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After the fiber output must be AC3 / DTS decoder, or built-in AC3 / DTS decoder amplifier and the like:
Use 1: computer connection 5.1 channel speaker. If the speaker audio input for the 3.5mm stereo interface, you need three 3.5mm stereo audio cable connection; such as audio and audio input for the RCA Lotus head, you need three 3.5mm to the Lot the sound cable access to the computer installed after the drive, then the audio cable can be connected. In terms of software, it is recommended to use the ultimate decoding or perfect decoding, as well as KMP and so on. Use 2: in the final decoding set to S / PDIF output, sound card settings to open the S / PDIF output, playback can be; (where the final decoding settings only use the normal settings, you can also choose according to different situations re -encoding DD5.1 output and other Option.), In addition to this special reminder: fiber output for the source code directly to the external decoder, such as power amplifier decoding, regardless of channel output.Use 3: The above is the setting for watching movies. When you use it for K songs, only in the mixer tab check the input “Stereo Mix” option can also be selected in the corresponding software. (Note that you can not use the Microphone reverb function when using Stereo Mix stereo mix. Note: Please contact us if you have any product questions.
Supports analog recording function.Supports SCMS (serial copy management system) copy protection.Supports digital recording function with 32, 44, and 48 KHZ sampling rates.Supports USB full speed 12 Mbit serial data transmission.Supports Mulit channel audio code interface for 5.1 channel playback.Compatible with Windows 98 / XP / 2000 / Vista / Win7 / 8.3 Output and 3 Input Terminals.Plug and Play feature is enabled.
Package Included:
1 x USB 5.1 Audio Sound Card.
1 x CD driver.1 x USB Cable.

USB sound is and USB audio controller. It supports 32KBz, 44.1khz. (which two need driver or application software support) and 48Khz sampling rate in digital recording, 48KHz sampling in digital nalog audio playback.In digital playback mode, itreceives audio stream form PC via USB interface and transmits audio data according to the AESEBU, IEC60958, SPDIF cnsumer interface standards. Only R L channel PCM audio in 5.1 channel can be conveyed in digital playback mode.
In analog playback mode, it supports 6 channels codec for analog playback In digital recording mode, it receives SPDIF digital audio input and sends back to PC through USB. Three sampling rates, includes 32KHz,44.1KHz are automatically locked internally. In analog recording mode, fixed 48KHz sampling rate issupportedby analog audio recording.
If you want the fiber output to support 5.1-channel output, you must have the following conditions:1.The sound source must be DTS 5.1 channels, such as 3D games, HD movies. If it is a general MP3 or general 2-channel video, you can only have 2-channel effect.
2.The player settings are important: if it is set up with PowerDVD software from the fiber output “Passthrough” through. Meaning that the sound card is only responsible for the fiber signal output, not decoding. Dispensers strongly recommend KMP this player, the function is very powerful。3. After the fiber output must be AC3 / DTS decoder, or built-in AC3 / DTS decoder amplifier and the like。


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