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10×42/12×50 Binoculars With SMC Coating HD BAK4 Prisms
ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lens is a special glass that effectively reduces chromatic aberration through low dispersion of light of different wavelengths, and can provide you with a high-definition visual experience.
All lenses are coated with SMC, and the light transmittance is significantly higher than that of ordinary FMC coating. Visible light band (about 400-700nm), greatly improve the light transmittance.
Bak4 prism, the prism is coated with Compatible for Multi Coating + Phase Coating + Dieletric coating, which improves the refractive index, effectively eliminates the internal light scattering loss, and reduces the phase difference.
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✔ Binoculars are generally manufactured using environmentally friendly materials that do not pollute the environment and are also very easy to clean and maintain.
✔The binoculars feature two objective lenses and two eyepieces, providing a wider field of view and a clearer picture for observing celestial objects, birds, wildlife and landscapes.
✔The binoculars have adjustable magnification and are suitable for observing objects that are far away or of an inconvenient size, such as stars, the moon, mountains, rivers, buildings, etc.
✔The binoculars use binoculars to allow the eyes to observe simultaneously, making them feel more comfortable and natural in use, avoiding the fatigue and discomfort caused by monocular vision.


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