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The FLIR Scout Tkx is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular for exploring the outdoors at night and in lowlight conditions. Scout TK reveals your surroundings and helps you see people, objects and animals over 100 yards (90 m) away. Simple to use, with still image and video recording, Scout TK is the perfect companion, whether in the back country or your own backyard. Thermal Imaging Product with a frame rate of 9Hz or less are controlled by the U.S. Department of Commerce and classified under Export Control Classification Number (“ECCN”) 6A993.a for U.S. export control purposes and may not be exported, re-exported, or transferred to a “Military End-User” in any country except the U.S. or Canada, except as approved under a U.S. export or re-export license. “Military End-User” means national armed services (army, navy, marine, air force, coast guard), national guard, national police, government intelligence or reconnaissance organizations. Military End-User also means any person or entity whose actions or functions are intended to support Military End-Uses. Additionally, these products may not be used in the design, development, production or use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missiles.
This thermal monocular with an extended battery life (8 Hours) reveals your surroundings, allowing you to clearly see people, objects, and animals from more than 90 meters (100 yards) away.
The Scout TKx records thermal images or video in multiple color palettes that can enhance viewing, including InstAlertTM—a greyscale palette that adds color to highlight the hottest object in the scene.
Package Includes: Handheld Thermal Camera,Neck Lanyard, USB Cable, Lens Cap
Image Capture: Short press for Image capture, long press for Video capture


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