Post Award Grant Management Software

Grant management is the most important aspect of any foundation. If the grant application is not properly planned and implemented, then the chances of receiving grants will be very less. However, in order to receive the grant, it is important that you have a good post-award grant management software. There are various aspects of grant management that are integral such as pre-award and post-award, grant tracking and fundraising tools.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Post Award Grant Management Software, government grant management software, what is pre award and post award, and grant management software for foundations.

Post Award Grant Management Software

The Lenore L. Tawney Foundation is a private foundation based in Washington, D.C., and it supports nonprofits that work to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families by providing funding for research, education, advocacy and other projects that address this issue. The foundation has a history of supporting organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through direct financial assistance or grants.

These days, it’s not enough to manage the grants you win. To succeed in grant-making, you also need to track your grant applicants and manage the grant application process.

You have to track your grant applicants

In today’s competitive application environment, it’s not enough to manage the grants you win. To succeed in grant-making, you need to track your grant applicants and manage the grant application process.

The first step in managing grant applications is to make sure that your grant application process is set up so that you can track all the information you need.

The first step in managing grant applications is to make sure that your grant application process is set up so that you can track all the information you need.

  • How many applications do you have going at any point in time?
  • Which ones are complete and ready for scoring, which are still being worked on, and which haven’t been started yet?
  • What information about each grantor is being tracked in your current system.

Your grant management software should allow you to manage grant applications and track the data you need for reporting.

We have built our software to allow you to track the progress of your grant applications, proposals, awards and payments. You can also use it to track all data you need for reporting.

Your grant management software allows you to sort and organize your grants by type and category.

It is advisable to sort and organize your grants by type and category. This will help you keep track of the progress of each grant, as well as enable you to easily view the funding requirements that are needed for each grant. It is also important to plan how implementation and training of staff will be handled once a grant is approved.

The best way to find the right grant management software for your organization is to talk with other nonprofits that have a similar mission or focus as you about what their needs are and what has worked for them.

The best way to find the right grant management software for your organization is to talk with other nonprofits that have a similar mission or focus as you about what their needs are and what has worked for them. It’s important to ask questions like:

  • What are their goals and challenges?
  • What do they wish they could do that they can’t?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What software have they used in the past?

Once you choose a new grant management software, your project manager should create a plan for implementation and training of staff.

Once you choose a new grant management software, your project manager should create a plan for implementation and training of staff. Resourcing staff members to learn how to use the new system can be as simple as a few days of training or as complex as several weeks. It depends on the number of people involved and how familiar they are with the old system.

The first step is to determine how many people will need to learn how to use the new system, which will in turn help identify training materials needed (e.g., manuals). It’s also important that all employees understand why this change is happening and what they should expect from it at each stage of implementation. If possible, include senior management in these discussions; otherwise, ensure reliable communication methods are set up between decision makers and users so everyone can stay informed about progress made toward your goal attainment objectives throughout implementation activities (IA).

Find out more about applying for a Lenore L. Tawney Foundation Grant here.

The Lenore L. Tawney Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities in need by providing grants that support programs that provide educational opportunities and economic empowerment. To learn more about applying for a Lenore L. Tawney Foundation Grant, visit

Government grant management software

Government grants allow companies and individuals to achieve their goals. However, these grants often have strict requirements and regulations. Federal grant programs simplify the process and ensure a secure application. ZoomGrants built our secure grants management software for government agencies with innovative, user-friendly features and advanced administrative tools to ensure government entities can accept secure applications online. This online process simplifies processing to reduce working hours and save money on paperwork. We provide customizable solutions for issuing government agency grants.

A Streamlined Process

Our government grant programs streamline the process. Applicants fill out a customized application form online, submitting it to our web-based portal. Your reviewers receive applications instantly and can quickly review and discuss them before deciding whether to issue the grant. Administrators then finalize the decision and answer applicants. Our secure grants management software for government agencies allows recipients to utilize post-funding reporting tools, including attachments, and disbursement requests. Everything goes through the innovative software via a secure portal to give everyone peace of mind.

Minimize Work Hours and Costs

Government entities often need to minimize costs and reduce workloads to ensure a smooth process for grant opportunities. With our government grant programs, you will streamline the grant application process from start to finish with innovative features and advanced administrative tools that keep your project within budget. You can process grant applications without extensive paperwork and the potential for losing documents with 24/7 access to everything required to review and approve grants and monitor their progress.

what is pre award and post award

The post award phase of research administration includes implementing the grant, monitoring expenses, reporting progress, billing, and completing the closeout process.

During this phase of the award life cycle, the research administration objectives are achieved through a collaborative effort between Principal Investigators, Departments, Office of Sponsored Research, Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA), and often with a participation of many other internal and external contributors. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of operations, as well as proper stewardship of federal funding, Uniform Guidance Section 200.303 requires that federal funding recipients establish and implement a system of internal controls that provide reasonable assurance that awards are being managed in compliance with Federal statutes, regulations, and terms and conditions of the awards.

Duties and Responsibilities

While departmental support staff may carry out many of the administrative responsibilities required by an award, the Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for fulfilling these requirements. Principal Investigators and departmental staff work together on proper oversight of the operations of the award supported activities, adhere to the reporting standards, and ensure compliance with the requirements and budget restrictions applicable to their projects.

Contracts and Grants Accounting is responsible for support related to financial administration of contracts and grants, and for providing professional accounting and fiscal services. CGA duties include, but are not limited to: award and account setup in the Kuali Financial System, billing and letter of credit drawdown of funds and reconciliations, financial reporting, intercampus requests for reimbursement submittal and payments, payroll certification administration and support, cost sharing review and tracking, cash deposits and allocations, accounts receivable review and reconciliation, and award closeout. CGA also serves as a resource to the University’s research community providing guidance and advice on expenditure allowability, interpretation of policies and regulations, research administration training, proactive assistance with monitoring and managing sponsored projects activities, and audit coordination and support.

The duties and responsibilities of University faculty and staff involved in the administration of an award are outlined in the University policies and procedures, including Chapter 10, Section 10-300 through 10-350 of the UC Contract and Grant Manual, Contract and Grant Administration: Responsibilities and Duties, and in the UCOP Contract & Grant Administration Handbook.

grant management software for foundations

Grant management software, when tailored for your nonprofit’s specific needs, can be a gamechanger in keeping track of deadlines, writing, and the many other aspects of the grants lifecycle. This article explores the best grant management software for nonprofits, where to find it, and how to use it to make your grants department a well-oiled machine.

Read on for some of the best grant management options to make managing your nonprofit’s grants efficient and streamlined.

What is Grant Management Software?

So what is grant management software?

A grant management software system administers the entire grant process – from recording grant applications and their outcomes to providing necessary information for grant reporting requirements.

Grant management software is utilized by both grantseekers and grantmakers, including foundations that are both administering grant opportunities and those seeking their own funding. Grants management software for foundations is focused on administering their grant application process and administering funding.

Where do you find grant management software?

Grant management software is a paid service provided by contracted vendors that you can find and register for online. Sometimes, the services are available for free for a period of time depending on a few different circumstances.

Nonprofit organizations can purchase the software or subscribe to a cloud-based service. Many software programs are easy to implement, versatile for team or individual use, and can be integrated with a nonprofit’s existing CRM or donor management system.

If you’re still thinking about what grant management means for you in general, here is a good place to start: Grant Management Process: What is It & Best Practices.

How We Selected These Grant Management Software

The best grant management software for your nonprofit should be able to facilitate each aspect of your grant management cycle.

We selected four of the most popular options of grant management software and evaluated them based on their ability to assist you in each step of the three main categories for grant management best practices: Application, Award, and Account.

To assist you in the Application, Award and Account areas, there are certain functionalities that each grant management software should have. Here are some of the features we identified to evaluate in selecting the best options:

The best place to start when it comes to grant management software for nonprofits is in internally identifying where your needs are for grant management. Start with that internal audit, and then check out the options in the next section to see what will be the best fit for you!

The Best Grant Management Software for Nonprofits

So let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular grant management software used by nonprofits. Consider their pros and cons as you think about how they can empower the three main portions of grant management: Application, Award, and Accounting.

As a nonprofit on a budget, you’re probably asking yourself: what are some of the best free grant management software for nonprofits, and which of them (if any) are worth paying for?

Almost all “free” programs are advertising trial periods, not long-term free grant management software options. Free trial periods are great while you are exploring solutions, but don’t set yourself up for a letdown that you will be able to use abbreviated/free trial versions in the long term.

There are some options that offer a free plan, but it’s a bit of a misnomer as it applies to grant management, as the free plans don’t contain all of the features you really need to manage each aspect of the grants process.

In terms of grants management software for foundations, you would want to utilize a paid service right off the bat, as the process is extremely time consuming if you try to use manual tools.

In terms of truly free grant management software options for nonprofits, for smaller nonprofits with just one or two smaller scale grants, you can utilize spreadsheet software and word editing programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep track of a good amount of information.

For prospecting, you can use the free version of the Foundation Directory Online and to get some basic information about grants you might want to apply for.

With time, attention, and smart use of free templates, you can use these free tools to keep track of basic grants management. To use the free options, keep separate workplaces for your grants prospects, your calendar of deadlines, your proposals, and your reporting. Link them together using hyperlinks, and store them in organized folders.

You will need to have staff time dedicated to manually updating these tools, and keep in mind that the free versions of programs provided by Microsoft and Google do not have security features like HIPAA compliance if you are dealing with sensitive information.

However, once you start building up your grants department to more than just a couple of small grants, you are absolutely going to want to invest in paid grant management tools. If you have a grant operating income of 90k or more, it’s time to start searching.

Here’s just a few reasons why you would want to upgrade:

The competitive nature of grants means that you always need to keep up with others in your field who are applying from the same funding sources. If they are using paid tools that allow them to apply more quickly, accurately, and efficiently, then before you even begin writing your proposal you will already be behind.

Tips for Using Grant Management Software for Nonprofits

Let’s do a quick refresher on what the grant management cycle is, and how you can best utilize grant management software to facilitate and strengthen your own grants management.

The grant management cycle involves:

Grants management software can facilitate and streamline each piece of the grants management cycle. The right software will allow you to complete and repeat the cycle as needed to sustain your grants development.

So how do you integrate grant management software into an organization to best empower the grant management cycle?

1. Incorporate grant management software into your overall strategic plan for growth.‍

Ask questions like: how much grant funding are you looking to secure, and how many grant-funded projects are you planning on administering? This will help you identify the right tool for you.

2. Involve the whole grants team in the grant management software selection process.

Ask them where they see the needs in their day-to-day grants work, and incorporate that input into what you need in the software that you select.

3. Make sure that your existing office technology will allow you to utilize the grant management software you have selected.‍

Look for options that integrate into your current technology/programs.For example, if you choose a grant software that will only work on a desktop HP computer, don’t try to run it on an iPad.

4. Train the whole team on the new grant management tool.‍

Check in to make sure that they feel comfortable using this new tool after they have attended the introductory training sessions and throughout the first year you are using it. Grant management software is only effective when the right information is being inputted into it.

5. Familiarize yourself with all of the features that the grant management software has—and use them!

‍Grant management software can be very powerful tools for project management and communication. For example, Instrumentl automatically creates reports that are visually appealing for wide audiences—use them to lead grant discussions at board meetings!

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