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Product Description

Fightstick header

Fightstick header



Tech Specs

Length: 41cm
Width: 25cm
Height: 8cm
Weight: 3.5kg

The ultimate combination of quality and versatility.

The DRAGON SLAY Arcade Fightstick has been specially designed to enable you to reach a greater level of success across a number of different fighting platforms and games.

Built for players of classic games such as Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, this fight stick brings the vintage arcade experience to your home console with classic Vewlix-style layout.

Easy Setup

Setting up the stick on your platform couldn’t be easier.

Xbox One, PS4, Series X – plug in, attach and sync the official controller
Nintendo Switch – hold A + X buttons and connect to TV dock
Android/PC – simply plug and play

With extra L3/R3 buttons, Turbo Mode and Key Lock Switch, you won’t lose any of the functionality of your original controller, and the three-meter (9.8ft) cable means you’ll never have to compromise on range either.

Fully Customizable



Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi



Changeable Faceplate

The package includes two awesome faceplate designs to get you started straight out of the box, or download the template to print your own. Design options are endless!

Sanwa Denshi Parts

Built with top of the range Sanwa Denshi parts, buttons, stick and square gate. Parts can also be changed to complement your faceplate design or playing style.

Built-In Storage Compartment

Handy rear compartment lets you easily store spare buttons, wires and included hex screwdriver.



Universal Compatibility

Whichever platform you prefer, the fightstick has you covered.

PlayStation 4*
Xbox One*
Xbox Series X*
Nintendo Switch (TV Mode)

*Requires official controller for connection.

**PlayStation 4 games can also be played on PlayStation 5 when using the official PlayStation 4 controller. Not compatible with PlayStation 5 controller/games.



Pack Contents

1 x Universal Fight Stick Controller

1 x 3-meter (9.8ft) USB cable

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Type C Cable

2 x Faceplate Prints

1 x Hex Screwdriver

1 x Door Hanger

1 x Sticker Pack

Instruction Manuals and Booklets

✔ L3, R3 for added game play options, TURBO mode for all 8 action buttons
✔ CUSTOMIZABLE template, storage compartment for cables, hex screwdriver
✔ 3M CABLE for easy connection to console, USB cable to connect with PS4 / Xbox One / Series X controller
✔ KEY LOCK SWITCH to enable only action buttons function, directional input toggle switch between Dpad, left or right analog stick


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