Projector Software For Church

If you have ever had to use a projector in your church, then you know how difficult it can be. There are so many different types of projectors out there that it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your needs. Fortunately there are some great programs available that make using a projector much easier. They include Google Docs and Google Sheets, which allow you to create documents and spreadsheets that can be shared with other people in your congregation or even those who are not in your congregation.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Projector Software For Church, live display church presentation software, Is ProPresenter just for churches, and What is an alternative to EasyWorship?

Projector Software For Church

The church has become a popular place for many people. In the past, the church was used to worship and pray but now, it has been turned into a multipurpose facility. Churches are now used as centers of learning, meeting places, and social events. With this in mind, there should be an appreciation of the fact that any projector used in the church must be appropriate for the needs of its members.

The church has become a popular place for many people. In the past, the church was used to worship and pray but now, it has been turned into a multipurpose facility. Churches are now used as centers of learning, meeting places, and social events. With this in mind, there should be an appreciation of the fact that any projector used in the church must be appropriate for the needs of its members.

The right projector can help convert your ordinary room into something extraordinary! By using projectors you will be able to make your presentations more interesting and exciting than ever before! This is why we have come up with this article where we will discuss some of the best projectors that are currently available on the market today so stay tuned!

One of my favorite types of software is Microsoft PowerPoint. This program is excellent for children to use because it is very user-friendly. It also allows you to create slideshows with pictures or videos that are easy to manipulate. There are also many different templates available so that you can customize your presentation.

One of my favorite types of software is Microsoft PowerPoint. This program is excellent for children to use because it is very user-friendly. It also allows you to create slideshows with pictures or videos that are easy to manipulate. There are also many different templates available so that you can customize your presentation.

Most churches have access to a projector or LCD display, but not everyone has the skill set needed to operate these devices smoothly and properly. If this describes you, I recommend using software that has been created specifically for church presentations because it makes everything simple and easy to use!

Another type of projector software for churches is Google Docs and Google Sheets. These types of programs are great because they allow you to create documents and spreadsheets that can be shared with other people in your congregation or even those who are not in your congregation.

Another type of projector software for churches is Google Docs and Google Sheets. These types of programs are great because they allow you to create documents and spreadsheets that can be shared with other people in your congregation or even those who are not in your congregation.

Google Docs and Sheets are free, easy to use and can be accessed from any device (including phones). Just make sure you have the latest version by clicking here!

If you have never used any type of projector software before, I would just recommend starting with PowerPoint first. Once you understand how to use it, you should then try out Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of these programs will help you become more organized and make presentations easier for everyone involved in the church.

If you have never used any type of projector software before, I would just recommend starting with PowerPoint first. Once you understand how to use it, you should then try out Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of these programs will help you become more organized and make presentations easier for everyone involved in the church.

PowerPoint is one of the most common programs used by churches today because it allows users to create their own presentations from scratch or use pre-made templates from Microsoft to get started quickly. In addition to creating your own slideshows, this program also allows users to save their files as PDF documents which can be shared across multiple devices at once without having any compatibility issues like what happens when using other types of formats like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets (which are not supported on all platforms).

Google Docs works similarly but offers additional features like realtime collaboration between multiple authors working simultaneously on a single document without having any lag time between edits made by each member participating in this process; allowing them both parties involved in an edit session know exactly what changes need made before sending them back again! This makes it possible for teams around your branch office locations worldwide access important information about upcoming projects directly upon receiving notification about updates being posted online–without needing constant access through email notifications about changes made throughout each day’s workflow process schedule.”

live display church presentation software

A complete list of all Church Presentation Software available today, including Free and Open Source alternatives.

More than four years ago we wrote a short post about the free and open source alternatives to the professional, and somewhat costly, church presentation software products that were available back then. That blog post, to our surprise, immediately got a lot of attention and shares on social media. The comment section, which is still active today, was quickly filled with literal praise, questions and recommendations by our readers. It was obvious that there was a big crowd actively searching for options on how to handle the AV and multimedia content at their sermons and church services, and not many sites offering a listing of the available free alternatives.

Today, in 2022, the space has gotten a bit more crowded, with more products and offers, and the amount of web sites blogging about the Church Presentation Software space has grown significantly. However, we couldn’t find a single post that offered an up-to-date listing of all the available Church Presentation Software products. And that’s when we decided to make an effort to compose such a list and dedicate our self to keep it updated. We are going to keep adding new products as they appear on the market and move discontinued products and projects to the graveyard section (at the bottom of this post).

We urge everyone who finds or knows about other products in the Church Presentation Software space, that are not in our list, to add a comment with a link to the product(s) website and optionally a short review/recommendation. We will strive to add the missing entries as they are discovered. Also, if any of the listed products get significant updates, a change in their pricing model, or are discontinued, please let us know and we will update the details.

A big thanks to all of you who help us keep this list updated!

The Complete List of Church Presentation Software for 2022!

Structure of this guide:

Each listing will have a short description of the product and a link to the products website. Listings will be ordered by a combination of perceived popularity, functionality and freshness (has it been recently updated?). The products will be split into:

At a minimum, each product will have information about its main features, price and home page. We will strive to keep these details correct and updated. Let us know in the comment section if you find any mistakes. We will also try to include at least one unique or different thing that sets the product apart from the others.

SlideDog as Church Presentation Software

⭐ Our own alternative: SlideDog – A Presenter´s Best Friend

While not specifically tailored for it, SlideDog is used by more than a hundred Pastors and Church AV technicians for handling sermons and church services in the USA today. It offers great PowerPoint and media files compatibility, has an iOS/Android and web based remote, includes audience interaction features and is apparently a good enough church presentation software alternative for many people. SlideDog does not come with Bible or SongSelect integration, so content creators would have to add that to PowerPoint slides, videos or images themselves.

Price: $99 USD/year, free to try Supported OS: Windows Download: Windows Installer Webpage:

Free and Open Source Alternatives

💰 OpenLP

An impressive and well maintained open source project with PowerPoint/LibreOffice Impress and VLC (open source media player) integration. Features a web remote and dedicated Android/iOS remote control apps. Comprehensive user manual and advanced support of network connected stage monitors. Supports bible and song import from a number of formats and sources. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

💰 Quela

Free and well maintained open source projection software for churches with a variety of import options, meaning you can easily migrate your existing content to Quela from other software such as EasyWorship, OpenLP and OpenSong. Multilingual user interface offering out of the box support for a separate stage/presenter view. Offers video background support in addition to static colors and images. Comprehensive manual and good support for setting up projectors. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

💰 Song of Songs

Free church presentation software with a seemingly focus on song lyrics, but with lots more to offer once you look under the hood. It has Bible, PowerPoint and video support. It includes a browser based remote control, integration with OBS Studio for live streaming and offers the possibility to store your service in the cloud via DropBox, Google Drive or similar cloud storage provider. It’s available for Windows 7 and up and has an active community forum. They offer video tutorials on their website.

💰 VideoPsalm

Free church presentation software with a vast amount of features. Highly customizable MS Office inspired user interface with support for displaying Bibles, song lyrics, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, picture slideshows, videos, and image galleries. Allows for displaying of music chords over lyrics. Its blog has tips on how to sync songs between multiple computers using Dropbox and how to add and use video loops. Available for Windows. Has a YouTube channel with fairly new and well produced getting-started videos.

💰 OpenSong

Well maintained open source software application that focuses on management of lyrics, chords, lead sheets, bible verses and scriptures. Supports timed loops of slides with text and images. Allows you to keep track of a song’s title, author, copyright, ccli #, tempo, time signature, theme, focus, capo position, user defined fields, and more. Available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems and translated into several European languages. Has a dedicated companion desktop application for song importing from various formats.

💰 BibleShow

As the name indicates, this is a Bible and scripture focused church presentation software. It describes itself as “a software solution for presenting Holy Scripture verses on any video display device connected to a personal computer running Microsoft Windows”. Comes with support for many bibles in many languages and allows for much customization of themes, backgrounds, fonts and more. Supports NDI (Network Device Interface) video monitors. Has a list of useful keyboard shortcuts and tries to set itself apart from others by offering to display any scripture using at most 3-4 mouse clicks. It also boasts being able to show 4 synchronized Bible verses on the same screen.

💰 EasySlides

EasySlides (formerly EasiSlides) is designed for projecting lyrics and Bible texts with a video projector. It has some multimedia support in that it allows you to play audio and video files in the background, along with the lyrics. You can also attach a live feed from a camcorder or use static or animated image backgrounds. It has a built in praise book generator, supports three-monitor output and allows you to set up alerts and notifications. The current version, v.4.0.5 is available for Windows only. They have a users forum, but it’s not very active. Development of version 5 has been in the beta phase since 2017.

💰 Lyricue

This open source software focuses on editing and displaying song lyrics and passages of text along with images and videos on a second screen/projector. With Lyricue you are not restricted to setting everything up before the event as you can add, remove and change songs on the fly. You can type up notes directly to the screen or quickly display a bible verse at an instants notice. It is a networked software in its nature and requires you to set up a server on a Linux box. Hence it must be controlled by a web interface (called Precue) on the server computer or another remote device. The user interface is translated to English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish. The project has been running for quite some years and slowly but steadily releases new updates. It’s Linux only, uses a client-server architecture and requires a bit of technical insight to get up and running.

Paid Alternatives

💰 MediaShout

Mediashout is a feature rich church presentation software solution and comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a market leader in this space. It is available for both Mac OS and Windows and the user interface has a lot of options for customization, such as layout setup, light/dark theme and interface language (French and Spanish, in addition to English, is supported). A nice feature, if you have volunteers running the show, is that you can enable “Voulenteer Mode”, which offers a simpler interface mode, hiding the settings and edit content controls. Mediashout offers an iOS app (why no Android app?) for remote control in addition to supporting USB wireless remotes. It has built in integration support for Dropbox (file sharing), Planning center (worship planning tool) and SongSelect (song database) and offers some additional tools for printing and reporting. The documentation on their website is good, with comprehensive articles and videos, and they even have a dedicated knowledge base app for iOS and Android that can help you out with common technical issues.

💰 Faithlife Proclaim

Proclaim is a major player in the church presentation software space. Their license model is subscription based and unlike others they will allow you to create an unlimited number of team accounts and install the software on as many Mac or Windows PCs as you want. This also means your team can edit and run several concurrent presentations using the same license. Proclaim integrates with the usual providers (SongSelect, Planning Center, Logis Bible Software and more) and any changes made to your service is saved to your teams cloud account. Their (and their partner) media library contains over 16 000 motions, stills and mini-movies, but you have to pay an extra fee to get access. Proclaim have implemented Polls & Surveys in their software, making it easier to interact and engage with your congregation. They have their own Proclaim Remote App for iOS and Android that works over local WiFi (no Internet connection required). Proclaim is probably the most complete church presentation tool out there. It has features and functionality that moves beyond the Sunday worship service, such as Digital Signage, Slide Sharing and Sermon Recording and Publishing.

💰 ProPresenter

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) worship and presentation software for live events. It not only targets worship gatherings, but also sporting events, conferences and trade shows. It has advanced video editing features that allows you to crop and zoom videos dynamically from right within the software. As for slides, ProPresenter offer “A multi-layered architecture allows for backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props, and masks to be controlled independently”. In addition to these multimedia features, the software can be extended with Audio Visual modules (hardware and software products) to further extend its capabilities. As for Worship-specific features, ProPresenter supports Planning Center integration, has a scripture engine which gives access to Bible translations in a variety of langues, lets you import lyrics from SongSelect and has a built in Media Store that lets you add media from their partner media library (Worship House Media). The user interface is multi-lingual and also comes with an iOS/Android remote. It has cloud integration for saving and sharing content and a built in twitter wall feature, allowing you to curate and display Twitter posts.

💰 EasyWorship

EasyWorship focuses on being powerful, yet simple worship presentation software. Their user interface is clean and easy with intuitive tabs for selecting Songs, Scriptures, Media, Presentations and Themes. You can select between a light and a dark theme, but their interface is in English only. It doesn’t have all the features that MediaShout or Faithlife Proclaim can offer, but contains the essentials like slide design, alerts, remote app, bible search and a media search engine powered by Skit Guys, Centerline New Media, Hyper Pixels Media and others. They have a flexible licensing solution, letting you choose between subscription and one time fee. For broadcasting, EasyWorship supports Alpha Channel, NewTek Tricaster AirSend and Blackmagic, along with NewTek NDI. EasyWorship is Windows only software.

💰 ZionWorks

Zion Works is a worship presentation software product for Windows designed for a dual screen setup. The user interface is simple and lets you display Songs, Media, Bible scripture and PowerPoint slides on a secondary monitor while controlling the flow from the main monitor. You create playlists of these components, which you can package and transfer to another computer. It integrates with the bibles of the BibleGateway website and you can import songs and CCLI formtatted files. As with many other worship software you can also instantly display popup alerts and notifications.

💰 Sharefaith Presenter

Unlike most other church presentation software products, Sharefaith Presenter isn’t a stand-alone application, it’s a PowerPoint Plugin. In their own words: “Sharefaith Presenter is not for every church. It’s custom built for the small-to-medium size church that works on a PC, has multiple campuses, and/or still believes that PowerPoint is of great use within the church.” Sharefaith Presenter requires Windows 10 and the version of PowerPoint that comes with Office 365 (2016/2019). It has a built in worship graphics library that gives you access to 90,000 media items inside PowerPoint (templates, videos, backgrounds, etc.). You also get access to SongSelect by CCLI directly from the plugin inside PowerPoint. They have a subscription based license model. The higher price tiers include more media and some additional features.

💰 Big Screen

Big Screen is, unlike most others, a web based church presentation solution. That means you don’t have to install any software and you can run it on both Mac OS and Windows using a modern browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. The downside to this is that an Internet connection is required. Big Screen is split into two sections; the admin section and the control surface. The control surface is the interface to present your media. You can add Songs, Videos, Images, Timers and Bible Scriptures to playlists and save them in your online library. When presenting, multiple new browser windows will be created for each of the screens connected to your computer. You will then have to drag the window to the correct screen.

💰 FreeWorship

FreeWorship, as its name states, is free, but comes in a more feature-rich paid Pro version. As it’s not completely free (but instead “Freemium”), we felt it was better to add it to the paid category of this post. The biggest differences between the Free and Pro versions is that the latter includes licensed bibles, comes with SongSelect integration and features Website Projection, Live Twitter Feed and Google Slides support. You also have some other differences that you can compare in the Pro vs. Free comparison table on their website. Both the Free and Pro versions support PowerPoint slides and can play videos, songs, images and bible scriptures. FreeWorship is compatible with Windows Vista and above. The user interface is similar to other Worship software, consisting of a playlist of media items, controls for launching and adding new items and “Preview/Up Next” and “Live” viewer panels.

💰 Worship Extreme

Worship Extreme is a modern looking worship software product for Mac OS and Windows. It features song lyrics and slide editors as well as Google Slides integration. The software you install on your computer works in combination with the Worship Extreme cloud server, where all your media and playlists are stored in your personal Worship Extreme Media Library. PowerPoint isn’t supported natively, but you can import slide decks, which will then automatically be converted into a suitable format for Worship Extreme. The software lets you import lyrics from SongSelect, OpenLP, MediaShout and EasyWorship. Both Free and Paid bible formats can be imported. Worship Extreme also features a Remote App and a Stage Display app, both available for iOS and Android. Other features that deserves to be mentioned are: congregation/audience polls, alerts, countdown timers and their LiveSwap integration.

💰 Presentation Manager

Presentation Manager is a Windows and Mac Worship Projection Software solution that comes with a built in media database of over 500 songs, over 500 images and over 100 videos included. The user interface looks a bit dated, but comes with the essential controls for displaying videos, images, songs and scriptures. Presentation Manager supports displaying PowerPoint natively and has built in editors for songs and image/graphic backgrounds. You can create sermon notes and view these while giving the presentation, setup looping announcement slides and toggle nursery alerts for displaying numbers, sets of numbers, or messages during worship.

💰 WorshipCenter Pro

WorshipCenter Pro features a built-in scripture database and support for PowerPoint, video files, images, Flash presentations and web pages. WorshipCenter Pro includes over 4,000 hymns and also includes an interface to CCLI SongSelect to import contemporary praise songs. The Full King James Version of the Bible is included and you can automatically create slides for whatever verse you need. It can play videos and supports AVI, MPEG, ASF, Windows Media, RealVideo, QuickTime and Flash. The PowerPoint support seems to be limited to PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003, indicating that this software hasn’t been updated for a while..

💰 Song Show Plus

SongShow Plus is a fully featured worship presentation software solution. It displays songs, scripture, images, video, web pages (including YouTube & Vimeo) and allows for importing of PowerPoint slides. It has built in editors with tools for colorization, hue adjustments, blurs, hinges, reflections, image masking, overlay and more. You can sync your content to your cloud account at Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Contentwise, SongShow directly integrates with Shift Worship where you can find over 3000 pre-produced mini-movies, motion and still backgrounds for worship environments. SongShow Plus also includes integration with Planning Center and they have their own app on Google Play for remote controlling the Windows application.

💰 SongPro

SongPro isn’t only for songs, but (according to their web page) designed to handle all the requirements for services. Their software includes support for displaying songs (of course), hymns, Bible passages, liturgical text, PowerPoints, audio, video, Web pages, YouTube clips and notices. It is a Windows only software solution and comes with more than 3000 songs and over 300 background images and videos. SongPro supports syncing to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. It has some advanced video and graphic features such as using live camera feeds as your motion background for songs and liturgy.

Is ProPresenter just for churches

Today, Renewed Vision held a keynote and live stream announcing a brand new version of their popular church presentation software, ProPresenter. This new release has been highly anticipated by church tech teams over the past few months as the company has dropped hints of their newest update. The best part? It’s available to download immediately.

Our team at Church Motion Graphics are long-time users of this presentation tool, so we were excited to get our hands on ProPresenter 7. If you’re considering updating from a previous version, or perhaps jumping into this software for the first time, here’s a quick look at some of the best new features in Pro7.

1. A Content-Focused Interface

The first big change that we noticed with ProPresenter 7 is a massive overhaul to their interface. You’ll love the new dark mode that makes the software much easier on your eyes when working in darker production environments. Other great changes include more convenient buttons to clear elements, a helpful search bar, and multiple presentation libraries. Plus, in the new “preview” area on the right, you can view the output of any of your screens.

2. Display Multiple Scripture Translations At One Time

Is your congregation multilingual? Or, do you ever need to compare two different translations of a Bible verse in your teaching? This new feature allows you to quickly create slides that show multiple translations of the Bible on your screens.

3. Increased Text Size For Operators

A new EasyView feature allows complete customization of slide text specifically on the operator side. Without affecting your slide formatting that displays to your audience, you can now change the font, color, size, and more of your slides on your operator display. This is great for increased visibility when running your slides. No more squinting needed!

4. Better Support For Windows

Since its original release, ProPresenter has been a Mac-focused program. Even though the past few versions have included a Windows option, it has always received new updates much later and been more of a little brother to the Mac version. With Pro7, Renewed Vision has built a new platform from the ground up to ensure an identical 64-bit experience on both Windows and Mac. PC fans everywhere can rejoice!

5. Built-In Configuration For Multiple Screens

In the past, many ProPresenter users utilized the Multiscreen Module and TripleHead2Go adapters to achieve multiple screen outputs. Since most computers now support multiple outputs natively, Pro7 allows you to fully control what content goes to each of your screens, through SDI, NDI, and HDMI. You can output to as many screens as your computer will allow with more customization than ever. Another great feature of these new screen controls is that the software will remember your output settings, even after restarting or unplugging.

6. Increased Stage Display Flexibility

In past versions, formatting and display options for stage displays, or “confidence monitors,” was pretty limited. With Pro7, there is a brand new Stage Display editor that allows you to create layouts with similar controls as creating slides. Plus, you can now send separate stage display looks to different screens in your space. For example, you could have a fullscreen clock on one display and song lyrics on another.

7. A Completely New Editor Mode

ProPresenter’s new Editor has been rewritten with new features that users have requested most for slide design. Fresh shapes, fills, alignment guides, text controls, and more have been added that make outside presentation software like PowerPoint unnecessary.

8. A Separate Announcement Layer

Have you ever wished that you could display pre-service slides in the lobby while displaying other content in the auditorium on one computer? Now you can. The new Announcements layer in Pro7 allows you to simultaneously display certain slides on one screen, while you’re completely free to run different content on another display. This will be particularly useful during soundcheck on Sundays.

9. All Modules Are Now Included For Free

For years some of the best ProPresenter tools were reserved for customers who could afford to pay a couple hundred bucks more per feature. Altogether, these extra modules would cost you over $2500 to unlock these advanced capabilities. With Pro7, all of that changes because those modules are all included for free! That’s right—features such as midi support, edge blending, alpha keying, SDI/NDI support, and more are built-in at no additional charge.

Ready To Try It For Yourself?

You can find out more about ProPresenter 7 and how you can purchase it for your ministry at But, your presentation software is only as good as your visuals.

For the very best in worship backgrounds, slide templates, and countdowns to use with Pro7, Church Motion Graphics has you covered. We make it simple to keep a fresh look with thousands of media downloads available at your fingertips, plus, fresh content is added each month. It’s truly the best companion for your new software.

What is an alternative to EasyWorship?

Flat screens and projectors displaying lyrics and Bible texts are more or less replacing printed material at churches and places of worship. We take a look at the best church presentation software.

Flat screens and projectors displaying lyrics and Bible texts are more or less replacing printed material at churches and places of worship. Because of increasing competition in the church presentation software market, the software solutions for churches have gotten a lot better and more user friendly over the past few years.

Nevertheless, there are huge differences in how individual churches choose to apply technology in their services and therefore also some big differences in church presentation software – especially regarding features and learning curve, not to mention pricing.

Big churches with multiple projectors, lots of digital content and audio visual effects may need to resort to some of the paid and proven alternatives, like Easy Worship, while other smaller services are well off with a free or inexpensive solution.

If you’re a part of the last group, here’s a list of the best free church presentation software available.

1. SlideDog

As you can add almost any kind of presentation media available, seamlessly fade in and out between them and use the remote feature to control it via an iPad or smart phone, SlideDog fits nicely into the tool belt of many church technicians. Apart from many of the other church presentation solutions, SlideDog has a much easier and more intuitive user interface eliminating the need for hours of training and getting used to the software. Bible verses and songs can be displayed via PowerPoint slides, PDFs or any other media that SlideDog supports.

2. OpenLP

OpenLP is an open source alternative with lots of features for managing and displaying songs, Bible verses, images, videos and more. They support PowerPoint files, but no other slide format presentations. A nice feature is that it facilitates linking songs to audio files for use as backing tracks. It’s written in Python and you can download distributions for almost every popular (and unpopular) operating system.

3. VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm has the advantage of being translated into many different languages. It gives you access to more than 10,000 songs and over 90 Bibles. It’s compatible with song and Bible collections from other church presentation software which makes the transition from another product easier. The most important features of VidePsalm are it’s video playback and looping, live editing of lyrics, simultaneous bilingual display and extensive slide formatting options that provide total control over the look-and-feel of slides.

4. Free Worship

Free Worship is a Windows only presentation software rich in features. It allows for displaying of songs, images, videos, bible passages, notes and webcams/video cameras. It supports text overlay on videos as well as zoom and crossfade transitions. Currently there is no provision for playing audio in FreeWorship. However it is possible to trick FreeWorship into playing an audio file by adding it as a video. Other neat features include the ability to export words and service lists to PDF or RTF and a live spell checker.

5. Quela

Quelea is a cross platform (Windows and Linux) church presentation software. It has good support for importing songs from online libraries and support several bible formats. You have the ability to display songs, PowerPoint and videos, but it’s their latest Mobile Lyrics accessibility feature that sets them apart from the others. Quela enables you to push out the lyrics to a web page – the lyrics can then be displayed on a mobile device with whatever color combination the user chooses.

6. ZionWorx

Zionworx unique feature is their fast integrated song database, letting you display any song in a few seconds (as long as you are connected to the web and’s servers are up and running). It offers support for running Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2007 presentations and is fully compliant with CCLI licensing laws. As most of the other free tools, it uses a dual monitor configuration to display a control panel on one screen while the visuals and song texts on another.

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