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Elevate your Switch gaming experience with our controller.

This product is a Switch Pro Bluetooth controller that supports wired and Bluetooth wireless connection to the host, and has programming and one click wake-up functions.

With its wireless connectivity,precise control,and ergonomic design,it’s the perfect accessory for Switch players.

How the Pro Controller Connect to Switch/Switch Lite/ Switch OLED?

1. Wireless Connection: press pairing button for 3 seconds, led1-led4 lights flash quickly.

2. Wired Connection: by USB charging cable.

switch controller

switch controller

switch controller

switch controller

switch controller

switch controller

This pro controller switch offers a comfortable grip,making it easy to hold for extended gaming sessions.It’s also lightweight and compact.

Our Switch pro controller supports any key wake-up (except for Left joystick, Right joystick, TURBO keys).

The switch controller comes with a 1000 mAh battery and charging cable,so there’s no need to worry about battery depletion.The battery life is up to 12-16 hours on a single charge.

controller for switch

controller for switch

Why choose our wireless switch controller?

The switch wireless controller supports 6-axis gyroscopic axis and dual shock motors.

Shock feedback gives you a compelling gaming experience. Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience.

It provides stable and reliable signal without delay or drop-off within 10 meters.

Featured with strong anti-interference technology and won’t be affected by other wireless devices.

Compatible with Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED, supporting all games.
The switch pro controller frees you from being tethered to the console and provide a tangle free gaming experience.

switch controller

switch controller


1.Please try to charge the controller firstly if it can’t be used.

LED1-LED4 flashes simultaneously and enters the charging state. When fully charged, LED1-LED4 remains on for a long time

2.Four handles can be connected at the same time.

3.When the handle is abnormal, you can briefly press the reset/connect button to reset it

🎮【Precise Control】Wireless switch controller with 6-axis gyro somatosensory and motion control functions,offer precise speed,position, and control. Whether you’re playing a casual game or a competitive multiplayer,our controller provides precise control.
🎮【1000mAh Battery Life】Our switch pro controller wireless is built with 1000mAh battery to ensure durability and longevity. It can withstand even the most intense gaming sessions,providing a reliable and long-lasting gaming experience.
🎮【Adjustable Turbo Function】The switch pro controller wireless can adjust the turbo speed,with three levels available: 5/12/20 times per second.This feature helps you take action faster and enjoy the game effortlessly.
🎮【Dual Vibration Motors】The Switch controller Pro grips on both sides feature vibration motors, with 4 levels of intensity (0/30%/70%/100%) that can be adjusted to your liking.This allows you to better feel the impact feedback in the game.
🎮【Ergonomic Design】Our switch controller wireless features an ergonomic design that offers a comfortable grip,making it easy to hold for extended gaming sessions.It’s also lightweight and compact,allowing you to play on the go with ease.


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