Recording Software With Microphone

Recording your voice with a microphone on your computer is the easiest way to create podcasts and audio files. In this guide, we review the aspects of Recording Software With Microphone and we show you how to easily record using your computer’s built-in tools. We also discuss what’s the best audio recording software for voice overs, podcasts, screencasts, screen sharing and much more.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Recording Software With Microphone, How do I record with a microphone on my computer, What is the easiest audio recording software to use, and Can you record with Voicemod?

Recording Software With Microphone

If you’re a podcaster, vlogger, or musician and you’re looking for recording software that comes with a microphone, we’ve got you covered. Sorting through all the best options can be difficult so we’ve done the hard work for you and selected the top picks based on user reviews and other criteria.


  • PC
  • Windows
  • Mac

These are the most popular recording software options for PCs.The good thing about these is that they are very easy to use and offer a lot of features.


  • Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam
  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • Apogee MiC 96k Digital Audio Interface/USB Microphone Combo
  • Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Mic (with stand)
  • Zoom H1 Handy Recorder

How do I record with a microphone on my computer

There are some occasions when you have to record voice on computer. For example, record a commentary for your video tutorial, or record an online interview/meeting on your PC. But how to do that? Well, follow this guide and you will quickly learn how to record voice on computer, whether or not you have a microphone.

Before we start, you should make sure there is at least one audio input device. It can be an internal microphone within your laptop, an external microphone, a headset, or even an earphone. A professional external microphone is the best device for recording voice on computer with high quality. Besides the device, audio recorder software is a must-have. Keep reading and you will know how to record voice on computer with good audio recorder software.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder – Grab Voice in High Quality on Windows and Mac

VideoSolo Screen Recorder, as a top-notch recorder in the market, won’t let you down if you have a try. Although by its name, you will spontaneously regard it exceptionally as a screen recorder, it is actually a multifunctional recorder, including the feature of recording audio through microphone and system sound card. You can easily enable both of them or one of them with one-click. What’s more, the output quality is excellent and it offers output formats for users to choose.

In the following minutes, I will guide you through how to record voice on computer with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

If you have an external microphone, plug it into the specific jack on your computer, and make sure the microphone has been activated in your computer.

After downloading VideoSolo Screen Recorder from the above button, you should install it by making several clicks according to instruction.Then run it on your computer.

On its main interface, press “Audio Recorder”. You should first toggle on the microphone and move the sliders below to adjust the sound volume. If you want to record system sound from output devices while recording microphone, you can toggle on the first button so that your computer can capture sound sources at the same time. To get a better output quality, please record the microphone sound in a quiet environment.

Tips: You need to install an audio driver before recording audio in Mac version because of some limitations of Mac system. The process can be done in minutes.

Prior to starting recording voice, you are supposed to make your audio configurations by clicking on the gear-shaped icon. Slide down to the output field where you can choose which audio format (WMA, MP3, M4A, and AAC.) and quality (from “Lowest” to “Lossless”) to your desire. Save your settings by pressing “OK”.

Notice: Mac version has more audio output formats to choose (MP3, M4A, WMA, CAF, FLAC, OGG and OPUS).

Once fully prepared, go ahead with “REC” and start recording your voice with microphone. When you complete your speech, just press the Stop icon to end recording. Then save it to a specific computer location after preview. Now, you can enjoy your recorded audio file easily on the location where you have placed it.

What is the easiest audio recording software to use

Whether professional or for amateur purposes, the audio recording software programs are very important. These programs allow manipulating the audio so that it matches the need for a specific project.

The best audio recording software has a variety of tools embedded to polish the audio recorded, in which this article we are going to review the best of them for you.

What is Audio Recording Software?

As the name suggests, the audio recording software is used to record audio using a unique technology. This allows the users to capture their own or the voice they want and transfer it wherever they want. The software also adds effects to the voice and makes it professional to use wherever the user wants to.

What Does a Sound Recorder Use for?

There are several uses of audio recording software program. Some are listed as under:

List of Top 10 Audio Recording Software Programs

The audio recording software for PC that would make your life easy is mentioned as under.

This is by far the best and the most used software program when it comes to audio recording. It is highly reliable and comes with a GUI. The user interface is easy to understand, and so are the functionalities.

With the best and the most advanced controls recording audio has never been this easy. It also acts as Mac audio recording software, and therefore it is highly recommended for all platforms. The frequent updates make this program even easier to use.

The program can be used with both Windows and Mac.

Go ahead to download and have a try now!

It is one of the best and most used programs to make sure that the audio is recorded with perfection. This program is compatible with most of the audio formats, and therefore it is highly recommended. The overall rating of the program is high as it is used by professionals and, therefore, highly rated as well.

It can be installed over Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

As a cross-platform program, this one has a lot to offer. The interface is a bit technical, but overall the use of the program is easy once the hands-on is done. The program is also highly intuitive and allows the users to overcome the day to day audio recording and editing tasks.

It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It can be rightfully regarded as one of the best and the most advanced programs. Backed by years of Adobe experience, it is a program that will get the user a step forward. It is highly recommended to all those users that are looking for a professional level of audio recording.

It is supported by Windows and Mac.

It is free software that is used to record audio professionally. This high-performance program makes sure that the audio which is recorded is also shared with different platforms. The built-in panel is upgraded, and therefore it is highly advance.

It is supported by Mac, Linux, Windows, and BSD.

It is one of the free programs that can be regarded as better than many paid ones. It is all because the qualities of the program are matchless. The processing of files is done with WAV and Mp3 files filter, which makes the process very much easier.

The program can only be installed on Windows.

The audio processing and mixing have been made very easy with this platform. The program has an interface that is sleek in design and allows the processing of the audio info with care. The program also supports cloud storage, which means that the entire user’s hard work remains safe and secures all the time.

The program can be installed on Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

If a user wants to completely control the audio editing process, then this software is for them. It is highly advanced and makes sure that the work that is done is highly précised. From Red Book CD creation to sound design and mixing, this program provides the users with complete control and authority over the process.

The Sound Forge can be installed on Mac and Windows.

The best part of the software is that it is free and allows the users to overcome the problems which the other audio recorders present. The interface is easy to learn, and therefore the overall usage is easy. The lossless quality is something for which the software is known for. It also supports the FFMPEG library.

The program is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The program, as the name suggests, makes it possible for the users to completely delve deep into the process of audio editing. The interface, as well as the controls, is very easy to understand and use. For novice users, this program is highly recommended as it makes audio editing a fun-filled activity.

The program is only available for Mac.

A Roundup of the Best Audio Recording Software Programs

With the overall specs and ratings by the users, the Wondershare DemoCreator is the best software that should be used for audio recording.

The program is highly compatible with major operating systems, and therefore it is highly recommended. The overall mechanism is easy, and the program also supports multiple formats.

It is highly technical and is constantly upgraded to make sure that it remains in line with modern technologies. It is a one-stop-shop for all the audio recording needs of the users and therefore highly viable.

With this program, the audio that has been worked on can be shared on most popular social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

How to record Discord audio? In this article, I have selected 10 best highly useful software programs and guide you step by step to record Discord audio both on PC and phone.

Can you record with Voicemod

You can use a voice changer for many reasons, whether you are thinking of pranking your friends online or you are a content creator who wishes to maintain his/her anonymity. In this article, we are going to look at how to use Voicemod on Discord. We will explain the step-by-step method and introduce an alternative tool for users.

Part 1: How to Use Voicemod on Discord (Computer)

Although it may seem a daunting task to use Voicemod with Discord, in reality, it is very simple. You just have to download Voicemod, and you are ready to go spooky or funny voice (whatever you prefer). Voicemod is one of the easiest to install and use with other applications. You just have to run the program in the background, and you are good to go. Let’s see the step-by-step procedure of using Voicemod with Discord on your PC or computer.

Step 1: The first step is to download Voicemod on your PC. Visit the Voicemod website. You will see a link that says “Get Voicemod Free”. Click on this link, and you will be asked to log in to your Discord, Google, or Twitch account. Once you are logged in, the setup in the form of a “.exe” file will be downloaded to your PC.

Step 2: Once the setup is downloaded, open this “.exe” file, and the installation process will begin. After the installation is completed, the Voicemod application will open up. Its icon will also be visible on your desktop screen.

Step 3: When the program opens up, you need to select the input and output that you will be using. Select the microphone that you will use as input, and you can also test your voice if there is any distortion in the background and can hear it through your headphones or speakers.

Step 4: Once the input/output is selected, you can check different filters on your voice. Every day, there are some new filters that you can use. However, if you want to access all the filters, you need to upgrade to the “pro-version” of the application.

Step 5: To connect Voicemod to Discord, open your Discord account and go to settings. Then select Voice & Video in the App settings. Now change the input device from “Default” to “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device”.

Step 6: Now, your Voice will be filtered through Voicemod on Discord. You are good to go.

Take a look at this video tutorial:

Part 2: How to Connect Voicemod to Discord on Mobile Phones

You can also use Voicemod on your Mobile phones as well. It is available under the name “Voicemod Clips” both on iOS and Android as well. On this application, you will not only get the filters for your voice only, but there is also an option of filters that are connected to your camera. By using these filters, you can create very interesting videos for your audience or friends.

On the mobile application, you will have the option of 10 voice filters. Moreover, you can create unlimited videos and audio for yourself. It is one of the best apps for content creators who publish across social networks. The step-by-step procedure of using Voicemod on your mobile phone is as follows:

Step 1: Open the App Store if you are an Apple User or Google Play if you are an Android user. Search for Voicemod Clips in the search bar. Download the latest version available of Voicemod.

Step 2: Once the Voicemod is downloaded on your mobile, you can open it up to set your profile. You can view all different filters for voices and videos. You can also create original videos for Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also decide the type of content that you want to create, whether it is an Audio or Video Clip.

Step 3: Now, open your Discord App on your mobile phone. Tap on the Setting option, which is denoted by a “cogwheel” near your name and avatar.

Step 4: Now select the “Voice and Video” option. Under the input device option, select “Voicemod” and select “headset” under the output device option.

Step 5: Now, your voice will be filtered through Voicemod.

Part 3: Why Does Voicemod Not Work on Discord [Must-try Solution]

If your Voicemod is not working on Discord, there might be a minor issue. But there is nothing to worry about. You can follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the issues.

Restart Your Computer:

One of the most common and useful techniques to counter any sort of problem, whether it is technical or non-technical, is restarting your computer. By restarting your computer, the system is rebooted, so if any of the settings were changed or corrupted, they are then organized or set to default on their own. Moreover, by restarting your computer, many of the program and hardware-related issues are solved. So, if your Voicemod is not working on Discord, you know what to do as a first step.

Set Your Mic:

Another pretty common issue is that the mic settings are not accurately set or are changed. If this is the case, then Voicemod will not work. Open Settings on your windows. Go to System> Sounds. Now check your microphone under the input option. Click on “Test Microphone”. If the microphone is fine, then start the Voicemod App and check again if the problem still exists.

Check Discord Settings:

You should also check your Discord settings, as the issue can also arise from there. Go to Settings on your Discord and then select Voice and Video. Now check the input settings. Make sure that the microphone that is labeled as Voicemod Virtual audio is selected in this option.

Reinstall Voicemod and Discord:

This may be a bit harsh, but if the issue still pertains, then you might need to uninstall Voicemod and Discord and install it again. Try to download the latest version of this software. There could be updates to resolve the bugs and issues.

Part 4: Some FAQs You Might Want to Know About Voicemod and Discord

Why is my Voicemod not opening?

The Voicemod will not open if there is an issue related to drivers. If any of the drivers are faulty or outdated, then your Voicemod will not open. This problem could be solved by updating and installing the drivers for Voicemod. Open Device Manager on your PC. Click on Audio Inputs and outputs, and it will expand. Right-click on Voicemod Virtual Audio Device and uninstall it. Restart your PC, and the system will automatically download the driver that is missing.

Can you use Voicemod in games?

Yes, you can use Voicemod in your games as well. It is very easy to connect Voicemod to your game. Open your game, whichever it is. Go to the game’s audio settings. Not select Voicemod “Virtual Audio Device” as your input and select Headphones as your output. Now whichever filter you set in your Voicemod, your voice will be transformed into that while you play the game of your choice.

Can I use other voice changers for Discord?

Yes, you can use any voice changer that is compatible with Discord. There are many Voice changers available on the internet. Of course, everyone differs to some extent from each other. With every voice changer, there come different features and filters. Compatibility is also an issue that must be kept in mind. There is also a difference in pricing among different voice changers.

How do you turn Voicemod off?

Closing the application will not turn off the microphone. This means that Voicemod still has access to your microphone, and it will still filter your voice. To turn off Voicemod, right-click on the Voicemod icon in the notification area of your taskbar. Click on Exit Application. Once you exit, the Voicemod has no more access to your microphone, and it is now turned off.

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