WordPress Gallery Plugin With Albums

Every website uses images to one degree or another. They add interest. They add colour and texture to a page and they break up what would otherwise be a wall of text. The default image handler in WordPress is okay for basic images but the minute you want something more, you’re going to need a WordPress gallery plugin.

Like most WordPress plugins, a gallery adds features, design opportunities, display options and a range of other elements to a website. A WordPress gallery plugin allows you to better integrate images into your brand or web design and allow you to showcase images in precisely the way you want.

Perform a search for ‘gallery’ within WordPress and you will see just over 3,000 plugins. Nobody has the time or energy to check all of them so we have done the hard work for you.

We have tried and tested what we think are the 15 best WordPress gallery plugins in 2022. Whatever type of website you’re building, there will be a gallery plugin here to suit.

WordPress Gallery Plugin With Albums

There is an English idiom, “An image is worth of thousand words.” Image or Photo can convey your message and connect with your target audience more effectively.

Images work especially great if you highlight the main message at the photo editing stage with the help of different techniques. In case you lack time or skills to make such delicate adjustments, you can always delegate the task to photo enhancement services.

If you own a website, photos are important to make your site more attractive. But sometimes managing photos in the gallery can be overwhelming and messy.

Though WordPress comes with a built-in photo gallery feature, it lacks functionality and aesthetic appeal. As a result, you will need to find an alternative solution for your photo gallery.

There are many WordPress photo gallery plugins out there that have amazing features to help you organize and manage photos.

However, most of these plugins have three common problems.

Most photo gallery plugins will slow down your website. There is a lack of quality in the coding base of many such plugins which can hamper your site performance severely.
Some of these plugins jumble up too many features in one interface, thus making them more complicated to use. More features are good, but only if they are organized. It takes a long time to learn many of these plugins which are a waste of time. (Although the main reason is a lack of proper guidance.)
Most of these plugins are not responsive. Your photo galleries might get disoriented at different devices.
These are serious issues and it’s hard to detect which plugin to trust. However, let me make it easier for you.

I have listed the 5 best photo gallery plugins for WordPress that are comparatively better than all other photo gallery plugins and have none of the issues I mentioned earlier.

While making this list, we considered problems most of the plugins face, how often the authors update plugins, and the number of active installs, and selected the best five out there.

Let’s dive into it.

  1. WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery
    NextGen Gallery
    Some call NextGEN Gallery plugin the mother of WordPress photo gallery plugins. It has been the most popular image gallery plugin ever since its first release.

NextGEN Gallery offers a complete WordPress gallery management system with the ability to batch upload, import metadata, make a group of galleries into albums, and more.

You can add images to a gallery from the Media Library or from your computer.

– NextGEN Gallery Free
The free version of the NextGEN Gallery plugin allows you to use 3 gallery styles:

Slideshow Gallery
Thumbnail Gallery
Imagebrowser Gallery
You can also use 2 different album styles in the frontend:

Compact style
Extended style
You can control the size, style, timing, and transitions of your photo galleries. The plugin will also allow you to set controls and Lightbox effects to your galleries.

Active Installations: The NextGEN Gallery currently has 800,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository.

Rating: The NextGEN Gallery currently has a 4.3 stars rating out of 5 stars on the WordPress repository by 3750+ users.

It also has an impressive 2800+ 5 star reviews from its users.

Try NextGen Gallery (Free)
NextGEN Gallery Pro
The NextGEN Gallery Pro provides you multiple useful extensions and features that you can use to enhance your WordPress image gallery even further.

Here are some of the extensions and features of NextGEN Pro:

Print Fulfillment
Auto Tax Calculations
Stripe Gateway
PayPal Gateway
Lightroom Plugins
Digital Downloads
Mosaic Gallery
Masonry Gallery
Filmstrip Gallery
Film Gallery
Blog Style Gallery
Side scroll Gallery
Tiled Gallery
Pro-Grid Album
Pro List Album
Pro Lightbox
Price: The NextGEN Pro price starts from $24/year.

Get NextGEN Gallery

  1. Modula Image Gallery – Customizable WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
    Modula Photo Gallery Plugin
    Modula is a user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive plugin that will help you build and display professional-looking galleries on your website.

With a strong community that’s growing fast, Modula is one of the best photo gallery plugins when it comes to WordPress photo gallery creation right now.

Free Version of Modula Image Gallery
The free version of Modula Image Gallery is very easy to use thanks to its drag and drop functionality and it is built in a way that any type of user can master it from the very beginning, no matter their previous experience with such tools.

The plugin allows you to customize fonts and borders and set hover effects that you can use to fit in with any modern WordPress theme.

It also has the social sharing option that lets you or your viewers share your galleries on social media easily.

Active Installations: The Modula Image Gallery has 80,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository.

Rating: The plugin currently has a 4.5 stars rating out of 5 stars by 300+ users.

It’s also rated a complete 5 stars by 270+ users.

Try Modula Image Gallery
Pro Version of Modula Image Gallery
Every feature available in Modula Pro is highly customizable, so you get to add a personal touch to your galleries.

You get to choose from over 40 hover effects, a lightbox gallery powered by Fancybox, different image loading effects, and grid types, as well as easy album creation and the possibility to password-protect your galleries.

Moreover, Modula comes with a bunch of useful extensions:

Speed-up Extension: So your galleries load fast like lightning
Video Extension: So you can insert videos or even create video galleries,
Migration Tool: If you’re already using some sort of gallery creation tool and want to start over with Modula, but not lose your progress.
And many others.

Another cool fact is that you can even multipurpose this plugin and create a photography portfolio on your website!

Price: The Modula Pro price starts from $25/year.

Get Modula Image Gallery
If you haven’t made up your mind on which image gallery plugin to use, you can go ahead and try the free version of the Modula photo gallery plugin and see for yourself what this plugin is about!

  1. FooGallery – Image Gallery & Responsive Image Gallery
    Foo Gallery
    If you’re going to choose a photo gallery plugin by user experience and ease of use, FooGallery is the ideal solution for you.

This photo gallery plugin uses a simple user interface that is easy to use with little guidance for even entry-level WordPress users.

Free Version of FooGallery
When it comes to features, FooGallery is one of the best solutions for you.

This plugin is feature-rich, and you will get tons of useful things such as:

6 Useful Image Gallery Templates: Responsive Image Gallery, Image Viewer Gallery, Masonry Gallery, Simple Portfolio, Justified Gallery, and Single Thumbnail Gallery.
Customization Options: Thumbnail size, spacing, and alignment, Loading Icons.
Hover Effects: For colors, scaling, icons, and captions.
Lazy Loading.
Gallery Widgets.
Retina Display Support.
Gutenberg Block Support.
And many more.

Active Installations: FooGallery – Responsive Photo Gallery Plugin currently has 200,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository.

Rating: FooGallery has almost a perfect 5 out of 5-star ratings by 600+ users.

Try FooGallery
FooGallery Pro
You can add videos to your photo gallery using the pro version of FooGallery. It also has a built-in album as an extension.

Go to the extension page and enable the extension, and can easily add albums like galleries. You can even build custom extensions of your own.

Useful features of FooGallery Pro:

Advanced Photo Gallery Templates: Polaroid Gallery, Grid Gallery, and Slider Gallery.
Video Support: YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-hosted videos.
Tag Filtering.
Multi-level Filtering.
Dynamic Galleries.
FooGallery Lightbox.
And many more.

Price: The FooGallery pro pricing plan starts from $59/year.

Get FooGallery
These are the top three photo gallery plugins I personally recommend.

Before we discuss the next image gallery plugin, here’s some exciting news:

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Now let me show you three more plugins that are pretty good if you don’t find the previous three suitable for you.

  1. WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin – Envira Gallery
    Envira WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
    Envira Gallery, a responsive WordPress plugin, is one of the most popular and quality photo gallery plugins you will find in the WordPress plugin repository.

This simple drag and drop photo gallery plugin uses a simple user interface that is easy to use, fast and powerful.

You will also get various templates to make your gallery editing more hassle-free.

After installing Envira, it will add the “Envira Gallery” option to your WordPress dashboard. Setting up and adding photos to your gallery is easy and fun. The free version also comes with a gallery theme.

The plugin is optimized for web and server performance as well as SEO and conversion, at it’s focused on image and gallery load times.

Free Version Of Envira Gallery
The free version of the Envira Photo Gallery plugin has the features such as:

Responsive and Optimized for Speed: Envira is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly by default. Plus, you have the option for meta data, deeplinks, standalone galleries, and pagination.
Social Media Integration: With Envira Gallery you can integrate with social media, WooCommerce and Image easily.
Built-in Templates and Layouts: Quite a few templates are provided in the free version, cutting out the amount of time it would take to build a completely new gallery.
And many more.

Active Installations: Envira Photo Gallery currently has 100,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository and 2,994,729+ downloads till now.

Rating: Envira Gallery has almost a perfect 5 out of 5 stars ratings by 1225+ users.

Try Envira Gallery
Envira Gallery Pro
With the pro version of Envira Gallery, you’ll get more exciting features like:

Video Support – Not just for photos you can embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and custom embeds into your gallery.
Deeplinking & Pagination – Envira Gallery lets you Make your gallery SEO friendly with deep linking and pagination.
Social Media Integration – You can easily add share buttons, integrate with Pinterest, Instagram, and more.
Price: The Envira Gallery pro pricing plans start from $20/year.

Get Envira Gallery

  1. Photo Gallery By 10Web
    Photo Gallery by WD
    Photo Gallery will take your gallery to a whole new level.

The plugin is fully responsive with advanced functionalities. It uses a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.

The Photo Gallery is the leading plugin for creating beautiful mobile-friendly galleries within a few minutes.

You can add a photo gallery and album, to post and page, providing detailed gallery descriptions and tags, add an audio track to your image slider.

This plugin also has video support on it. It will enable you to create a Youtube gallery or Vimeo video gallery.

This plugin has one special feature. It adds an e-commerce add-on to their add-on shop with which you can sell digital photos and prints.

Free Version Of 10Web
If you’re looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich plugin to add responsive galleries and albums to your website, the Photo Gallery plugin is a suitable option for you.

It adds the “Photo Gallery” option to your WordPress dashboard. From there you can add a gallery the same way you add a post.

The free version of the 10Web Photo Gallery plugin allows you to:

Customizable Views – Photo Gallery provides some view options to organize your galleries and albums in beautiful views, including Slideshow, Thumbnails, Image Browser, Extended, and Compact Album.
Unlimited Photo, Gallery, and Albums – With this plugin, you can have as many galleries and albums as you want.
Audio and Video Support – The image Gallery plugin allows you to include both videos and images within a single gallery. It will enable you to create YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, or Dailymotion videos within Galleries.
And a lot more.

Active Installations: 10web Photo Gallery currently has 300,000+ active installations on the WordPress repository and has more than 12,657,975+ downloads till now.

Rating: 10Web photo Gallery has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating by 1,144+ users.

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