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Product Description

battery for nintendo switch

battery for nintendo switch

Are you having a horrible time with your battery for Nintendo Switch? Is it no longer taking a charge or is draining to quickly? The more you use the device,the more capacity of your battery will be reduced. There’s no need to worry.

oGoDeal HAC-003 battery replacement for Nintendo Switch will remedy the problems you are meeting,Let your Nintendo Switch Console back to life,so that you can play longer games.

Battery Modle: HAC-003

Capacity: 4310mAh


Watt Hours(Whr):16.0Wh

Compatible Model: Nintendo Switch game console 2017 HAC-001 & Nintendo Switch game console 2019.

Compatible P/N: HAC-003, HAC-A-BPHAT-C0, HAC-S-JP/EU-C0.

Back to new life and long power for your Nintendo Switch Console.

better ic chip

better ic chip

longer battery life

longer battery life

oem battery for switch

oem battery for switch

Better ic chip

AI Chip inside,Over-voltage protection,Over-current protection,Over-charge protection,High-temperature protection,protecting from Short-circuit protection.

Longer Lifespan

oGoDeal battery for switch with better battery inner cell inside, longer lifespan, let you enjoy longer playing time which using your switch!

OEM Quality

our battery made from oem factory, fully automatic production line with oem material better quality, better than others

screwdriver for nintendo switch

screwdriver for nintendo switch

Come with DIY repair tools Set and instructions

1X Y00 Screwdriver for nintendo switch (Red)

1X 1.5 Cross Screwdriver(Purple)

1X Anti-Static Disassemble Rod(Black)

2X Triangle Opening Picks Set(Blue)

with oGoDeal Better Battery, Enjoy Longer Playing Time !

Nintendo Switch battery replacement

Nintendo Switch battery replacement

4310 mAh Li-ion Battery Replacement for Nintendo Switch

Helpful Tips:

Be carefully check the model number of your device to see if this battery is compatible with your device.
For optimal performance,Please endeavor to calibrate your newly installed battery: Do this by draining your battery below 5%,then charge uninterrupted to 100%,repeat for at least 2-3 times.
If you have any questions or any issues when using our product,Please send us a email,we will answer you within 24 hrs.

Replace old or worn Nintendo Switch hac-003 battery with low capacity. Enjoy the same gaming time like you were playing for the first time.
Type: Li-ion ‖ Voltage: 3.7V ‖ Capacity: 4310mAh 16Wh
Every oGoDeal battery replacement for Nintendo Switch is tested by professional tester under strict quality control standards, over temperature protection, over charging protection, over load protection, short circuit protection and safeguard protection.
We provide 24-hour quick reply,30-Day Money Back,12-Month After sales service. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact us via Amazon or email and it will be our pleasure to serve you.


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