out.

What are the benefits of Church Management Software?

There are several important elements you ought to consider, to be able to run the church or ministry properly. There are a couple of complex entities that are usually inherited in church establishment thus it crucial to aim in achieving full efficiency on church management system to meet your goals here are some of the benefits of the software.

Having a dashboard that is user-friendly is an important benefit not just to the church administration but also to the church stakeholders. The dashboard provides the users with all the unifying experience that are paramount to the church functionalities and information all in one single place. These saves times for the users who wouldn’t have to bounce from different platforms to access information.

Having access to all reports and statistics can be a valuable option for a church. You will be amazed by the number of influence statistics can impact your community. Traditionally, getting access to statics and reports about your congregation would be a hard task, but with church management software this information can be accessed with just a click of a button. These statistics enable you to eliminate the guesswork from community management.

This feature is very beneficial to any church management suite. It ensures accountability to guardant or parents who have entrusted the church with their children who might be attending an event in the church or events organized by the church. This feature can also keep track of the congregation in the church and enable easy organization of function in the church.

The primary objective of this church management software is to enable the user to access all the suite of tools that can accommodate all the diverse functionalities of the church. Having the software available smoothen all the centered church functionalities by making, the entire task easy to manage so and providing accurate results.

As accurate as possible the contributions made in your church ought to be tracked to enable growth. Church management software can enable you to keep track of all the collection and donations as they come in. This feature enables easy management of the fund and accountability.

For an event to succeed, it ought to be managed or put together properly. Most events are tough to coordinate, but with church management tool this process is smoothened. Keep track of rooms and accurate attendance record will contribute largely to the management of an event. This record also ensures that there is accurate communication between the attendance and the church management.

The congregation needs to be managed effectively not just during check-in/out outcomes. Church management tools should be community-oriented, by this allowing lot of special utilities for your members. The system should have a member tracking capability that enables the church to determine which member has frequently missed function and raise awareness to the pastoral department.

How to Select the Best Church Management Software for Your Church or Ministry

For church management software to reach its goals, you have to take into account certain considerations on how to select the right tool. Here are some of the consideration you should keep in mind while selecting church management software:

This is the first stage of selecting church management software; the users have to identify what is the main purpose of purchasing the software and what will be the benefit to the church. The church should outline what needs to be achieved by the software by defining its management strategy.

On this phase you should examine the church culture and develop strategies on who will use the software and how will they use it. Determine how the church management software will track the member and the kind of information that you want to be tracked. Detail what the weaknesses of the previous system are and how the new system will surpass that.

Different church management software’s have tailored functionality that might suit your church functionality, but the objective in this stage is trying to identify the right features of your software. There are thousands of features being offered but it crucial to focus on at least 20 features that your church needs.

Once you have identified your need and features the next objective would selecting a few of the software’s that match your needs. In this phase, you might need to engage stakeholders and other executives so that you might demonstrate the options provided by the software on the shortlist. This might include the demonstration of pros, and cons of the church management software.

Before purchasing anything, it is important to compare pricing. This also applies to church management software you are supposed to outline all the cost that will come with the software from maintenance, management, and purchase and compare which is viable taking into considerations that it needs to meet the church needs

It the last phase of choosing church management software, it includes decision making and taking into account all the stages above. If the software meets the need of your church, has all the needed features and at a considerable price then you can purchase and implement.

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