Recording Software For Games

As always, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself when choosing the right software for your needs; if you don’t want to spend money right now (or ever), don’t feel bad about using one of these programs instead! And remember: there really is no wrong choice here—just find something that works well enough and enjoy yourself while playing games in front of an audience.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Recording Software For Games, best game recording software for low end pc, action recording software, and What software do gamers use to record?

Recording Software For Games

If you’re a gamer, you know that the best way to share your gameplay is with a video. However, if you want to add in voice commentary or an impressive intro for your channel’s subscribers, you’ll need a recording software. There are some great free options available for Windows users that won’t cost anything but time and storage space on your computer. Here are four of the best:

OBS Studio.

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free program that you can download and use right now. It’s probably the most popular screen recording software out there, with millions of downloads and an active community.

It can record up to 4k resolution video and audio at 60 fps in both uncompressed or compressed formats like WebM and MP4. This means your videos will look great on any device, from large computer screens down to smartphones and tablets.

You can also record from multiple sources simultaneously—your webcam, one or more microphones (including voice chats), applications like Skype or Discord, and even music playback through Spotify! OBS Studio has great visual overlays so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes without having to take your eyes off the monitor screen itself.

Nvidia Shadowplay.

Nvidia Shadowplay is another free tool, but it can record your gameplay in 1080p and 60fps. It can capture game audio and microphone audio, as well as desktop audio from both the desktop and full screen.

AMD ReLive.

AMD ReLive is a free, easy-to-use recording software that can record video and audio. It’s good for recording games, but it can also stream to Twitch or YouTube.


Dxtory is a free and open-source software that allows you to record your games on Windows. It’s completely free and doesn’t have any watermarks, so it’s great if you want something that doesn’t require paying for or having a watermark on the video.

Dxtory also gives you the option of recording several streams at once (e.g., audio, video, webcam), which is useful if you want to capture yourself playing along with game footage.

Game Bar.

The Game Bar is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to record gameplay, take screenshots and stream your gameplay. It can be used with Xbox One controllers as well as other third-party controllers. With the Game Bar, you can record in 1080p at 60 FPS and even use DVR to save your recordings for later viewing. The Game Bar also supports game streaming on Mixer, Microsoft’s answer to Twitch.

use these free tools to record your gaming sessions

There are a number of free tools available to you that will let you record game play on your computer. These programs include:

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio)
  • Nvidia Shadowplay/AMD ReLive
  • Dxtory
  • Game Bar.

best game recording software for low end pc

Are you an expert in a particular game and wish to share your prowess with the world? The availability of gaming video makers for low-end PC makes it possible. You can now record live games with real-time audio to use for tutorials and other possible needs. But remember that heavy screen recording tools can slow down your low-end PC. You need a few basics on how to settle for the right recorder that will capture your gameplay in HD video quality for accurate sharing on social media sites.

What is a good game recorder?

The market is thronged with numerous game recording tools and it is not easy to pinpoint a good game recorder. You, therefore, have to pay attention to some aspects to land a perfect recording tool. It should have an intuitive interface, enabling you to easily maneuver through the menu. More so, settle for recording software that meets all your needs to record a game and share on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

How to choose a suitable game recorder?

Choose a game recorder that offers a user-friendly interface. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to locate a specific functionality. Settle for a recorder with easily accessible tools and precepts.

A good game recorder should not only record what’s on the desktop but also capture footage from your webcam. With this, you can incorporate a lot in your video for clarity to your viewers.

Settle for a game recorder with enhanced game compatibility and improved stability. This will ensure an improved end product of your videos.

The bottom line is to manage sharing of your videos with the world, via social media sites. And you want to share a video that’s entertaining. Choose a recorder with pre-rendered transitions and stickers for advanced editing.

Top 8 game recorder for low-end PC

This top gaming video maker for low-end PC allows you to easily record what is happening on your screen in real-time. The user interface is easily navigable for easy editing of videos.

A step-by-step guide on how to record game videos with DemoCreator

Step 1. Launch the DemoCreator app and click on the “Game Mode” option. Easily adjust your recording factors such as webcam and audio settings.

Step 2. Select how to capture your game whether it’s from a customized area of your screen, full screen, or from a webcam as well as a frame rate for recording your camera.

Step 3. Then select where to save your recordings. You can as well select different encoders like FastJPG or AVC.

Step 4. Next, tap the “Capture” option to begin capturing the screen. You can as well fine-tune settings in the “Recorder Screen”

Step 5. Click on the “Start Capturing” option to start the capturing process. The app will then set a 3-second timer before beginning to capture your screen.

Step 6. Finally, save your capture to your computer and export videos to the editor.

This game recorder suits even the unskilled recorders. It has an intuitive user interface that will help you bring out the best video for your audience. And the HDMI recording mode is its strongest feature, enabling you to record game consoles like Xbox One, Switch, PS4, among others.

Also, among the best recorder for low-end PC is Joyoshare VidiKit. It offers simple recording options and the ability to record audio and video from your microphone at the same time. Likewise, easily adjust the recording area to full or half screen.

Movavi will splash you with templates that you can easily customize to your requirements. Once you choose the transition and image slide duration, you are good to go. It also offers a variety of sound effects for easy editing as well as built-in sound effects and music. You can remove background noise and add an equalizer in a few clicks.

Besides being among the best screen recorder for low-end devices, Flashback Express is also an excellent video editor. However, it is not easy to maneuver the interface and might give beginners some hard lanes. But the editing features are top-notch for an awesome game video.

OBS recorder is regarded as the most reliable open-source tool. With this, you can add different sources to your panel such as screenshots, picture-in-picture mode, webcam, etc. It also incorporates advanced editing features that make it easy to add a logo, text, and other precepts to your live videos.

Here comes Xbox Game Bar, the best screen recorder for a 2GB ram PC that allows direct usage without advanced settings. Windows OS has escalated its ability with this Windows 10 built-in tool. The user interface is not a thing to worry about as there are no extra operations needed for its operation.

Capture every gaming step with this low-end PC screen recorder. It is quite powerful and manages to capture beyond what’s happening on your PC screen. Use it to record footage from other external devices like cameras and webcams. Even though you can’t directly export your videos to YouTube and other social media sites, you can still save them in numerous formats like MOV, AVI, etc.

action recording software

Are you an aspiring gaming YouTuber or Streamer? Or, maybe, you want to record some sweet plays to share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter? Well, then you’ve probably already considered the Action! recording software, but is it any good? Continue reading to learn more about how this recording software works, its main benefits, its key features, and, even, its best alternatives in the market that you want to check out before deciding on whether it’s the one for you or not.

To start with, let’s go over what makes Action! good recording software and what makes it not so good software. To begin with, Action! is widely advertised as a gaming recording software. It was designed to be less CPU or GPU intensive so that your PC can focus on powering up the game and not on actively recording. It’s available only for Windows PCs, and videos recorded using it are saved in the standard formats VLC 2.0 and MP4 using codecs that allow for high-quality but small-file videos. Its main features of note include the following:

● Compatible with most of the popular live-streaming platforms.

● Capable of the simultaneous screen and webcam recording for effortless video overlay.

● Produces high-resolution videos that can range from up to 2K and 4K in select formats — also capable of 8K recording with specific processors.

The ultimate benefit, in this case, is that Action is a full-fledged recording software dream for gamers. If you want to produce HD clips of games, especially games that are bulky and take a lot of CPU power, then you need software that is as unobtrusive as possible — and Action does a perfect job fulfilling this role. The only real catch is that this software is not free. A limited trial is available so that you can test it out, but you’re going to have to be prepared to pay for the license to use it when that trial runs out.

There’s no denying that Action is great video gaming recording software (suitable for all levels of experience.) And there are plenty of people who stand by it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the one for you. Before you make that decision, have a look at our recommended Action! alternatives. You’ll never know, you might just find the one program that you didn’t know you needed.

Wondershare UniConverter is the best alternative to Action! Recording Software. In fact, it’s the best all-in-one tool you can find online currently. With it, users can record high-quality videos, webcams, and audio simultaneously on Mac/Win. When recording the desktop screen, it allows you to add a Picture in Picture (PIP) effect, voice narration, and annotations like highlights, texts, shapes, and so on. After recording a video, users can convert and edit it by cropping, cutting, compressing, adding subtitles, and more.

Wondershare UniConverter – The Ultimate Desktop Screen Recorder

Steps to record a computer screen with Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1Run the Screen Recorder function.

Install and launch Wondershare UniConverter on PC, then click Screen Recorder. Now tap the Screen Recorder icon to launch the screen capture function.

Step 2Select an area to record.

Launch the app, video, or browser tab to record. After that, drag the recording cropper to fit a capture area. You can move the edges inwards or outwards to choose a video frame. Another simple way is to open the Recording Mode menu, then select Full Screen or Custom. If you click Custom, enter the frame dimensions before clicking Lock Aspect Ratio.

Step 3Configure your recording preferences.

Do you want to capture the computer screen with system sounds and voice narrations? Set that right away under the System Audio and Microphone menus. You can also record the video with a PIP effect by choosing a camera under the Webcam section.

Next, click the Settings menu (gear-like icon), then set the target file format to MP4, AVI, or FLV. Don’t forget to set the output quality, frame rate, folder path, and keyboard shortcuts.

Step 4Start recording the video.

Preview that capture area, then tap REC to begin recording your desktop screen. Now launch the taskbar and then click the Annotation button to add demos with texts, shapes, lines, drawings, and arrows. You can also capture a screenshot. Lastly, click Stop. That’s it!

But we’re not done just yet. To make sure that you’re given the best opportunity for success, we’ve also included this helpful list of the rest of the 9 Action! recording software alternatives we had in mind. We’ve kept things simple — primarily to provide you everything you need to know in the least amount of time possible. Including how the software works, its main benefits, and where you can find it to learn more.

This list starts with Bandicam. One of the most popular open-source screen recorders out there with gamers. What does open-source mean? Well, it means that it’s free-to-use. It’s regularly updated software with a straightforward but effective design that you can use to capture your PC screen, or, just about anything. It is optimized for primarily YouTube Gameplay enthusiasts, but the popularization of streaming gameplay means that it’s compatible with live broadcasts as well. Some key features include:

● Simultaneous screen, voice, and webcam recording for seamless gameplay recordings.

● Support for producing massive 4K Ultra HD videos that are up to 3840×2160 in resolution.

● It is optimized to work without costing a lot of CPU power to allow error-free gameplay.

2. Icecream Screen Recorder

The IceCream Screen Recorder, despite the out-there name, is another popular screen recording software. Unlike Bandicam, however, unlocking some of this tool’s main features means paying for a premium to grab the PRO license. It may or may not be what you want, in which case, there is still the free version to consider. Which, although less feature-rich, is even more than capable of producing high-quality screen recording with the following functions;

● Standard screen capturing modes for custom, window, tab, and full-screen capture.

● It has unlimited video recording and export of video as a large WMV file.

● It has basic video playing and editing features for perfecting captured screen activity.

OBS Studio is another industry-standard recording and broadcasting software that is available open-source. It means that you won’t have to unlock any premiums to be able to do the kind of recording that you want! The only catch is it’s more complicated than other recording software. The fact is that it hosts a couple of incredibly complex customization functions.

● It has customizable hotkeys for personalizing your recording or broadcasting process.

● It is optimized for high-quality screencasting for aspiring YouTube Gaming or Twitch streamers.

● A built-in audio mixer for seamless video-to-audio editing while recording.

When people talk about CamStudio, it’s quite commonly related to video broadcasting, but this software isn’t necessarily designed for that market. It’s quite capable of doing almost everything like Bandicam or Camtasia are capable of, and it’s also available open-source, so it comes at no cost to you. By installing this program, you have access to the following recording functions:

● Standard simultaneous screen and audio recording for your PC.

● It has broadcasting-ready for aspiring gaming video streamers.

● It produces HD videos in the standard VLC format and SWF for broadcasting-purposes.

Screencastify is for the gamers out there who want freemium screen recording software that is capable of recording the specific activity of a Chrome browser tab. It’s quite popular for those who are more interested in recording or streaming MMORPGs, and while not as powerful as some of the desktop-ready software, it makes for a safe and simple alternative for those who can’t be bothered to set up their recording software each time.

● The one-click video recording process is available right on your browser.

● Recorded videos can be saved locally as an HTML5 file to be stored on your PC.

● Unlimited video recording available with the premium license (free version allows for only quick 10-minute recordings).

What software do gamers use to record?

ith all these Battle Royale games like PubG and Call of Duty on the rise, Esports has become the hottest thing right now.

The most popular games are the ones that allow multiple players to join and have a workaround together via voice chat to go on and win the match. And the fact that people are literally making millions by just playing and recording these games from their screens is just bizarre.

There’s really no denying that this has got to be the best job on the planet because you’re able to make money by having fun in the process.

I am not even exaggerating when I say the revenue touches “millions”. A gamer called Tyler Blevins, who goes by the name “Ninja” on the internet, is an amazing example of someone who started out uploading simple gameplay recordings on YouTube and now has exclusivity deals endorsements with companies like Microsoft, Adidas, and Red Bull. His earnings are over $17 million a year by just playing games on his computer and console.

Another example is Kyle Giersdorf, a gamer on YouTube and recently won Fortnite World Cup Solo Championship, earning him $3 million in a short span of time. Both of these gamers, and others, have received massive recognition on TV shows and all over the world.

It’s really inspiring the way things turn out to be for gamers in these modern times, and the best way to get a piece of this pie is to jump on it right away if you’re passionate about it. You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started. Just make sure the basics are covered, including a nice game recording software to capture your gameplay to be uploaded on the internet.

To make things easier for you, I’ll be going over the best game recording software that you can grab as per your requirement. But before that, let’s explore a bit more about making money from playing games.

Different ways to make money by playing games

There are many possibilities, but below I’ve mentioned some of my favorite ones that should give you a nice head start without feeling overwhelmed.

YouTube 🎥

You must have guessed this already, but YouTube is the very first place where you should upload your gameplays and attract a like-minded audience. All gamers started with this platform and are still making huge amounts of money month by month.

Just utilize one of the screen-recording software mentioned in this article to record your gameplays and put them on YouTube for the world to see them. You won’t see results instantly, as the case with any other method, but consistent uploading of quality and in-demand content will land you a ton of views and subscribers in no time.

Streaming on Twitch 🎮

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers to display their gameplay in real-time to the audience. Since this platform is niched down to gamers, it won’t take long for your content to get noticed.

There are several ways to make money with your live streams on Twitch, some of which are:

Having an amazing and enticing set up, especially a gaming chair is a huge plus point for any streamer, but it’s definitely unnecessary. Just focus on playing the popular games and play them well to keep the viewers engaged.

Participate in Esports competitions 🏆

Participating in Esports championships can be an amazing opportunity to get your name out there and make quite a lot of money in the process. However, I’d recommend jumping on this only after you have an active YouTube or Twitch channel so that you won’t have a tough time getting selected.

Now, let’s have a look at the best game recording software.


VideoProc by Digiarty is undoubtedly the best game recording software that you can use for both Windows and Mac. This lightweight yet powerful video processing tool gives the capability to record your computer screen, webcam, and audio while gaming in the window or full-screen mode and edit the gameplay recording later on.

VideoProc offers the options to choose the recording areas, add annotation with texts, and draw highlight while recording the gameplay to help you better show off your game skills. Lags can make the game recording a real nightmare; luckily, this doesn’t happen in it. Equipped with the support of GPU acceleration tech, this robust game recording software can record the gameplay smoothly without any lag on a less powerful machine.

What I love most about VideoProc is it supports green screen recording, allowing us to create a talking head effect without the background during the recording. And unlike most other game recorders that support only SD MP4 screen recordings, VideoProc lets you record in full 1080p and save the video in MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, or TS format. That said, your gameplay recording won’t come with visible pixel or frame loss and can play on all prevalent devices.

The best part of this great piece of game recording software lies in its simplicity. Thanks to the clear and straightforward UI, a beginner can quickly start any recording gameplay and get the best result in one click without hassles.

HitPaw Screen Recorder

HitPaw Screen Recorder is a simple but powerful game screen recorder. When you download HitPaw Screen Recorder you can know how to use it to record games.

During recording games, you are allowed to capture the keyboard, record your face and game at the same time. More importantly, you can also record games from iPhone and iPad on your computer or use your iPhone or iPad as a camera if you do not have one on your computer.

Except for recording games, you can also use it to record any area on your computer, record webcam only, record with or without audio.  If you do not have time to sit in front of your computer, you can use its scheduled recording and timed recording to start and stop recording on its own. In case you want to check what contents you are recording, the real-time monitor will be very useful.

Capturing mouse and draw will be very important when you want to point out something during recording. HitPaw Screen Recorder also has one editor which can help you cut, crop, rotate, adjust the video, and change its speed.

HitPaw Screen Recorder can work on Windows and MAC and its price is much more affordable if you use the coupon code: YT-30OFF to get 30% OFF.

TunesKit Screen Recorder

TunesKit Screen Recorder is another premium recording utility that you can use for games, webinars, video lectures, live broadcasts, etc.

As a lightweight screen recorder, TunesKit Screen Recorder is able to record gameplay up to 60fps in 1920*1080 full HD without crashing your computer.

Check this detailed video tutorial:

TunesKit functions well with the audio and video, collectively or separately. In addition, you can choose to record the audio from the screen, webcam, or microphone, individually or combined.

There are provisions to start the recording manually or on a set schedule. Moreover, you can preview trim the recordings right there without using ant 3rd-party application.

Besides, you can extract audio from the video without affecting the sound quality. There are also options for adjusting the frame rates, bit rates, resolution, and file types that make them a perfect video and audio recorder.

You can get it started for FREE and see it in action on your Windows PC or Mac.


Wondershare has a lot of products, but you cannot say their quantity overweighs their quality. All of their products are equally useful and feature-rich, just like DemoCreator. This tool makes it really simple for you to record your gameplays and edit them like an absolute Pro.

You can choose to record your sound from the microphone, webcam, and even the system to have the best experience while watching it.

There are times when you’re playing a multiplayer game and having a conversation with your teammates, which is essential for the viewers to understand better what’s going. So, this feasibility can prove to be the “game-changer” for your videos.

Moreover, you can add annotations, effects, narrations, banners, overlays, and a lot of other cool stuff while editing your clips.

EaseUS RecExperts

Capture a certain area, your webcam, or your entire screen window with EaseUS RecExperts. It gives you the option to record system sounds and even your external voice connected to your microphone, which gives you the clean chit for gameplay recording.

Once you’re done recording your screen, you can take it to the editing panel and add text, effects, arrows, and other amazing elements to spice it up. There’s also an option to record 2D/3D games in 4K UHD resolution.

You can export your recorded content in several formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV. This software can be downloaded on Windows and macOS.


Made specifically for gamers, Bandicam allows you to record in a 4K UHD video without any hiccups. It’s considered one of the best gameplay recording software available, and rightfully so because its features totally speak for it.

You can record various 2D/3D games, including Minecraft, League of Legends, Roblox, and PUBG. Not only that, if you play flash or browser-based online games, it lets you record that too.

Bandicam assures that you won’t experience much lags while capturing your screen, unlike some of those that are a complete mess and freezes your screen from time to time. One of the reasons is that it utilizes a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder to enhance the performance.

You can get started using the free version and then move towards the paid one once you’re satisfied.


Gecata by Movavi is a free, simple, and lightweight game recording software for Windows. The makers of this tool have tested most of the popular games to ensure it’s compatible with them all, and you can straightaway jump into making some great gameplay videos.

With Gecata, you can record and stream at the very same time so that those who missed your live stream can catch it up later with your recorded version.

While capturing your gameplay, you can choose to display a mini real-time webcam grab of you on the corner so that viewers can see your facial expressions. This is a great way to build a personal connection with your audience.

You can be assured that your gameplay quality won’t be compromised while capturing it. In fact, it’ll run at 4K resolution and 120 FPS. There are quite a lot more features to unpack here, so definitely try this one out at no cost at all.


Another software exclusive for Windows, Action! by Mirillis, is a user-friendly screen recorder with a stylish interface, which is quite easy-going. You can record your PC, console, TV broadcasts, webcam, or cam recorder in just a few clicks.

Here are some other exciting features of this software:

Once you’re done capturing your gameplay, you can edit it within the tool to add effects like slow-motion to make it even better.

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